Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time of Harvest

Many who have sown in Saki’s life would be in extreme joy last Sunday, for she finally received her baptism. She had been with the bible study group and exposed to mission trip for two years, where many people have been praying for her, yet she had never come to any decision of faith. Yet, during the IFJ Camp in Osaka during Mar 31-Apr 3, 2010, she told me on the way back home, she had finally came into a decision.

Today I received a joyful news from her. She said, “Hey, I wanted to tell you! I got baptized last Sunday....... Thanks, arigatou.” I shouted with joy, “God, thank you!” As I am writing this, I realized that because I am on the field, and God had allow me to have this joy to taste the harvest that I have not sown. Seeds have been sown into the soil, and the TIME has come, this is the time of HARVEST! Saki’s baptism on Sunday no doubt is a great gift to many of us who have play that tiny little part in God’s whole plan for her. From now on, she will have to trod on her relational trip with Jesus by her own, but not without cheer.

In beginning of April, towards the end of IFJ Camp, the Lord gave me a great gift of dedicated souls in committing to being the LIGHT of this nation. To me, that was an overwhelming joy! 65 pieces papers that had written names, prefectures, and their dedications to the Lord, and a huge map of Japan were given to me as a gift, to remind me about our Father’s love towards the Japanese. These are souls that have committed to stand guard in their position to reach out to the lost and those in the dark. Carrying these pieces of dedications, I felt that I have become a witness to these dedications, valuable resources for me to pray... to love. In the meantime, a strong reminder for me, to stand on my faith too!

This is the TIME of HARVEST! Let’s ride on the wings of revival, and move forward! Move in full force! Start with prayers! Prayers for the Japanese, for their needs in lives to be met in God, and their spiritual eyes would be opened, knowing salvation is through the Holy Child of the Lord.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seving Fever!

A lot of fantastic things had happened on May 14, the last day of the Global Mission Conference. As everything was over at Sun Plaza, we walked out to Nakano Station. I was happy that I had a chance to finally chat with this humble pastor who had served restlessly from down stage to up stage.

When he is not on stage, he would be at the information counter, not only translating and chatting with people, but diligently keying in the particulars of the people who need help to the airport so that he can have an idea of how many people going on to the same bus at the same time, to be able to make an estimation if the bus is enough to fit everyone or not enough.

It was ten thirty at night. He wanted to go to a church in Higashi-Shinjuku, and he looked tired, very tired. I decided to walk an extra mile with him, to accompany him to the church that he is heading to, and see him back to this station safely. I felt that was a service that I could offer, and by serving this servant of the Lord, I am serving the Lord Jesus. Having a company to the same destination, it will spare him a few minutes to take a nap in the train. I know how exhausted this is and how terrible it could be when one travel alone after working so hard for these few weeks......

He didn't even sleep last night because he was trying to make sure the list was right, and try to key in all the particulars one by one. But during the conference, he didn't feel at all because there were so much to do. He translates from English to Japanese, from Japanese to English, making announcement, monitoring things. Getting the bus for the delegates, arranging list, is probably one of the most headache thing to do in all conference, if not most. When one could work so restlessly, and having all these patients and concern for all the other delegates, I could strongly feel his passion. As I felt his passion, I was motivated to serve too.

I am no longer at the age of after-ing Gospel stars, yet I do constantly observe role models that I could learn from. Without knowing his name, he have become one. Just as how George Verwer quickly became my role model after hearing him speak and reading the compilations of his sermons. His attitude of giving it all out for the Lord, the frankness and directness of his failures and mistakes, had influenced me. And the strength that I have in serving is sustained not only by His love, but your prayers and friendship have certainly plan an important part in cheering and encouraging me to move on! By realizing this, I fell compelled to fall on my knees to praise the Lord for His goodness!

