Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

In less than 48 hours, Japan is receiving her New Year of 2008. To many of us, we have a dream for this year. Somehow or rather, there is going to be a decision that need to be made. I pray that Japan will see His light in this eve, and they will yearn for Christ! Show them the truth, Lord! Show us the truth!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Concern Japan: Mark the events of the last 20 year

In the years reigned by King Akihito, many things happened in past 20 years. Below are records of some of the events. It wouldn't bring us anywhere, if we ignored the social and practical issues in Japan while we pray for them. The influence of spiritual warfare do creep in real life. Be aware, soldiers!

Heisei 平成(1989-present)

Burst of the Bubble

The most rapid economic growth spurts in Japanese history was in 1989. With a strong yen and a favorable exchange rate with the American Dollar,  Tokyoproperty values had a 60% increased within the year. However the "Bubble Economy" burst in 1991.

Great Slump in Heisei 

Then, Japan experienced more than a decade of price deflation and largely stagnant GDP. Japan's banks struggled to resolve their bad debts and companies in other sectors struggled to restructure. 

Hanshin Earthquake

1995, large earthquake struck Kobe with no foreshock, taken away 6,424 lives, and cost $200 billion USD in damage. Later the incident was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the "costliest natural disaster to befall any one country." The tragic also had caused the rise of NGOs. 

Sarin Gas Attack on the Tokyo Subway 

In the same year, Aum Shinrikyo attacked the Tokyo subway system with sarin gas terrorist, killing twelve people, severely injuring fifty and causing temporary vision problems for nearly a thousand others. This was the most serious attack to occur in Japan since the end of the Second World War.

Chūetsu earthquake

On October 23, 2004, the Heisei 16 Niigata Prefecture Earthquakes rocked the Hokuriku region, killing 52 and injuring hundreds. As late as November 3, the 39th fatality attributable to the earthquakes occurred as perceptible aftershocks continued. Over 3,000 injuries were reported in Niigata Prefecture. Over one hundred thousand people fled their homes. The earthquakes caused houses to collapse in Ojiya and damaged thousands in the area.

Children Suicide

2006, rise of children suicide raised concern in Japan.

Challenges: Identify the spiritual and physical needs in Japan at the moment. What can we do? What God impressed in you for what you should do?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Our Hearts Do Not Cease!

The population had grown to such an enormous number that it excites the missions field, yet it also  brought about worries of what we were lack of. 

Japanese had ceased to be the largest unreached people group on earth this month. The population of Shaikh in Bangladesh had grown so  much, that the number out beat the Japanese. The demographic in Japan is such that soon, Japanese will dropped to the position of no. 3, 4, or 5. Does it sound good to your ears as Japanese is no longer the largest unreached people group as of now? 

Nothing had really been changed in Japan. Even as we cried for REVIVAL, REVIVAL, REVIVAL! Many new centers had been set up in Japan, many new churches, home churches had taken over the died down old churches. We see a spark of reconciliation, awakening here and there, yet it is still NOT ENOUGH!

Yes, Japanese may ceased to be the No. 1 largest unreached population in the world, but it is not going to remove us from guilt of not telling the good news to the diminishing millions! One thing that we cannot do is to claim that because we had done so and so and so, or it is because of God had aimed His way so and so and so, that there are people doomed to be perished! 

Yes, many people perished in Japan. 
The blood is on our hand. 
We did not send enough workers!
Even as there are places with workers, yet the arrogant and pride had stumbled the harvest.

We got to REPENT! It's a pain to admit it, but we had just not done enough! 

The Christian world had been BLIND to the cry of millions of souls in Japan!

The number of the Japanese population in Japan had not changed, 122, 179,000. But the Shaik in Bangladesh increased, 128,292,000 while in September this year, it was 122,139,000.

Soon, the old are going to die and the new had not come forth. Sadly it is the same in the demographic of the Japanese as well as the mission field. 

The missionaries in the India contingent have a lot to do. The population is uprising with the uncontrolled birth. There are going to be more problems, and more issues. Everywhere in the world is a pressing mission field itself at present! Japan will not ceased to be the largest mission field even with the drop of the population. We have much to do!

The Heart of the Father does not cease, and our hearts do not cease!

The Lord do not send people to hell. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2Peter3:9)

Re: Statistics from Joshua project, Dec 7, 2007.

What Christmas is About

It had been a long time that I read about the story of Christmas shoes. Then, now someone sent me this video. 

It reminds me about Christmas, about what Christmas is all about.

I am blessed, and you?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

8 million gods in Japan

~ 李兆忠《暧昧的日本人》

It was said that there are 8 million of gods in Japan, there is a specific god for everything start from wood, rice, oil, salt, to production. It become a special interest of Japanese people, every three days or two, they would stream into the buddhist temple or shrine, asking for protection from their gods. According to statistic, there are a total of a hundred and thirty thousand of shrines, standing in each corner of villages and cities. In the evening, the sound of the crows swift with the howling wind, added to the extra silent and gloom of the old shrines. Gods, assembly and disperse in this place. Spirits, come and go in this place. The hope of the remain, is parked in this place. ~ 李兆忠《暧昧的日本人》

Though today, statistics shown that most Japanese do not care about religion so much in their daily activities. Yet, in areas like Aomori, Shiga, Akita, Toyama, Ishikawa, temples and shrines still deeply influence the people. Even in cities like Tokyo, where people seems casually dealing with religions, yet Asakusa is never always packed not only by tourist, but the locals. Higashi Temple, Asakusa Temple are still strong holds. People take time early in the morning to the temple before work and worship. Students rush into the temples, buying charms, drawing mikuji, for fun also for guidance.

People who still go to shrine and temple today, and put a lot of effort in it are good people who wish to see changes in their lives and society. People who thirst for GUIDANCE, LOVE and PEACE. Remember this, my friends! And off we go to point the TRUTH to those who thirst! May God bless you! Amen.

Friday, November 16, 2007










Friday, November 09, 2007


1. This blog at the moment is still a mix of Roseline's personal journey and main issues of Heart4Japan, until we have enough funds and a committed expert to manage the website. The website will help to facilitate the missionaries and intercessors in spiritual mapping!

2. There is an outreach program organized by Lorraine Sakka! Keep an eye on it so that you can participate in it! Good thing is you just need to sit back, relax, read a letter, and respond at your desk. That's all it takes! Write to me, if you wish to participate in this program!

3. There is an outreach/ exploratory trip to Japan organized by OM, please sign up!

4. I had developed another group, "HIKIKOMORI Concern" in the facebook. I am hoping to develop a network/support group for Hikikomori. One need not to be a Christian to join this group, but experiences dealing with Hikikomori is the main target. Please intercede for this group and its members!

5. For the research of Hikikomori and the Japanese teens, I am working on BBS and manga as well as some drama series. At this time, I need to get closer to God more than ever! Please intercede for me, for spiritual discernment and wisdom in time management as well as language ability. Pray that my heart will not be wearied by worldly pressures.

Appreciate of your prayers

Manga and it's elements

In the Japanese manga, JUMP series is the top manga series that most welcomed by readers. Weekly Shonen Jump (週刊少年ジャンプ Shūkan Shōnen Janpu?), better known as Shonen Jump, with a circulation of over 3 million, is one of the longest-running weekly manga compilations in Japan.

Bleach, Gintama (Silver Soul), Hunter × Hunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, One Piece, Samurai Usagi, Dragon Ball, Rurounin Kenshin, Slam Dunk, Death Note, etc. were all best selling manga not only in Japan, but Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, even the West.

The main theme that made it most selling item are always: Friendship, Strive, Victory.

Business make a good sense of desires, an item can only be good seller when it is catered to the psychology desires of the customers. "Friendship", "Strive", "Victory" drives the heartbeat of the readers! In another word, there are always these 3 elements in their dream, TEENAGE DREAM!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

He knows my needs!

