Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Count Down!!!

Another 90 days to go before I leave Hong Kong, and probably around 100 days to go before I head off to Japan. 

I need your prayers! 

Things to do before I leave Hong Kong: H4J people will get its vision, and continue to pray and be connect with resources!

Things to do before I head off to Japan: The CHURCH needs to get the vision! The CHURCH needs to come with me (I hope......)

H4J is about you and Jesus, on a response to His heart about Japan. 

Let's be certain about this, and get your root deep down in Him, Jesus, the one who give nourishment to all!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

H4J Forum

Dear Friends,

Just to create a quick attention to you all about these posts in the H4J forum: 
1. Japanese Churches Recommendation
2. Great Resource for Christmas

You might wish to input in these areas!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Japan = Suicide is a MYTH

There is always a myth about suicide. When people think about Japan and suicide, we thought about "harakiri 腹切り" , the story of "Chrysanthemum and the sword", and the incidents of suicide of some famous people in Japan. The general perception commonly appeared to the general folks and missionaries while respond to the Gospel call to Japan, we tend to relate death with the Japanese.

In fact it had been true that Japan has a high suicide rate. One hundred people kill themselves by their own choices, perhaps perceiving death as the only solution to their circumstance. Yet, if we based our assumptions on what we thought is true/classical novels/legends, then our work will always fall in deception.

In Japan, the reasons to suicide had been classified as follow: Some, due to mistakes that they had made that would eventually lead to shame. Some because of being badly bullied perhaps including physical assult and rape. Some because of financial difficulties involved loan sharks. Most ended their lives because of a huge health burden. (Health burden = "cost for treatment" as well. )

For more detailed graphs and info, http://rose-risk.blogspot.com/2008/11/suicide-rate.html

There are so many things that we could discuss and drill further into. As our initial interest focus on Japan, the conclusions that we could obtain from this graph are:

1. "Japan's culture is uniquely associated to suicide" is a myth. (we will discuss this further in next article, you are welcome to contact me personally in this matter.)
2. "Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world" is a myth.
3. "Japan has the highes suicide rate in Asia" is a myth.
4. "Japanese people is suicidal people while compare to others" is a myth.

There are many reasons that tie to suicide. We should not neglect the very foundation issues of bread and life. Prof. Hedley sounded us that "Poverty is the greatest disease". In a movie production by Akira Kurosawa, Akahige 赤鬚, had said the samething.

Poverty in physical or spiritual, are equally deadly factors!!!

Another point taken home for my dear Heart4Japan people, Japan being NOT the nation with highest suicide rate does not hold you from responding to the Lord about the needs of Gospel and Salvation in this land.

We, as a responder to His heart, should had been responded by having sensed His heartbeat, His strong desire to see His people in this land to be saved!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nov 7, Prayer Meeting

I understand that to many people, overnight prayer is stressful! The same thing happens here! If you can get a time to fellowship with each other (quality) once a week or twice a month, that will be really great! But I could encourage you to fix a time. So that the other people who are not in your network will perhaps join you as the Spirit leads them to. The best is to have a fix time, fix date, fix address, so that you will become a lighthouse that draw people for this mission/in this network. 

Over here, we are expecting three new people to join us this Friday, and we might have Yu to join us. Please pray for all these people, especially Yu. He had a lot of experience in the field, dealing with a lot of people who had went through ups and downs in life, and witnessed changes of waves in ministry. I am hoping that the other youth workers who joined the Global Summit will join us too, but the notice was just too short and the conference had been just too exhausting. Nevertheless, please, pray for these people! I can't name all of them, but they are great people who are ploughing the ground. Japanese and non-Japanese had dedicated their lives to Japan. 

Let's pray that the research that I done on Hikikomori and the data that I collected on Suicide will help us to understand a little bit more about the phenomenon and getting closer to the truth!

May the SPIRTI moves!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


現象篇(1)無力面對這些隱蔽的故事當中,似乎沒有一個直接構成他們隱蔽的理由,但是卻無可否認的每一個案件的背後都存在著一個狀況。有些人是畢業以後找不到工作,有些覺得自己趕不上時代,有些覺得自己欠缺溝通能力。在這群人中有一個相似點,那就是挫敗感。現實社會對選擇了隱蔽生活的年輕人來說,彷如一個無止休的戰場,每一分每一秒,他們都必須弓背豎毛隨時備戰,或是工作上的競爭,或是從人而來的索求。人際關係變得很累,隱蔽宛如就是從戰場上撤退的變身。详文请看 http://www.heart4japan.net/forum/index.php?topic=11.0

Roseline: Updates Oct - Dec 2008 (2nd)

Prison Outreach
The Prison Outreach last Saturday was really rewarding. I had 15 students, ranged from 20 to 60 years old who were so eager to learn and so responsive. My wish is that they will be able to communicate and serve Japanese customer if they ever have a chance to take up waitress jobs once they immerse into the society.

There are limitations such as I am not allow to give them any of my personal contact info, and I shall not serve a counseling role in the class. Yet I pray that His love will shine through me, and I will be able to share His love with them, and make Jesus known.

The schedule for the classes would be: Oct 25, Nov 8, Nov 29, Dec 6. The whole journey takes around six hours, but I have only one and a half hour with the students. The inmates have very tight schedule on Saturday evening, therefore I am hoping to change the later schedule to Nov 23, Nov 30, so that I can have more time with the students.

Let's pray about this! Please pray that His strength and mercy will comfort us and lead us on!

Mandarin Bible Interest Group
The Mandarin Bible Interest Group seemed to be a little too deep for the seekers. In the midst of the busy schedule of exams and presentations in the school, please pray that He will give Paula (the group leader) wisdom and strength to move on with His good work!

Pray for New Believers/Seekers
Eva and Pearl (2 mainland Chinese students) will visit church for the first time this Sunday, please pray for their salvation!

I am also inviting Chee Won (Korean exchange student) and Leo Vu Manh Tuan(Vietnamese MPH student) to the evangelistic dinner on Nov 29 organized by Elim Church.

There is a need to find a good Mandarin speaking church for the mainland students, so that they can grow stronger in fellowship of people who speaks the same tongue.

