Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Various updates at end of 2010

Thank you for continuing praying with me! May the Lord bless you with countless blessings in the celebration of year end and new year! Below are various updates that concerned my recent activities and movement in Heart4Japan.

We went to the hospital again on Dec 23, the bone marrow results ruled out the possibility of CML, the platelet count dropped to 290 and blood pressure was 110.
The doctor repeated the same medication course for my mom, and reschedule another visit on Dec 30. The doctor said they need to check the blood sample again to rule out the possibility of BCR-ABL induced CML.

In the afternoon, the hospital called up mom to cancel the appointment on Dec 30, and reschedule it on Jan 21 to a normal clinic visitation. Hallelujah!!! Though the result of the blood test was not mentioned, the change of the date and clinic convinced us that my mom is more likely okay with the current medication. The Lord indeed had performed another true miracle, and His blood cleanse her to experience a new Christmas!!!

The long-felt tense released, and the muscles began to feel its sore, I rested and slept like a baby that evening..... God is truly amazing.

Please do continue to keep my mom in your prayers... for speedy recovery, re-installation of health and confidence, most of all, the continue rise in faith and goodness of the Lord!

On Jan 21, I will not be with her to the clinic visitation, but I will be in Tokyo, and we will have Hikikomori Study Group in the evening at my department. For more details, see the last item.

It had been 10 days for Yokun to be in Malaysia now. He joined me for most activities, and stayed home sometimes to stay in his own pace. Initially, I was kind of worried if the tense schedules would overwhelmed him, yet on another hand, learning from previous experience, being busy is a form of taking a break from hikikomori, that might excite him too. True enough, the unique services and people group that I serve kept him excite, and everything that he was introduced open his eyes and challenged him for deeper thought about his own country, people and situation.

As I keep rules in not mentioning his situation to people, and allow him to express and explain himself in his own freedom, he was being thrown a lot of questions. As they found out he is not working, nor studying, many had shown an unbelieving face, and thought that he was joking or he was taking a break. Yokun is interesting, he keeps thinking of different sets of answer to this point. So far, the answer that he given were: he is in long vacation, he is studying about God and church (which is not a lie, because this is basically what this mission is about), he is studying about life (which again is not a lie, because he keeps reading books and internet to find out more about life), he does volunteer jobs (which is not a lie too, because he does volunteer sometimes, to help out in a very passionate and unique restaurant in Akita on and off that he came into contact 3 years back, and now I have also recruited him for the mission team and helping with housework too ^^)

He had so much in these 10 days, and he described it as "濃いkoi" (thick).
he learned to eat hot and spicy food,
he learned sign language from the deaf,
he performed solo with my brother's friends when they came and visit my mom,
he learned Japanese Traditional dance with us,
he led the dance team to practice when I am busy with something else,
he stepped to the front in the performance before the crowd because there is a need in the dance team for the deaf need to see people in order to follow the rhythm because of short of practice,
he joined Christmas parties, and sang and danced with the youths,
he led the origami workshop session in Christmas Carnival, teaching the children to fold origami and giving out papers to the children,
he communicate with others with self-created signs and writing on papers... etc.

^^ although it is quite fun to see how he fit himself in the crowd, but there are a several things that I pray that you can pray with me.
This is a great breakthrough for Yokun to
-i. fly overseas alone,
-ii. be in a completely new and strange environment,
-iii. from homogeneous to heterogeneous people group and culture,
-iv. from a loner to a team worker,
-v. from one who prefer my pace to accommodate to others' pace.
-vi. from one who believes everything is God, and God exist within self (more of Buddhism believes) to the exposure to ONE God - Jesus is the only way,
-vii. from one who more of self-centered, to lifestyle that make others as center (working revolving others).

Therefore, there are a lot of readjusting, a lot of challenging new ideas, physically and mentally. He sometimes feel that it would be better to be alone, and sometimes he is eager to join the others. I can't think of any prayer points, but I urge you to pray with me for Yokun with the above points. Pray as the Lord challenge you.

More points about Yokun:
He is more open to Christianity now, and he is planning to visit churches in Akita.
He has many questions, good ones.
He will bow and pray to all gods like a common Japanese, I notice that he bows to the altar that set outside and inside the houses of non-believers.
We find a lot of good talents in him, very rhythmic, love music, good vocal, sociable when necessary, kind to people, great observation, thinker and so on...

Mission with the Deaf
Preaching on Dec 18 in SOL (Sign of Love) service went well. I shared about how we could serve as a missionary at the same time in the occasions that God calls us to, on the verse of Matthew 25:21-23. The message became very clear, that we can be a missionary on where we are called to be.

The Holy Spirit worked with us, and we had an altar call for the people who are called to be a missionary, but yet they are unsure and with fear, and hoping to have a clearer instruction from God. Three came out for the prayers, and two were slain by the spirit. Another few person came out to ask for healing, and one was slain. Sometimes, somehow I am worried, as the deaf in their communication with the doctors could be very vague, as they shared their symptoms with me, I can't help to be worry with my little knowledge in medical background. I will advice them to see doctor even after the prayers, but some have really great faith, and they felt prayers would be enough to help them to feel better. I am not sure if my faith is too little, but certainly my trust increased as I see their faith, and see how God works within them.

The traditional Japanese dance involving using 鳴子naruko, it is a musical instrument like a clapper that would make clear and crisp sound. This is difficult especially when they can't hear the music. Instead of making sense of the sound of the clappers, they have to sense the movement, and feel the beat in their hearts. The original scheduled 3 hours workshop on Dec 17 was not enough for us to grasp the essence, we continued the practice for another 2 hours on Dec 18 after the service. More people joined in the dance, and we scheduled another 2 hours to practice on Dec 21. On Dec 26, we had our first performance, the Lord had given us great success! I was very proud of the team! :-) It proved that deaf are not limited in the areas that they can serve by the fact that they can't hear!

