Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

A room full of non-christian Japanese people singing with all their might “Jesus is the answer” and “Share the word”. Phil, Leivur and Sophie had a great time listening to the beautiful singing and singing with them, praising God and proclaiming that JESUS IS THE ANSWER.

11 Days to GO......

The door in Kanazawa is fully opened to D--los team.

Phil said that this is the coolest line up for him. Isn't that exiciting? They are working hard on the publicity, port fees and guest of honor. The full team will arrive on May25.

I have not hear any news from Niigata recently, the last was in perfectly good shape. Praise God for that!

The gate in Fukuoka remains as the toughest, and crucial at this moment. We will wait for the latest updates from the team. I believe, we will soon hear a relieve sigh from Makoto. The harvest is going to embark at the dork from May11. From Fukuoka, a sequence of harvest will roll out in lightning speed! 11 more days to go~! YO YO!

God bless you in align of the prayers!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Joyful Harvest Church

I visited Joyful Harvest Church this evening. The church birth forth from the Vineyard Ministry, and carried a vision to local Hong Kong and China. Missionaries from the Vineyard Ministry came over to give them blessings to move on this evening. The message was, " You were set apart not from, but TO, to things that He is calling you to."

It reminded me a scene that I witnessed 2 years ago, when Banner of Love birthed forth with a new vision to reach out to the locals. Indeed, it was a step of faith. For both churches to go on in Him to pursue the unique visions that God had set in their path, dreams that God had put forward in their missions! Touching!

While the worship began, I found myself fully recharged, and I began to lift up my voice and sang. I began to pray, and seek forgiveness for Turkey, for Arab, for I was deeply troubled by the news in Smyrna. A deep sorrow to the wickedness that bound the land in the debt of innocent blood. The darkness resisted the light. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. In the midst of worship, I received a vision. I was clothed in a black cloak, as I was clothed in darkness, and my back bent. In worship, the light just showered me, and my cloak was removed, and I began to shine in the light, my hands lifted up, my head lifted up, my back lifted up. In the power of the Holy Ghost, I found myself prayed according to His will, tearing down the walls that the evil had built, and bringing down His glory into this land. The church, Hong Kong. I saw the Victoria Harbour, the image was just as the post card, but turned really big. I saw light that travelled forth up from Hong Kong Island to the border of Shen Zhen, forced up to YangTze River.

Powerful, prophetic, God is in this place!

It was a joy to be with these people! Because there is a willing heart, and readiness to move!

Heart of serving!

But it was JOY because I knew I can come to my Lord with my dirty baggages, and He will take it away from me. For He will clothe me with robes, and crown me with crown! I just want to stretch my arms out to Him, calling Him, "Abba, Father!".

Thank you, Lord! For all Your Mighty! Lord has mercy!

Fire and Glass

There is a fire burning, visible, so strong, yet it is enclosed within the glass.

What is it that had kept the fire inside me? Who had put the glass on the fire? And how does the fire keep burning in the confound of the glass?

Such prophetic prayers, and I knew God was revealing something, something deep inside me. The same thought that I was having this evening while I was riding to the church. I found the sharpness of speech reduce, I had been praying for a tame tongue. I don't think a tame tongue will be that glass.

What is it? I wonder. The glass will need to be removed, before the fire can burn those around me. Set a fire, isn't that what had been prophetically proclaimed before I came?

I need to see! Jesus! Help me! I need to see!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Push on! Press in! For Kyushu

As I was praying for Japan last night, I saw a strong light pierced across the coastal area, forcing its way through Kyushu, traveling its way up to Shikoku and the west.

If I remember correctly, the light started to force in at the coastal line of Nagasaki and Fukuoka, through Kumamoto. This is the line where Makoto and team met difficulties. If that is it, then the opposition is clearly the resistant against the light. The land is in thirst. The light that breaks in will sweep across the land, and take deep root within.

Push on! Press in! The uproar of the East Sea is fierce, but then we have Jesus on our ship!

Pray for the LIGHT to shine on the Land of Kyushu! Land that was once fertiled, land that was once gave up all it had for what they believed, land that suffered the longest persecution for Christ.
She is waking up!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


What happened on April 16 in Virginia Tech laid a heavy burden in my heart, not only because the cruelness of massacre, and the looseness in gun control. But the characteristics of Seung-hui which so much alike to my research: Hikikomori, social isolation, ijime (school bullying).