I am also planning to take a few students with me to Nick Vujicic's talk in November.

The treasure that the students can find in the relationship with Jesus is just far too amazing! Just keep this in prayers! ^^

Releasing the Research Findings
To release the research findings through my own post could incur some ethical issues. If I can purchase ISBN, or get the results published into book, then it will be much easier and convenience for distribution.

The printing cost for 300 copies will cost HKD15,000 in Hong Kong. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us into the best presentation of His work. I will try to speak to the University Press to see if there are academic interest in getting the result publish. Chances are slim in human understanding, but in Him, there are always indefinite opportunities! ^^

Joining the Global Summit!
I will be able to join the Global Summit in the evening after the Asia Pacific Suicide Prevention Conference in the morning. We thank for the open doors for the connection of Heart4Japan and Hikikomori Concern. Let's pray that the interviews with the Hikikomori not to clash with the conferences and meetings!

Needing Accommodation
Due to the finishing the term of postgraduate student in HKU, I might need to move out from the dormitory in December. If that happens, I will need to have a place to stay from December till March end, for there are still plenty of work to be done until the stated date. It will be unrealistic to rent a place, for the rental out there is just far too expensive, and the term is too short to rent. The best of course is to continue to stay in Starr Hall, so I can still follow up with the students, and continue main bulk with what I am doing now. We need God's wisdom to deal with this, and I trust that we fall into His good plans.

Shalom! Peace be unto you! Thank you for praying with me! :-)

Heart4Japan Prayer Meeting on Novemeber 2008

Let's prepare our heart for the prayer meeting in November!

After four prayer meetings, I find that not many people are able to sustain for overnight prayer. Yet, meanwhile, in Hong Kong, it seems to be the only available time and resource that we could have at present, until His people are revived and begin to take up their responsibility to take up the watchmen positions in their own respective areas!

I am planning to divide the overnight prayer into three sessions,
9.30pm-11.30pm (pre-meeting worship, preparing and sanctifying);
12am-2am (understanding Japan from what is happening in real),
2am-5am (sharing of a specific topic);
5am-7am (worship and sing praise to the Lord).

People who attend this meeting will take turns to host different sessions. May the Lord lead us in this meeting, and the preparation to it!Let's share more later!

Meanwhile, do schedule and plan for your own area meeting, and keep us update with what is happening!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Updates and things to do for these few months:

Prison Outreach (Saturday afternoon): It's a volunteer service with Correctional Services Department Rehabilitation Project. I am given some hours to start an interest group for Japanese study. Let's pray for opportunity to share God's love with them. The target are women above 21.
Mandarin Bible Interest Group (Saturday evening): There are too many JW and Mormons as well as other cults roaring and wandering in the campus, targeting mainland students in specific. We pray that this group will help the seekers to get a good grip of Good News Foundation. We are using the DVD teaching materials from Living Water 活水中心. However the only concern is the extensive college activities and exams that the students have within this period. Please pray that the Lord will open their hearts and stir them to seek the truth.
Suicide Prevention Conference (Oct 31-Nov3): There will be speakers from China, Hong Kong and Japan. I am hoping to meet up with the Japanese lecturer in specific. Please pray for open door!
CCMN Summit (Nov 1-7): I am hoping to meet up with the youth workers from Hokkaido, Japan who are coming for the global summit from Nov 1-7. 

More Hikikomori Research Coming Up: I will also have opportunity to meet up and interview some hikikomori in next month. I am also hoping to publish the research work that I done on Hikikomori. Yet, because of the limited interest among the academic world, we need to pray for open doors and funding so that the research findings will serve it's purpose in adding knowledge to the current work in the field.

Meeting with Mission Team from home (Nov 13-21): My church back home is sending a mission team to visit me in mid of November. Please pray for safe journey, and pray that the Lord will guide us in fellowship as well as making further plans while we pray and seek the Lord together.

More Concrete Plans for H4J: I am hoping to work with the Heart4Japan team in Yokohama to come up with a more concrete plan for Heart4Japan before year end, so that we can start to work more and allocate resourcess on different outreach program. Yet, this remains the toughest job for me. I need more feedbacks from the field and people who are likely minded to work together on this. 

I praise God for all these opportunities and open doors for me to engage in His work. Please stand with me. I need His strength and mercy in order to complete these :-)Please pray in this direction. Thanks!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just one more......

Just one more person! One more person to be saved!

It is not the harshness of Christ that criticize us at the End, but the love of Christ, the passion of the saved souls will urge us and awaken our conscience, of what we had not done......

Why didn't I just take another step?

Let's our lives have no regrets!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ask God for your position in Heart4Japan!

If you are joining us or planning to set aside time to join us in prayer whether here in Hong Kong or other places. Do let us know about the location and time that you are praying with us, so that we can cover each other in prayers.

Elim church had agreed to cover us in their prayers and also set a time for corporate prayer for Japan and India during their prayer service prior to our prayer meeting. 

I would like you to join us in praying for these following items:

1. Peace and love in India.
2. Strength for our bodies to live, and get over it (the persecution) quick.
3. The persecutors to meet Christ.
4. Funds and people to rebuild.

Ask God for your position in Heart4Japan.
Ask God why He had brought you to this group.
Ask God is He bringing you to Japan? or is He bringing you to serve Him through this group? through this ministry?
Ask God for His heart for Japan.
Ask God to reveal His will for Japan, as well as His will in you in this ministry.

1. The relationship of Japan with neighboring countries.
2. Wisdom and mercy for the Japan new president 
3. The financial crisis in Japan may cause results in upsurge of suicide and crime.
4. Worsening society illness (hikikomori, NEET, depression, mental illness) because of the financial crisis.

Bless you!

Monday, September 29, 2008

OCT: Heart4Japan Overnight Prayer Meeting Oct 4, 2008

I would encourage you to join me from 9.30pm to prepare our hearts by worship, listening to God's word, cleansing ourselves as well as the join effort of corporate prayer by the church members for Japan and Heart4Japan ministry!