A friend dropped by my place this evening, and found my blanket was not good enough for winter. So, she bought me a 4LB blanket to keep me warm. It was indeed a great blessing!

I will have a warm winter this year, with all the blessings that you had given me! A room by myself, a warm blanket, storage of food and friendship etc., all these had given before I asked. He knows my need!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Just as I thought I was happy to get an accommodation in the student dormitory, and "happily" being a Hikikomori, I was caught in another mess. I had been DEREGISTERED by the school for non-payment of the tuition fees.

Something about myself:

I am a missionary in Hong Kong, preparing to Japan. I am doing a master study in Hong Kong University, on the subject of Hikikomori, a phenomena where people live inside their rooms "only". A social withdrawal phenomena which is common in Japan and other mainly developed cities.

God had taken care of the financial part so far, and it was really by His grace that I had walked thus far.

I had finished almost all the modules, and left only the research and two more courses to go. However I had deregistered from the school because of not being able to pay my tuition fees.

Meaning = I can't go to the library; I can't join the class, nor take the exams.
( But one thing I can do: that is continue my research! :-) or being a Hikikomori! I guess no one can really stop that though.....)

I need to raise HKD 31,250 X 2 for 2007/2008. The first one within this month, the second one in Jan08.

I don't know what to do, and I don't know how to do about this... I can't borrow from people because I will continue to be a missionary which means I will not have a fix certain income even after I graduate, thus I might not have have means to pay back. Nothing really promised. Unless someone gives because of the good Lord.

Let's pray!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The view from my room......

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Test of Commitment and Love

My heart burst out of joy as I received the letter of offer for the dormitory this morning! I felt it was God just purposely made it that way, so to show me alongside this journey, there will be others to walk together, and getting INVOVLED.

The offer had not been made until someone being my advocate, organizing, helping to raise concern about this poor girl who have no place to stay, getting people who are willing to host me, then others came by to offer shelter and care. And then added on a further disappointment on the terrible condition of the residence house which challenged us to think of an alternative stay till January.

I have a strange feeling that if it was not the invitation being made by L. and C. for me to extend my stay with them; and the willingness and openness of Uncle T. to host me in earlier while other friends are coming to stay in Louisa's place next week yesterday evening, the offer will still delay.

It's strange to tie these together, but as I remember the promise He made, "The Church is coming in!" I felt this is what He meant. To show me that I'm not alone, and His family is going to care for me. Put it another way, it is also TEST of commitment and love.

It is not only about Methodist International for this chapter, but also the members of Full Gospel Assembly and Heart4Japan. I received many notes of prayers offered, love gifts and encouragement from all over, and God certainly remember all those who were involved. I just feel that He is strengthening the tie, and cleansing His temple... God, help me! Forgive me! and lead me on!

Saturday, October 13, 2007







Friday, October 12, 2007

My journey falls into His plans

Praise God! I have a place to stay now. A sister offered her study room for me until the dorm takes me in. (I hope the dorm wouldn't take so long......)

I believe all theses are added to the long list of His account, for what He install ahead for all the people that He had put together in the search of accommodation and the support in my preparation course in HK... my friends that host me, prayed for me, looked around for me, CEDARS, halls, church...

It was always amazing to see how things moved and fall into its place. I always believe that I cannot outgive God, and my plans just don't work before Him. As for the halls or the position of tutors, I felt that God must have a good reason in this.

I know He will in the end grant me a place in the hall, somehow I just felt that is His will. However, if He wants it to happen, it will happen! irregardless what it is going to take. He is BIGGER!

Yet, I also have a strange feeling in me that, at this moment, He wants me to be of an encouragement to someone else, or to learn something, or to be there for something/someone for a moment. So, He planned someone for me to stay in with, for that season. And that test my patience and perseverance, and also our understanding about His faithfulness and grace.

Although I stepped into the problems, and went to Jesus, allowing myself in that humble state, being weak and to rely totally on His strength. Yet, I couldn't help to "help" myself with the situation, that cost a lot of anxieties, rather then being still. So, that's something that I need to overcome.

The stay with my previous host was incredible! Prophetic!

The story goes.... Vivian passed me a gift last night as I moved out, a post card with my name written on it while she visited Vatican this summer. The address was her home address. In another word, she sent a post card home by putting my name as a recipient. And both of us didn't even know the hostel is not giving me a place, even as I waited till October.

:-) Wasn't it amazing? I am really convinced that my journey falls right into His hands.

Till then......

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Planning" can have so many meanings......

" dear sister, learn to plan -- if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. " A caring elder sister in Christ told me this morning as she found out my needs in searching for an accommodation.

"planning"... seems like a  jargon word to me.

If "planning" is about counting the cost, I had. If "planning" is about seeing which move is the best, and get things ready before the next move, then I had not done so.

If I have planned, I wouldn't be coming to Hong Kong. I would go to US instead to earn a scholarship, and still do public health. But sometimes, it is just so hard for me, to plan in advance, I always turned my eyes to my strength and abilities, what I have, rather than what He has done for me, and thus what He has in me was not seen. Planning, can't really put that away, unseen, but you felt most secure for deep down in my heart, I know that He will provide. He is honest, faithful and trustable. So, as I am convinced that I should go, what I needed to do is only trust and obey, and GO.

I'm afraid that there is a sound of  "laziness" in this matter, putting everything in God's hand....... but somehow I just felt that is what He intended me to learn. I had been always taking care of myself, doing appropriate planning, I was a good event planner, always have alternate plans for each events. Plan A, plan B, plan C, and I was such a perfectionist, that I wanted to plan everything. But for Heart4Japan, or to prepare myself in Hong Kong in the area of Public Health, I didn't plan. I couldn't, for me myself had to spend a year to figure why and how I ended up this way. It was too quick, everything happened just in a second, but I was greatly convinced that was the right thing to do at that moment. There is a peace to continue to follow His plans rather then trying to figure out what His plans are going to be.

During the four months in Malaysia, to be honest, I always struggled if I have to come back. Thinking about what it is going to be......and thinking about having to have the whole scene replay in this semester was enough to make me sick. I knew I would have no place to stay when I come back, I felt I will be too weak to go through this. However, thinking about it, and remembering His goodness, seeing the growth of the ministry, and seeing so many had been touched, and revived for their love and calls to Japan, the excitement grew! And I knew that He would have a good reason for me, as I need to go through this... One of that, perhaps it was being advised, "Plan! Learn to plan!"

Planning... I did count the cost, and I knew I wouldn't be able to pay for it. But, somehow strange enough, there was a peace in me, encouraging me to pursue the dream. A dream to be soar with Him, and just trust Him. So, as I counted the cost, I saw what it had to take...... I still have no solutions, but yet time was running out. It was either to complete the study, obeying the call, trusting Him in advance, or to quit and serve the Lord back home, knowing that He will still loves me and provides me even if I chose to avoid Heart4Japan or staying alone in Hong Kong to accept the training.

I guess, going to Japan will be even tougher. The experience in Hong Kong will give me that strength to stand firm in Japan later.

I really thank God for such precious advice, for I know this person really loves me and she had spoke through her experiences. I chose a difficult road to tread. Research is again a jargon for me. I'm not that academic brilliant, and doing research is really killing in little guidance that I could have.

Again, the Japanese culture is so different from mine, and sometimes I just feel so scare......

Till here, I have great peace, more than ever. I miss home, I don't really know how to plan, but there is a peace to wait and trust.

