Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Four Seasons Song四季の歌

We had talked about the possibility of viewing Matsuri (Japanese festival) as a possible cultural redemptive tool in last article, now it is time to take a look at the songs that Japanese people grow up with.

I came to notice this song as I watched this Japanese TV series "Aikurushi"「愛くるし」.
The title of the song is : "The Four Seasons Song" 「四季の歌」. The lyrics are as follow.

ha-ru-wo-ai-su-ru-hi-to-(wa), ko-ko-ro-ki-yo-ki-hi-to
su-mi-re-no-ha-na-no-yo-u-na, bo-ku-no-to-mo-da-chi
One who loves spring, is a person pure in heart
Just like the blooming violet, is my dear friend

na-tsu-wo-ai-su-ru-hi-to-(wa), ko-ko-ro-tsu-yo-ki-hi-to
i-wa-wo-ku-da-ku-na-mo-no-yo-u-na, bo-ku-no-chi-chi-o-ya
One who loves summer, is a person strong in heart
Just like the strong wave that breaks the ocean rocks, is my dear father

a-ki-wo-ai-su-ru-hi-to-(wa), ko-ko-ro-fu-ka-ki-hi-to
ai-wo-ka-ta-ru-ha-i-ne-no-yo-u-na, bo-ku-no-ko-i-bi-to
One who loves autumn, is a person deep in mind
Just like the poet Heine who sings the love hymns, is my dear lover

fu-yu-wo-ai-su-ru-hi-to-(wa), ko-ko-ro-hi-ro-ki-hi-to
ne-yu-ki-wo-to-ka-su-da-i-chi-no-yo-u-na, bo-ku-no-ha-ha-o-ya
One who loves winter, is a person big in heart
Just as the earth that thaw the lingering snow, is my dear mother.

I'm not sure how popular is this song in real life, but as I did a quick search with Japan google, it seems that it is very much like a common song that everyone learned when they were kids. I wonder how many Japanese today still sing this song? Do you have any idea?

Values are embedded in culture. Songs that we sang when we were kids, lessons that we took at early school phase, were to shape our values and perspectives. This is the same in every culture.

What do you see in this song? What are the values that struck you? Are these values similar to what was written in the bible? Why? How can we use this song as a bridging approach? Do think about this... and feel free to share! ^^ Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Ark of God

Matsuri (Festival) is a time of celebration: fun, joy, victorious and glory.

Doesn't this picture remind you something that you are familiar with?

2Samuel6:14-15, David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might, while he and the entire house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets. The bible told us that was a grand occasion. It is about the return of the ark of God with His people.

Would it be the similarity of this account of bible event with matsuri, a tail of what the Creator had left for His people as a trail to salvation?

Who will speak to them, of this host of celebration which they had celebrated for thousand years?


This post is taken directly from Ramone's blog ~ Art for Jesus

If there is going to be a fellowship of the Ring in Heart4Japan, Ramone would probably be Legolas Greenleaf. Prince of Elf, that could see and hear spiritual things and have an understand of it.


By Ramone - November 29, 2009
Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: 'Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.'"

- Galatians 3:13

"He himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by His wounds you have been healed."

- 1 Peter 2:24
When my friend Roseline Yong stayed with us here in Osaka, she mentioned how Japanese "omikuji" reminded her of our sins on the cross. Omikuji are little fortunes that people go to get at Shinto shrines every New Year's. If the fortunes are bad, they are tied to and left on trees at the shrine's grounds, and the "bad luck" is left behind there on the trees.

I had not been deeply impacted by the comparison with the cross. However, I had made a picture called "
My Sins" and had displayed it at a church art show in early November. (The picture had come from a vision of my sins on red cards being posted one after another to the cross. In that vision God had utilized something a mission director had done with us years ago at a retreat: she had us privately write our sins on a little red piece of paper -- as many sins as we could think of, remember or confess. And then one by one we nailed our sin cards to the cross. In the end the cross had all these red cards on it.) After I displayed that church and was praying about sharing grace in Japan, I felt impressed by the Lord to make this Japanese version, using omikuji as Roseline had spoken of.

The comparison is not exact, however, the fortunes that are left on trees are bad ones... bad luck, bad events, bad things. In a sense,
curses. Christ became cursed for us that we might be free in Him. I pray this helps at least one person understand even just a little of what He has done for us.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Revised Edition - H4J Prayer Book

This is the revised edition. 42 pages in total. The revised cost is RM95.

INFLUENCERS in Academic Field

I have finally met up with Linda Lauren before she leave KL this morning. It was a midnight meeting, like Nicademus meeting with Jesus... yet this time is the meeting of two disciples of Jesus that had been called to the same field in ministry.

The Lord is moving people into the campus field, not only as an outreach from outside the campus, but inside the campus as light and influencers, not only short term exchange program, but long term. First we see Scott Williams who had enrolled himself into Fremont Soka Gakkai School in California 1. It is amazing to see how he function as a plower in the field, where Soka Gakkai belongs to a stream of Nichiren Buddhism, one of the largest Buddhist sect in Japan. Then Linda Lauren who had received an offer from Ritsumeikan University with a 80% tuition deduction, and she is going to Oita next March. Next, me, now in the midst of applying for entrance exam for PhD study in Tokyo University. God is going to do something GREAT, and I believe He is going to bring more people into the academic field.

Pray for Deadline Extension for Linda Lauren
Linda Lauren has great testimony and I believe God is going to use her in the campus, reaching out to adolescents that are struggling with emotional pain. The dateline for her to submit the form and pay the rest of the bill is actually Nov 30. Let's pray for the financial provision as well as grace from the university to extend the dateline for her. Let's pray that there will be scholarship available, if not the Lord will touch our brothers and sisters to give. What is 400,000 yen to God?