Below are the schedules for more mission opportunities with the deaf:
Workshop : Jan 8 5pm - 9pm FGA KL
2nd performance: Jan 9 7.30am - 9am First Service (Youth) FGA KL;
3rd performance: Jan 9 11am- 12.30pm 2nd Service (Youth) Combine with SOL, FGA KL
4th performance: Jan 13 6pm - 9pm Japan Missions Evening

Me and Yokun would dance with them again for the 2nd performance, but I am planning to let the deaf take the lead for the 3rd and 4th performance.
This will help them to build their confidence in further outreach after I leave to Tokyo. We will see how the Lord will use this dance in reaching out the local deaf congregation in Malaysia! :-)

Please pray for strength and boldness for the dance team!!!
We may have new members to join the performance, please pray for the Lord's wisdom and strength on the new members!

Coming Events
Coming Heart4Japan Activities that needs your prayers! I would need His strength, His wisdom, His words. Please pray for me the sensitiveness towards the Holy Spirit, and speak only the words that He puts on my lips. Please pray that a Japanese/English or Japanese/Chinese bilingual speaker would step to the front and volunteer to translate the messages for Yokun.

Jan 2 Q&A Session about Heart4Japan in Full Gospel Assembly Kota Damansara
Jan 5 Sharing in Full Gospel Assembly Kuala Lumpur Chinese Prayer Meeting
Jan 9 Preaching in 1st and 2nd service in Full Gospel Assembly Kuala Lumpur Youth Service
Jan 13 Hosting Japan Mission Evening in Full Gospel Assembly Kuala Lumpur

On Jan 13, I am also planning to show a part of the God's Fingerprints in Japan pt. 1 about the Tea ceremony, and I will demonstrate a simple version of Tea ceremony. I have also invited brother Adrian to share about the overview of missions need in Japan, and Yokun to share. Please pray for Adrian, Yokun and me. Thank you!

Hikikomori Study Group
The Lord had granted me favor, and my professor and colleagues supported me in organizing Hikikomori Study group in our department. The study group serve as a platform to connect people with similar interest to share ideas and to learn more about hikikomori. In the last hikikomori study group meeting, 15 had gathered togehter, the presenter gave a long lecture. However the audience found it interesting with his comment and presentation style. The long lecture focused on the background of WMHJ research, a lot of comparison about mental health status with overseas. At first I was very worried if he had pulled away too much from hikikomori. But then, the audience found it very informative, even many of them had not any academic/research background. I think it was a good start to set up a base for the following discussions. :-)
Now, many of them are looking forward for next meeting, and I woud need to draw out a table to summarize the definition of DSM-IV mental illness diagnosis that was mentioned in the WMHJ study so that the audience is able to follow and have a better idea of what these things are....
There were also discussion about why developmental disorder was not being measured in WMHJ, my friend done a great job in explaining this and challenged them to think beyond.
Because this meeting focused heavily on lecture and information... I feel that is necessary to give the participants enough time to reflect and study the materials again, and have time for discussion in next study. Therefore, next study is planned to focus mainly on sharing and discussions, based on what they learned on Dec 10 in connection to what they personal experience are. Quite a number of people had registered for the 2nd meeting on Jan 21.

The Lord has bless the wok in his hand that this study group brings Christians and non-Christians together in exchanging their experience on a similar social issues, and perhaps to work on the issues together and learn about each other more in future. The news that Rev. Makita being elected as the new president of Mental Health Care Association in Oomagari was certainly a great news as we begin to see interactions between church and community, as well as the light begin to shine in the local area where the Lord puts it in. The members are eager to meet Rev. Makita and his friends from Akita in next study (Jan 21).

Please pray that the Lord will continue to use the department as a platform for outreach!
Please pray that the Lord's light will shine in this department!
Please pray that the study group members will be benefited and be honest and open to each other, ready to share, and always be comfortable in the presence of each others!
Please pray that the study group members will discover the true values of life in these meetings!

Reaching Out Japanese for Christ (RJC) Conference in Seattle

I am leading a workshop on hikikomori in this conference that runs from Feb 17 -19. Again, I will spend my birthday in the States. Good that this time is not on the plane, I had a real long birthday in 2009 when I went to Castro Valley.
Please pray for the conference, the network of the people, and the awakening of the spirit!

Please pray for me that I will be able to share what is practical on the field, and how we can work with the Lord together to reach out the hikikomori.
Please pray that the Lord will open our eyes and remove the blindness in us, restore what is right, and chase away the darkness and midst that clouds over the issue of hikikomori and suicide.
Please pray that the Lord will help us to learn about the Japanese and the social phenomenon in God's perspective!
May the meekness of the Lord and his humbleness inflict us!

Assignments to be finish!!!
Beyond all these excitements of ministries... I need your prayers to uphold me in finishing the tasks that piled up high enough on my desk!!!

Assignments for the coursework to be due on Jan 17.
The first draft on social phobia that should be completed before I leave to Tokyo.
The rewrite of hikikomori paper to be submitted to the journal, and that should be done within January itself.
The analysis of the data on school refusal and other social issues in Tokyo.
Drafting of the proposal for research to be completed before I leave to Tokyo.
Drafting of the application for ethical approval.

To finish the above task as I run together with missions stated above, I need the Good Lord's mercy and strength for my back, my hands and my mind. :-)

Your love and prayers do sustain me in the race!!! :-)
You are a part of this Great Commission!!!

May the Lord bless you richly!!! and may your ministry flourish!!!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Does 'showing care for the soul' really work as far as evangelism is concerned?

"showing care for the soul", is possibly the best to the core of evangelism. Try to remember the message of Christ, and the example of Christ...... However,there are two things that we need to be aware of.

1) Only "showing care for the soul" without giving testimony about Christ, or giving back the glory to Christ, may not attract people to Christ, but only to the charisma of a person. The goodness and kindness of the person would be seen as a personal trait rather than a God given heart to serve. Conclusion: the message must be clear.