Monday, October 08, 2007



我心里没有为自己的处境心烦,但是寄居之处却为我心烦。这样的状况,还真有点尴尬。而且这个家庭是非基督徒,慢慢了解下来,神助我讨人喜悦,但是穷苦寒酸的教徒似乎印证了一般人对基督徒的stereotype,不是个好见证。这样想的时候,自己也不禁紧张起来。她妈说:"你这么大胆,是不是就是你们基督徒所说的什么'神招'? 我有好几个朋友也这样。我有一个朋友的丈夫是宣教士,教会支助,但是生活不是过得很好。我真的不明白为什么这种事也能和上帝扯上关系?"


地方太小,没有私人空间,光线差,要祷告灵修也不容易。然而感谢神!我好歹也住在中半山,有钱人的地方!想回马来西亚述职以前我也住了沙宣道。感谢神,这个家庭真的很照顾我。只是,这样的日子持续太久,难免会给人带来不便。而且我须要尽快有一个稳定的落脚处,Heart4Japan 和 hikikomori 的工作都须要一个office。我更须要一个地方可以让我安静祷告、灵修、写作。加上我这种日夜颠倒的工作方式,还有服事,我需要尽快有个地方。


你 们 不 要 倚 靠 君 王 , 不 要 倚 靠 世 人 ; 他 一 点 不 能 帮 助 。他 的 气 一 断 , 就 归 回 尘 土 ; 他 所 打 算 的 , 当 日 就 消 灭 了 。以 雅 各 的 神 为 帮 助 、 仰 望 耶 和 华 ─ 他   神 的 , 这 人 便 为 有 福 ! 耶 和 华 造 天 、 地 、 海 , 和 其 中 的 万 物 ; 他 守 诚 实 , 直 到 永 远 。(诗篇146:3-6)


腰 袋 里 不 要 带 金 银 铜 钱 。行 路 不 要 带 口 袋 ; 不 要 带 两 件 褂 子 , 也 不 要 带 鞋 和 ? 杖 。 因 为 工 人 得 饮 食 是 应 当 的 。你 们 无 论 进 那 一 城 , 那 一 村 , 要 打 听 那 里 谁 是 好 人 , 就 住 在 他 家 , 直 住 到 走 的 时 候 。 进 他 家 里 去 , 要 请 他 的 安 。 那 家 若 配 得 平 安 , 你 们 所 求 的 平 安 就 必 临 到 那 家 ; 若 不 配 得 , 你 们 所 求 的 平 安 仍 归 你 们 。(太10:9-13)

接 待 你 们 就 是 接 待 我 ; 接 待 我 就 是 接 待 那 差 我 来 的 。 人 因 为 先 知 的 名 接 待 先 知 , 必 得 先 知 所 得 的 赏 赐 ; 人 因 为 义 人 的 名 接 待 义 人 , 必 得 义 人 所 得 的 赏 赐 。 无 论 何 人 , 因 为 门 徒 的 名 , 只 把 一 杯 凉 水 给 这 小 子 里 的 一 个 喝 , 我 实 在 告 诉 你 们 , 这 人 不 能 不 得 赏 赐 。(太10:4-42)


Friday, October 05, 2007


As encouragement always being accompanied by discouragement, and discouragement being accompanied by encouragement, I guess what God is training us to, is to tune our mind and focus to His goodness and Faithfulness, also to learn how not to be distress in disappointments.

Many times, the disappointments do not come from the enemies and nonbelievers, but the fellow believer who had TALK more than WALK. Often, someone you trusted for the relationship that we have in Christ, promised you one thing, and turn out to be an empty one.  And when this happens, both side will have a different story. I guess, we need to repent!

It's not the time to compare what I had sacrificed or what you had done, nothing that we do can outgive God. We give it willingly in God, it's out of  love that we give. I know people who read this will probably agree, but do check our hearts as we agree. Do not be hypocrite. Repent if we hold resentment of what we had given.

Let's the people who joined Heart4Japan WALK more than TALK. Constantly check our hearts for what we do.

The good thing about having JESUS, is not that we will become a good person, nor we will do the right thing. But it is about having HIM, we will not be affected even in the stormy wind. And that takes TRUST, and ACTION! In the midst of storm, JESUS commanded the wind to stop. When the multitude were hungry, JESUS fed them. When the disciples were hungry, JESUS allowed them to take the grain on a Sabbath. When Peter fell into the water, JESUS extended His hand. When Peter could not catch a single fish, JESUS gave the direction. When the leaper needed healing, JESUS touched him. So much more....... If JESUS is here today, what do you think HE will do? Aren't we JESUS followers?

Stop BRAGGING, I urge you. But Start DOING!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007





Give proper recognition to those widows who are really in need. But if a widow has children or grandchildren, these should learn first of all to put their religion into practice by caring for their own family and so repaying their parents and grandparents, for this is pleasing to God. 要 尊 敬 那 真 为 寡 妇 的 。 若 寡 妇 有 儿 女 , 或 有 孙 子 孙 女 , 便 叫 他 们 先 在 自 己 家 中 学 着 行 孝 , 报 答 亲 恩 , 因 为 这 在 神 面 前 是 可 悦 纳 的 。(1Tim 提前5:3-4)


The Widow's Offering ~ Luke 路加21:1-3

As he looked up, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. "I tell you the truth," he said, "this poor widow has put in more than all the others.

耶 稣 抬 头 观 看 , 见 财 主 把 捐 项 投 在 库 里 , 又 见 一 个 穷 寡 妇 投 了 两 个 小 钱 , 就 说 : 我 实 在 告 诉 你 们 , 这 穷 寡 妇 所 投 的 比 众 人 还 多 !

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Warnings served as Encouragement, thankyou Lord!

There are four warnings that I often give to people who are considering missionary work.

    1. You heart will be broken many times and you will face many disappointment.
    2. You will face financial pressures, battles and problems and also a wide range of differences of opinion on life-style and how money should be spent.
    3. You will discover that it is sometimes relatively easy to get started on a project but unbelievably hard to keep it going and at the same time keep the loyalty of the people with whom you are working.
    4. You will discover that roots of bitterness can come in very easily in Christian work, which sometimes, due to satanic opposition, can be more difficult and complex than in secular work, especially when money and other motivating forces are absent.

........ Keeping a balance though between faith goals and unrealistic expectations is part of the process of counting the cost.

~ by George Verwer , founder of Operation Mobilization ~

I recorded this as an encouragement to myself, and to you who perhaps facing the same situation.


It is really Grace Awakening. If George faces all these, and if many other missionaries do, why do I think I should escape from this? My problem was I had kept trying to avoid disappointment, rejecting discouragement, and most often, tried to meet all needs, all cries, all expectations. Then, by failing to do so, I blame it on Satanic opposition, and I'll dig and dig to see if I have any open doors in my life towards sin that had caused this hindering obstacles in my path. I had trusted in a lie that "If God had called you to do this, He will make your path smooth, that you will not harvest bitterness in you." "If things are not moving right, it is because of you sin!" "If you get sick, and that is because you are living in such life-style." And now I need to repent.

Blames and accusations can come from all angles. Beware, my friends!

Bible do not speak that way. Most often these people who said these to you, are not going to be> the people who walk with you. Forget about them (i'm sorry for being blunt...), but I doubt they had really care and spent time even just to pray for you. We need to have watchmen for our lives, for our ministries! They is no point getting someone to sit on that position, but then they are not watching for you. Let the Word of the Lord govern us, and let Himself be our watchman, and let us watch over ourselves by the passage above -- the true experiences of many missionaries whom their lives were full of unanswered prayer, but they refused to be discouraged by these.

Let us be encouraged once again! And I thank God revealing to me this truth. I had been very cautious not to allow myself to be puffed up, and yet, I had also in subtleties of putting myself down in an unbiblical way. God help me! Forgive me, Lord!

The book of prophets shall give me strength!

And I believe it does to you!