Regular Monthly Prayer Meeting
Date: October 4, 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 12am - 7am (7 hours)
Venue: HK ELIM Church, Vision House

Special Prayer Meeting Called for India
Date: October 3, 2008 (Friday)
Time: 11pm - 12am (1 hour)
Venue: HK ELIM Church, Main Chapel

Preparation (Including Corporate Intercession for Japan)
Date: October 3, 2008 (Friday)
Time: 9.30pm - 11pm (1.5 hour)
Venue: HK ELIM Church, Main Chapel

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Planning for Special Prayer Session for India

I am planning to call for a special prayer for India next Friday (Oct 3, 2008) evening, for our brothers and sisters who are suffering in persecutions, and also uplifting the relief efforts that is ongoing.

Heart4Japan Monthly Prayer Meeting will be from 12am to 7am on every first Saturday of the month. The special prayer will be conduct for an hour prior to our monthly prayer. 

There will always be a corporate prayer by the church, and a slot will be set for Japan prior to our meeting on first Friday evening of the month in Elim Church. The time is from 9.30pm - 11.30pm.

I'll confirm with you the time again for the special prayer session for India when I have more information. Meanwhile, please keep India in prayers, keep this prayer meeting in prayers! 

When One billion of Indians had never heard of the name of Jesus Christ in this lost land, there is also 128 million of Japanese who cut themselves, tending suicides, hiding in, not because of persecution, but the lost of meanings in life! When the Lord is remembering India, He had never lift His eyes off Japan, that is the reason for us, Heart4Japan troops to persist, and to remember our bodies in India the more!


visit Gospel For Asia to find out more!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sep 5 Meeting: Report 1

Thank you for praying with us! The prayer meeting here was showered by His love and grace.

The Korean church had covered us with their corporate prayers before we started our prayer meeting. Michael Karpf came over from Tokyo to join us in meeting, we were given the chance to share about the needs in Japan and the ministry of Heart4Japan. Phoebe and Tim Wan joined us in the meeting, we made it till 7am the next day.

The meeting was a combination of sharing of field needs, worship, scriptures and praying. Our prayers were in different languages including tongues. Guess I was the only one who pray in tongues that night, yet God is definitely amazing, and allow His Holy Spirit to tear down the walls between denominations.We had prayed for a certain things, including: the missionaries' need and corporation with local church; the suicides and homicides; sexual industry, elderly, quakes, ijime and school system. Few scriptures came to us: John 4: 1-38; Rev 7 :9-12

As approaching the end, Scott called us from California through skype and we prayed for each other, the Lord gave us a scripture through Scott's sharing: Romans 8: 18-25

I called Chauncey earlier before we started, and we believed that Brownwood, Calgary were praying before and after us at the stated time. I'll update more to the group by end of this week. I'm still waiting for the feedback from the other centers. :-) Several updates and notes had been posted by the participants in either Heart4Japan group wall, or the prayer meeting wall. Please feel free to look at it.

pic: (from left) Michael, Tim, Roseline, Phoebe


Friday, September 05, 2008

Couldn't you watch with me even for one hour?

It's never easy to do overnight prayer, in fact, it's often not easy even just keep ourselves awake only for few hours. 

"Couldn't you watch with me even for one hour? Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!"

Obviously, Peter, James and John were tired, terribly tired. 

I can't remember how many times I dozed off in payers, how many times I felt asleep when I was supposed to watch. Yet, Jesus constantly reminded me, "Couldn't you watch with me even for one hour?"

It's never easy to pray, to ask for Him before we start on, before we go on with what are in our minds. We use the gifts He gives freely, use it in ways that "please" Him, for His Kingdom. Yet, we often forget to ask Him about what He wants, from us, for the Kingdom. 

Some people asked me, how could I be so clear of the Vision He set for me, how could I know where I should be the next step... without giving time to Him, without setting aside for Him, one will never know -- what He wants, what one should be to align in His will.

God will anoint all who seek Him and put Him first. 
God will anoint all the prayer locations, where they are praying for His heart for Japan!

As we pray, we are keeping Jesus in company. He had never stop working for Japan. In fact, He is waiting for us. Let's keep watch for each other!

"Couldn't you watch with me even an hour?" Mat 26:40

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

祷告 -- 你、我的本分


虽然说,“凡两三个人奉我的名聚在一起,哪里就有我在他们中间。”而且每一次我们也尽尝上帝同在的恩典。在得着恩典的时候,也着实为弟兄姐妹似乎对服事的次序先后错乱,而白白流失了生命本应得的祝福,和应许里更大的恩赐而感到惋惜。 比方说,有把本分的事误以为是使命。然后也有以为去宣教就是要先有储蓄等等的。熟不知,在这呼招里有过程......


H4J: Overnight Prayer Meeting Sep'08

Feel free to contact us, if you are planning to pray with us! We are looking for more partners to intercede for this land! SHALOM! Peace with you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yahoo Japan News: (2008/06/19)The National Police Agency reported that with from Jan to May, there were 489 cases of suicide by using hydrogen sulfide, and more than 517 victims were encapsulated in this, and most of them were in their twenties.

While compare to the 27 cases (29 victims) last year, the number had speedily increased due to the widespread of "suicide techniques" via internet.

Every 15 minutes, one Japanese die of suicide; every day, 100 Japanese die of suicide; every year, we lost more than 30,000 lives in Japan just by suicide alone.

What could we do? 3 options: 1) Go out there, bring love and hope to people! 2) Intercede for them! 3) Give money to support people who are willling to go!

[Warning to Israel] At the end of seven days the word of the LORD came to me: "Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. When I say to a wicked man, 'You will surely die,' and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his evil ways in order to save his life, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood. (Ezekiel 3:16-18)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sorry for didn't really write much these days

Sorry for didn't really write much these days. There are many things that I would like to address, but working on "hikikomori" at the last stage had really grab a huge amount of time in my daily chaos. 

I know many people had been worrying about my health status.

My recent schedule is like working for 18 hours, sleeping for 2 hours, and then working for 9 hours, sleeping for 12 hours, working for 12 hours, sleeping for 12 hours, then working for 12 hours, sleeping for 4 hours, then working for 12 hours, sleeping for 12 hours, then working for 2 hours, sleeping for 3 hours.......