Pray for my Japanese Proficiency Test (25 Nov 2009)
And I am sitting for a test tomorrow that is held by Japan Foundation.

Pray for the Printing
The printing company printed the wrong file and there is a need to reprint the books. Please pray that the printing company will admit their mistakes and reprint with no extra cost. So far, we have around 10 orders for the book. The quality of the book is amazing! But because the soft cover is made of photo paper, careful storage is recommended to prevent the pages from bending.

Of course there are also other people that I know who are prayerfully making their steps into the mission field through tent-making, or taking courses that will enable them in future ministry. One of the example is Stephen Woerner who enrolled in Calvin College, focusing on the area of Japanese and Religion. Applause to Lou Ann Woerner, his mom, that is supportive of his decision to reach out to the Japanese.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Promotions on H4J Photo Book

The printing company is having a promotion at this moment, if you order a print on/before Nov 25, you will get a 45% discount per copy of book.

The book after discount is:
RM 88 (USD 26.50/JPY 2400) not including postal charges

I still face many objections today as I share with people about the mission needs in Japan. Despite the discouragement from churches and people, I often gain encouragement as I hear and notice one new person that God had raised to pray for Japan, and even geared to move into this land. May our Lord Jesus Christ equip those who He had called, enable them to participate in His redemption plan for Japan!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

H4J Prayer Book

This photo book is specially designed for Heart4Japan members as a tool to share with others about the prayer needs in Japan, and encourage others to pray.
The size of the book is 20.32 X 27.94cm (8" X 11")

Details of the book:
CoverPremium European 300gsm / 115 lb. cover Full Colour
Paper TypePremium European 170gsm / 120 lb. gloss acid-free paper (FSC Certified)
Number of Pages40 pages
Binding TypeSide Stitched + Perfect Bind
Printing4 or 6 colours Digital Offset

Price: RM 160 / copy ( USD 48/ JPY 4300)

If you like to keep a copy of this book, please drop me a note. Thank you.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elements that Construct the Japanese Spirit

Japanese Spirit is characterized by eleven elements:

Yuugen 幽玄 The Subtle and Profound - things unsaid is understood in a suggestive way.

Wabi.Sabi わび.さび Subtle Taste, Elegant Simplicity - quiet, clear and calmness, free from worldly concerns and annoying human relations, expressed in Sado茶道and Haiku俳句.

Mujou 無常 Transiency - a Buddhism worldview of everything is under constant change.

Ma 間 Interval in Time or Space - an empty space that leave suggestable notions and individual interpretation, expressed in Noh 能and Kabuki歌舞伎

On 恩 Debt of Gratitude - social and psychological obligation taken on with favors received from others.

Giri 義理 Moral Obligation -principle of human relations that advocates returning debts of gratitude received from others.

Ninjou 人情 Human Feelings - spontaneous expression of feeling toward others: love, sympathy, compassion, and friendship. Together with Giri, both were the two key elements, traditionally applied to human relations among the common people in Japan.

Haji 恥 Shame - putting importance on an external feeling of shame.

Nemawashi 根回し Prior Consulation - gaining consent from everyone in advance before making a decision to avoid confusion.

Honne to Tatemae 本音と建前 Honest Feelings and Official Stance - to express an official stance which is different from one's honest feeling is a result of seeking a sense of harmony and togetherness instead of self-expression.

Wa 和 Harmony - Japanese feel that wa is more important than self-assertion, argument or confrontation.

Many of these attitudes which had once dominated the characters of Japanese people are not well understood or accepted by western people, or in the world community, and it has been gradually changing as Japan internationalizes.

Reference: Yoichi Sugiura and John K. Gillespie (2004). A Bilingual Handbook of Japanese Culture. Tokyo: Natsume

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Needing PRAYERS!

Today as I questioned myself, "Am I ready?", I noticed that the people group that was scheduled for us to pray today by Joshua Project is the Japanese. Perhaps this is the day that the Lord had made for me to remember.

It had been days that I kept having this anxiety and fear for future. Having being rejected from several publications, and realizing the cost for PhD study in Tokyo is much much higher than I thought, I began to have fear.

My projection for a PhD study on hikikomori takes 3.5 year to 7 years. Yet, I only realized that even in Japan, a usual enrollment for a PhD course takes only 3 years. Shorter is better, but not if I aim to draw a cross-country comparison while trying to eliminate as much biases as possible. Sample collection and data analyzation are crucial procedures that determine what kind of result, and how much could we generalize it to the whole population, and all these are time consuming.

Competition for scholarships is fierce and availability of scholarships on this topic is scarce and limited. In Malaysia, while quota had been given to civic servants, with a mere Master degree, I am totally incompetence if not disqualified from scholarships competitions.

The entrance exam in Feb 2010, although Prof. N has faith in me, but I have no faith in myself at all. Reading the past years papers, I felt helpless. Study plans needs to be translated into Japanese for scholarship application, and all of these must be done in a month. Examination fees must be paid in January, and other administration fees occurs too. Air tickets to Japan need to be secure in this month. Accommodation during this period of time is another thing to think about. If I am accepted to the university, the tuition fees must be paid too by March.

3 years, it means I would need to examine my initial study plan in a much critical way, should I continue with that study plan, or should I draw a new study plan? I have not much time left for submission.

I also realize the time that I spend for next three years will shape the path of my future career/expertise. If all I wanted to do is just to disprove the current believe, to correct the current myth, then I remain a non expert in any field. An expert is seen as someone who can provide an answer, a solution and discussions among peers. If I wish to be an influencer in academia, then this is certainly not the way.

Even I had resigned from my job and dedicated all my time to Heart4Japan and hikikomori research, I am still lack of time. There are so much to do. As I am thinking and planning to raise leaders for Heart4Japan, it consumes time. Some of my interventions on hikikomori work, some not. For those who do not work, and for those where salvation were not received, good news were not preached, my heart breaks into pieces. When will this stop? How much longer could I stand with all these unmet demands? How much longer could I endure with this heartache?