2) If you possess an attitude that "showing care for the soul" as a bait for the people to become a Christian, then you will ultimately fail. "Showing care for the soul" is an act of Christ, a call for all Christians. It is not an act only towards people who love and support Christ, but people who are in need and desperation. If our "love and care" are only confined to people who are ready or potential Christian to be, then the love sets limit by itself by our "smart" brain in weighing which "good" soil to sow in, and which "bad" soil to avoid. But God's love is unconditional, and sets no limit. First, not only people at the receiving end would feel the difference, Second, we are not more than a stumble block for others to know Christ, Third, even if we get by when Christ work through these "good works" to attracts the multitude to him, we will slowly dry up, and see "good works"/"showing care for the soul" as a tool for evangelism rather than an act as a result of the Lordship that rule in our hearts.

A genuine care for the soul will win the multitude towards Jesus! Do not be downhearted if there are oppositions towards the kindness that you express, do not be frowned even if they turn away from you. Because Jesus had the same in the past. Eight turned away, but two came back to give thanks and praise to Jesus after the miracle. Many shouted, "crucify him!" while there were also disciples and the meek crying helplessly and praying desperately in Golgotha. In either of these choices or occasions, the truth of Jesus could not be denied. The leapers were healed, and the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom, the earth shook and th rocks split, the centurion kept guard over Jesus said, "truly this was the Son of God!" Power and miracles may win the multitude to worship Jesus, yet circumcision of heart results from a tender heart, gentle soul that cares witness the core of Jesus whom chose to be crucified on good Friday, whom cried out to the Father in heaven for those who mocked him and nailed him on the cross, "Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing." Jesus cares. The ultimate aim is to bring men before God. Yet, Jesus continues to cry out for everyone, even those who mock him and reject him. That makes the different!

(scriptures taken from NASB)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

International Cultural Exchange Musical Night on Dec 4

I am planning to sing this Malay song in the International Cultural Exchange Musical Night in Kashiwa Lodge on Dec 4. Along with this, there will be three other songs: You Raise Me Up, Sound of Music and Top of the World.

AYAH (DAD) by Aishah, a female Malay Pop singer in 80’s


ayah... belum pun ada satu hari yang berlalu tanpa ku mengenang...

Dad... there was never a day that i wasn’t thinking...

terkilan hati ini menerima hakikat...

it was hard for my heart to accept this...

kau tak kesempatan menyaksikan hasil perjuanganku...

that you didn’t have a chance to see the results of my struggle today...

Percayalah ayah... selagi hidup ini...

trust me, dad... as long as I live...

nasib ibu tidak akan dipersiakan

mom’s fate will not be in vane

kami rindu ayah

we miss you, dad

(song) verse 1

sering ku tanya... mana tujuan namun hampa jawapannya

I always ask.. where am I heading to... but there was no answer

begitu pun masa tiada menginzinkan

it was the same that the time did not permit

perginya tinggalkan semua

as he left, we were left

pejuangan diperjuangkan... demi tuhan dia rela

He fought the fight... to God he was willing

menghitung hari hari... mengenangkan kembali perginya bertemu ilahi bilakah pasti

Everyday I count... remember that he left to meet the Lord


ayah... demi tuhan ku bersyukur...petunjuknya... menyedarkan kita...

dad... to God I give thanks... for he had shown us and enlightened us

meskipun dosa .. tiap hari kupinta agar bersih semuaya...

though there are sins.. I pray everyday that all will be cleansed

penderitaan... dan perjuangan...jasamu... tetap ku kenang

pain... and struggle... your goodness... still I remember

Verse 2:

suatu yang sedih bergumpal di hati... tiada mampu kuberi......

Something sad clotted in my heart .. I couldn’t give...

hanya doa terukir setulusnya murni

only graven prayers that is sincerely pure

ku pinta padamu ilahi setiap hari

I pray to you Lord every day


ayah... demi tuhan ku bersyukur...petunjuknya... menyedarkan kita...

dad... to God I give thanks... for he had shown us and enlightened us

meskipun dosa .. tiap hari kupinta agar bersih semuaya...

though there are sins.. I pray everyday that all will be cleansed

penderitaan... dan perjuangan...jasamu... tetap ku kenang

pain... and struggle... your goodness... still I remember

I have invited a few others to join this event. After all the performance, we will have free flow of casual Christmas Carols sing along with the pianist and other instrumentalists. It will be an interlude to the preparation for Christmas! Keep this event in your prayers! Keep our voice box in your prayers!

Event: International Cultural Exchange Musical Evening

Location: Kashiwa International Lodge, Chiba

Time: 6.30pm - 9.00pm

Target Audience: Residents in Kashiwa Lodge and friends

Countries of origin: Japan, Russia, States, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Greek, Philippines, Australia, Canada, etc.

Various Christmas Outreach - Needs Prayers!

On the same day of the first day of Hikikomori study group meet in Hongo campus, there is another gathering in Hotel New Otani in Tokyo Chiyoda -ku. 400 government leaders, business people and representatives would be there to hear a clear presentation of the gospel. Do keep each of these people in your prayers!

Heart4Japan is participating in the Let's Love Japan Christmas project in distributing flyers to passengers from Dec 12th - 25th. The project is about sharing Christmas message through an animation that could be browse freely at keitai 携帯 (handphone). We are excited about the project that Tim Ingle leads, and may the Lord greatly use the service of His people.

I am planning to have 1000 pcs of flyers to be distributed in Kashiwanoha 柏の葉 Area, 3000 pcs in Hongo 本郷 area and Tokyo University. I won't be around in Tokyo at that time to facilitate the event, so I will need your prayers that the local Christians will take initiative to respond to the call in this meaningful evangelical outreach. In Kashiwanoha, we don't have a great flow of people, but we have a shopping mall next to the train station, a McDonald, and a kindergarden next to it. Then not far away from it, there is Chiba University side campus and Tokyo University side campus. I predict that near Christmas, there will be a series of community events going on around the station, and will attract a great flow of people. That is the best time to distribute the flyers! If Christians in this area is responding, then we may be able to give out 2000 flyers in a weekend.