Cho was described as a loner, shy, one who never speaks, someone seemed to be in a total social isolation.

His twisted remarks in his video clips that was sent to the TV channel, about him being forced into a corner, attention seeking, somehow when it came into my ears, had so much resemblance of a Hikikomori person. His final remarks on he was giving a chance to die as Jesus, and his mentioned about the pain and sufferings and humiliations that he had been put to in trying to associate himself with Jesus, was like a sharp blade, cut through me, leaving a bitter wound in my heart.

Cho Seung-hui might had somehow in some point of his time, had heard about Jesus. He might had read about bible, or he might had seen a Jesus film. We need not to explain about Christianity here much deeper, as I presume all who are reading this blog are mature Christians, people who are on fire for Christ. We know how twisted the remarks were, and how sad it was for someone to loose the grip of truth.

What was leaving behind is not only about the pain of loosing 32 in the campus, and the bereaved; but the pain of an ignored twisted soul that had killed himself and left such pain in the community. The twisted mind is a torment itself. Are there more of these kind?

It is often easy for us to reach out to an adorable person, to disciple a mature Christian, to spark up one's life, encouraging each other, to pursue the Kingdom of God. And that is often what a practical campus ministry means. We do not waste our time on unfruitful land.

How many times we look at the drop outs? Those who being bullied, those who are not success in anything in their lives? School failures? Exam failures? Are we extending our hands?

I'm sorry if I seems like grumbling, the incident just brought too much pain to me as it reminded me about the Kobe Killer in 1997, the bus hijacker, the slashing and so much more... There are many ought to be done ------ but not done.

As for the incident in VT, we see New Life Christian Fellowship had came in actively to help the students to forgive and move on in faith. Tremendous effort! But yet, there are many who are not ready to that.

Leaving these aside, are we ready to reach out to the people around us who do not fit in to the circle that we are in? I had one dorm mate who had been forced to leave this March, and I barely knew her because of her isolation, I did nothing to reach out to her, except for a "hi" and "bye" while we met at the corridor. I could have done more. God is watching us, there is no accident in all incidents. May God has mercy on us!

Monday, April 16, 2007

1 Kings 18 - News Outside Japan

NEWS : Oct 09, 2006

Eruptions Displace Thousands in Indonesia
Haji Hasan, the chairman of one of the lost villages, has turned to a thoroughly unscientific approach to saving the region. He has offered a reward of 100 million rupiahs, or about €8,400 ($10,840), for anyone who can convince the spirits to make the mud stop flowing.

More than 100 magicians, shamans and witches have responded to his appeal, much to the chagrin of local imams. For weeks the collection of sorcerers cast their spells on the volcano. One was an elderly woman who presented herself to the mud as the "Queen of Bali" and ordered it to stop flowing immediately.

Haji Hasan's experts, as it turned out, were just as successful as the hordes of engineers and scientists who had traveled to the region -- in other words, not at all.

The news reminded me about Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

Until today, the erruption continues.

Even when we are praying for Japan, it doesn't mean that we loose our sense with the nations! Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, we are all in the Western Pacific Region!

Guys, speed up! There are a lot of things that we can do in SEA! The land is crying out, for the mercy of the Lord! How can we be of assist in the work of the Lord? Let us encourage each other and get people to get their feet wet in the field!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Recapturing Ideas

The relationships of Japan, Hong Kong and China.

As I came to Hong Kong, I saw this: Hong Kong is an image of Japan, and an example of China. What is a dominating factor in Japan that affects its economic system or politics or trends of youths and young adults, will be absorbed and tolerated in Hong Kong in less than 10 years time. For example: Suicide rates, Aging, Low Birth Rate, Animation, Yakuza (gangs), Entertainment, Fashion, Sexual Industries, and now Juvenile problems. China on the other hand, though hated Japan, is fast in adapting what Hong Kong had adapted, and completed the cycle in less than 5 years.

For example: the works of 村上村树 have more than 10 translated versions in China.

Linking Japan to Back to Jerusalem movement.