The spirit depicted in the Japanese Shonen Manga, Jump Series: persisting for the truth or what one believes, never give up, turning stronger in defeat, etc. encouraged me. The only thing that I could hope for,
No king is saved by the size of his army;
no warrior escapes by his great strength.
A horse is a vain hope for deliverance;
despite all its great strength it cannot save.
But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him,
on those whose hope is in his unfailing love,
to deliver them from death
and keep them alive in famine (Psalm 33: 16-19)

In my nothingness, this is the promise that I can hold on with. I will wait in hope for the LORD.

I have such small faith. How could I be a leader with such little faith? How could I always have such little faith even I had witnessed myself how much my Lord could supply? I feel dismayed, what a sinner am I?

Would you pray for me? Would you pray for the salvation of the Japanese people? Would you pray for the hikikomori so that they will experience love and be free from lies of this world?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prayer Reminders from RJC (Reaching Japanese for Christ)

Please pray for SEEK09 in Anaheim, CA. This is an exciting evangelistic outreach for Japanese young people.

Luis Shimba of Brazil says, “Pray for many Nikkei Brazilian descendents that are living in Japan. They are in a bad situation. Toyota Nissan and many company to eliminating many of the workers from South America.

~ updated by Don Wright

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Tohoku is composed of six prefectures, Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Yamagata and Fukushima. Except for Miyagi, all the other five prefectures are marked by a high rate of suicide in recent years (suicide rate higher or equal to 30.0/100,000). In this chapter, we will introduce the suicide prevention program in Akita and Aomori.

Akita Prefecture, located on the Sea of Japan side of the Tohoku region in the north of Honshu, has a population of 1,159,022 (2004). In the winter it is characterized by heavy snowfall and a relatively low number of sunlight hours. Since 1997, it has had the highest suicide rate among all of Japan’s urban and rural prefectures.

A series of public health interventions was begun in the year 2001 with the lead of Akita University. The program encouraged civic participation and empowerment concerning suicide prevention, and the results have shown a reduction in the suicide rates of participating towns to half of the previous figure. Japan has now recognized the importance of community-oriented suicide prevention measures based on the experience of Akita Prefecture. (Motohashi et al., 2007) The intervention in Akita focused on raising awareness regarding the dignity of life, reducing the stigma of mental illness, organizing get together activities, and also doing home visitation during snowy winter season. The latter two aimed to alleviate the psychological isolation and loneliness of the elderly people. If you recapture the stories of the early church, the stated interventions are the very basic elements of the church. Instead of shying away, churches should take an active role in joining hands with other community centers, providing aid for suicide prevention. Mat 5:13-16, do not forget that the church is called to be the salt and light of the world.

Aomori, another place that shared similarities with Akita, also has one of the highest suicide rate in the nation. Driving down to the sea is one of the feasible suicide methods in Aomori because of many unfenced harbors. Pastor Shibuya of Joyful Chapel headed a suicide prevention network for the community in Aomori-shi. He shared with us that there were incidents where people came to knock on the church door to seek help after they saw the cross from afar as they were preparing to drive down

into the sea. A church sign viewable from the seaside, and a phone booth with a lifeline signboard remind people about the value of their lives are often life saving tools.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Newsletter available at Heart4Japan.net

newsletters are available to download at www.heart4japan.net

We'll try to do more about the forum later.... :-) Cheers!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

H4J Updates of September, 2009

1. Praise God! The trip to HK and China was fruitful, I met more people and follow up with many friends and contacts I made during 2006-2009.
2. Just as the trip in north China, States and Japan, I was well taken care of by the joint efforts of friends and churches. I was given places to stay, and had plenty of opportunities to share about Heart4Japan and social research that I am doing: hikikomori and suicide.
3. The interview from Beijing about the observation on internet addiction was finally published in The digital news of The National, of Abu Dhabi Media Company. http://www.thenational.ae/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090829/FOREIGN/708289801/1015 Daniel's quotation of my comments was not twisted. Praise God for that!

4. H4J Prayer Meeting and Sharing Session: The Needs of Tohoku ( Sep 4, 2009)
The meeting was held on Sep 4 was great! We had seven audiences and four overseas call. We had some technical problems at the beginning, yet we managed to start and engaged people into discussions. The second half of the session was a great success, in having the Spirit to lead us into deep intercessions and worship. Although most of the audiences were new and knew very little about Japan, but the Lord was seemingly encouraging us by instilling new blood into the team, stirring up great desire of intercessions for Japan! The prayer meeting ended at 3.30am in the morning. If we will have a next meeting, I'll try to fix teleconference with video so that people can see each other as well as capture the presentation and data on the screen.

Pray for the new blood as they catch the vision, the fire will continue to burn in them that they will not stop telling people about the needs in Japan!
Pray that people will rise up in their churches, to give, pray and go to Japan as missionaries!

5. H4J Prayer Meeting and Sharing Session: Noah's Ark, SZ (Sep 13, 2009)
The meeting was held on Sep 13 after the service at around 11.30am, the Holy Spirit swept across the audiences, calling intercessions and repentance. As we began to plead for prayers and forgiveness for Japan, tears flowed, and a sister burst in tears, ran to the front, knelt beside me, and began to pray with her trembling body. Another sister kept crying and crying like a child. Others were weeping at their seats. The atmosphere totally changed from indifference and just curiosity to repentance and love. The audiences then began to share their thoughts with one another, asking for forgiveness for hating Japan and ignoring their rights and needs in God. God is bringing us a step closer to Him as He dealt with the bitterness in us. Now, we have commitments from at least one church in Shenzhen to pray for Japan, we are aiming at an intercession team of 30 people. Hallelujah, praise Jesus!