I am also looking forward to get the Stations's permission to put up the flyers on the board. Pray for the open doors!!!

Will keep you update again!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Study Group ひきこもり勉強会

I am planning a study group for those who has interest with the topic of "The thought of the young people and Hikikomori". The study group will be conducted in Japanese.

We'll have the first meeting on November 30, 2010 to discuss about the interest covered, and possible schedule that fits the speakers and audience. If you are interested, please join us for discussion to the Department of Mental Health, Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo University on November 30 (Tuesday), at 7pm-9pm. The session is open to anyone who has an interest to deepen their understanding about hikikomori (social withdrawal + isolation)

Let me know prior to that, so that I can arrange for materials.

Further details please refer to the Japanese version below. God bless!




本郷三丁目東大大学院医学部研究科精神保健 3号館 (懐徳門近く)で







1.ひきこもりWMJHJ世界精神保健調査(日本版)結果 平成20
.若者の意識に関する調査(ひきこもりに関する実態調査)概要版 平成22・2月 (内閣府)
. ひきこもりに陥る理由・原因について
4.ひきこもりの回復 ー 現場から学ぶ!


Saturday, October 02, 2010

Thank you !!!

Thank you for praying for me, and the people that I am reaching out to! There are so many things that you can do even though you are not on the field! For example,

i. PRAYING - that gives you a ticket to adventure spiritually into God's DisneyLand in Japan! :D
ii. READ - the more you read, the more you know about the people, the land, the culture, at least by head : read my blog!!!
iii. EVALUATE - Reconsider the materials you read, the information you get, are they consistent with one another?
iv. THINK - Think often about the people /problem that you are concern with!
v. TELL - Tell people (cell group) about the result of your READ and EVALUATEd!
vi. YOSHI 良し!- TIME to get on! :-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


平成22年9月23日(木曜・祝日)午後1時30分から4時30分まで、いきるを支える 鎌倉・逗子・葉山実行委員会などが主催する自殺対策シンポジウムが鎌倉芸術館小ホールにて開催されます。基調講演にはジャーナリストの柳田邦男氏をお招きし、お話をいただきます。 また、企画展として、9月28日(火曜日)から10月3日(日曜日)まで鎌倉生涯学習センター地下ギャラリーにて、精神障害者の絵の展覧会と石井麻木氏の写真展を行います。http://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/osirase/15/1590/pdf/symposium1.pdf

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Akita Suicide Prevention Symposium and Lectures

I am leaving to Akita for about two weeks from this Friday.
Akita is known as the prefecture that hasthe highest suicide rate in Japan for recent ten years. In my expository trip to Japan last year, I did some travel to Tohoku, preliminary Akita and Aomori, to "investigate" or try to understand the situation better by just walking around the city, feeling and sensing the atmosphere, and praying. God is so good that He led me to a dedicated team that had diligently spent more than ten years in working towards reducing the number of suicide in these areas. Excellent suicide prevention programs are going on in the city!

In the following two weeks, I have this opportunity to learn about suicide prevention and have fellowship with the local community by having this field trip to Akita. Although the church is small, yet I do pray that the Lord will give the local churches grace and strength to shine the light in suicide prevention in the community.

The Symposium/lectures below are all for the public who are interested with local suicide prevention:

September 18, 19 Akita Prefecture Suicide Prevention Symposium
September 24, Akita University Mental Health Lecture
September 25, Miyagi Prefecture Shibata-machi Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Lecture
September 29, Miyagi Prefecture Kurihara-shi Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Lecture

Spread the words around! Pray for the local communities in their alertness and aggressiveness in outreach to the lives and souls that are depressed! Finally, see you there!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Suicide Prevention Symposium ^ Akita




9月18-19日 秋田魁新報社主催のシンポジウム 「自殺予防」
9月24日 秋田県立大学でのメンタルヘルスの講演会
9月25日 宮城県柴田町での講演会
9月29日 宮城県栗原市での講演会

【18日】 午後1時30分から秋田ビューホテルで、本橋豊秋田大医学部長と、清水康之自殺対策支援センターライフリンク代表による基調対談。先進事例発表。
【19日】 午前9時30分から秋田県生涯学習センターで、4分科会。午後1時30分から秋田県児童会館で、総括シンポジウム。

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Brief Reports : US trip and Japan

Brief Report:
The America Trip was divided into 3 parts*
1. Presentation on Hikikomori in Washington DC
1. the voices of the hikikomori to be heard!
2. the possibility in finding Christians researchers to work together in this area.
3. the possibility in meeting other potential hikikomori workers.
- no. 1 achieved.
- I learned much on my own presentaion and others too;
- I also realized it would be a long way to go before I could have more Christians academian to walk along in this topic.
- Prayers are needed in this area as Christians scientists come together, so that we can seek His heart of parts and roles that we play, to fit into the body of Christ.

Prayers for following trips after conference
4. raise hikikomori gatekeepers and watchers!
5. raise Heart4Japan supporters in giving, interceding and going!

2. Fellowships in Atlanta
Hosted by my ex-cell group leader who had moved to Atlanta;
- 3 group sharing occurred with two local Chinese churches;
- Many of them heard about the needs of missions in Japan for their very first time;
- A spiritual awakening for the need to forgive Japan of their invasions into China, and to understand that most Japanese were innocent;
- Reconciliation and healings may be needed in future visits,

3. Meeting Heart4Japan people in Pennsylvania
- there is a strong prejudice against the relationship of the specific social culture of Japanese with the phenomenon of hikikomori, mostly due to the media illustration;
- learned about Asperger and its similarities and differences to hikikomori;
- had a few discussions about hikikomori and Heart4Japan with different families who have some Japan/Japanese connection;
- share resources with another two future potential Heart4Japan missionaries, Matthew(US) and Jia(Korea);
- this missions served to encourage both of them, and preparing the hearts of friends involved to support them in future missions to Japan.

