Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


現象篇(1)無力面對這些隱蔽的故事當中,似乎沒有一個直接構成他們隱蔽的理由,但是卻無可否認的每一個案件的背後都存在著一個狀況。有些人是畢業以後找不到工作,有些覺得自己趕不上時代,有些覺得自己欠缺溝通能力。在這群人中有一個相似點,那就是挫敗感。現實社會對選擇了隱蔽生活的年輕人來說,彷如一個無止休的戰場,每一分每一秒,他們都必須弓背豎毛隨時備戰,或是工作上的競爭,或是從人而來的索求。人際關係變得很累,隱蔽宛如就是從戰場上撤退的變身。详文请看 http://www.heart4japan.net/forum/index.php?topic=11.0

Roseline: Updates Oct - Dec 2008 (2nd)

Prison Outreach
The Prison Outreach last Saturday was really rewarding. I had 15 students, ranged from 20 to 60 years old who were so eager to learn and so responsive. My wish is that they will be able to communicate and serve Japanese customer if they ever have a chance to take up waitress jobs once they immerse into the society.

There are limitations such as I am not allow to give them any of my personal contact info, and I shall not serve a counseling role in the class. Yet I pray that His love will shine through me, and I will be able to share His love with them, and make Jesus known.

The schedule for the classes would be: Oct 25, Nov 8, Nov 29, Dec 6. The whole journey takes around six hours, but I have only one and a half hour with the students. The inmates have very tight schedule on Saturday evening, therefore I am hoping to change the later schedule to Nov 23, Nov 30, so that I can have more time with the students.

Let's pray about this! Please pray that His strength and mercy will comfort us and lead us on!

Mandarin Bible Interest Group
The Mandarin Bible Interest Group seemed to be a little too deep for the seekers. In the midst of the busy schedule of exams and presentations in the school, please pray that He will give Paula (the group leader) wisdom and strength to move on with His good work!

Pray for New Believers/Seekers
Eva and Pearl (2 mainland Chinese students) will visit church for the first time this Sunday, please pray for their salvation!

I am also inviting Chee Won (Korean exchange student) and Leo Vu Manh Tuan(Vietnamese MPH student) to the evangelistic dinner on Nov 29 organized by Elim Church.

There is a need to find a good Mandarin speaking church for the mainland students, so that they can grow stronger in fellowship of people who speaks the same tongue.

I am also planning to take a few students with me to Nick Vujicic's talk in November.

The treasure that the students can find in the relationship with Jesus is just far too amazing! Just keep this in prayers! ^^

Releasing the Research Findings
To release the research findings through my own post could incur some ethical issues. If I can purchase ISBN, or get the results published into book, then it will be much easier and convenience for distribution.

The printing cost for 300 copies will cost HKD15,000 in Hong Kong. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us into the best presentation of His work. I will try to speak to the University Press to see if there are academic interest in getting the result publish. Chances are slim in human understanding, but in Him, there are always indefinite opportunities! ^^

Joining the Global Summit!
I will be able to join the Global Summit in the evening after the Asia Pacific Suicide Prevention Conference in the morning. We thank for the open doors for the connection of Heart4Japan and Hikikomori Concern. Let's pray that the interviews with the Hikikomori not to clash with the conferences and meetings!

Needing Accommodation
Due to the finishing the term of postgraduate student in HKU, I might need to move out from the dormitory in December. If that happens, I will need to have a place to stay from December till March end, for there are still plenty of work to be done until the stated date. It will be unrealistic to rent a place, for the rental out there is just far too expensive, and the term is too short to rent. The best of course is to continue to stay in Starr Hall, so I can still follow up with the students, and continue main bulk with what I am doing now. We need God's wisdom to deal with this, and I trust that we fall into His good plans.

Shalom! Peace be unto you! Thank you for praying with me! :-)

Heart4Japan Prayer Meeting on Novemeber 2008

Let's prepare our heart for the prayer meeting in November!