Pray for the hearts for intercessions to sustain in the hearts of the audiences of this church.
Pray that they will have opportunities to go for short term missions in Japan, so that they will capture His heart for Japan!

6. H4J Sharing in YWAM CDTS, Penang (Sep 17, 2009)
I am visiting Jovita on my way back to Kuala Lumpur who is now a student in CDTS Program Penang. I am given an opportunity to share with the students about Japan at 3pm. Please pray that the Lord will lead the session, so that hearts and minds will be open for the needs in Japan. There will be so many things that I could learn from these anointed people. It reminds me about the time when I met up with Tim and Chris four months back, as they were attending the program in Tokyo. We had wonderful time in sharing and encouraging each other in the lead of the Holy Spirit.

7. FGA KL Prayer Meeting: Peeping Japan Through the Gate of Revival in End Time (Sep 30, 2009)
I am given an opportunity to host the prayer meeting on Sep 30, 8pm in FGA KL. We will have a teaching DVD of Reinhard Bonnke, of Evangelism by Fire, and then I will lead the audience to the importance of Japan and her role in the End-time.

Please pray for hearts to be prepared, and God will send the right people to the meeting!
Please pray for ground to be softened, and God will rise up His people from FGA KL to respond to His altar call for Japan!
Please pray that prejudice would be discard through this meeting!

Additional prayers for Roseline and the ministry:
1. Health: I know some of you had been constantly praying for my back, I praise God for your love and concern. Instead of getting worse because of the intensive trip in HK and Shenzhen, my back seemed to be improving rather than deteriorate. I will be travel back to KL on Sep 19 in the evening, so please continue to hold me in your prayers! Thanks!

2. Missing Luggage: A huge luggage that stuffs with clothes (new and old), little items for Heart4Japan, my best dresses, some important documents and items for friends went missing by mishandling of the airline. Most of these items are to be bring to Japan with me, I will love to have my luggage back, please pray for me. Thanks!

3. Submission of article to journals: The article for journal was finally ready, but was rejected by a journal that I tried. I will continue to try, please hold me in your prayers!

4. Heart4Japan Networking Administrator and Volunteers: I am seeing the needs in putting more effort into research of hikikomori, at the same time I also sense the urgency in networking and raising awareness of the needs in Japan, calling repentance and acceptance of the field. We need VOLUNTEERS that hear God's voice and seek God's heart to help to facilitate the network and admin work, such as preparing newsletter, putting resources into achievable pamphlet for workshops and seminars. A heart that constantly seek God's desire and ability to start small steps with a simple faith in trusting the Lord is appreciated. Please pray for His provision! Please also pray for funds for printing cost and others!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hope Project!

Today's NHK World talks about the study of hope in Japan launched by Prof. Genda Yuji in Tokyo University.

I want to catch your attention on this matter, it is time and opportunities for Christian scholars and Christian workers to come into spotlight! What we can offer, is HOPE! and that is exactly what Christians are called to.

Encouraging young people to have hope! That's our duty!

Monday, August 24, 2009


"Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." ~ Mat 18:19-20

The power of prayer is incredible. However most of us had been too held up by our activities, which could be "righteous duties", sometimes.

In the book of Acts, Jesus commanded, "But you will receive the power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." While the disciples were waiting, they came constantly to pray. It was in the prayer at the upper room, those present were Peter, John, James and Andrew; Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew; James son of Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot, and Judas son of James. They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers. It was during the prayer, that they came across the idea of electing another person to take leadership along with the remaining eleven. The healing of the crippled beggar at Beautiful gate happened as Peter and John were going up into the temple at prayer time. And as they reported the news to their own people, they prayed. And then, the place were shaken after they prayed. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

What did they pray? They prayed, "Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus!" It is about healing, it is about miraculous signs and wonders, it is about proclaiming His name, the name of JESUS! All of these are about witnessing his name. And even with just witnessing His name, we must PRAY!!!

Pray with two or three! And gather with the others to pray! We need to come to congregational prayer meetings, not only to encourage each other, but to gain information to pray!!! Information is so important to prayers, in forming one's prayer life! Jesus appeared to his disciples after he was risen, and they shared this news with each other, and their spirit were lifted up, from doubts to believe, from giving up to pursue the name of Jesus! The Gospel books are information to us, the New Testaments are information to tell us that Christ lives, and then we read the information, and then we believe.

Information is important! Of course, the Holy Spirit can lead us into prayers with or without information, but information will drive us to the edge of what to do, and then ideas will generate with basis of truth, and then as we pray with these information and ideas, the Holy Spirit will put His hand on our sterling in the journey of redemption! Pray!!! and if you can, pray with information, correct information!

Join us in prayer meetings on Sep 4, so that we can pray together for the situation in Tohoku, Japan!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Call a STOP in the power of PRAYER!

I had posted an article on abortion at my another blog to raise public health concern, Public Health and Missions Field after the previous post of Sexual Industry at this blog. I realize that these posts had created a large attention, and I am planning to form an interest group to deal with this problem, either as a brainstorming working group, or a prayer group. Let's join resources together, and begin to identify the potential group in outreach of this matter.

Enough bloodshed on the account of abortion!!! Official record of over thirty thousand lives were taken each year in Japan. Human trafficking in prostitution involve raping the girls and controlling them with AV taken in the process, many ended up in HIV/AIDS infection and abortion when a baby is conceived. Can we call it a stop?

Perhaps we are weak, but GOD is strong! I learned the power of prayers, and I learn that God CAN when we can't. I also learned that when things seem not moving, yet in Spirit, as HE stirred us to pray, and we will see CHANGES when time is deal. The amount of joy and happiness is uncontainable when you see the Holy Spirit place everything in order, and the order is exactly of what you had been praying persistently with tears and countless nights of sensing and responding to His prompting at your heart. PRAY! and you will see changes!!! I need you to pray with me!!! I don't know what to pray about, and how to pray for a stop to this situation, but the Holy Spirit knows!