World Evangelism cannot be won without paying the PRICE!

Most Christians want all of the privileges and none of the responsibilites.

You do have to be aware of the needs and opportunities throughout the world as you consider your own future.

The Great Commission is more than a call for you or me to leave where we are and go somewhere ese. There is a course a great need for people to go but there is a greater need for each of us to take up our own responsibility for the church's response to the Great Commission; to be personally involved in it whatever our particular role maybe.

You are called to make a decision!

C.S. Lewis said that we have the tendency to think and feel, but not to act. If we go on feeling and thinking, but not acting, then one day we will be unable to act.


Lately, there is a constant fear that grips me. When it comes, I can't sleep, I can't rest, I can't think of any other thing else.

The fear of going back to Hong Kong.

The fear of not having raise financial support before I leave.

The fear of not having raise prayer partners before I leave.

The fear of having ministry partners who SPEAK more than they DO.

The fear of not having accomodation when I reach Hong Kong.

The fear of going to the academic to ask for deferment of school fees payment.

The fear of seeing my professor to negotiate on my dissertation of Hikikomori.

The fear of looking for accomodation.

The fear of not having money to pay the rent.

The fear of hunger.

The fear of loneliness.

The fear of not having money for transportation.

The fear of being long away from home.

The fear of not having enough data for the research of Hikikomori.

The fear of getting involve things beyond focus.

The fear of neglecting people who need a fresh touch of the Lord.

The fear of neglecting people who need a pair of listening ears.

The fear of meeting people who put false hope in me.

The fear of left behind bills to pay.

The fear of meeting hollow faith person in Heart4Japan.

The fear of blank promises.

The feeling is so contrast while compare with previous year as I stepped out with a simple faith. It was by faith that Abraham obyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance. He went without knowing where he was going. (Hebrews11:8) Now I begin to understand why He had always led me step by step. He never revealed His whole plan to me. It is always a step of faith that brought me closer, a step of obedience that brought me to the next door. I guess that is what it needs to be done. I remembered someone told me, if God would had revealed to you His whole plan, perhaps you will be so fearful that you wouldn't be able to step out for it.

and Yes, now I understand. Because I am going back to the same place, and because I had experienced sorrows and difficulties, and for worse I discovered my weaknesses and my unworthiness in times. Once I thought I had lost my faith. But now, I know, it is not about faith. I still trust that the Lord will provide all my needs. I still trust that the Lord will lead me through. I still trust that He will never leave me or forsake me. And He said, "Heart4Japan is MY ministry!" Yet, fears greet me.

Or to be exact, these are not fears, but PAIN......

I love the Lord. I don't want to miss the train of REVIVAL in Japan, yet I'm tired of being Zorro. I wish to move together with a team of people who love the Lord, who are committed, who are willing to serve. Walking together in this journey, encouraging each other, praying alongside for each other! There are so few......

George Verwer said, "Finance seems to be the greatest obstacle..... the real obstale is a lack of love, faith and biblical commitment." And that is piercing to my ears. The greatest needs in the missions field are always PEOPLE and FINANCE. We can have PEOPLE, but no FINANCE; or we can have FINANCE, but no PEOPLE; sometimes BOTH.

Yet, I had also learned. Disappointment in evangelism can often be God's appointment to teach us smething greater and something better. Great biblical, moutain-moving faith does not happen without doubts, struggles and discouragement or even sin. While I stand aginst the fiery dart of discouragement, I believe we all need to repent and turn from all that is hindering us from doing God's will in our day, repent from our unwillingness to pay the price!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007






Friday, August 24, 2007


Hope in Heart4Japan

As of the last check this afternoon, Heart4Japan group in Facebook had achieved 84 members around the world.

If 10% from this group of people can commit to start a Heart4Japan support group in thier own church, or within their own friends, I believe that we can then support at least five people to the field next year, or at least having workers working on a certain issue with regards to Japan.

As I was teaching and sharing about missions back home during my furlough, they were people who came to me and share with me that God had stirred them to pray for Japan. Some asked if I can bring them to Japan for a short mission trip. Some shared with me that they had been working on their Japanese neighbours and found it difficult to share values and gain trust.

I am hoping more from this of course.

Time is limited - Research, missions, classes

I'm not sure what will happen, and how God is leading us on. But my time is limited. I will be going back to Hong Kong to continue my study in public health in Oct. Soon as I go home, I will zoom into the study and research on Hikikomori. With that, I will be working with social workers and care givers of these marginal youth. I was not able to gain data in Malaysia and Singapore. The division of depression, social isolation and net addiction are yet to clear. I have only another year to go before gaining an entrance to Japan. The progress is slow, and I need patience.

However I was able to get a client in my Busan trip. As I am going to Indonesia for an outreach tomorrow, I am not sure if God will lead me to a client or a case.

Indonesia Outreach

I praise God for this open door and opportunity to serve in Indonesia. It is always good to be able to work together with the church in missions. To me, it is an honour to fight side by side with my peers.

We will be speaking in 3 churches tomorrow evening, and estimating not less than 300 people for each session. I am taking one of the session. I was praying and was still uncertain about the message that God wants to give to His people until 2 hours earlier, I finally had it ready. The theme would be very much towards "FAITH, TRUST and Get Close to GOD!" Please pray together with me that I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and be ready to summit to His leading.

I will be giving a testimony on Saturday evening, estimating 600 people. In both, we will be going to speak in Bahasa. I really need boldness. Please pray that the Lord will loose our tongues and give us words of wisdom as we minister to the people.

As we come back from Indonesia, I will be caught with a few more teaching and classes. Please pray for strength.


I have some plans in my mind, and I hope that can allow people who has a heart for Japan to participate together. I'll update it to the site when I have more peace. (I'm still praying about some of those plans)

Miss you!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aug 6 - Bomb in Hiroshima

That fateful summer, 8:15. The roar of a B-29 breaks the morning calm. A
parachute opens in the blue sky. Then suddenly, a flash, an enormous blast -
silence - hell on Earth.
Within the year, 140,000 had died. Many who escaped death initially are
still suffering from leukemia, thyroid cancer, and a vast array of other
Peace Declaration - Tadatoshi Akiba

The meeting today with Dr. Ozawa was touching...... we had communion, we had the privilege watching the filming of God's fingerprints in Japan, 1st and 2nd part. Dr. Ozawa shared with us the ups and downs in his ministry. He shared with us how he once didn't really have a heart for Japan, and he thought that was just OK, for he is Paul preaching the good news to the nations! Yet, how he believed God had tried to tell him that , "No, you had ignored your own people! Why are you doing that?" He knew he is going to disciple the Japanese and the Chinese. We were blessed by seeing those very precious pictures of his ministries, and listen to testimonies of how people had came to the Lord in Japan. It was a really awesome gathering!

And by watching God's fingerprints in Japan, we realized that a Japanese can become a Christian and still remain a Japanese, maintaing the unique Japanese culture.

We apologized to Japan on behalf of the nations. And it made the meeting much more meaningful today, as today is the devotion of Hiroshima to the cause of peace!August 6,1945 - The nuclear weapon was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, followed on August 9 by bomb over Nagasaki.

We didn't purposely structure the meeting today because of the peace memorial of Hiroshima, but it was just the date that was available for us, and we decided it long ago, even before we can check the calendar. God is really amazing, isn't it? He had planned this, and because of today, He had caused us (Ozawa & me) to meet in Hong Kong in January just for today! This is really amazing, Awesome!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

We Welcome You Here!

Excitement to meet people with heart for Japan
Another 14 hours later, I'm going to meet our friend, Joseph Ozawa. Then, on Monday, people will gather to pray for Japan. I can't help, but keep exciting about it, and start counting my fingers how many will come, who will come, and how many things that we can share about.

