Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Several Prayer Items in March

I have a chance to interview my Japanese Language teacher, Hayashi Sensei on the issue of Hikikomori, this Tuesday(27/3) morning 10am.

Pray for me wisdom and discernment, and pray for more: a chance and boldness to proclaim the message of Christ to her. I really desire for her to have LIFE, knowing Christ.

There are a number of Chinese students around me who are more comfortable with Mandarin, and the burden to set up a bible study with them grew stronger.

I'm still praying if I can start a series of bible study with them coincide with Easter. Materials and Chapters to study as well as time are crucial. I had bought some NT bibles yesterday, so hopefully that will help. My own bible is with Helen now, she prefers to read the English one, so I'm using one from the library.

So, pray for Helen Ni as she is seeking. Pray for a several others too, can't name all of them, but God knows. Just keep them in your prayers, that will help the progress of the work, and shred much of my burden. Because then, it is because of your prayers that the mountains are removed! You are together with me in the field.

Pray that I can really do this fast, time is short. Easter is approaching. Semester is ending. Pray that these people can get the
most valuable in life before they off for home.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

some upates in March

I had started to work on the interviews on Hikikomori. The Lord had moved in such a way that my professor had given me a free hand to approach the question in a qualitative method, where it allows me to explore freely among nations. This is rather interesting, but a lot of work and critical thinking and careful approaches are needed. Since I am aiming to publish the paper at the end of research, please pray for wisdom and open doors, and determination.

The Lord had shown me a handful of contacts that have a heart for Japan. We will need to bring this back to the Lord and see what He had installed for us. If He had called us together, what are the things that He wants us to do at this moment is crucial. It should not be what I want, or how they could fit in to H4J ministry, but rather what God wants us to know and to do while channeling us together.

I wish to have a mentor, a teacher that could guide me through the whole journey. Thanks to some of you had actually write to me or call me to encourage me and share with me what God had been spoken to you, giving me ideas of strategies, and reminding me to put God first in all things that I do. Very helpful, thank you!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Drowning and Rescuer

There were 2 people who walked along the river. They saw people drowning in the river. They began to try their best efforts to pull out as many people they could, and resuscitate them. There was a huge amount of people that were being drowned. No matter how they tried, they just couldn't get everyone out of it. Even those who they had pulled out from the water suffered so much that they eventually died regardless the effort resuscitation. More people joined them in the effort of rescue. But everyone got so tired after sometime. Nothing could be done. The amount of energy that had been put in was sucked in like a dark swamp, nothing much could be see, really.

So they divided among themselves, starting to look at the strategies, methods, and time factors in rescuing one person. They began to access their effort in different ways. Some focused at the number of people that they pulled up. Some looked at the number of the actual survival. Some looked at the time spent in treating one drowner. Some looked at the effectiveness of the help that had been given. And some looked at the cost effectiveness of the strategies that were adopted. Slowly, they broke into teams to continue the rescue in different location of the bank.

After sometime, there were still huge amount of people were drowning. The survival rate was little while you draw a statistic to have a closer look of the effort. Then they divided among themselves again, pointing fingers on the attitudes, alertness and reflectiveness of the rescuers. Some became frustrated and then gave up the rescue effort and return home. Most were disappointed, whether they said it or not. They broke into smaller teams now, and then recruited more people who were similar likeness. Now there were rescue troops in more locations. Still, mot much changes.

One began to wonder, what was happening here? He went towards to the upstream of the river bank. To his surprise, at the upstream, there was a man standing there, keep pushing people down to the river. Then, he quickly rushed down the river, gathered a team, then they went up to the upstream of the river bank, and they stopped the man. Now, the lower stream was peaceful and quiet. The rescue team finally had a pleasure to sit down, and nursed the wounded drowners, tended to their needs, and had themselves rest.

I see the issue in Japan the same way.

Friday, March 02, 2007


“我们所可以自慰的,想来想去,也还是所谓对于将来的希望。希望是附丽于存在的,有存在,便有希望,有希望,便是光明。如果历史家的话不是诳话,则世界上的事物可还没有因为黑暗而长存的先例。黑暗只能附丽于渐就灭亡的事物,一灭亡,黑暗也就一同灭亡了,它不永久。然而将来是永远要有的,并且总要光明起来;只要不做黑暗的附着物,为光明而灭亡,则我们一定有悠久的将来,而且一定是光明的将来。” ~ 魯迅