Romans 8:26-27:
"In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not now what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will."

Do not be afraid when you do not know how to pray, and do not be afraid to soak in tears as you pray. Do not be afraid as you begin to sing a new song, and speak a new tongue as you intercede for Japan. God is supernatural, and He is going to do supernatural thing! Do not put God in a box, striving with our limitations, but trust that He is God, and He is going to do great and new things, just as He did in book of Exodus and Joshua's time! It is nevertheless PRAYER and OBEDIENCE that account for the swift of the Holy Spirit. Remember that!!!

Lives were taken away where uncertainties of the future were heavy loaded and burdened and wearied. The fear of tomorrow is the very reason for a mother to make decision for abortion. The fear of tomorrow is also the very reason that holds a person in his or her comfort zone, refusing to take a step out of the cocoon. An old song, yet a powerful song, that reminds you the reason that Jesus came, the HOPE that lies with the empty tomb, a song that perhaps will well minister to the target group above.
"How sweet to hold a new born baby, and feel the pride and joy he gives. But greater still the calm assurance, this child can face uncertain days because He lives. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know, I know He holds the future, and life is worth the living just because He lives. "
[God sent His Son/Because He lives by William & Gloria Gaither]
May we be empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sex Industry - Dream? Hope?

When you walk around Shibuya Station, you will find guys that hang around at the main entrances or exits, stuffing tissues or magazines to the passerby. If you are a young lady, traveling alone, not looking too bad, you probably get one of these.

I received one while I was walking in Shibuya that day. Turning the pages while sitting in the train, I found this magazine that I received was about employment. The advertisements' highlights were on wordings like "limited working hours", "high pay", "flexible working hours", "experienced or non-experienced are welcome"......

What caught my attention was the advertisement in the manga form as above pic, The title was

A Promise to「Realize your DREAM」!
Don't you wanna start a Easy but High Pay job?

Then, it leads to four square boxes manga, featuring the first(from left to right): The first day, a girl crying in a broken poor look dress. "the phone was barred, no money to pay the rent of the apartment... it's really embarrassed, I don't even have 150 yen in my pocket, I was so lost, and I took courage, and decided to work at this shop."

Then, the second box: The 6th month, "thinking about the what happened half year back, now I can see my dream is close. Now, I am staying in this mansion that cost 13,000 yen a month, and I have a saving of 3,000,000. "

Then, the third box: 1 year later, "I have finally reached 10,000,000 yen savings!! I am 'graduated' from this shop. I am going to my dream land Australia. Thank you, all my fellow friends in this shop, thank you for taking care of me, and being nice to me!

The 4th, probably is not a box, but a girl with "stars" all over her body, shimmering and glimmering with a face full of hope and dream.

Averagely, most of the advertisements promised the same pay. In Shibuya, even girls with school uniforms will receive a magazine as such. Of course, some respond to it, some do not. Such open recruitment may or may not recruit them, but it becomes a form of public education if you need money, come to me; it's okay to work in the sex industry, the workers are happy about it; there is nothing to be shy.......

Yet, the ads are TEMPTING especially in a difficult economic down turn. Having a "side-job" with such high pay, it's no doubt an incentive. It comes back to the moral and social value that an individual holds. My missionary friend Ramone cries for the girls in the red light district in Osaka, he sees girls trading with their bodies as "SLAVES".

I'm not sure if the girls are aware what they are stepping into, the sex industries is perhaps not as easy going as they seemed to promise. However among all these ads, this particular one caught my attention because it had used an innocent medium, MANGA, to illustrate a not so innocent career, and it had used a beautiful word , "DREAM". ひどいよ!In the red-light district, things are blurred, and most of the time being justified with material gains, personal lost, and the complex diverse backgrounds and reasons... for some, this is about gaining "self-worth" and "personal identity".

The concept of "self-worth" and "personal identity" perhaps is very different with mine and yours, but then the essential of "self-worth" and "personal identity", where the basic grounded in creation is never lost. Workers in this field will need to find means to bridge the gap. We have NO TIME to lost.

What is DREAM? What is HOPE? Perhaps these are not only connected to what one desires to do, but a tribute to what was lost in life. What happen in the past cannot be fixed, but our emotions and the inner child could be comfort by either using psychological means (provide a temporary relieve if not long term), or by receiving supernatural inner healing (completely healed). I quote this out of my experience in Christ, where to me, embracing Christ is not about having something to write on the column of Religion when you fill up forms, but accepting Him as Lord and Savior, and looking up to Him for healing of the past, and source of strength for tomorrow.

I am not trying to force my concept on you or any one. Yet, when there is a different measure in terms, we need to communicate, and understand the social courses that developed the concepts. I told you mine, and I am going to tell them mine, just as you would do it to me because of love when you see I am doing something that is totally opposite your values. The reason that you do that is probably not to condemn, but because you love me and you are worried. And the same, I am going to do this out of LOVE, finding the meanings of DREAM and HOPE, and the means to reach them.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."
~Mat 11:28-30~

Monday, July 06, 2009


Missionaries are in Japan for different reasons:

Some, they have signed up with missions organizations, and there is an opening in Japan.
Some, they think the people and the culture is distinct and amazing.
Some, they felt awkwardly sorry for Japan because Japan is lack of attention in the spotlight of missions sending.
Some, they understood there is a need to have Jesus in urban cities .
Some, they felt that they could possibly contribute their gifts into the untapped area in Japan.
Some, they think this is a good place to live in.

Glen told me when he first set his heart on Japan was when he encountered a Japanese Christian girl that was also his teammate while he went for a mission trip in South East Asia. The Japanese girl seemed to have made a mess in boy-girl relationship and was depressed. The girl committed suicide after she returned from the mission trip. So he came to Japan hoping to build up the youths, to disciple them, and to equip them to win and disciple others.