Nevertheless, people who started to pray for Japan, or even just at the stage of identified it will often found themselves lonely, isolated from the main- stream. Especially when one starts to share about his or her vision for Japan, there is a feeling of talking to a face of cold icy wall.

10/40 window, largest unreached
The land of the rising sun located in the frame of 10/40 window, and being the largest number of a single unreached people group on earth, Japan, has a privilege to be highlighted in world of missions!

Had Japan really been highlighted in Missions World? The answer is no.

Japan is known to be "Missionary Tomb". (we can discuss more about that later)

Many people know the facts, but not many know about how to reach out to Japan, especially for those who come from the third world countries. Fund is a huge problem.

The hardship is not only on the relationship with the local people. It is also because of the financial part of it. Japan, being one of the highest expense country, it's tough to live in -- for foreigners -- comfortably.

What make Japan's missionary so inferior to others?

Tiredness, shame and bored.

Spiritual comparison
The land is not as fertile. The head counts do not produce a great cheering number to the giving parties. The stagnant work does not give incentives or motivations for the workers to move on.

In Africa, China, where the spiritual doors are open, a meeting will lead thousands to Christ. In Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam - we see how lives being changed because of the goodness of the Lord, and the mercies of His people. We have a lot to give. In Arab, we are in trend of bringing gospel to our Samaritan brothers, and political social persecutions allow people to maintain the alertness.

However, in Japan. None of these happens. The persecution comes from within, and many times is personal struggle with the Lord. We cannot offer them food, except for the homeless. We cannot offer them jobs, we cannot offer them medical care like what we do in the refugee camp. We planted a church, and see only 1 coming to Christ after 8 years. The membership of the church is of housewives with no-income, and many of the time, they are the only one in the family that knows about Jesus.

So many of work, so many crises in lives, that people need to deal with. So many politeness, that people cannot speak out of what they really think. So many house visitations needed to be done, if the pastor or the church workers really want to shepherd their sheep. Yet, when it comes to all these, we are often lack of strength, money and man power.

Compare to the work of the refugees, or feeding the poor, working in Japan seems to have no connection at all with this. There is not an urgency in life and dead.

Compare to the work in the third world countries, seems to be "no fun", "no name", "no fame". There are very seldom chances that you can give an account of "hundreds" or "thousands" accepted the Lord, or rededicated to the Lord. These numbers just do not exist!

But I am telling you, if you really feel that way, if you have not see the urgent needs for Japan to know Christ, you had MISS the urgency of the KINGDOM!

If the Kingdom of God is to be establish on this earth, it is either Japan to perish or to retain! 128 million people staying in Japan. 120 million easily are Japan Japanese! Do you see the number of souls that are going to perish when Christ come?

100 people commit suicide a day in Japan. There were says that 1 million of missing youth that lost in the transition era which suffer Hikikomori. A stagnant or rather decline GDP for almost 10 years. One of the highest suicide nation, one of the highest unborn rate, one of the fastest aging race, one of the highest unmarried single nation! Japan is not doing as well as most people may thought. It is not only about the glamor sushi or onzen or sakura!

It is about life and dead! It is about eternal dwelling! JESUS is coming, sooner and faster than ever in history. And we don't know the TIME! You need to grasp this fact firmly before you can act! If our outreach is not about Jesus 2nd coming, we can rather choose to do charity work which is much easier and pleasurable in the view of non-believers. We need to know that the 2nd coming is true, and lives will perish if they do not know JESUS!

And now before you, there are more than 120 million souls, waiting for you to tell them about JESUS! About HOPE, about LIFE!

Japan needs you! Japan needs your prayers, your support, your love and gifts! Gifts of talents, gifts of love, gifts of time, gifts of patience to it's people!

It is either we have this nation before the Lord that very day, or we see a huge gap, dark hole at their seats.

"Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore
hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.

When I say unto the wicked,Thou shalt surely die;and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way,to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. " ~ Exekiel 3:17-18

So, do not be afraid of feel inferior when you feel that the Lord is calling you to Japan, or to pray for Japan! You are the one of the very few that had been chosen, that He opens eyes so that you can see the huge need in this field!

We welcome you here, God bless you!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Praying for the Korean Hostages

For the hostage in Afghan, there had been a lot of discussions these days. Including the "stupidity" of the Christians.

Voices like :-
"Christians are so naive that they think they can evangelize the Muslims where the culture bond existed for ages in this land."
"It is because of the evangelists that we have to have to release the criminals!"

... ...

In the Christian websites, people are crying for the Korean hostages. Begging the Lord to intervene and release these people.

... ...

In which case, the burden and stress that are on the hostages' shoulders and their families are not going to be any lesser.

Please pray that the Lord break the stronghold of Taliban. Stronghold of cult, spirit of destruction and spirit of deceptiveness!

Wake up! Do not forget this is a warfare of NATION, it is not only personal healing and deliverance. There are differences here.

The spiritual warfare this round is not merely on person, the cause was not about spreading Christianity in Afghan. At surface, it is about using them as a reason to force the government to free the captured Taliban leaders. It's a political game here. And when this happens, it involve the prince of the world.

What do they really want? What are their purposes? Be discern, do not be dragged along to the deceptiveness that they want us to see! It's not about the Lord, it's about greed and power, a matter of live and survive. It's about what they believe! ---- for us, what can change their beliefs?

The prince of world is using this as a cause to threaten, to deceive and to blasphemy! Any chances that he could have to tease God for His love and mercy and righteousness! We as soldier of Christ need to discern, do not listen to other voices than our commander.

As Joshua approached the city of Jericho, he looked up and saw a man facing him
with sword in hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, "Are you friend or foe?"
"Neither one," he replied. "I am commander of the LORD's army."

~ Joshua 5:13-15

Ask for His Kingdom, and it will be given to you!

Ask in His favor, and seek His heart! Do not loose heart ourselves.

Therefor when we intercede for the Korean brothers and sisters, is not only about the hostages' safety. But it's about "RETURNING TO JESUS".

We need to seek the comfort and mercy of the Lord not only for the hostages, but the whole Korean nation.

Are you aware of Korean being the second largest sending nation? And are you aware that the percentage of born again Christians in this nation had went to a peak surge and came down swiftly just in a few decades? Do you know that even Korean needs missionaries to tell them, to reassure them how much God loves them?

Be wise, brothers and sisters! Somehow Korea means to me much not only because of this is a sending nation, but also of her similarities with Japan. We still have a long battle to go, and North Korea is another place that we have no time to loose!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Domestic Violence

Not many people are aware of the domestic violence on women still happens as vast in Japan.

Domestic violence has been pervasive in Japan for so long that it is considered a normal part of marriage. Abuse was only talked about publicly in 1998. A natonal survey conducted in February 2000 by the Prime Minister's Office foudn that 1 our of 20 women (1/20) are 'subjected to life-threatening violence'. Many of the victims are housewives who are unable or unwilling to seek assistance. Japan offers only about 40 shelters for battered women.

Wives murdered by their husbands consitute approximately 30% of all murders committed in the country. In the year 2000, cases of injury resulting in death, in which a 'husband kills his wife as a result of continuous hitting and kicking', received a senstence of only six to eight years imprisonment. A new law enacted in 2001 is designed to help protect victims, but enforcement is difficult since only 1-10% of women report abuse.

~ Deborah Meroff, True Grit, women taking on the world, for God's sake.pg.52

1. Ikeuchi, Hiromi, 'Japanese Women Now', 'Women's Online Media'
2. Nobuhiro Suzuki, 'Socio-Cultural Background of Domestic Violence in Japan', Project Blue Sky, National Commission for Women Report, Asian Age, 9th March 2000.

