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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hiki Cafe News: We need your prayers for SPONSORS!

Updates on the Hikikomori cafe ministry in Akita.
We need your prayers for sponsors!

For you who have been following the blog and newsletter for a while, would probably have already know that the current place we have for the ministry was originally a tatami factory. The ministry had operated for almost a year, the people that we have reached out have grown from 4 to 20.

As to provide training and more self-sustainable environment for the users, we need to renovate the place making it to a workable cafe. The total cost is 3 million yen (close to RM100k, or USD30k, or HKD 250k). We are splitting the renovation into 2 stages. For the first stage, we have successfully gained the support from Akita prefecture for 1/2 of the total renovation cost. The first stage is expected to be 1.6 million yen, the prefecture will sponsor 800,000 yen, and we need to come up with another 800,000 yen.

800,000yen is about RM25k, or USD 7.5k, or HKD 58k.

We are going ahead by faith, the renovation will start in October, and we will pay the bills by February. We will try our best to do fund raising, we need your help to pray!

If you need more information about the cafe, let me know! I will send you some files. (Most are in Japanese, I will try to work out the English version).

If you are burdened to sponsor, please let us know!
The official account for Hikiya ministry is


Beneficiary name:  Hikiya
Account number: 1053712
Branch code: 311
Branch: Omagari
Swift Code: AKITJPJT