How about me? I first set my heart on Japan because I felt His sorrow for Japan, a Father's
heart, that touched me deeply that I took the initiative to respond. Now there are many miserable people in Japan, whether in the mainstream culture where people are moving tiredly/aimlessly along the social norms, or self-absorbed of subculture (harajuku, otaku, hikikomori, goths etc.), I see a "lost identity". People who are aware of the emptiness in their lives began to fill their lives with cultic believes, some see small revival in shrines and temples, all of these are most probably efforts to find meaning in life. My heart cries out for them as I see souls lost in transition.

How about you? What is your mission? What is the reason that you go/planning to go to Japan?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"My Grace Is Sufficient For You" - Testimony

God is always amazing and faithful! In my last week in Japan, I experienced a little about what handicap would mean to a person. 

I had a severe back pain that caused me to collapse after teaching in KBI, then I was immobile for a several days before I was able to walk again by myself and headed on to Tokyo by Shinkansen on Monday, that was Jun 15. 

I wasn't able to move even an inch of the lower part of my body because of the pain. As I prayed to the Lord to take away the pain, this verse came to me, "My grace is sufficient for you." Then I thought I would probably be in that position forever as I thought about the accident that Joni Eareckson had. 

I knew exactly the reason why I had suffered that pain: I had been traveling too long with extra loads on my back, physically and spiritually. My body had decided to protest and some parts of my body decided not to response. As I realized how serious it could be, I couldn't help by tears kept streaming down. I checked myself if there was any regret, but my heart was in perfect peace. I will still carry the materials with me, and I will still distribute the materials wherever I go. If there is no one that will help me to carry the loads, I will still carry it. If there is an invitation to share about the visions of Heart4Japan, I will still go. If there is an invitation to share the knowledge of Hikikomori and suicide, I will still go. The Lord said, "reserve these three months for Japan", then that should be, regardless whatever it takes. And that was the perfect timing to collapse, for the benefit of both KBI students and me. For the KBI students, they will probably never forget the lessons about Hikikomori and Suicide that day. For me, I fell into the hands of a group of experts (people who suffered back pain before, nurse, ambulance man, acupuncturist), and of course many prayer warriors to intercede on my behalf. Imagine if I fell a day before or a day after, I would probably be on the street....... Yet, there was a great sorrow when I thought I would never be able to dance and sign again in worship as I used to do.

In His perfect peace, I was able to walk again after putting myself in His great healing hands. I also survived seven hours of journey, with approximately 10 hours of sitting and reached home on June 18. All the dates were significant to me, as June 11, 15 and 18 marked the days when my father had an terrible accident, and finally left us to HOME. Remembering these days as I spent my time dealing with handicap humbled and encouraged me.

Now, it had been almost two weeks since I reached home. The condition of my back is improving each day. I managed to sit for a 4 hours exam on last Saturday, and managed to sit through the Sunday Services. God is GOOD! 

My back is still pain, yet He is keeping me. Some friends had felt that this is a warning sign that God sent me, so that I will know when to take rest.  ^^ I'm not sure if that's true... a warning sign? 

The verse "count the cost" came to me, and the peace in me reminded me again about this, "Counting the cost is about understanding of my limitations, and the consequences that comes with the decision that I make. And after knowing the cost, we will be rest assure that we could only depend on the Lord in fulfilling the projects that He puts in our hands because of our limitations." So understanding my limitations should not be holding me back to response to Him as He calls. Understanding my limitations should cause me to keep preparing, keep going in the trust that the Lord to be my strength and He will provides all that I need as I response.  TIME is in His hands, that includes my time. He never calls at  wrong time. Even in practical it might seems to be "wrong" timing, difficulties might threaten us, but I had learned from this trip that He has a perfect plan, and we have to response by faith and see His plan to be reveal to us step by step. 

Yes, yes, I will rest, and God had already signaled to me that I will take a long rest after the trip to Japan even before I went. Yet, taking a rest does not mean that it will be rightful not to response to His call because my physical health is weak. Yes, I have a weak back, I can't drive, I can't sit for long hours at the moment, it will not hold me from keep sharing the work of the Lord in Japan. If He calls me, this will not hold me from spending time to prepare any work that is needed for this course. Instead of just simply seeing this as a warning sign to the binge of my health, perhaps, we should see that He is calling His people into His service. It is time for more people to step in, to share the burden in Heart4Japan. My advice is:  PRAY and SEEK for His heart and His will for Japan as a Father, and He will guide your steps! I don't head Heart4Japan, Jesus does. That's what I felt about this incidence. 

God is my strength! God is your strength too! May this testimony encourage both you and me!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reassurance of Heart4Japan

For you who have been praying for Japan with H4J, the Lord have been merciful, graceful towards us and Japan! What I could say is that we have been praying along with the Holy Spirit, and this could be testified by the work that He had accomplished and still doing in these 3 years. 

(For the very centre issues that Heart4Japan have been focusing, please refer to the following attached three articles...)

The Key Word in Heart4Japan is: SEEKING   FATHER'S    HEART

The Lord had called and stirred up warriors to take action towards ONCE the LARGEST UNREACHED nation ( - 2008) - JAPAN, to wash their eyes with tears and PRAY and GO! Heart4Japan was formed in 2006 November, starting with two to three to pray, till now an official record of 520 people around the world. The original materials of Heart4Japan (video and brochures) have now been translated to Chinese, Portuguese and  Japanese. Slowly, a step at a time, God spoke to individuals who then fit into a certain position in Heart4Japan, and begin to TRUST God in that area, and began to move on for things that God had stirred them to do. 