Back in Japan (now - Dec):
1. Study and Research began;
2. Cooperation with NPO (Non Profit Organization) in working with hikikomori;
3. Suicide Prevention Internship in Akita;
4. Learning and Performance of Japanese Traditional Dance in November;
5. Working on the possibility of Tokyo U Worship Circle

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Trip in the States

With the network in Heart4Japan, I am in the States for the whole month of August. (Aug 3 - 25)

Aim: Share about my work on Hikikomori, and the missions of Heart4Japan.
i. Raise awareness on how to further research and cooperate in the work of social withdrawn youth and people who suffer with poor mental health.
ii. Raise warriors in spiritual warfare for the work in Japan.
iii. Raise missions partners in terms of financial giving, forming local intercession groups, and mobilize missions to Japan.
iv. Explore and locate the possible hikikomori cases in the States.

Updates so far, thanks for your prayers! The presentation in DC went well, I myself had learned a lot through the preparation of the presentation itself.
As for the answers to these prayers in DC,
1. the voices of the hikikomori to be heard! yes! It had... though I'm not sure how effective it was, and the implications of it. Not many audience turned up that morning, probably due to the first day when people still adjusting to the jetlack, probably due to too many symposiums going on at the same time, most probably the main reason was that the topic of hikikomori was still very much unheard of, and therefore less attractive. Overall, the mental health issues were lack of focus in this Congress of Behavioral Medicine meeting.
2. the possibility in finding Christians researchers to work together in this area. Not at the moment, I haven't identify one yet. Only a few namecards were distributed, and hopefully they will look for me based on the clues of the scripture line printed at the back of the namecard.
3. the possibility in meeting other potential hikikomori workers. Met one, Amy Borovoy, who maybe coming to International Christians University in Tokyo next year. But I'm not sure if she is the key that I will be working with later. Cultural Anthropologist and Mental Health Public Health workers have very different ways in seeing things.
Well, the above have not ended, for there are still two weeks for me in the States. Will continue to share with the churches that I visit. I do hope the Lord will constantly bring the people from item 2 and 3 to me, either on the plane, at the airport, restaurant, or perhaps hopefully with the church!
4. raise hikikomori gatekeepers and watchers!
and finally,
5. raise Heart4Japan supporters in giving, interceding and going!
Have a sharing engagement in another 28 hours later in a local Chinese church in Atlanta, and probably another time of sharing on hikikomori too. Will travel from Atlanta to Pennsylvania on Aug 18, and meet up with the Zellners.

Let's pray that item 4 and 5 will be answered in following sharing sessions! And may the Lord bless me with all His wisdom, and may I be so sensitive to His voice, that I will put aside my will and put main focus on His will in ministering to His people. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Perspective to Matsuri 祭り

While you were worshiping on Sunday (July 25), I joint the Kashiwa Festival with one of their marching parade in the city, representing Tokyo University, my country, and most thrill was to represent the Body of Christ!

As I was invited to join the festival, I made some research: The Kashiwa Dance 柏踊り is a traditional Japanese dance with rich meaning that resembles the Kashiwa City depicting the life of the Kashiwa people. The Kashiwa Matsuri (Festival) 柏祭り is more of a city celebration that try to bring people closer rather than an act of worship to any God. Temples and shrines took parts in different time slots of the festival, just as how churches in the States take parts in their national parade. Community network spreads through these connections.

Although the matsuri 祭り was organized in conjunction with Bon盆、but there was also a clear separation of religion and culture in this festival. For example, the march that I joint, 柏踊り and 輪踊り, the people who organized it didn't want anything to do with the religion practices. The traditional dance stood alone without any influence or connections to Bon 盆 .

柏おどり The Lyrics of Kashiwa Dance

柏おどりはヨー 春来てひらくヨー
利根の舟歌 曙山の
花にいななく 放れ駒
若い柏の芽が育つ ソレ

シャン、シャン、シャン と打って かしわで シャン
シャン シャン シャン と打って かしわで シャン

柏おどりはヨー 夏来てひらくヨー
かわいあの娘が 合いの手いれりゃ
紅のたすきに 桔梗笠 ソレ

柏おどりはヨー 秋来てひらくヨー
ビルに 工場に 二人の家に
夢がひろがる 小金原
映せ未来を 手賀の月 ソレ

柏おどりはヨー 冬でもひらくヨー
愛の豊四季 メトロでつなぐ
雪の眺めの筑波山 ソレ

It become a fine line of how we could differentiate culture and believes and religions. As being Japanese, there is always full of thanksgiving to the creation and the "gods" seem to be exist in everywhere. The culture itself is rich of thanksgiving, which is good! The Lord had revealed himself in His creation, that no one could deny His glory.

The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. Romans 8:19

How could this come to past, if we, the sons of God continue to refrain our steps in stepping into the common lives of these people?

Many people that I work with in Kashiwa city are people in their 50's to 70's. What an urgent need to witness to them who Christ is! At least an open window to Christian Faith!

Friday, July 16, 2010

『東大ワーシップサークル Tokyo University Worship Circle』

I always wish to meet people of same faith in Japan, especially in the academic field, where we can encourage each other to walk on the path of Christ, and to share this path to other people, so that none will be let out on That Day.

After the experience of May Festival in Tokyo University, I was shocked by the attraction of the techno music stage and the weird crowd that gathered at the side front of the medical main building. At the same time, I notice a huge unseen mental health needs in the campus. With this, I am planning to run a group in the campus, namely 『東大ワーシップサークル Tokyo University (Christian) Worship Circle, where we will accommodate people (students/staffs) who are Christians/non-Christians that would love to sing with us. Then during next May Festival, I would love our circle to take over the stage! I want to sing Christian worship songs on stage with the students!

Below is the draft of the missions of 『東大ワーシップサークル Tokyo University Worship Circle』 (Tell me what you think!)