I get all these flu symptoms :-) Diarrhea, nausea, headache, chilling, coughing, running nose, tiredness, weak. I guess the funny schedule is really because of the flu and tiredness with the thesis. I often have this nausea feeling when I look at my thesis too long.... To be frank, I guess stress had pull me down..... 

yet, having say so.... I still often feel a sense of happiness through all these discomfort, especially if I manage to watch a Japanese video, and when I am able to catch a phrase or two, and as I turn my head and realize how kind and linear that God had been with me, and as I see the effort in the essay is coming to fruit, I just feel "God, You are just so near to me!"

Yeah, I need a lot of prayers! Perhaps, prayers in such:
1. Lord, give Roseline co-workers in Heart4Japan.
2. Lord, speak to Roseline directly and clearly, so that she knows where to go, what to do next.
3. Lord, give Roseline prayer warriors/intercessors for overnight prayer ministry.
4. Lord, grant Roseline watchmen for her and Japan.
5. Lord, take Roseline's hand and write the whole thesis. 
6. Lord, let Your wisdom/discernment flow to Roseline, so that she will know what is real, what is not. What deserves your attention, what not.
7. Lord, give Roseline good health and strength to fight the fight easily and healthily!
8. Lord, let's prepare the ground in Japan! and bless everyone who is going in, and who is in the field! Bless them with resource, finance and discernment!

Don't worry too much about me. I just didn't really have strength to sit up and write much these days......

I call what I am having now a "summer hit", and guess this is the first time I really became sick after 2 years in HK. My first real summer in Hong Kong (June - Sep). Sigh.....

I have plenty in my mind, some discipleships are soon to begin in Heart4Japan. I appreciate your prayers! Thank you, my friends!


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Notes for Overnight Prayer Meeting August 1, 2008

9pm - 10pm (before meeting) - Declaring His Presence
Intercessory worship, praying for His Holy Spirit to fill the place, and to prepare our hearts. Ask for His Kingdom to come and His heart to be reviewed to us and bring in the right people into His work and this gathering.

10pm - 11pm - Praise and Worship
Getting ourselves into His rest and getting ready for the spiritual battle.

11pm - 5am - Updates, Sharing and Prayers/Intercessions
Sharing + praying + sharing + praying + sharing + praying (includes news in the field, hikikomori, missionaries' needs)

5am - 6am - Intercessory warfare
Oneness in Him, engagement in intense spiritual battle. Daybreak intercession! Across the Jordan River!

6am - 7am - Give thanks and ministering for each other.
Wrap up in thanks giving, pray for each other in spirit and love. Finalizing the schedule for next meeting.

The Lord had given me a few songs last night for my own preparation to the meeting, I am releasing the list and hoping that this might speak to some of you who may need a little bit guidance in this area. These are just guides, please feel free to use your own songs and flow with the lead of the Holy Spirit. :-)

Declaration - Pre-worship
You Are Awesome In This Place -
To declare His Glory and His presence in this place/(location that you are praying)/Japan

and/or songs that ask the Holy Spirit to fill this place!

No Other Name
Mighty Is Our Lord

Worship/ Repentance
To Keep Your Lovely Face
Deeper In Love

Eagle's Wings
Be Magnified

Declaration - Warfare
We Speak To Nation/向列国宣告
Touching Heaven and Changing Earth

Let's get two to three or more together to pray together for Japan! Praise God,Hallelujah! Amen.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some updates in July

The exam was over now, didn't really do well, but there were other assignments to cover up, hopefully I can make it.

Just submitted my second draft, hopefully will gain my supervisor's feedback soon! Keeping busy now... some friends came and some were going away, and I remain here.

Just now when I was on the bus, I had so many plans for Heart4Japan, including promoting Hikikomori and fund raising to set up a proper functional network to push further the Kingdom of God.

As I was back to my office in Baptist this afternoon, I recalled the conversation I had with the grassroot people recently, and the social workers that I'm in touch with, I began to realize that there were so many unjustice issues at the social level of the common people, and in the social welfare system of the elderly and poor people in Hong Kong which had long been swept under carpet. Yet, there were so many Christians/Catholics in the Hong Kong government, who had appeared on the stage of revival meetings and shouted for His Kingdom to be established in Hong Kong, almost once or twice each year.

The church that I attend now shared with me their burdens about Macau, hoping that I could pray in agreement with them, and perhaps hoping that if there would be a slight chance that I will take up the missionary position to Macau - another place that fills with spiritual darkness and evil doings!

There are so many things to do, so many things that is happening today tell us that we are just so far from heaven! His Kingdom is long to due! As I thought about all these, my heart ached and cried, why aren't His people doing anything? Sometimes all our fight were just so vague, and as we were building the wall of Jerusalem by adding souls into churches, we had forgotten the commission of Jesus to love our neighbors as ourselves! What is about the Kingdom that we are eagerly looking for? Is Kingdom a building? a gathering of 10,000 people at a revival meeting? number of souls added in church? or maybe just a simple story of Good Samaritan.... a manifestation of Heaven on earth. To care and love the poor and needy! Perhaps it's really time to examine our hearts and our deeds.

My heart burns for the needs of the poor and weak, the one who are being persecuted, the cry for Japan and Heart4Japan had not weakened. In this case, the vision is clear. But then, there are so many things to do, sooooooooooooooo many things to do in each country, each land, each nation!

My heart is in great pain! May His people rise up in His righteousness! Hear our cry, Lord! Forgive us, Father, for being ignorance and being partial! Help us to see you! Help us to seek your face! In Jesus name, Amen.

Re: Matthew 5: 3-10James 2:1- 4Luke 10: 30 - 36

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What Can the Japanese Do?

Yuko Kawanishi wrote a neat article in year 2004, published in Asian Affairs vol:35, addressing the social psychology and mental health of modern Japanese youth.

At the last part of her paper, she wrote, "What Can the Japanese Do?"

"Japan's accoplishments of the last century have been remarkable. From the abyss at the end of WW2 to the hieghts of the success and self-confidence during the period of the 'bubble economy' the people of Japan had worked very hard to achieve their dreams but they might have done so much too quickly.

Many japanese wanted to erase the past from their memory without fully recovering from the war's traumas. The focus was on tangible achievements such as economic growth and material gain, not on such sentiments as individual sense of well-being. It might simply have taken a while, maybe three generations, for the psychological consequences of these too-rapid social changes to surface.