When I reached Tochomae 都庁前, it was 1am. All public transport had stopped, except for taxi. I decided to take a walk back to the department 研究室. As I reached my research,it was 4am. :-)

I am glad that I took the walk. Not only because I enjoy the fellowship with the Lord, but also the opportunity to peek the night and things that I would not have been exposed if I did not miss the train. The image of rows of homeless old men covering themselves with papers and boxes alarmed me, how could it be possible that the Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation had taken Japan out of the unreached list? If Japan is considered have
heard of Gospel because of so many years of the effort in mission work, then what is the reason of Malaysia or Mexico being listed in the list? What are the standard in listing the unreached? What is the standard in setting priority in field urgency? As I was approaching 飯田橋Iidabashi, I saw another homeless sleeping on the street with just one sheet of cover. This time, a woman of her 30's or 40's.

Ar... I must be too tired now. I can't think about a good reason. The Lord had surely preserved me by giving me strength for the journey. He had even hold back the rain and protected me from the wind. Your prayers must have supported me. Thank you for your prayers, amen!

The subway starts running now. It's time to go home to take a shower and a nap before Jesus March. I hope I would be able to attend. Will update you soon!

Another thought of Passion Tokyo

I collected different comments from the students that I invited these days... the concert ticket is really not expensive! And of course to students who have been exposed to Passions, they were excited and can't wait to go! the remark would be, "Oh, I love Passions!"

So it just come back to the idea whether if one is willing to sacrifice their time, and their one or two times of 飲み会 nomikai (drinking party) if they wish to attend the concert!

And knowing how much the Christians community had put in to make this concert affordable, and how much the Passion Team have to come out with just to make this tour as an outreach to thousand of students out there, 2000 yen is not much to pay for a single soul!

Now, it comes back to the question of who goes to the concert? and how we get the target group to the concert?Let's continue to work on prayers! If you can join me in praying... probably 1 time in a day, 3 times in a week... and it is really not a lot of time that you have to spend from now... because it is only all together 3 times before the concert......

(i) Invited students would respond to the invitations and eager to come and experience a unique Christian concert;
(ii) The preparation of the hearts and souls before they come for the concert;
(iii) A great time of harvest!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's pray for Heart for Japan born in Passion Tokyo 2010 !!!

A glimpse of Tokyo 2010 after workshops and before evening plenary talk.

I always wonder there must be a reason that the Lord had brought the Global Mission Conference to Japan. My question was motivated by two simple reasons:(i) Japan has the largest unreached people group, but this was not the highlight of Frontier Missions; (ii) If this must is an event that the focus is turning to Asia, then Korea as the second largest missionaries sending nation would have a greater potential in hosting this event.

I begin to see something different today as I walked into the hall as a volunteer. No one asked me where I was from, which church that I belong, and we just worked together, anything hands on would be helpful. I saw Global Mission Conference staffs ranged from different churches, although mostly conservative and traditional churches, but from almost all prefectures, were here. Pastors, Elders and Reverence, dedicated themselves as ushers, clerk, security, camera men, key in data, there was no questions about background nor denominations.

Helpers were many, but still the workload was huge. I am glad that I went.

I think God is pushing another wave of networking among the Japanese churches, the Japanese Christians need to SEE BEYOND the networking with Global Missions, or missions opportunities overseas. I felt there are more than that...... a networking is forming, and the wall is soften. As I am writing this, the rounding of Jericho seven days came into my mind. Let's pray.... we may not see results instantly, but God is a god out of the box!

Let's Pray:

(1)May God do what He wants in Japan!

(2)May His heart for this nation, Japan, be heard in this conference!

(3)May this conference crack down the walls of denominations, the walls of churches, and recommit the Lordship of the land to Lord Jesus!

(3)May Christians in Japan arise and shine as the light should not be under the bowl but on its stand to give light to everyone in the house! Mat 5:15

Location: Nakano Sun Plaza 中野サンプラーザ

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Let's pray for Passion Tokyo 2010!!!

I began to introduce Chris Tomlin in my personal website, and also facebook profile sharing a few youtube clips of previous passions concert. And I am planning to be there as a volunteer representing Heart4Japan, and also bringing people together with me! So let's hope that the Passion Tokyo team will allow me to help out before and after the event, because I would want to be by the side of friends that I have invited.