Tokyo University Worship Circle exists to:

1. Reach out to the campus with Faith, Hope and Love:~

As worship songs contain a great extent of messages of Faith, Hope and Love, we believe that it is powerful to serve as music therapy to give hope to the lost and wearied. Therefore, we aim to take this opportunity to encourage and uphold the dreadful, wearied and lost souls in the campus with these messages.

2. Sings praise for the goodness of God and the beauty of His creation in the campus: ~

We believe that life is precious, and we hope to sing about the goodness of life and the beauty of creation. We believe that singing worship songs will install positive thinking, thus promote good mental health and influence good physical health.

3. Enabling peer support:~

We believe that it is common for everyone to feel down and wearied sometimes. However sometimes we may feel uneasy to share about our inner feelings and feel lonely and isolated. Singing helps to express ourselves thus release tense emotions. By singing together, connections and peer relations will form. We hope to provide peer support through sharing about our experiences in times of trouble and struggles in this group.

I am also hoping that by this, we will be able to bring all campus Christian workers together, and reach out to more people where KGK and CCC or other campus workers have not been able to reach. Living our lives as Christians includes 'bringing LIGHT into the darkness and ongoing DISCIPLESHIPS!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Listen and Wake Up, Church!

The symposium

I went to the symposium with a few colleagues. As I was sitting in the hall today, listening to the testimony and the work that these field workers are sharing, I began to have a deeper understanding of the issues of hikikomori, NEET, mental care in the local Tokyo community. The symposium ran from 10.30am to 6.10pm, with only one hour break in between, attracted around three hundred people at least (the hall was full), young and old, composed of many volunteers with only one hope, that is to see these kids get back on the healthy track again! How lovely if I have Heart4Japan members with me today, that we can pray together after the meeting, and come out with ideas and forming networks in urban poor outreach in future?

Gain and Lost

The symposium was not about academic gain, nor data, but its a gathering of a group of concerned people, hundreds of them... which all presented the feelings and desires of the people who are caught in this route of sickness, whether are they care giver or sufferer. The voices of the parents, and the efforts and theories of the psychiatric social workers, psychiatrists, the latest government policy on mental health care and the function of the mental care association was heard. The forum gives us a picture of what have been done, where were wrong, what were appreciated, and most importantly, what are the limitations! Still, the other Christians workers in the network had shown no interest in this kind of gathering. I could understand what should be made priority, and Sunday services should not be neglected. Yet, without being exposed to the real field, what could we really understand from the pulpit talk? How would we know where shall we start and how should we start?

Before we work, shouldn't we listen?

I am proud for the people who are really in the field, going all out to reach out to people, the poor and sick in spirit, with the little that they have... yet when the Christians are saying that they care, and the church says this is important element, how many care to spend a minute to give an ear to these people who are outside the walls of the church? and I guess if I stay longer in Japan, I can probably understand even more why the Churches are taking a step back rather than a step forward, because we do not know how to reach out, except of putting a "CRUSADE" banner at our forehead! We are so lost when we have to work with the buddhist, the "pagans", we do not know what to do about it, and we decided to run away. AND trust that if God is willing, these people will come to us, and we can use our theologies and knowledge of Christ to speak "life" into them. I don't blame the church nor the Christians,because I myself have very little time and have to "prioritize" too. We are minority, we are just too weak. Yet, seriously, I don't think we are too far from the Pharisees nor the common crowd when Jesus came 2000 years ago. Don't we realize that we have so much more to give while compare to others? We could give HOPE in the Spirit, LOVE of the Father that knows us all, and PEACE that could condense into the deepest bottom of the heart!

Do you not say, ''There are still four months and then comes the harvest? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!" John 4:35

The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few... How many people can realize that I can't do this alone, and I'm not called to do this alone. I need people to fill these gaps! If the Lord has called me to the field to see these gaps, as I identified it, and I need to share it, and that's where we will need people on the field! If you are in this group, you are called to PRAY, to GIVE your talents and thoughts and actions to the field! Church, WAKE UP!!! I pray that I would only be His mouth piece, where I need not to be smart myself to share about the needs in the field, it would and it should be His words and His desires that I speak of!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Community Support Symposium - Tokyo, Japan

I'm going to this Community Support Symposium organized by NPO Mental Care Association on June 27 (Sunday). The symposium will be in Japanese, and would touch on a several topics such as supports to the Hikikomoriひきこもり、NEETニート etc.

The meeting will be from 9.30am to 5.45pm. You will probably be able to meet a lot of people who are dealing with hikikomori, including the social workers, psychiatrists, and the family members of hikikomori and there will be a discussion session where people will discuss about how could they start from scratch in providing support to the stated above when they are lack of resources.

This symposium is very much driven to the public. I don't think that this meeting will be much of epidemiology or academic gain, but attending such seminar, we get to know what's going on in the field, and how people are dealing with it. Given the complexity of the phenomenon of Hikikomori and NEET, their experiences would be of much help as we like to start intervention on our own.

Therefore, I'm inviting those who have a Heart4Japan in Tokyo to attend this meeting!
Please log on to this website for more information as well as to download the application letter, or apply on line.
Let's have a H4J prayer meeting together after the event, to ask God of what He had spoken to us through this event, and how could we work hand in hand in order to provide social/community support to the hikikomori and the family members involved! It's time to WORK together, seek Him and the solution shall be given!


Register before June 14 (Monday) to get a 200 yen discount.

Non Members: 2, 500 yen (before event), or 3,000 yen (on the day registration)

Drop me a line if you are attending, so that we can try to sit together, and I can budget a place for our meeting after the symposium! Blessings!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time of Harvest

Many who have sown in Saki’s life would be in extreme joy last Sunday, for she finally received her baptism. She had been with the bible study group and exposed to mission trip for two years, where many people have been praying for her, yet she had never come to any decision of faith. Yet, during the IFJ Camp in Osaka during Mar 31-Apr 3, 2010, she told me on the way back home, she had finally came into a decision.