When you refer to this article, "The Ministry Map" , Please understand that we are at the bottom level (3rd level): "Interceding", "Equipping", "Connecting". Taking part in this level is simple: check the box that you think you can do, and start focusing on it, and share everything that you do with the people in Heart4Japan. ALL the works that we do will be pursuing the 2nd level, for the vision of 1st level. In the ministry of Heart4Japan, it is about:

His children getting together
putting aside what is in our hands
begin to Pray together
Understanding His heart to Japan
Understanding a Father's heart to the Japanese people
Work according to His will, 
Stand In the Gap for each other's ministry

One main thing in Heart4Japan is to Stand in the Gap, Keep Watch for each other! 

"...He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful...... No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine. Neither can  you bear fruit unless you remain in me......“ (John 15: 1-4) May this verse encourage you and me. Let's remain in Jesus, joining Him with our Father, acknowledging every work is done by Him, and accomplished in His name, and then be rejoice to witness fruits bearing season in our lives!!! For JAPAN :-)

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Finding God's voice became more difficult as I travel
           it is not about "finding"               His voice
           But                    "waiting"     for    His voice
in preparation
       in silent
            in wandering
waiting for His voice
listening to His voice 
                 through the whisper of the wind
                 through the sunshine that peers through the gaps of the shivering leaves
                           quiet times  
                                                   the WORD that never fails

"Be Still, and Know that I AM GOD" Psalm 46:10

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This is a song originally written in Japanese, by 岩渕まこと。It speaks about the power of love at the cross. As I study this song, I couldn't help to introduce to you, it just touched my soul. The Cross is the cry of our Father in loving His One and Only Son, and that love and that sacrifice turns into living water that flows out from the cross, to reach and heal His people that are so lost, so unsure.

父の涙 Father's tears

ko-ko-ro-ni-se-ma-ru, chi-chi-no-ka-na-shi-mi,
(The grief of the Father that caused such a pain at heart)
wo-de-xin-shen-shen-gan-dao, tian-fu-de-shang-bei

愛する一人子を      十字架につけた
a-i-su-ru-hi-to-ri-go-o  ju-ji-ka-ni-tsu-ke-ta
(having his only beloved son to be hang on the cross)
唯一爱子十架上悬挂,  这份情何等的宝贵
wei-yi-ai-zi-shi-jia-shang-xuan-gua, zhe-fen-qing-he-deng-de-bao-gui

人の罪は       燃える火のよう,
hi-to-no-tsu-mi-wa   mo-e-ru-hi-no-yo-u,
(human's sin is like the burning fire)
人的罪如火燃烧,   炽热的叫人难当
ren-de-zui-ru-huo-ran-shao, chi-re-de-jiao-ren-nan-dang

愛を知らずに     今日も過ぎてゆく
a-i-o-shi-ra-zu-ni   kyo-mo-su-gi-te-yu-ku
(Without knowing His love, today passes too)
ruo-wo-men-bu-dong-zhe-fen-ai, jin-tian-ye-jiu-bai-bai-guo-qu

chi-chi-ga-shi-zu-ka-ni, mi-tsu-me-te-i-ta-no-wa
fu-qin-zai-jing-mo-zhong, zhu-shi-zhe-ta-de-ai-zi

愛する一人子の       傷ついた姿
a-i-su-ru-hi-to-ri-go-no   ki-zu-tsu-i-ta-su-ga-ta
(The Father fixing his eyes on the body of the terribly wounded one and only beloved son)
唯一爱子十架上悬挂,   为众人付上代价
wei-yi-ai-zi-shi-jia-shang-xuan-gua, wei-zhong-ren-fu-shang-dai-jia

人の罪を       その身に背負い,
hi-to-no-tsu-mi-o   so-no-mi-ni-se-fu-i
(It is on that body that carries the sins of people)
身体受鞭伤,    背负着世人的罪
shen-ti-shou-bian-shang, bei-fu-zhe-zhong-ren-de-zui

父よ彼らを       赦してほしいと
chi-chi-yo-ka-re-ra   yu-ru-shi-te-ho-shi-to
(and he said, "Father, please forgive them")
wei-ding-ta-de-ren-xiang-tian-fu-dai-qiu, yin-wei-ta-men-bu-zhi-dao

十字架から   あふれ流れる泉,
ju-ji-ka-ka-ra  a-fu-re-na-ga-re-ru-i-zu-mi,
(The spring that flows from the cross, that is the tears of the Father)
从十字架上       涌流出活水泉源,
cong-shi-zi-jia-shang   yong-liu-chu-huo-shui-quan-yuan,

十字架から   あふれ流れる泉、
ju-ji-ka-ka-ra  a-fu-re-na-ga-re-ru-i-zu-mi,
(The spring that flows from the cross, that is the love of Jesus)
从十字架上       涌流出活水泉源,
cong-shi-zi-jia-shang  yong-liu-chu-huo-shui-quan-yuan,



The Philosophy of Giving by the Wise: Third Talk

The meaning of the four circles marked on the picture above:

1. 弥师诃 Messaiah

2. 上悬高 hung up high

3. 有墓自开 The tombs broke open

4. 活起向人people who had died were raised to life and appeared to many people.

A literature translation of “世尊布施论第三” will be “The Philosophy of Giving by the Wise : Third Talk”. The print was discovered in Dunhuang敦煌 in 1912. Dunhuang is a point that was thought to be a major point of interchange between ancient China and Central Asia. The page above recorded the message of Matthias 27, the incident of the cross, and the resurrection too.

The Mogao Caves, “Caves of a Thousand Buddhas” had been collecting scriptures from the west. Interestingly along the discoveries, there were a few manuscripts that recorded the story of Jesus and Messaiah were found, which then marked the presence of Keikyo景教 in the East. With more and more evidences and scholarly review as well as research on these materials, Keikyo 景教 now is widely accepted as early Christians in the East, China.