After four prayer meetings, I find that not many people are able to sustain for overnight prayer. Yet, meanwhile, in Hong Kong, it seems to be the only available time and resource that we could have at present, until His people are revived and begin to take up their responsibility to take up the watchmen positions in their own respective areas!

I am planning to divide the overnight prayer into three sessions,
9.30pm-11.30pm (pre-meeting worship, preparing and sanctifying);
12am-2am (understanding Japan from what is happening in real),
2am-5am (sharing of a specific topic);
5am-7am (worship and sing praise to the Lord).

People who attend this meeting will take turns to host different sessions. May the Lord lead us in this meeting, and the preparation to it!Let's share more later!

Meanwhile, do schedule and plan for your own area meeting, and keep us update with what is happening!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Updates and things to do for these few months:

Prison Outreach (Saturday afternoon): It's a volunteer service with Correctional Services Department Rehabilitation Project. I am given some hours to start an interest group for Japanese study. Let's pray for opportunity to share God's love with them. The target are women above 21.
Mandarin Bible Interest Group (Saturday evening): There are too many JW and Mormons as well as other cults roaring and wandering in the campus, targeting mainland students in specific. We pray that this group will help the seekers to get a good grip of Good News Foundation. We are using the DVD teaching materials from Living Water 活水中心. However the only concern is the extensive college activities and exams that the students have within this period. Please pray that the Lord will open their hearts and stir them to seek the truth.
Suicide Prevention Conference (Oct 31-Nov3): There will be speakers from China, Hong Kong and Japan. I am hoping to meet up with the Japanese lecturer in specific. Please pray for open door!
CCMN Summit (Nov 1-7): I am hoping to meet up with the youth workers from Hokkaido, Japan who are coming for the global summit from Nov 1-7. 

More Hikikomori Research Coming Up: I will also have opportunity to meet up and interview some hikikomori in next month. I am also hoping to publish the research work that I done on Hikikomori. Yet, because of the limited interest among the academic world, we need to pray for open doors and funding so that the research findings will serve it's purpose in adding knowledge to the current work in the field.

Meeting with Mission Team from home (Nov 13-21): My church back home is sending a mission team to visit me in mid of November. Please pray for safe journey, and pray that the Lord will guide us in fellowship as well as making further plans while we pray and seek the Lord together.

More Concrete Plans for H4J: I am hoping to work with the Heart4Japan team in Yokohama to come up with a more concrete plan for Heart4Japan before year end, so that we can start to work more and allocate resourcess on different outreach program. Yet, this remains the toughest job for me. I need more feedbacks from the field and people who are likely minded to work together on this. 

I praise God for all these opportunities and open doors for me to engage in His work. Please stand with me. I need His strength and mercy in order to complete these :-)Please pray in this direction. Thanks!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just one more......

Just one more person! One more person to be saved!

It is not the harshness of Christ that criticize us at the End, but the love of Christ, the passion of the saved souls will urge us and awaken our conscience, of what we had not done......

Why didn't I just take another step?

Let's our lives have no regrets!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ask God for your position in Heart4Japan!

If you are joining us or planning to set aside time to join us in prayer whether here in Hong Kong or other places. Do let us know about the location and time that you are praying with us, so that we can cover each other in prayers.

Elim church had agreed to cover us in their prayers and also set a time for corporate prayer for Japan and India during their prayer service prior to our prayer meeting. 

I would like you to join us in praying for these following items:

1. Peace and love in India.
2. Strength for our bodies to live, and get over it (the persecution) quick.
3. The persecutors to meet Christ.
4. Funds and people to rebuild.

Ask God for your position in Heart4Japan.
Ask God why He had brought you to this group.
Ask God is He bringing you to Japan? or is He bringing you to serve Him through this group? through this ministry?
Ask God for His heart for Japan.
Ask God to reveal His will for Japan, as well as His will in you in this ministry.

1. The relationship of Japan with neighboring countries.
2. Wisdom and mercy for the Japan new president 
3. The financial crisis in Japan may cause results in upsurge of suicide and crime.
4. Worsening society illness (hikikomori, NEET, depression, mental illness) because of the financial crisis.

Bless you!