Today I received a joyful news from her. She said, “Hey, I wanted to tell you! I got baptized last Sunday....... Thanks, arigatou.” I shouted with joy, “God, thank you!” As I am writing this, I realized that because I am on the field, and God had allow me to have this joy to taste the harvest that I have not sown. Seeds have been sown into the soil, and the TIME has come, this is the time of HARVEST! Saki’s baptism on Sunday no doubt is a great gift to many of us who have play that tiny little part in God’s whole plan for her. From now on, she will have to trod on her relational trip with Jesus by her own, but not without cheer.

In beginning of April, towards the end of IFJ Camp, the Lord gave me a great gift of dedicated souls in committing to being the LIGHT of this nation. To me, that was an overwhelming joy! 65 pieces papers that had written names, prefectures, and their dedications to the Lord, and a huge map of Japan were given to me as a gift, to remind me about our Father’s love towards the Japanese. These are souls that have committed to stand guard in their position to reach out to the lost and those in the dark. Carrying these pieces of dedications, I felt that I have become a witness to these dedications, valuable resources for me to pray... to love. In the meantime, a strong reminder for me, to stand on my faith too!

This is the TIME of HARVEST! Let’s ride on the wings of revival, and move forward! Move in full force! Start with prayers! Prayers for the Japanese, for their needs in lives to be met in God, and their spiritual eyes would be opened, knowing salvation is through the Holy Child of the Lord.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seving Fever!

A lot of fantastic things had happened on May 14, the last day of the Global Mission Conference. As everything was over at Sun Plaza, we walked out to Nakano Station. I was happy that I had a chance to finally chat with this humble pastor who had served restlessly from down stage to up stage.

When he is not on stage, he would be at the information counter, not only translating and chatting with people, but diligently keying in the particulars of the people who need help to the airport so that he can have an idea of how many people going on to the same bus at the same time, to be able to make an estimation if the bus is enough to fit everyone or not enough.

It was ten thirty at night. He wanted to go to a church in Higashi-Shinjuku, and he looked tired, very tired. I decided to walk an extra mile with him, to accompany him to the church that he is heading to, and see him back to this station safely. I felt that was a service that I could offer, and by serving this servant of the Lord, I am serving the Lord Jesus. Having a company to the same destination, it will spare him a few minutes to take a nap in the train. I know how exhausted this is and how terrible it could be when one travel alone after working so hard for these few weeks......

He didn't even sleep last night because he was trying to make sure the list was right, and try to key in all the particulars one by one. But during the conference, he didn't feel at all because there were so much to do. He translates from English to Japanese, from Japanese to English, making announcement, monitoring things. Getting the bus for the delegates, arranging list, is probably one of the most headache thing to do in all conference, if not most. When one could work so restlessly, and having all these patients and concern for all the other delegates, I could strongly feel his passion. As I felt his passion, I was motivated to serve too.

I am no longer at the age of after-ing Gospel stars, yet I do constantly observe role models that I could learn from. Without knowing his name, he have become one. Just as how George Verwer quickly became my role model after hearing him speak and reading the compilations of his sermons. His attitude of giving it all out for the Lord, the frankness and directness of his failures and mistakes, had influenced me. And the strength that I have in serving is sustained not only by His love, but your prayers and friendship have certainly plan an important part in cheering and encouraging me to move on! By realizing this, I fell compelled to fall on my knees to praise the Lord for His goodness!

When I reached Tochomae 都庁前, it was 1am. All public transport had stopped, except for taxi. I decided to take a walk back to the department 研究室. As I reached my research,it was 4am. :-)

I am glad that I took the walk. Not only because I enjoy the fellowship with the Lord, but also the opportunity to peek the night and things that I would not have been exposed if I did not miss the train. The image of rows of homeless old men covering themselves with papers and boxes alarmed me, how could it be possible that the Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation had taken Japan out of the unreached list? If Japan is considered have
heard of Gospel because of so many years of the effort in mission work, then what is the reason of Malaysia or Mexico being listed in the list? What are the standard in listing the unreached? What is the standard in setting priority in field urgency? As I was approaching 飯田橋Iidabashi, I saw another homeless sleeping on the street with just one sheet of cover. This time, a woman of her 30's or 40's.

Ar... I must be too tired now. I can't think about a good reason. The Lord had surely preserved me by giving me strength for the journey. He had even hold back the rain and protected me from the wind. Your prayers must have supported me. Thank you for your prayers, amen!

The subway starts running now. It's time to go home to take a shower and a nap before Jesus March. I hope I would be able to attend. Will update you soon!

Another thought of Passion Tokyo

I collected different comments from the students that I invited these days... the concert ticket is really not expensive! And of course to students who have been exposed to Passions, they were excited and can't wait to go! the remark would be, "Oh, I love Passions!"

So it just come back to the idea whether if one is willing to sacrifice their time, and their one or two times of 飲み会 nomikai (drinking party) if they wish to attend the concert!

And knowing how much the Christians community had put in to make this concert affordable, and how much the Passion Team have to come out with just to make this tour as an outreach to thousand of students out there, 2000 yen is not much to pay for a single soul!

Now, it comes back to the question of who goes to the concert? and how we get the target group to the concert?Let's continue to work on prayers! If you can join me in praying... probably 1 time in a day, 3 times in a week... and it is really not a lot of time that you have to spend from now... because it is only all together 3 times before the concert......

(i) Invited students would respond to the invitations and eager to come and experience a unique Christian concert;
(ii) The preparation of the hearts and souls before they come for the concert;
(iii) A great time of harvest!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's pray for Heart for Japan born in Passion Tokyo 2010 !!!

A glimpse of Tokyo 2010 after workshops and before evening plenary talk.

I always wonder there must be a reason that the Lord had brought the Global Mission Conference to Japan. My question was motivated by two simple reasons:(i) Japan has the largest unreached people group, but this was not the highlight of Frontier Missions; (ii) If this must is an event that the focus is turning to Asia, then Korea as the second largest missionaries sending nation would have a greater potential in hosting this event.