What was happening at home was pushed aside as something too personal or private to discuss. But the social cost of denying the personal has become too big to ignore any longer. It is time to confront domestic problems, becuase the quality of the home is after all crucially linked to the social and political success of any society. For that so happen, the silent voices of children need to be heard. Family relationships need to be worked on rather than taken for granted. The question is: can the Japanese do it?"

Re: Yuko Kawanishi. Japanese Youth: The other half of the crisis? Asian Affairs. vo;. XXXV, no.1. March 2004.

The reason to put this article forward to you is a hope to challenge our view and thoughts about the observation and opinion which had written by Miss Yuko. With this, I hope to open a floor for discussion.

(I'm afraid we still have to use this site and the facebook column for a while until our net builder, Mr. Justin is more settle after he gets marry tomorrow. :-) Congratulations to your wedding with Miss Izumi! お結婚をおめでとう!)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Omamori お守り

" No public ritual could be more riverting than the one that takes place on the gray-tiled sidewalk of Omotesando each New Year's holiday or O-shogatsu, when more than three million people burst from commuter trains and subways to stream up Omotesando and enter the park like Meiji Shrine. Treading on the gravel path beneath its ceremonial wooden gate, or torii, the worshippers patiently await their turn to stand on the black wooden steps of the shrine to seek ancestral blessings.

Hanging in the rafters are clanging bells whose long ropes teenagers and aging grandparents, one by one, grab and tug to gain the gods' full attention. Then, bowing their heads, squeezing their eyes shut, they whisper silent prayers - for wealth and happiness, for a new bank loan perhaps, or for a passing grade on a fiendishly competitive college entrance exam - before solemly clapping their hands three times. Before departing, they may buy a colorful good-luck amulet, and omamori, to protect them against evil. " -- cited from 'The Cult of the Brand - Shutting Out The Sun' by Michael Zielenziger

Beautiful and well written description of what takes place in Meiji Shrine during O-shogatsu.

Perhaps something for us, as mediators, to carefully examine the hearts of people, and hear their cry.

Japanese could be seen as not religious at all. But at the same time, there are several things that people would really like to hold on. Omamori - the lucky charm, you might find at least one in everyone's pocket. In Japan, omamori represents a meaningful friendship gift to many people, including young and old. They might seemed to be not holding religions as serious as others, nor they have a solid belief system, yet certain practices had also reflected the emptiness and longing in life.

Check our hearts, see if we are making full use of this information! :-) Bless you.

To Seek My Heart, In the Rain

I had introduced to you once, about Ramone's artwork for Jesus. Now, I will still introduce to you the site for Art-for-Jesus

In the recent article, he had written this, "in rain". The Lord said, "to seek my heart, in the rain." This means a lot to Heart4Japan too. 

May you be blessed by the art-work for Jesus!

Saturday, May 31, 2008




在四川的时候听见一些关于“审判”和 “神愤怒”的信息。心里总觉得有点不对径儿。回想911的事件,Tsunami的事件,教会和回教堂都在散播着这些信息。有人说,因为四川太多偶像,人心太硬,抗拒福音,因此神震怒了。我不禁忧愁起来,比四川拜偶像更盛的地方比比皆是,神要算帐的话,那香港、马来西亚、中东早就毁了。而且不堪一击。日本也会被毁的。基本上,世界各地没有一个地方逃得过吧?我只知道,圣经告诉我两件事。第一件,末世的时候,灾害是明显的,震动天地的,那表明主来的日子近了。第二件,神的审判从神的家开始。






不止中国内地的自愿者。外国也来了。我的团队里,有香港的,有加拿大的,有美国的,有马来西亚的,走的时候,新加坡的接替了。日本早去了,还要再派人来。我日本的同工下个星期也去,Heart4Japan那些不能去的给我捎信说,“谢谢你代表我们去。” 我心里扎实,我是中国人,是马来西亚人,也是日本人啊!血统、命脉和国度给了我三重的身份。这个时候,该去的、能去的,不去还能说些什么呢?该去的,能去的,是义务,是奉命,没什么好骄傲或者自持的。

正如郑老师说主要做什么,他的目的是什么我们不知道。但是他心里安稳,不愿离开四川,因为神早就给他一句话,说 “我必震动天地” 这是哈该书。而我自己的领受是,

在这地方我必赐平安。这是万军之耶和华说的。” 哈该书2:7-9




Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My heart is in great pain as the record of suicide mixing stored-bought detergent and chemical had reached 145 just within last few months. At the same time, there were still others in Japan continue to use all means to die.  

Life seems to be not worth living.  

I couldn't stop thinking but to remember the survivors of Sichuan I met in the hospitals and sites. They almost lost everything, some houses, some family members, some paralyzed, some lost their legs, some lost their hands. In the hospital, people were thankful because they survived. Tired family members that were taking care of their loved ones, had lost all things in the earthquake, but thankful because one survived. The one who survived might had lost both parents or children. The grief of the bereaved, the trauma experience were beyond comprehension.  
Yet, everyone strived to live.  

Life seems to be worthwhile to live.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Power of His Love

As I was back tracking the emails, I found this in my inbox. 

"I will be praying each and every day. I'll be interceding as well for your protection - that His cleansing blood and strength carry through every situation and circumstance. That your inner man and outer man be strengthened. That the love of Christ flow through you like living water. Your courageous commitment to Christ and the greatest cause for the Gospel will only open a way for God to display His power on your behalf." 

I was just so grateful for this prophetic words and kind encouragement! "...courageous commitment to serving our Lord ..." these are kind words that I do not deserve. But I guess this is why and how I was preserved in this trip, mentally and physically. It's your prayers! The Holy Spirit continued to minister to me each day while I was in Sichuan, strengthening my inner man and outer man, giving me courage and love and patience to endure. 

I also saw how He had flowed through me, and I am still amaze while I look back. It had been His grace and His work, not mine. I just felt that the trauma that I experienced in the past, the healing that I experienced after received Jesus in my life, the power of healing remained sipped through by touch, influenced the one in grief silently and quickly. I thought I would be depressed after this whole experience, yet the work of the Holy Spirit was refreshing. While the bereaved felt the love of Christ, I experienced the power of love. 