The more cultural related discovery in Japan is the monument found in Kouyasan 高野山 in Wakayama 和歌山, which was presented by a British lady name Mrs. Gordon in Meiji 44. The monument was the replicate of the original in Xi-an 西安 in China.

This Keikyo monument 大秦景 教流行碑 recorded the statement of Trinity, and the account of the birth of Jesus. The scripture on the monument had also recorded that the Scripture reached Chang-an长安 in 635 year.

The importance of this finding does not only tell us about the step of the early Christians, it also raised issues such as (i) if Christianity is foreign to Chinese or Japanese at all if this was introduced in China during Tang Dynasty; (ii) if the culture has an influence of Christian teaching; (iii)how far could we trace back for the presence of Christianity in both China and Japan; (iv) if Christianity was presence so early and being accepted, why it had been seen so much as a foreign God in today’s evangelism, (v) if the scripture was in Hebrew order or Greek order; etc.

Among all these to be explored, a big question that we need to identify is that, what is this to do with Gospel in Japan?

Things that we need to keep in mind are: how can this discovery help us to preach Good News to the people in Japan? To which group of people that this piece of information will be helpful? And how can we use it as not to offend or destroy, but to build the people that we are reaching out to?

Koyasan in the northern part of the prefecture is known as a sacred place of the Shingon sect founded by Kobo Daish. The Keikyo Monument at Koyasan (Kongobuji金剛峯寺) could probably excite us as it seemed to have some possible connection with early Christianity in Japan. Yet whether the monument actually represent an evidence of early Christianity in Japan is still in debate. Various literature in the internet with regards to Keikyo are interesting. Adding all these together and by our active good will “imaginations”, we might be able to create stories of the connections of Christianity and Japanese believes system. Yet, if we do that, we will lost our Christian Dignity, and we would not be able to travel far with this piece of information. Again, we need to examine the facts carefully and check our motivations when we use this valuable information whether as a tool of “redemptive analogy” or “syncretism”.

Christian dignity on presenting the notes as “Yes” be “yes”, and “No” be “no”, is important.

In this case, if we can be careful with the evidences and have a firm grip on what we understand, be open to the opposite site of the stories if you ever encounter one when you try to use this piece of information, listen more, and keep all these into spiritual prayers, allow the move of the Holy Spirit, and let the Lord guide us into His heart for Japan.

With the limited knowledge that I have, yet tracing into the thread of Keikyo through these years by reading the internet presentation of Keikyo in Japan, meeting with a few people who had been crazy in this piece of evidence, and the interview with Kazuhiko Kawaguchi, I would be more comfortable to introduce you to the work on Keikyo by Kazuhiko Kawaguchi川口一彦. His strong understanding of Buddhism background, genuine interest in Kanji, his research spirit and firm ground of bible knowledge is convincing.

Kazuhiko brought up an interesting fact that: a missionary (Arahon 阿羅本 ) from Persia brought the Syrian Bible during Tang Dynasty, but it does not mean that it was the very first time for Christian to come to China. And the early Christians (Keikyo followers) have been persecuted by Buddhism during that period of time, During the time of Buso emperor(武宗皇帝), Confucianism follower had deported all the other religions including Keikyo, Buddhism and Manichean from China....... ( ^^ a lot of interesting facts.....)

If you like to know more about Keikyo in Japan, please do not hesitate to be connect with E-grape Publisher, or Pastor Kazuhiko himself.

川口一彦 Kazuhiko Kawaguchi


486-0917 愛知県春日井市美濃町2-207-2

Cultural Crusade or Jesus Crusade?


May 5, 2009 - Nagoya

The MARCH for Jesus was organized by a group of Brazilians and called out to around 1600 people to join the March on April 5, 2009.

Knowing nothing, understanding not a word, except of sometimes a phrase pop out, "いえすは、あなたをーあーいーしーてーる!”(Jesus loves you), many people joined in the crowd. A crazy move, you can say it is for Jesus, or you can say it is for the love towards Japanese people.

Yet, many thoughts started to flow in even I enjoyed the fun that I have in the march. Is this a prophetic movement that resembling Joshua and the Jews walked around the Jericho city for seven times, and the wall collapsed which signified "Not by strength, not by might, but by the spirit of the God?" But the organizer didn't seemed to have much thoughts about that.....

The worship afterwards... I've been to more "louder" worship, more "crazy" worship, yet there was none such as this that made me feel so alien... this is difficult to explain, and I hope the readers don't get me wrong with this comment. 

It is hard for me to criticize the event when I see so many efforts and good wills that had been put into it to make this come true, yet, accept of this passions to shout and the fun of it, i can't help to feel that it is more of a CULTURAL CRUSADE than a Jesus crusade.

I have no against with the passions that our Brazilian brothers and sisters have for the Japanese, and I respect that. Yet, I think cultural sensitiveness is needed in presenting Gospel to any nation. It reminded me about Corey Grinder's message, "when we bring the message of Jesus Christ to people, we often brought our whole package of culture across the bridge!" It is important for us to realize that our duty is not getting Japanese to know and to accept the our God, but to know that Jesus is their God. We really need to get ourselves back to the feet of Christ, be silent, and listen to His voice and touch His heart... for what does He wants for Japan? and be careful that we are not just doing what we think that is right.

Cultural crusade is not really welcome in any culture I guess...... and I am speaking from a perspective of a third party who have a crazy background in this circumstance...... how well was the acceptance of the street people about this MARCH? Is this a March for Japan? or a March that just a group of people who are crazy for their God?

Nevertheless, this gives us (People who have same visions) a good idea lot of thoughts if we would like to have in the next march.... perhaps we can have a more indigenous Matsuri Walk for Jesus? A more indigenous way, that we can identify God in ways that we can comprehend, in ways that we are once again ensure: Jesus is not a foreign God, but our GOD.