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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seving Fever!

A lot of fantastic things had happened on May 14, the last day of the Global Mission Conference. As everything was over at Sun Plaza, we walked out to Nakano Station. I was happy that I had a chance to finally chat with this humble pastor who had served restlessly from down stage to up stage.

When he is not on stage, he would be at the information counter, not only translating and chatting with people, but diligently keying in the particulars of the people who need help to the airport so that he can have an idea of how many people going on to the same bus at the same time, to be able to make an estimation if the bus is enough to fit everyone or not enough.

It was ten thirty at night. He wanted to go to a church in Higashi-Shinjuku, and he looked tired, very tired. I decided to walk an extra mile with him, to accompany him to the church that he is heading to, and see him back to this station safely. I felt that was a service that I could offer, and by serving this servant of the Lord, I am serving the Lord Jesus. Having a company to the same destination, it will spare him a few minutes to take a nap in the train. I know how exhausted this is and how terrible it could be when one travel alone after working so hard for these few weeks......

He didn't even sleep last night because he was trying to make sure the list was right, and try to key in all the particulars one by one. But during the conference, he didn't feel at all because there were so much to do. He translates from English to Japanese, from Japanese to English, making announcement, monitoring things. Getting the bus for the delegates, arranging list, is probably one of the most headache thing to do in all conference, if not most. When one could work so restlessly, and having all these patients and concern for all the other delegates, I could strongly feel his passion. As I felt his passion, I was motivated to serve too.

I am no longer at the age of after-ing Gospel stars, yet I do constantly observe role models that I could learn from. Without knowing his name, he have become one. Just as how George Verwer quickly became my role model after hearing him speak and reading the compilations of his sermons. His attitude of giving it all out for the Lord, the frankness and directness of his failures and mistakes, had influenced me. And the strength that I have in serving is sustained not only by His love, but your prayers and friendship have certainly plan an important part in cheering and encouraging me to move on! By realizing this, I fell compelled to fall on my knees to praise the Lord for His goodness!

When I reached Tochomae 都庁前, it was 1am. All public transport had stopped, except for taxi. I decided to take a walk back to the department 研究室. As I reached my research,it was 4am. :-)

I am glad that I took the walk. Not only because I enjoy the fellowship with the Lord, but also the opportunity to peek the night and things that I would not have been exposed if I did not miss the train. The image of rows of homeless old men covering themselves with papers and boxes alarmed me, how could it be possible that the Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation had taken Japan out of the unreached list? If Japan is considered have
heard of Gospel because of so many years of the effort in mission work, then what is the reason of Malaysia or Mexico being listed in the list? What are the standard in listing the unreached? What is the standard in setting priority in field urgency? As I was approaching 飯田橋Iidabashi, I saw another homeless sleeping on the street with just one sheet of cover. This time, a woman of her 30's or 40's.

Ar... I must be too tired now. I can't think about a good reason. The Lord had surely preserved me by giving me strength for the journey. He had even hold back the rain and protected me from the wind. Your prayers must have supported me. Thank you for your prayers, amen!

The subway starts running now. It's time to go home to take a shower and a nap before Jesus March. I hope I would be able to attend. Will update you soon!

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