I begin to see something different today as I walked into the hall as a volunteer. No one asked me where I was from, which church that I belong, and we just worked together, anything hands on would be helpful. I saw Global Mission Conference staffs ranged from different churches, although mostly conservative and traditional churches, but from almost all prefectures, were here. Pastors, Elders and Reverence, dedicated themselves as ushers, clerk, security, camera men, key in data, there was no questions about background nor denominations.

Helpers were many, but still the workload was huge. I am glad that I went.

I think God is pushing another wave of networking among the Japanese churches, the Japanese Christians need to SEE BEYOND the networking with Global Missions, or missions opportunities overseas. I felt there are more than that...... a networking is forming, and the wall is soften. As I am writing this, the rounding of Jericho seven days came into my mind. Let's pray.... we may not see results instantly, but God is a god out of the box!

Let's Pray:

(1)May God do what He wants in Japan!

(2)May His heart for this nation, Japan, be heard in this conference!

(3)May this conference crack down the walls of denominations, the walls of churches, and recommit the Lordship of the land to Lord Jesus!

(3)May Christians in Japan arise and shine as the light should not be under the bowl but on its stand to give light to everyone in the house! Mat 5:15

Location: Nakano Sun Plaza 中野サンプラーザ

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Let's pray for Passion Tokyo 2010!!!

I began to introduce Chris Tomlin in my personal website, and also facebook profile sharing a few youtube clips of previous passions concert. And I am planning to be there as a volunteer representing Heart4Japan, and also bringing people together with me! So let's hope that the Passion Tokyo team will allow me to help out before and after the event, because I would want to be by the side of friends that I have invited.

Passion Tokyo cost around 2000 yen for a ticket. Nothing comes free in Japan, and many church leaders think that Japanese people do not appreciate things that comes freely to them. 2000 yen is not expensive at all for a concert, yet 2000 yen is no doubt expensive for students! Some people that I know have turned down the invitation because of the cost. And we can't blame them, because they know no Jesus, and even if they know, a church service maybe just enough for this moment, UNLESS their lives have been touched by Jesus, they would appreciate concerts as this. I myself would not spend this money if I am not aware of the changing power that lies in this concert! and I certainly want my friends to be there, I want to be there. Yet despite the passion in us, we need to recognize some of the issues that maybe the core to the unbelievers especially students!

Travel in Tokyo itself could easily at around 1000 yen for a single trip. Back and forth could be 2000 yen. Travel + Concert Ticket + dinner in town = around 5000 yen (around 17 bowls of 牛めし beef rice in Yoshinoya 吉野家 or Matsuya 松屋)These are cost to count, and probably Christians organizers should beware of. Japanese bible is already far expensive, 3000 yen at least, how much can we give out to the unreached who are economically not doing well? Or how many nonbeliever or seeker would spend that money to buy a book which describe a "foreign god" or a "legend" which they may not even going to read it? 3000 yen could pay off for two very decent meals, or 10 bowls of beef rice. However, I shouldn't be barking on these issues.

The main reason to write this is that I pray that you can pray with me: that Passion Tokyo would be a success in directing hundreds maybe thousands of souls to Jesus, the eternal grace! Let this concert be a life changing camp, that shows us how to live, and help us how to live, a life that is meaningful with faith, hope and love!

May 22, 2010,

Tokyo International Conference Hall,


Featuring JESUS!

Leading: Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin.

We’re waiting for a CHANGE! a WAVE to swift over Japan!!!

The Reason to Love, to Do What I Do......

(original taken from http://web.me.com/roselineyong/Faith/Blog/Blog.html)

It began to strike me when I was questioned why do I come to Japan? and how did I begin in researching hikikomori? What are my major interests? It never occurred to me other answers while I was being facing these questions from Christians, even with my professors and friends from HKU who were non believers.

At the welcome party in my new department, I was again asked this question. I answered, “I became a Christian a few years back, and my life was changed. I started to pray for people, and when I prayed for Japan, I realized that there are many social problems and urging issues in the field, and I started to do my own research and readings. Here came the issue of hikikomori, that was totally confusing, and current reports were highly biased, more frustrating than being helpful, that I decided to work on this issue, to learn more about hikikomori, the epidemiology of it, so that I can re-channel these resources to the field workers.”

Yet, not long after that, I was again being asked the same question. To try to put more input of how God loves Japanese, I began to add new elements to the answer, and of course these were nevertheless the very true of how I was motivated in the beginning. “Well, I was praying, and I felt God was sad about Japan, and I began to discover social problems and the people are struggling with many issues and unhappy......” before I could continue, a remark was made by my Japanese friend, “Why do you think that Japanese are unhappy? You know Japanese do not express our happiness like other people group, but I think we are happy 幸せ people. Many Japanese are happy and content......” and of course, I listened to what my friends have to tell me, and probe for more of what they feel about being a Japanese. Then I began to realize we set values and targets of “happiness” and “expressions” in different levels, and being poor in Japanese vocabulary and poor in language expression, I could utter no other word to share about my faith nor His marvelous love for them.

I began to realize that I was probably hitting the chord at a wrong timing. Yet when will this ring a bell to the people that I care and love? I do not know. For me, I just have to keep trying. It’s not only about my research for hikikomori. My research is to help the field to understand better the elements in hikikomori, so that we can facilitate help and motivate self-help strategies and approaches. Despite the difficulties in undoing the harm that was done in heart and the life of hikikomori, I believe God can restore the broken hearted, and give a new meaning into the life of hikikomori.

Yet, regardless of who we are, people need to know that God loves them! and He is eager to heal and have the relationship with us! God help me! Because I’m so single minded, I felt I am stealing from your honor when I don’t mention about God as the reason of why I have come to love Japan, to love the culture and the people, and hold hikikomori so dear to my heart! My heart breaks when the people that are dear to me are not heard of the passion of Christ all because I am stumble at my words and poor expression...... it hurts!

Help me, God! Help me to be faithful to what you call me to! Help me to be able to deliver your love to the Japanese people!