After finding out my past, SY said, "let this experience be the reminder in your life, that will remind you about the needs and urgency of souls."

The grief I went through in the past had turned into strength in me, in turn it strengthened the one that I touched. I praise the Lord for His healing power. He is to be magnified!

On the right is the survival from BeiChuan. She was so traumatized when we first saw her in WenJiang Community Hospital. Yet, the Lord provided a miraculous time for hug and sharing her grief. As her hand grabbed my shoulder, I hugged her and her head leaned down on my shoulder. She weeped quietly, and I held her head in my hand and kept praying quietly. I just felt that the Lord was ministering to her. While we were leaving, she came out and say goodbye. As I saw her face shining, I just knew that the good Lord had lifted up her burdens just at that moment while we hugged and prayed. The work of the Lord was just so amazing, I was stunned and moved. 

 I write this to tell you that the Lord is greater than all! I had always thought spiritual relief or healing would be at a later phase, but the Holy Spirit had taught me otherwise. He comforted the grief! He is ABLE. 

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Deyang May 19, 2008

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills - from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth." - Psalm 121:1,2

Shane W. had this verse at the bottom of his letter. 

We were singing the same song the first night in Deyang, after we evacuated the patients from the hospital building to the outside. There was a prediction of after shock of about 6.5 degree and a heavy rain that night. Tents were not enough. Everyone was doing all their best, the doctors, nurses, patients, volunteers. Two police officers came and stood outside the hospital, I guess they were guarding us. It was around 2am in the morning, no moon and no stars, perhaps it was because the street light was just too strong, and just above our eyes. 

A Christian volunteer came to me and passed me a few brochures, she said, "this might be the last night for all of us. Save as many as you can."

I held the brochures in my hand, seeing her walking from bed to bed, telling the victims about heaven, I was amazed by her courage. While everyone was still in great shock and great pain, she came with a message. I didn't know what she said to the patients. I took the brochures with me, I walked to the street, where our bags were. Another volunteer came over and sat beside me, she was a seeker, and I passed it to her, I told her what another volunteer had told me, and I said to her perhaps it's a time for you to make the choice. 

As I lay on the street, waiting for the aftershock, (i felt it actually, but it was ok, we were anticipating for a more severe one, I guess) I kept thinking, 'if I'm to see the Lord the next minute, am I clean?' I could still imagine the picture of this Christian volunteer who was working hard now, yet having the experience of being in the situation of traumatized of loss, I doubt the way it works, and I certainly prefer a personal touch, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on. A trust.

At around 4am, the after shock was over. And I fell half sleep, asleep? 

There was no rain, most of the team members didn't feel the after shock. God had been protecting us!

I am back in Hong Kong now.  Will write more later. 

Too tired for now...... Thank you for interceding!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pray for His Workers!

When you send your workers, you need to pray for them!

For the rescue team to Myanmar and Sichuan Province, please pray for them, be their watchman!

Pray for:
1. Spiritually and Physically Fit.
2. Emotionally Stable.
3. Connecting to Jesus.
4. Protection and Covering of the blood of Jesus.
5. Trust and open communication in the team.
6. Smooth cooperation among team members.
7. Communication with the locals and international board.
8. Wisdom in decision making.
9. Resources.
10. Witnessing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let's work till THE END

I had called for intercession for the Unreached nations, Japan, in particular, for the specific stir that He had put in my heart. I was unsure about many things, and I'm still unsure. Yet, there is one thing that I know, it is the love and trust that I have in my Lord. And it is this love that drew me to love Japan, one in His heart. Love became so strong, that Japan became a part of me, just as I'm in Jesus. 

In response to all disasters that is striking the earth today, Myanmar, Sichuan, unpredictable movement of tropical cyclone, quakes, typhoon, flood, Tsunami...... causing speedy destruction, and we could only response one by one as they come. 

There are destructions by man, too, if not more, equal. Human factors that had caused self-destruction or destroying others, a huge population. In Japan, people needs to be alleviate from the state of depressed. It is the time to either feed them with Good News or they will be fed by all other spiritual forces. (It's time to act, you can do something!)

As in other places, humanitarian aids and cry for social justice is needed to alleviate the situation. 

This is the DAY that the nations are at our door step. Reaching out to the nation had been more practical and easier these days. Social justice and human rights of migrant workers had often been neglected in most countries. 

The land that breed me and groomed me needs Jesus too. If the Lord had called you to Malaysia, please come. When you come, get in touch with people on the field. Be aware of the news, the needs of foreign and local ministries. The same thing that we should do for any nation that we are going to, be alert, have all the latest developments on your fingertips, move with the time, and train you sensitiveness with the Holy Spirit, so that you know what to do, how to pray, where to move.

Jessica sent me a note earlier, saying that she felt "God's urgency". Yes, there are NEEDS all around us. 

Proverbs 30:15-16

 "The leech has two daughters. 
       'Give! Give!' they cry. 
       "There are three things that are never satisfied, 
       four that never say, 'Enough!':

  the grave,  the barren womb, 
       land, which is never satisfied with water, 
       and fire, which never says, 'Enough!'

How do we response then? Where should we go? 

Let's quiet ourselves, seek Him, and learn His direction in our lives. Let's not settle in our comfort zone, let's not be complacent about what we see. Rise up, at least in your community! Reach out! We need to be sensitive and proactive to lift them out of the trash and ashes! 

Move on earnestly, praising Him for the work that God had done and is doing. Move on fast! For the time is near. 

I love you. Let's work and gather workers around us to work together to the Harvest! to the END TIME.

Useful links for ministries needs in Malaysia: Tenagalita (Human Rights for Migrant Workers), Malaysiakini (Politics)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

National Police Agency statistics that showed 47.8 percent of the 1,052 murder and attempted murder cases in 2007 involved people attacking family members. The ratio was 46.9 percent in 2006 and 39.1 percent in 1997. (family-murder-suicide)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Continue Intercede!

Thank you for your earnest prayers for Japan in past few weeks! The internet suicide influence had slow down for almost ten days now. There were still suicide news, yet we are hoping that this will come to an end SOON! 