Prayer :
There are needs in area of women ministries. Please take notes! And the domestic violence as of today not only comes from the husband, but as well as their children.

"Whether you are a cosmopolitan woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil or Japan, or a rural woman in Ethiopia or Peru, the association between violence and poor health remains," Claudia Garcia-Moreno told reporters.


Christine is a member of Heart4Japan, and the Lord had led her to be in contact with Japan in His own mysterious way. She had been going to Japan regularly for the last 5 years for work. She make clothes and bags out of Japanese obis and kimonos. Isn't that interesting?

In Hong Kong, Christine saw that many young people have no where to go to hangout. Deep in her she just want more young people to have that opportunity to meet Christ. So she took the step of faith to start this cafe. A lot had happened since she began and she knew there will be more adventures to come. "I just want to serve the Lord and give my life to Him," she said.

After a long period of waiting, finally she received a letter from the Food Hygiene Dept on their requirements for my cafe. (HK in a bit slow in this...) So she is very close to opening the cafe now. Do cover the cafe in your prayers!

It is not easy to run around to organize a cafe, so much more with trying out recipes, settings, kitchen, paper work, and employing people. Some more, she aims it to be self-funding Christian Cafe. She didn't have experience in this, but she has the LORD! If the Food Hygiene will give her a go ahead ASAP, that will relieve her much from stress!

Appreciate that! We are here for each other, don't we?

Join Facebook - Heart4Japan group to view the profiles of all other members!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Put Down Our Baggages


It had not been easy for the Koreans to take the banner of Love to Japan! Can we the Chinese also learn to put down the baggage of history, begin to send missionaries out to this huge spiritual dark hole, to stand in the gap for Jesus's battleground? Can we come down to earth, and love our beloved Japanese brothers and sisters, embrace them into the family of Christ, where our Father had long lost of them?





Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I do have an international face. In Korea, I was often being taken as a Korean easily, however there were also many times that people came and spoke Japanese to me, thinking I was perhaps a Japanese. But none of these incidents were as stunned as yesterday.

As I was walking at the street yesterday, I met two sisters. I naturally greeted them with a slight bow, a respectful gesture in both Korean and Japanese culture, one of the sister smiled and approached me. Before I noticed it, we were communicating in Japanese naturally. She grew up in Japan, as second generation Japanese Korean. Somehow deep inside her as she saw me she felt that I am a Japanese. The sister is serving in CHEJU now, she invited me to visit her.

Being mistaken as a Japanese was not unusual for me, however speaking to this sister stirred up something which is even deeper inside me. Something that I need to find out......

Having decided to spend five more days in Korea after the mission trip, was again an adventure. I knew no friends in Korea, and basically I had no where to put myself in after the conference and the mission trip. However a deep peace ruled in me, and I felt that exactly the right thing to do. So, let it be.

In KimCheo-Gumi, I stayed with Mun Kyeung Bae, the CCC Staff who went to Osaka for a short term missionary trip just in January. In his computer room, there is a big Japanese map hanging on the wall.

Now in Seoul, I was arranged to stay with another CCC sister who has a heart for Japan. She even took an extra step of faith in changing her major to JAPANESE focus to fulfill this call of mission!

Of course there were a lot more exciting stories and testimonies. A step in obedience broadened my horizon.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Some thoughts in Korea after CM2007

Greetings from Korea! It is good to continue writing this blog from Korea. :-)

The experience of working with Korean changed much of my stereotype perspective towards this nation. Infact, it was a humbling process and I learned much. The major change in me was from disliking kimchi to loving kimchi.

Perhpas sometimes I just need to slow down and pray. And also spare sometime for fellowship, sharing with family and friends. There are equally important. Cynthia had been trying to remind me about these long time ago, however I wasn't really able to pay much attention to this. The urge and pain in seeing the rotten of the unreached, the desire and pace to establish His Kingdom grew larger and larger, faster and faster! I have no time to rest. That was what driven me so far. I didn't intent to, but I couldn't help it.

Meeting George Verwer and heard his speak again, reminded me about something. Hearing him in 2004, caused me to realized the needs of the world and my inability to give. Now, the same message made me to pause and think, am I heading the right way with what the Lord had given me. This really need much prayer in quietness and still.

I met many people who shown interest in the revival of Japan, or reaching out to Japan. Hope these connection will be established in His strength!

I had been always mistaken as a Japanese or a Korean in Korea. I guess I really have an international face. :-)

I will write again until I am able to clear out more. It is really an exercise of "inhale" and "exhale".

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pray for Dr. Ozawa, June19th, 6:30am (Honolulu)

Our dear partner, Dr. Joseph Ozawa is going to have a phone interview with Peter McKinnon , next Tuesday (19th) at 6:30 a.m. Honolulu time.

Appreciate prayers for protection and favor!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rewards from your prayers!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Good news from D__LOS! If you remember while Makoto and Ken were struggled in Fukuoka, we had also struggled in the same way, pressing on to pray for a breakthrough! "

The gate in Fukuoka remains as the toughest, and crucial at this
moment. We will wait for the latest updates from the team. I believe, we will
soon hear a relieve sigh from Makoto. The harvest is going to embark at the dork
from May11. From Fukuoka, a sequence of harvest will roll out in lightning

And if you remember I had shared with you the LIGHT,

Push on! Press in! The uproar of the East Sea is fierce, but then
we have Jesus on our ship! Pray for the LIGHT to shine on the Land of Kyushu!

The report is back!

We had 26,000 visitors in Fukuoka in 10 days! 598 bible sold!
We had 43,000 visitors in Kanazawa, 627 bible sold!

We are still waiting the report from Niigata! But surely, God had opened a way, when there seemed to be no way.

Our Lord had blessed the hearts of our friends that had labored with all they could and all they had. Thank you for your prayers! Thank you so much in joining us in the labor and the harvest!

We thank God for blessing His workers, and leading His team.
And do continue to pray for the impact on the people will remain, will continue to stir a fire in them, to seek, to know, to believe! Pray that the fire will warm their hearts in winter and troubles!

Serving together in joy,-- Roseline

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Base Need To Be Strengthened - Do pray for Elder Koh

As I landed in Malaysia, i was just in time to attend my eldest uncle's funeral. I was able to get around with my family members, and shared much memories. It was a precious time to me.

There are many times in our lives, that we face dilemma, battling with health and sickness.

I believe my pastor's family is having the same dilemma at this moment for our very dear Elder Koh, my pastor's father is in the ICU at this moment.

There had been many miracles in his life, including healed cancer. I believe his faith is not shaken, for he always speaks on it and walks on it.

Since the church is covering me spiritually, it is wise to pray for the corner stone of the church, so that it shall not be shaken. So, please join me in prayer that :
1. God, please reduce his pain.
2. God, please provide strength for the family, in caring the family as well as other ministry works.
3. God, please extend his days, so that he can continue to speak life into men, and be the corner stone of the church.
4. God, please heal him completely, so that he can continue to serve, to travel, to advocate for the Antioch vision.

This gentle old man had spoke life into many members of the church, he is the stone of the church. Elder Koh was also the one who brought back the Antioch vision after his visitations to our missionaries. I hope to have him come to H4J to share a message, telling us how he had received the Antioch vision during his visitings to the missionaries. ( I heard that he was visiting a missionary in Hokkaido and as he returned, he brought up the Antioch vision. :-) Well, that needs to be confirm with him as he gets better)


It always blessed my heart as I see how God brings people to my life and to Heart4Japan. The encouragements and love had made me grown more excited for the coming trip to Busan.

Although nothing had been really confirmed yet, I have that peace in me. I feel like I am going to meet a lot of friends there. Meeting a lot of people who has a heart for Japan. Together we will share, and encourage each other, realizing that the burden to move for Japan, to pray, to give and to serve, is not only a wimpy dream, but something special that God had put inside us, something about His heart that He had revealed to us.

