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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sorry for didn't really write much these days

Sorry for didn't really write much these days. There are many things that I would like to address, but working on "hikikomori" at the last stage had really grab a huge amount of time in my daily chaos. 

I know many people had been worrying about my health status.

My recent schedule is like working for 18 hours, sleeping for 2 hours, and then working for 9 hours, sleeping for 12 hours, working for 12 hours, sleeping for 12 hours, then working for 12 hours, sleeping for 4 hours, then working for 12 hours, sleeping for 12 hours, then working for 2 hours, sleeping for 3 hours.......

I get all these flu symptoms :-) Diarrhea, nausea, headache, chilling, coughing, running nose, tiredness, weak. I guess the funny schedule is really because of the flu and tiredness with the thesis. I often have this nausea feeling when I look at my thesis too long.... To be frank, I guess stress had pull me down..... 

yet, having say so.... I still often feel a sense of happiness through all these discomfort, especially if I manage to watch a Japanese video, and when I am able to catch a phrase or two, and as I turn my head and realize how kind and linear that God had been with me, and as I see the effort in the essay is coming to fruit, I just feel "God, You are just so near to me!"

Yeah, I need a lot of prayers! Perhaps, prayers in such:
1. Lord, give Roseline co-workers in Heart4Japan.
2. Lord, speak to Roseline directly and clearly, so that she knows where to go, what to do next.
3. Lord, give Roseline prayer warriors/intercessors for overnight prayer ministry.
4. Lord, grant Roseline watchmen for her and Japan.
5. Lord, take Roseline's hand and write the whole thesis. 
6. Lord, let Your wisdom/discernment flow to Roseline, so that she will know what is real, what is not. What deserves your attention, what not.
7. Lord, give Roseline good health and strength to fight the fight easily and healthily!
8. Lord, let's prepare the ground in Japan! and bless everyone who is going in, and who is in the field! Bless them with resource, finance and discernment!

Don't worry too much about me. I just didn't really have strength to sit up and write much these days......

I call what I am having now a "summer hit", and guess this is the first time I really became sick after 2 years in HK. My first real summer in Hong Kong (June - Sep). Sigh.....

I have plenty in my mind, some discipleships are soon to begin in Heart4Japan. I appreciate your prayers! Thank you, my friends!


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