Passion Tokyo cost around 2000 yen for a ticket. Nothing comes free in Japan, and many church leaders think that Japanese people do not appreciate things that comes freely to them. 2000 yen is not expensive at all for a concert, yet 2000 yen is no doubt expensive for students! Some people that I know have turned down the invitation because of the cost. And we can't blame them, because they know no Jesus, and even if they know, a church service maybe just enough for this moment, UNLESS their lives have been touched by Jesus, they would appreciate concerts as this. I myself would not spend this money if I am not aware of the changing power that lies in this concert! and I certainly want my friends to be there, I want to be there. Yet despite the passion in us, we need to recognize some of the issues that maybe the core to the unbelievers especially students!

Travel in Tokyo itself could easily at around 1000 yen for a single trip. Back and forth could be 2000 yen. Travel + Concert Ticket + dinner in town = around 5000 yen (around 17 bowls of 牛めし beef rice in Yoshinoya 吉野家 or Matsuya 松屋)These are cost to count, and probably Christians organizers should beware of. Japanese bible is already far expensive, 3000 yen at least, how much can we give out to the unreached who are economically not doing well? Or how many nonbeliever or seeker would spend that money to buy a book which describe a "foreign god" or a "legend" which they may not even going to read it? 3000 yen could pay off for two very decent meals, or 10 bowls of beef rice. However, I shouldn't be barking on these issues.

The main reason to write this is that I pray that you can pray with me: that Passion Tokyo would be a success in directing hundreds maybe thousands of souls to Jesus, the eternal grace! Let this concert be a life changing camp, that shows us how to live, and help us how to live, a life that is meaningful with faith, hope and love!

May 22, 2010,

Tokyo International Conference Hall,


Featuring JESUS!

Leading: Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin.

We’re waiting for a CHANGE! a WAVE to swift over Japan!!!

The Reason to Love, to Do What I Do......

(original taken from http://web.me.com/roselineyong/Faith/Blog/Blog.html)

It began to strike me when I was questioned why do I come to Japan? and how did I begin in researching hikikomori? What are my major interests? It never occurred to me other answers while I was being facing these questions from Christians, even with my professors and friends from HKU who were non believers.

At the welcome party in my new department, I was again asked this question. I answered, “I became a Christian a few years back, and my life was changed. I started to pray for people, and when I prayed for Japan, I realized that there are many social problems and urging issues in the field, and I started to do my own research and readings. Here came the issue of hikikomori, that was totally confusing, and current reports were highly biased, more frustrating than being helpful, that I decided to work on this issue, to learn more about hikikomori, the epidemiology of it, so that I can re-channel these resources to the field workers.”

Yet, not long after that, I was again being asked the same question. To try to put more input of how God loves Japanese, I began to add new elements to the answer, and of course these were nevertheless the very true of how I was motivated in the beginning. “Well, I was praying, and I felt God was sad about Japan, and I began to discover social problems and the people are struggling with many issues and unhappy......” before I could continue, a remark was made by my Japanese friend, “Why do you think that Japanese are unhappy? You know Japanese do not express our happiness like other people group, but I think we are happy 幸せ people. Many Japanese are happy and content......” and of course, I listened to what my friends have to tell me, and probe for more of what they feel about being a Japanese. Then I began to realize we set values and targets of “happiness” and “expressions” in different levels, and being poor in Japanese vocabulary and poor in language expression, I could utter no other word to share about my faith nor His marvelous love for them.

I began to realize that I was probably hitting the chord at a wrong timing. Yet when will this ring a bell to the people that I care and love? I do not know. For me, I just have to keep trying. It’s not only about my research for hikikomori. My research is to help the field to understand better the elements in hikikomori, so that we can facilitate help and motivate self-help strategies and approaches. Despite the difficulties in undoing the harm that was done in heart and the life of hikikomori, I believe God can restore the broken hearted, and give a new meaning into the life of hikikomori.

Yet, regardless of who we are, people need to know that God loves them! and He is eager to heal and have the relationship with us! God help me! Because I’m so single minded, I felt I am stealing from your honor when I don’t mention about God as the reason of why I have come to love Japan, to love the culture and the people, and hold hikikomori so dear to my heart! My heart breaks when the people that are dear to me are not heard of the passion of Christ all because I am stumble at my words and poor expression...... it hurts!

Help me, God! Help me to be faithful to what you call me to! Help me to be able to deliver your love to the Japanese people!