Often as I write about this, I feel ashamed. "How about the nations? "

His heart is for the nations! I believe. For the nations is going to come, and adore Him, worship Him, knowing that He is the Lord. And it is only through Jesus, we are able to come to the Father. Coming to the Father, is the place where we can freely worship, freely converse as who we are! Jesus is friend, teacher, brother, lover, shelter, fortress, bread and water and more! All men need Jesus!

Yet now, I know. God had put into me JAPAN as a priority! The aching, the longing to see His glory in Japan became so intense, that I must move on!

A friend told me that Heart4Japan to him is, " Network which is inspiring, encouraging and challenging people to pray for Japan to give to Japan and to serve in Japan. By doing that heart4japan is joining people from different missions and church background together for that the Japanese will see the glory of God!"

Yes! I believe in that too. Let's pray!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The German's Turn

God is always good! Now it is the German's turn in crying out for the Unreached Japan!

Der Spanier Francis Xavier brachte 1549 als erster Missionar die frohe Botschaft nach Japan. Xavier nannte Japan „die Freude meines Herzens... das beste Land im Fernen Osten für das Christentum“. Doch es sollte anders kommen. Mehr als 200 Jahre Christenverfolgung folgten und bis zum heutigen Tag konnte die Gute Nachricht in Japan nicht wirklich Fuß fassen. Bete für dieses Land und für die kleine Gemeinde hier. Wie damals Xavier, so haben wir Missionare auch heute viel Grund die Japaner als die „Freude unseres Herzens“ zu bezeichnen. Wir tun dies freilich auch in der Hoffnung, dass Japan eines Tages noch in größerem Ausmaß die „Freude am Herrn“ entdecken wird. Dies ist eine Vision, eine Hoffnung, die schon fast 500 Jahre alt ist. Wo immer du bist - im Gebet kannst auch du an dieser Vision teilhaben und ein Teil von ihr werden!

~ Producer: Matthias

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pray for Reimer and Nobuko

Reimer and Nobuko are pallining to be back in Japan from about July 20 - Sept 15. They will stay at our small cabin (small summer house) by Lake Biwa in Shiga Pref. They have promised several churches that we would be available to help them with their ministry during the summer and possibly preach for some pastors who will go on summer vacation.
More news and prayer request for Reimer and Nobuko, please visit: http://h4j-lettersfrommissionaries.blogspot.com/

Pray for me for the plans to Busan

It is exciting to be back home in Malaysia! God is gracious! I met almost 1/3 of the people that I should meet, made a couple of good friends, especially identifying more people with heart4japan. God is good!

The church had given me the permission to go to Busan (29June - 12 July) to meet with the students in July. We pray that God will make full use of this opportunity to review His heart for the nation, and Japan in particular! I will need your prayers in the following issues:
(i.) Courage and boldness to share about Heart4Japan and set up links and networks.
(ii.) Wisdom to share about the need of Hikikomori and student ministries in Campus.
(iii.) Joy in meeting people!

George Verwer was the one who really spurred me up in giving all that I have for Christ! Some called him "crazy", some called him "founder of OM", I call him a "dreamer", and spiritual father. (I read a compilation of his sermons, and feared to death whenever there was an altar call. I'll cry and cry and cry because of my inability to commit myself fully to Christ. Then, after bags of tears, His presence became so obvious, and the burden to carry out what's in His heart became so unbearable, that I had to start moving!)

George Verwer, powerful speaker! A man that is strongly used by God. I could still remember his tall thin figure, as he shared he had no more than one piece of suit in his wardrobe, and his embarrassment while he gave it away to another pastor because he felt that he needed it more than he did. And George owned 2 ships at that time.

George will be the main speaker in Busan! If I could be there, that will be really a time of regeneration, as I had changed compared the first time meeting him, from unwilling to a willing vessel. Still, there are a lot that I need to learn. The humbling process is pain, but at the same time, exciting!

God bless you!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Perhaps it is time to think about Akihabara. Recently, I watched NHK (Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai), somehow the issue of Otaku and Hikikomori just reminded me about Akihabara. As I was searching the video reels on Harajuku, I found Akihabara too. A friend called up just to remind me about Akihabara a minute ago.

Perhaps, I had overlooked something about this. What is that about Akihabara? What is the strong force behind it? What are the strong holds? If Akihabra is a place for Otaku, then it is a place that God's love must be revealed! Breaking forces through His love is nevertheless the best weapon! Pray for His love!

In year 2005, I had a vision about Shibuya in Tokyo. Around the same time, a prophetic church in HK received a vision to start a church in Tokyo, where they had started their church planting this March.

Weird, even it was only one day for me in these places, the images of the shops and the roads are still vivid in my mind. As if it came alive in me. The cry of the strong man, and the march of Christ! Do not miss the march!

It's time to exercise our spiritual muscle now! Pray for His church in Akihabra!

Akihabara, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku are all in Tokyo. Is Akihabara a walkable distance from Shibuya, Harajuku, Yoyogi, or Shinjuku? I'm not very sure. But Sibuya, Yoyogi, Harajuku and Shinjuku formed in one line, and are walkable from one stop to another. I don't speak the same language with Akihabara, though I am learning now, perhaps the whole course about Public Health and social study about Hikikomori is preparing me to this. But I do believe that some of you speak the language of Akihabara! God would had prepared your heart for this place! Let us know what God had put in your heart about this issue! Let us join hands in prayers! Let's bring this vision back to our own churches!

Praying for Japan, is not your own issue or my issue. It is about His issue. Regardless the church is called for this matter, as long as we are in the church, the church is for His people! Praying, is about God's business! Amen.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Endo - Cry of Kichijirou

Somehow, I kept thinking of Endo Shusaku. Perhaps I was influenced by Ramone and Shane after a short discussion through emails recently. Well, it's not fair to blame it on them :-) Endo is always a topic of interest for me, especially when it comes to Japan, and her perspective of Christianity.

But rather than go deep into it, I just can't hold myself but to record a brief thought I have at this moment.

What Endo was writing was a cry of Luke18:13, "And the tax collecctor, standing afar off, would not so much as raise his eyes to heaven, but beat his breast, sayig, 'God be merciful to me a sinner!'"

I wonder, aside of what the perspectives that Endo had drawn conclusion in his book, the main struggle in Endo was the cry of Kichijirou. "God be merciful to me a sinner!" We all need that, don't we?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Blue Tent Hero 蓝布帐英雄

How can you think of a hero? He should be a man who is strong, help a woman, and go away soon after he gets his job done. Mr. Yamamoto is not that kind of a hero. He is not so strong, nor goes somewhere and helps a woman. He is a compassion man who can think of other poor men. He once got a job, and he told Dr. Ozawa about it. But he was not happy at all. So Dr. Ozawa asked him why he is not so happy. He said, “If I start the job and leave the park, who will help other homeless men? I want to help other poor people.”

It reminded me of a story about Mr. Yamamoto myself. It was after he got baptized. He was hungry for telling Gospel to other people. So he started talking to businessmen who came to the park for lunch and break. One day he met a man, about 30s. Mr. Yamamoto found out that the man was depressed very much. He began to meet him once a week and tell him about Jesus. The man disappeared one day and he didn’t get any contact with him after that. But after a long time later, Mr. Yamamoto said to me, the man called him and said, “I got baptized.”

Yes, he is a hero to me, too.
The blue-tent hero......

