Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Notes for Overnight Prayer Meeting August 1, 2008

9pm - 10pm (before meeting) - Declaring His Presence
Intercessory worship, praying for His Holy Spirit to fill the place, and to prepare our hearts. Ask for His Kingdom to come and His heart to be reviewed to us and bring in the right people into His work and this gathering.

10pm - 11pm - Praise and Worship
Getting ourselves into His rest and getting ready for the spiritual battle.

11pm - 5am - Updates, Sharing and Prayers/Intercessions
Sharing + praying + sharing + praying + sharing + praying (includes news in the field, hikikomori, missionaries' needs)

5am - 6am - Intercessory warfare
Oneness in Him, engagement in intense spiritual battle. Daybreak intercession! Across the Jordan River!

6am - 7am - Give thanks and ministering for each other.
Wrap up in thanks giving, pray for each other in spirit and love. Finalizing the schedule for next meeting.

The Lord had given me a few songs last night for my own preparation to the meeting, I am releasing the list and hoping that this might speak to some of you who may need a little bit guidance in this area. These are just guides, please feel free to use your own songs and flow with the lead of the Holy Spirit. :-)

Declaration - Pre-worship
You Are Awesome In This Place -
To declare His Glory and His presence in this place/(location that you are praying)/Japan

and/or songs that ask the Holy Spirit to fill this place!

No Other Name
Mighty Is Our Lord

Worship/ Repentance
To Keep Your Lovely Face
Deeper In Love

Eagle's Wings
Be Magnified

Declaration - Warfare
We Speak To Nation/向列国宣告
Touching Heaven and Changing Earth

Let's get two to three or more together to pray together for Japan! Praise God,Hallelujah! Amen.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some updates in July

The exam was over now, didn't really do well, but there were other assignments to cover up, hopefully I can make it.

Just submitted my second draft, hopefully will gain my supervisor's feedback soon! Keeping busy now... some friends came and some were going away, and I remain here.

Just now when I was on the bus, I had so many plans for Heart4Japan, including promoting Hikikomori and fund raising to set up a proper functional network to push further the Kingdom of God.

As I was back to my office in Baptist this afternoon, I recalled the conversation I had with the grassroot people recently, and the social workers that I'm in touch with, I began to realize that there were so many unjustice issues at the social level of the common people, and in the social welfare system of the elderly and poor people in Hong Kong which had long been swept under carpet. Yet, there were so many Christians/Catholics in the Hong Kong government, who had appeared on the stage of revival meetings and shouted for His Kingdom to be established in Hong Kong, almost once or twice each year.

The church that I attend now shared with me their burdens about Macau, hoping that I could pray in agreement with them, and perhaps hoping that if there would be a slight chance that I will take up the missionary position to Macau - another place that fills with spiritual darkness and evil doings!

There are so many things to do, so many things that is happening today tell us that we are just so far from heaven! His Kingdom is long to due! As I thought about all these, my heart ached and cried, why aren't His people doing anything? Sometimes all our fight were just so vague, and as we were building the wall of Jerusalem by adding souls into churches, we had forgotten the commission of Jesus to love our neighbors as ourselves! What is about the Kingdom that we are eagerly looking for? Is Kingdom a building? a gathering of 10,000 people at a revival meeting? number of souls added in church? or maybe just a simple story of Good Samaritan.... a manifestation of Heaven on earth. To care and love the poor and needy! Perhaps it's really time to examine our hearts and our deeds.

My heart burns for the needs of the poor and weak, the one who are being persecuted, the cry for Japan and Heart4Japan had not weakened. In this case, the vision is clear. But then, there are so many things to do, sooooooooooooooo many things to do in each country, each land, each nation!

My heart is in great pain! May His people rise up in His righteousness! Hear our cry, Lord! Forgive us, Father, for being ignorance and being partial! Help us to see you! Help us to seek your face! In Jesus name, Amen.

Re: Matthew 5: 3-10James 2:1- 4Luke 10: 30 - 36

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What Can the Japanese Do?

Yuko Kawanishi wrote a neat article in year 2004, published in Asian Affairs vol:35, addressing the social psychology and mental health of modern Japanese youth.

At the last part of her paper, she wrote, "What Can the Japanese Do?"

"Japan's accoplishments of the last century have been remarkable. From the abyss at the end of WW2 to the hieghts of the success and self-confidence during the period of the 'bubble economy' the people of Japan had worked very hard to achieve their dreams but they might have done so much too quickly.

Many japanese wanted to erase the past from their memory without fully recovering from the war's traumas. The focus was on tangible achievements such as economic growth and material gain, not on such sentiments as individual sense of well-being. It might simply have taken a while, maybe three generations, for the psychological consequences of these too-rapid social changes to surface.

What was happening at home was pushed aside as something too personal or private to discuss. But the social cost of denying the personal has become too big to ignore any longer. It is time to confront domestic problems, becuase the quality of the home is after all crucially linked to the social and political success of any society. For that so happen, the silent voices of children need to be heard. Family relationships need to be worked on rather than taken for granted. The question is: can the Japanese do it?"

Re: Yuko Kawanishi. Japanese Youth: The other half of the crisis? Asian Affairs. vo;. XXXV, no.1. March 2004.

The reason to put this article forward to you is a hope to challenge our view and thoughts about the observation and opinion which had written by Miss Yuko. With this, I hope to open a floor for discussion.

(I'm afraid we still have to use this site and the facebook column for a while until our net builder, Mr. Justin is more settle after he gets marry tomorrow. :-) Congratulations to your wedding with Miss Izumi! お結婚をおめでとう!)