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The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Warnings served as Encouragement, thankyou Lord!

There are four warnings that I often give to people who are considering missionary work.

    1. You heart will be broken many times and you will face many disappointment.
    2. You will face financial pressures, battles and problems and also a wide range of differences of opinion on life-style and how money should be spent.
    3. You will discover that it is sometimes relatively easy to get started on a project but unbelievably hard to keep it going and at the same time keep the loyalty of the people with whom you are working.
    4. You will discover that roots of bitterness can come in very easily in Christian work, which sometimes, due to satanic opposition, can be more difficult and complex than in secular work, especially when money and other motivating forces are absent.

........ Keeping a balance though between faith goals and unrealistic expectations is part of the process of counting the cost.

~ by George Verwer , founder of Operation Mobilization ~

I recorded this as an encouragement to myself, and to you who perhaps facing the same situation.


It is really Grace Awakening. If George faces all these, and if many other missionaries do, why do I think I should escape from this? My problem was I had kept trying to avoid disappointment, rejecting discouragement, and most often, tried to meet all needs, all cries, all expectations. Then, by failing to do so, I blame it on Satanic opposition, and I'll dig and dig to see if I have any open doors in my life towards sin that had caused this hindering obstacles in my path. I had trusted in a lie that "If God had called you to do this, He will make your path smooth, that you will not harvest bitterness in you." "If things are not moving right, it is because of you sin!" "If you get sick, and that is because you are living in such life-style." And now I need to repent.

Blames and accusations can come from all angles. Beware, my friends!

Bible do not speak that way. Most often these people who said these to you, are not going to be> the people who walk with you. Forget about them (i'm sorry for being blunt...), but I doubt they had really care and spent time even just to pray for you. We need to have watchmen for our lives, for our ministries! They is no point getting someone to sit on that position, but then they are not watching for you. Let the Word of the Lord govern us, and let Himself be our watchman, and let us watch over ourselves by the passage above -- the true experiences of many missionaries whom their lives were full of unanswered prayer, but they refused to be discouraged by these.

Let us be encouraged once again! And I thank God revealing to me this truth. I had been very cautious not to allow myself to be puffed up, and yet, I had also in subtleties of putting myself down in an unbiblical way. God help me! Forgive me, Lord!

The book of prophets shall give me strength!

And I believe it does to you!


World Evangelism cannot be won without paying the PRICE!

Most Christians want all of the privileges and none of the responsibilites.

You do have to be aware of the needs and opportunities throughout the world as you consider your own future.

The Great Commission is more than a call for you or me to leave where we are and go somewhere ese. There is a course a great need for people to go but there is a greater need for each of us to take up our own responsibility for the church's response to the Great Commission; to be personally involved in it whatever our particular role maybe.

You are called to make a decision!

C.S. Lewis said that we have the tendency to think and feel, but not to act. If we go on feeling and thinking, but not acting, then one day we will be unable to act.


Lately, there is a constant fear that grips me. When it comes, I can't sleep, I can't rest, I can't think of any other thing else.

The fear of going back to Hong Kong.

The fear of not having raise financial support before I leave.

The fear of not having raise prayer partners before I leave.

The fear of having ministry partners who SPEAK more than they DO.

The fear of not having accomodation when I reach Hong Kong.

The fear of going to the academic to ask for deferment of school fees payment.

The fear of seeing my professor to negotiate on my dissertation of Hikikomori.

The fear of looking for accomodation.

The fear of not having money to pay the rent.

The fear of hunger.

The fear of loneliness.

The fear of not having money for transportation.

The fear of being long away from home.

The fear of not having enough data for the research of Hikikomori.

The fear of getting involve things beyond focus.

The fear of neglecting people who need a fresh touch of the Lord.

The fear of neglecting people who need a pair of listening ears.

The fear of meeting people who put false hope in me.

The fear of left behind bills to pay.

The fear of meeting hollow faith person in Heart4Japan.

The fear of blank promises.

The feeling is so contrast while compare with previous year as I stepped out with a simple faith. It was by faith that Abraham obyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance. He went without knowing where he was going. (Hebrews11:8) Now I begin to understand why He had always led me step by step. He never revealed His whole plan to me. It is always a step of faith that brought me closer, a step of obedience that brought me to the next door. I guess that is what it needs to be done. I remembered someone told me, if God would had revealed to you His whole plan, perhaps you will be so fearful that you wouldn't be able to step out for it.

and Yes, now I understand. Because I am going back to the same place, and because I had experienced sorrows and difficulties, and for worse I discovered my weaknesses and my unworthiness in times. Once I thought I had lost my faith. But now, I know, it is not about faith. I still trust that the Lord will provide all my needs. I still trust that the Lord will lead me through. I still trust that He will never leave me or forsake me. And He said, "Heart4Japan is MY ministry!" Yet, fears greet me.

Or to be exact, these are not fears, but PAIN......

I love the Lord. I don't want to miss the train of REVIVAL in Japan, yet I'm tired of being Zorro. I wish to move together with a team of people who love the Lord, who are committed, who are willing to serve. Walking together in this journey, encouraging each other, praying alongside for each other! There are so few......

George Verwer said, "Finance seems to be the greatest obstacle..... the real obstale is a lack of love, faith and biblical commitment." And that is piercing to my ears. The greatest needs in the missions field are always PEOPLE and FINANCE. We can have PEOPLE, but no FINANCE; or we can have FINANCE, but no PEOPLE; sometimes BOTH.

Yet, I had also learned. Disappointment in evangelism can often be God's appointment to teach us smething greater and something better. Great biblical, moutain-moving faith does not happen without doubts, struggles and discouragement or even sin. While I stand aginst the fiery dart of discouragement, I believe we all need to repent and turn from all that is hindering us from doing God's will in our day, repent from our unwillingness to pay the price!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007