Please continue to press in in interceding! There are prayer points that I would like you to consider.

The Internet providers had not really seriously decided to delete the harmful contents in the website. Check this out. Although it seems that the news release was quite assuring that they are going to delete the harmful contents, yet until April 25, nothing had been done. (Please refer to the earlier news release that I sent).  

About what to delete, and what not, there is another thing that I wish to gain your attention with: "However, recently sites such as secret school sites in which junior high and high school students post slanderous comments about other people have appeared, and providers have had a hard time deciding whether or not the information is harmful and whether they should delete it."  

The slanderous comments about other people had been another form of destructive school bullying - Ijime. It had suspected to lead to suicide and social isolation of a number of students. However there is no official reports from school or police. However this had caused serious attention of the media since 2 years back.

Suicide as a result of Ijime had always under covered. Yesterday a 12 years old boy jumped down from his Tokyo apartment. Was he one of the victim? we don't know. 

Remember the areas without church! 
The church is reviving in some places in Japan. We praise God for that! We still have a lot to do! There are many in Japan who live in a circle without any church or any Christians in their community. Let's pray for workers, not only in the campus, but elemental and secondary schools. Let's pray for revival not only in the cities, but the rural areas like Nagano, Akita, Aomori, Iwate, Wakayama, Ishikawa etc. Some works had been started in some of these place, still there is a lot to be done!
Please, remember the Japanese in your prayers!  
Prayer points: 
1. The chance of life. 
2. Empty hearts to be filled. 
3. Opportunity to learn and experience Jesus. 
4. The responsibility of the net providers.
5. Shut down of secret school sites. 
6. Shut down of internet suicide sites. 
7. Pray against Ijime, the school bullying.  

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

45 Victims Caught in Demonic Suicide Influence in last 20 days

This piercing pain pierced me deeply at my soul, and I felt limp for a moment while I was writing this. 

At least 45 victims were caught in this demonic scheme just within last 20 days, hurting many more bi-standers and innocent people. 

Let's call for intercession!

Pray for:
1. The Lord to intervene.
2. Break the bond of the devil.
3. Wisdom and protection of the Japanese police officers who invest this case.
4. Peace and hope for the bereaved family members.
5. Wise and immediate action from Christians groups in Japan. 

Feel free to add more and comment on the intercession point! We will love to hear from you, if you had heard His voice about this. 

Sunday, April 27, 2008

What is Urgent?

Japan needs Jesus. And Japan needs experts in web-base technologies, social science people, medical people, teachers, businessmen, artists who are Christians, to be there in their societies. I always believe that the Kingdom is about "life impacting life". 

The story that Shane picked up at CNN news report on April 24, last Thursday, had been a disturbing one.

A 14 years old girl killed herself by mixing detergent and cleanser. And it seems to be another one encouraged by internet sites. It is not that we were not aware of the high number of suicides in Japan, but it is the extend of the internet suicide influence had gone far worse these days. The international art-festival celebration had highlighted and celebrated the production of people like Ryo Nakajima and Shunji Iwai, where some of their productions had been hard to swallow. "This World of Ours" and "The Story of Lily Chow" will perhaps lead you to a fantasy of hidden dreams and sadness of hidden reality in this society.

Please, seriously think this over. If you have the talent, if you have the skill, if you like to be a tentmaker, please consider Japan. If you are thinking of supporting the mission field, please consider Japan. Japan had always been left out from the 10/40 windows for reasons, either intentional or unintentional. Many had been set back because of the high cost, and low response rate. Perhaps, it could be the feeling of the "proud and ego" needs no healing. Perhaps it could be "hatred". Perhaps, it was BLINDNESS.

If you think there are more "urgent place" than Japan, I'm not sure about this. I had never see the Kingdom is "urgent" at one place, and "no urgent" in another place. 

But I do agree that there are many urgent needs of healthcare aids and human rights aids. And we feel good, because we fulfilled a good Samaritan duty. People feel good when they have something to give! Honestly, we might not be be proud or sensing urgent to tell people about Jesus, but we are good in giving money to the poor and needy. 

I just wish to make these facts clear to you: 

Japan has 128 million people, and you probably have more than 30% of them are above 50s. We have around 100 people suicide in a day. The common suicide group was the middle age group, but now we observe school children. Violence and crimes, homicides by children or teenagers. The economic setback had not turned well. A report of 1 million of missing youths. People are dying because of aging, or suicide, or living in grief because of lost of someone. We are losing this group of people! 

If you need to feel good in missions, you can give Japan something too. Give them your love, your thoughts, your prayers! Give them friendship, tell them about Jesus, tell them how to live! Give money to the one who is going to Japan to be a missionary. Don't just hang on to your tithe, or established mission organizations. There are many places where people are dying, and there is not a single church or a single presence of mission organizations!

Pray, and ask God to lead you to this person!
Pray, and ask God to show you this place, and the needs of this people!

Do not brush off Japan from your mind, because it appeared to be "rich", and not as "urgent"as other lands! I don't think this is what the Lord has in His mind. 

Be sure, be encouraged! The Lord had called a team! You are not the only one, if you had been yearning for the Salvation in Japan for long. Take courage! 

Spiritual poverty is no better than physical poverty. I know every place is sick, but be clear about this: JAPAN  is sick,  too. 

Bless you!


Friday, April 18, 2008






因此日本化的福音不是个新鲜的题材 -- “道会” 和“基督心宗教团” 早在20世纪初期已经在传,期待用日本的视窗去理解福音,可惜却与真道大相挺径而。而无教会、无藩篱的论调更不新鲜。今天在宣教里我们还是一样会谈这个,但是我们必须理解别人抗拒和赞同的原因。



Re: Mark Mullins. Christianity Made In Japan - A study of Indigenous Movements

Monday, April 14, 2008

Woman's hour

If you remember in 2006, when many were expecting and predicting a change of the Japanese women status quo and power in the future, Princess Kiko had gave birth to a boy in September that year. BBC host Jenni Murray had a interesting conversation with Kuniko Inoguchi, Dr. Lola Martinez and Lynne Nakano at the beginning of the year. 