Pastor Takao Okutsu, Saitama, Japan

Re: New hippo DVD in Japanese (just the stories) is avialable. CREST Christian Book Corner
#05-58 Far East Plaza , 14 Scotts Rd SE228213
Tel:6235-8593 / 67378-344
Sun 1:30 - 5:30pm
Mon-Sat 11am- 8pm (till 7pm on Sat)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Some Opinions in TDN

Bardakoğlu should speak up:

Head of the Directorate of Religious Affairs Ali Bardakoğlu has been giving very important messages. His words on the most recent Malatya events were marvelous:

“Of course, a member of a religion will buy, sell and distribute the holy book of his religion. We, let alone other religions, need to learn to respect the choice of even the atheists. Missionary work cannot constitute a threat for Turkey. It is necessary not to hike up the public tension by unnecessarily exaggerating these issues. We have been sympathetic to everyone's practicing his or her religion under the freedom of faith and religion. It is their basic right. People should freely live and convey their religion. The events in Malatya, the events all across the world have taught us once more that we should emphasize love for others more.”

However, the directorate's attitude is bizarre.

The head of the directorate speaks differently; the books published by the directorate say otherwise. The head of the directorate says, “They have the right,” while the book says how dangerous missionary work is.

If Bardakoğlu is truly sincere, he should have his words repeated. And if we really believe, we should take action together. For full article......

Battle of Mind

How do people view evangelists and missionaries? Persuasion against one's will, or forcing over an ideology on others?

Seldom there will be a non-believed critic that says, "Thank you so much for these people! They were the one who brought life to this land, to these people! They were the one who brought hope!"

Orhan Kemal Cengiz - Christians were beaten, their churches were stoned and were set on fire and they had been receiving threats everyday. Every single day there was news about the treacherous plans of missionaries in the local and national newspapers and on TV stations.

‘We are losing our religion,’ ‘Christianity spreads in Malatya’. That was the kind of atmosphere that had orchestrated the series of murders in Malatya. The escalated hatred had totally overlooked the truth fact that, Christian is a minority in Malatya. There were not more than 30 Christians in the city.

Dark forces, yes.

Yet, introducing Christianity to a close culture that take Christianity as a foreign substance meaning a new ideology.

Often when a new ideology is introduced, there will be a revolution. Quiet or strong, as waves that swing in the sea. Fear of lost often overcome excitement of gain. Spirit of opposition are often not about the content.

Persecutions do not only happen with Christianity. It happens when there is a conflict in ideology of old and modern. It will be too simplistic to conclude that as the war of good and evil, human mind given free will, is a battle that we need to fight.

Click of Orhan and Malatya for opinions in Turkey.


Must a Christian be a Creationist?

What is Faith?

Are we fulfilling or are we limiting?

Is finding evidence against faith?

What is the foundation of my faith in Christ?

Sometimes I thought I have all the answers. Sometimes I know I don't. But I do constantly check myself with these questions. Christianity is about a relationship with Christ, a reconciliation with God, a way to Heaven. What does Heaven mean to me, or Christ, or God? What does relationship means to me, or reconciliation?

These are important questions.

When we talk about Jesus, when we witness, we should never assume that the preacher and the hearer have the same perceptions. Often, the preacher and the hearer have totally opposite direction. What does Jesus mean to us? What does Jesus mean to others? That should be a question to ask, a mind to bear.

Presuming all that we know is the most authentic and the best, is always the beginning of a mistake.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Something seem to be interesting here...

It seems like a dark hole, a vacum:- Harajuku cosplay, Akihabara Otaku or Hikikomori, sucking in youths and teenagers... What is the force behind?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Dear H4J Prayer partners,

When Ramone crossed over to H4J blog, and left me a message, I ran through his blogs, and I found
(It's amazing to see how God connects his people.)

I am short of words to describe the messages that I found in his blogs. But I think you will be interested to find out more about Ramone, and what he had written about the heart of our Father for Japan through these links!



Monday, April 30, 2007

A room full of non-christian Japanese people singing with all their might “Jesus is the answer” and “Share the word”. Phil, Leivur and Sophie had a great time listening to the beautiful singing and singing with them, praising God and proclaiming that JESUS IS THE ANSWER.

11 Days to GO......

The door in Kanazawa is fully opened to D--los team.

Phil said that this is the coolest line up for him. Isn't that exiciting? They are working hard on the publicity, port fees and guest of honor. The full team will arrive on May25.

I have not hear any news from Niigata recently, the last was in perfectly good shape. Praise God for that!

The gate in Fukuoka remains as the toughest, and crucial at this moment. We will wait for the latest updates from the team. I believe, we will soon hear a relieve sigh from Makoto. The harvest is going to embark at the dork from May11. From Fukuoka, a sequence of harvest will roll out in lightning speed! 11 more days to go~! YO YO!

God bless you in align of the prayers!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Joyful Harvest Church

I visited Joyful Harvest Church this evening. The church birth forth from the Vineyard Ministry, and carried a vision to local Hong Kong and China. Missionaries from the Vineyard Ministry came over to give them blessings to move on this evening. The message was, " You were set apart not from, but TO, to things that He is calling you to."

It reminded me a scene that I witnessed 2 years ago, when Banner of Love birthed forth with a new vision to reach out to the locals. Indeed, it was a step of faith. For both churches to go on in Him to pursue the unique visions that God had set in their path, dreams that God had put forward in their missions! Touching!

While the worship began, I found myself fully recharged, and I began to lift up my voice and sang. I began to pray, and seek forgiveness for Turkey, for Arab, for I was deeply troubled by the news in Smyrna. A deep sorrow to the wickedness that bound the land in the debt of innocent blood. The darkness resisted the light. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. In the midst of worship, I received a vision. I was clothed in a black cloak, as I was clothed in darkness, and my back bent. In worship, the light just showered me, and my cloak was removed, and I began to shine in the light, my hands lifted up, my head lifted up, my back lifted up. In the power of the Holy Ghost, I found myself prayed according to His will, tearing down the walls that the evil had built, and bringing down His glory into this land. The church, Hong Kong. I saw the Victoria Harbour, the image was just as the post card, but turned really big. I saw light that travelled forth up from Hong Kong Island to the border of Shen Zhen, forced up to YangTze River.

Powerful, prophetic, God is in this place!

It was a joy to be with these people! Because there is a willing heart, and readiness to move!

Heart of serving!

But it was JOY because I knew I can come to my Lord with my dirty baggages, and He will take it away from me. For He will clothe me with robes, and crown me with crown! I just want to stretch my arms out to Him, calling Him, "Abba, Father!".

Thank you, Lord! For all Your Mighty! Lord has mercy!

Fire and Glass

There is a fire burning, visible, so strong, yet it is enclosed within the glass.

What is it that had kept the fire inside me? Who had put the glass on the fire? And how does the fire keep burning in the confound of the glass?

Such prophetic prayers, and I knew God was revealing something, something deep inside me. The same thought that I was having this evening while I was riding to the church. I found the sharpness of speech reduce, I had been praying for a tame tongue. I don't think a tame tongue will be that glass.

What is it? I wonder. The glass will need to be removed, before the fire can burn those around me. Set a fire, isn't that what had been prophetically proclaimed before I came?

I need to see! Jesus! Help me! I need to see!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Push on! Press in! For Kyushu

As I was praying for Japan last night, I saw a strong light pierced across the coastal area, forcing its way through Kyushu, traveling its way up to Shikoku and the west.

If I remember correctly, the light started to force in at the coastal line of Nagasaki and Fukuoka, through Kumamoto. This is the line where Makoto and team met difficulties. If that is it, then the opposition is clearly the resistant against the light. The land is in thirst. The light that breaks in will sweep across the land, and take deep root within.

Push on! Press in! The uproar of the East Sea is fierce, but then we have Jesus on our ship!

Pray for the LIGHT to shine on the Land of Kyushu! Land that was once fertiled, land that was once gave up all it had for what they believed, land that suffered the longest persecution for Christ.
She is waking up!