Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Updates - November 2011

Concerning Surgery

Thank you for your love and concern and prayers!
The fibroids were reduced in size (13cm - 9cm; 9cm - 7cm), it looks like Laparoscopic itself is enough.
They will poke 4 holes at my tummy.

I donated 400ml blood for myself on Wednesday, and it was the first time that I was put on drips after the blood donation. The doctor said that the drip was to help me to recover asap before the procedure.

Very soon, on Nov 14, I will be admitted.
And on Nov 15, there will be the operation.

A testimony to glorify the Lord! I believe that the Lord is preserving and preparing me for the operation as I find myself at perfect health, blood pressure normal, and no anemic response. (my bp tend to fall on the low side in previous check ups). The doctor thinks that I will be fine in one month. :-)

(with attached is the picture of me after drawing blood on Wednesday)

New Opportunity to Serve

The Lord is opening new door for me to meet up with Christian Academic Scholars! This had been a long yield. I finally get to meet up with a senior of my department, now a professor in Oita prefecture, majoring in mental health, Christian. I am taking the new opportunity to attend the mental health conference in Saga, which is 1.5 hr flight from Toky from Dec 08-12. I am also given an opportunity to share with a church in Saga (Saga and Oita are one of the least reached prefectures in Japan, where people gathered from far for Sunday Service). I will also attend a citizen conference about hikikomori (the social withdrawal). I will be sharing about the outreach support that our church back home had provided for hikikomori, the exploratory intervention (2010 Jan, T-san; and 2010 Dec - 2011 Jan, Y-san). I sense that the Lord is preparing me for this day, and he is preparing me to work with the local churches slowly to assist them in dealing with mental care for their members and neighbors. It will be a slow long process, yet exciting.
Oh yeah... I had a great time in Akita conference! I presented in Japanese. :-) and got a lot of feedback from the field workers. That also led me to the Christian professor that I mentioned above.

Glorifying the Lord!

Another great news to glorify the Lord!
My professor promised to fund for my PhD project(if I managed to satisfy him with the work proposal). Although I still need to bare my own expenses for conferences and hikikomori outreach, yet having a research fund is certainly very much helpful!!! (only one person in a year will get the funding)

I realize my workload and the schedule do not seem to fit with the preparation for scholarship application, which almost all have the deadlines in Nov and Dec. Anyhow most scholarships limits age below 35, which I have just exceeded, that left me very limited choice. Although a lot of "noises" crept in sometimes on how to get support, monthly or yearly, yet there is no time to waste in thinking about it, for I sense that the Lord is encouraging me to serve more by continuing with my work with the mental distressed, and preparing for new study. Yeah, though I am doing nothing in actively raising support, there is peace, it is like there is an assurance.

Prayer Request:
1. Mom's flight to Tokyo: safe journey.
2. Mom's health in Tokyo, despite of taking care of me.
3. I will extend invitation to friends to visit me in the hospital, so I wouldn't get boring. It will be an exciting trial, as my and a friend had planned to give out origami adding a word of the Lord, to every visitor, staffs and patients in the same room.
4. Pat (from Austria) is having fun, we will have a study group on next Tuesday, Nov 1, he will speak about his hikikomori lifestyle in the past.
5. The due date of my first review report on the new project on Nov 2 morning.
6. My presentation on PhD thesis on Nov 9. (I am hoping to incorporate some personal work, eg. reasoning of my work on hikikomori and church outreach, in the presentation.)
7. Please pray for good encounter during another Children Mental Health Conference in Tokushima prefecture from Nov 10-12.

Me and mom will also attend a mental peer support group on Nov 5.
I am sorry to put mom to work more than just taking care of me, yet she will be a part of the ministry during her whole visit in Japan.

Please pray for Lord's covering on her! Thanks!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Introducing Incubator Ministry HK

Heart4Japan member, Ah Fu is entering her full time ministry from this month. To find out more about the organization that she is serving with, I decided to explore Incubator Ministry on Friday evening, Sep 23. Enjoy!