Though the issue of empress or emperor no longer exist, the issues that had been discussed in this program perhaps are still the very core issues today: opportunities for women in work, opportunities for women in education, low birth rate and high 1st married age.

The link to this audio record is still available in BBC. Please click on the link below and check it out. It's kind of interesting perspectives of three different women at different side of the world. 

I will urge you to pray before you listen to this program. Also, if you are interested in women ministry, you might get some light of what is awaiting for you, and how your gifting is going to be useful in the field. :-) God bless!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Every year during the darkness of cold March night sparks fly, as monks shake 2.5-meter-long flaming torches with all their might, and bells and horns echo through Todaiji temple in Nara, Japan.


About 30,000 visitors flock to see part of the two-week ritual on the climactic night of March 12.


The more than 1,250-year-old annual ritual calls for 11 selected monks to cut themselves off from their usual lives and gradually purify their minds.


While the monks with the torches dance close enough to the fire to singe their eyebrows in a closed-door ritual, conducted in the temple's inner sanctum, one of the eleven monks splashes sacred water and others help to dust off the sparks from the floor. The other monks bow thousands of times to repent for people's sins.


According to Buddhist doctrine, people commit myriad offenses due to the ‘Three Poisons’ -- greed, anger and ignorance. When the offenses accumulate, people become unable to see the truth and become ill.


Since ordinary people cannot repent for their sins and misconduct, the monks do so, on their behalf in the ritual.

Source: Yomiuri News, by K. Sakane, 2006-06-20

Some people might think this is creepy. But I guess majority of us here would see this perhaps serve as a great redemptive tool for Good News! These people do acknowledge sins, and believe that there is a need to repent!

Many in the crowd might be there just for fun, but many more would be there simply believing that the Kannon will remove their sins, and they will be heal from sickness and troubles in life. We need to find these people and tell them what is the TRUTHmore 

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mission Frontiers

I hope that you are already reading this, and I pray that you will read this if you have not. 

 "Missions Frontiers" presents very solid ideas on the direction of evangelical and missions movement providing firm evidence to each idea they claims. It opens our eyes on the area "unserved", "untapped", and moves us on to take role in the Kingdom movement. 
Let's learn together!           January - February 2008 Contents

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Job had just called me this afternoon, sharing with me that 30 people had registered as volunteers for community work during missions week at church back home. In deed it was a great news! 
I was informed that a friend in the same time was trying to recruit people to pray for Japan. So, I believe that we have a small corner for Heart4Japan, screening the H4J promotional clip, as well as "God's Fingerprints in Japan" produced  by Daniel Kikawa and his team. We had prepared new brochures, and we are launching "Christians Love Japan Action 2008" in the missions week. 2 more days to go, and I pray that God will open the hearts and minds of people about the needs in Japan. I pray for likely minded partners, intercessors, doers

While all these things are happening back home, Heart4Japan is also moving in Hong Kong, although uncertain still, but very likely the plans of God for Heart4Japan at this place is going to be unveil soon, in a fuller manner. 

We have now a group of people that comes from different churches had gathered together to pray for Japan, and share about their desires and love for this nation. And this group of people had also began to adopt the name "Heart4Japan" for themselves. To me, that is tremendous progress! 

"Heart4Japan" should be a movement that people take on the passions and spark it on to others. It's an individual thing, in the same time a corporate thing. Individual should be supported by their respective churches for their visions and plans to get involve. If not, we will support each other as a team! Not to act alone, but as a team. We share resources, provide information and links to local churches and missions organizations. We share our visions, doubts, and we pray together for a breakthrough in the field! The basis for Heart4Japan existence is that, "We come for each other!" We stand in for each other. 

Interestingly we find, Satan love to distract us from this vision, by threatening individuals, making us to feel alone, creating chaos and disunite God's people to come together even just to pray for Japan. The evil one had been doing this since day one as we started this group. The devil hit so hard, that we could always feel it instantly as almost every meeting began. The atmosphere would became so intense, that we would quickly engage into spiritual warfare, and that was scary at the beginning, but it helped us to train our spiritual muscles. Now, as we pray, we are excited about things to come, we know we are on the track, and the devil is afraid. And it is exciting to see how God intervene in this matter! We are not fighting alone, but with the help of holy beings and His very presence. 

As a member of Heart4Japan, whether you are networking with us or not, we need to beware of what is going on at the other side, and put on the armor of God regularly, constantly if possible. Knowing that it is not against flesh and blood that we are struggling with, but the powers of darkness and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 

And this was what I saw when I was in Shiga, listening to this sermon in year 2005. I saw the power of the sermon was being bounded by the forces of authorities, just like a cocoon in the air, struggling, full of energy. Yet it was so hardly pressed that you can sense a bursting force encapsulated, and that was this sense that this cocoon had been there for a long period of time. 

Then I began to sense the heartaches, disappointments and desperation in the field, which mainly caused by the disunity and distrust of God's very own people. And we need to break THAT to reduce the dark force! Heartaches, disappointments, desperation was the essential component that had aggravated the dark force that had bounded the spirit of God in a form of cocoon! It is silly that on one hand we are shouting REVIVAL, and we are asking for REPENTANCE in this land; on another hand we are pulling one another, thus delaying the march of the Kingdom! 

We need to be aware! Be fully aware of it!

Now, the church that I am serving in Hong Kong had been thinking about working along with Heart4Japan. Although things had not gone very smoothly, yet there is hope in Christ! God had told me that "the Church is coming in", "this is not your ministry, but MY ministry. " I will lean on that message!

Yet, the group in Hong Kong had not been able to get together to pray with each other since October last year. This is not good at all! We need to get together to pray for Japan as corporate at least three times a year. And aside from that, we should form into small groups, constantly sharing our visions and dreams and encourage each other and intercede for each other at least once in a month. We should know what others are doing, be alert, and reading resources on our own, so that we know where we are, and how we can help to facilitate others for Japan! Ask God for the peace in Japan, ask God for the workers to be sent, ask God to send us partners to work together! Our God is for missions! He sent His only Son to die for us so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but live forever! His heart is for all people, not one less. 

People, we are called to be a Watchman! Not sleep-man. 

Arise! Watch for Japan! For our Lord, Jesus Christ is coming. He arise!