While we were talking about "Back to Jerusalem", where the Chinese were inspired to bring the Gospel back to Israel, we had often neglected that there is still a big hole, a large LACK, in the air of Asia Continent: Japan and North Korea. Well, we see people are on fire for South East Asia, we also see a revival of the Holy Spirit, as well as good doctrinal schools sprung up in Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore. And we see a lot of outreach, mission attentions had been pulled towards Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia, local or overseas. Yet, in Japan and North Korea, we are really lack in both resources and advancement. Or, are we lack of VISION?

What is happening here?
And the next, what is the problem then?

The Largest Leftover

First, the cycle would not be complete, having Japan and North Korea left out from the revival. Japanese is the largest unreached monoculture, mono language people on earth, 128 million!

It just doesn't make sense when Wycliffe is trying all they can by not even loosing out one in the minority group. They are certainly right! Not one shall be lost! But when it comes to missions or 10/40 windows, many times Japan would be just singled out! What are the rest doing?

The "Dark Hole"

Second, the "dark hole" serve as a dark hole, to pull in all energies that passes by, and it will expand! That is the theory of dark hole. Another word, without having Japan and North Korea, the revival will not be complete! Too much energy had been consumed, our legs will be pulled. In weeping pain, I felt that the clutch of the devil upon Japan is so firm, that it just refuses to let go. And that hurts God! God loves His people, not one to be lost! There are so many in Japan that do not even know their right hands from left hands. It is time!

By the way, the Gospel landed in Japan first before China or South Korea.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mini Version

I always sense and believe that Hong Kong is an image of Japan, mini version. And Hong Kong is an example for mainland China. South Korea no doubt is copying Japan too.

It is important that we see it in that way with our spiritual eyes!

I remember Ps Andrew with so much passion towards China said this to me, "I believe that God is calling China churches to Japan following the footsteps of Korean churches. Japan is our Samaritan brothers." that certainly encouraged me. "By finding the key to unlock the spiritual block in Japan, might lead to the key to unlock the spiritual block in China and Hong Kong!"

Yeah, the
! What is the key?

The key to Japan might be the same key to Hong Kong? Japan leads to Hong Kong? Hong Kong leads to Japan? Which key comes first? How about South Korea and North Korea?

There are still much to be pull out and put together. We shall learn and share in the process!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sea sick

Okay, I really became sick. I was weak, and my hands and feet were cold. The nausea and body ache continued after I got home yesterday. So, can't blame all on Lan Kwai Fong too.

God had been gracious to me, as so many locals had fell terribly sick so many times in the seasons of change, but I was spared. I got sea sick on the last trip to Lamma Island.

I remember as I was in Kabuki-cho, there was a moment that I felt I was lost, miserable, and heavy. I am not sure if that was a kind of spiritual warfare. But I knew a desperate harsh warfare swifted it after that.

To be correct, Lan Kwai Fong is like a combination of Bukit Bintang (KL,Malaysia) and Kabuki-cho (Shinjuku,Japan).

I pray there will be more ministries in these places!

Thoughts and Lessons in Easter 2007

On the day of Passover, and Good Friday, I went out for fellowship and gathering, as well as an outreach event. Strange, I did not sit solemnly to reflect on Jesus at this time, but time was just filled and packed with events. Having quiet time with Jesus alone became a luxurious thing in Hong Kong during Easter.

Solemn with Jesus.
Rejoice with Jesus. Shalom!

Yes, I shared about Jesus, but I was basicaly feasting too. Okay, I felt, I knew I needed to go, I trusted that was the right thing to do. And yes, we see fruits bearing. Wonderful God, but I felt we should talked more about the meaning of the cross rather than just testimony.

The bible study in my room on Wednesday was good. Many questions were asked, and of course we just went straight to the point for why we were having the discussion. I find this kind of direct approach has more weight, and more sincere. No strategy, no material, but God had led it so far. I am expecting the next discussion. Do pray for us.

Having moved to the dormitory, I have not been able to hide myself, or shut myself in with Jesus for all day long. The burden to see my friends get saved grew stronger. The passion to share about Christ and His wonderful deeds was just so strong as He opens the door for sharing or discussions! It's not only a casual talk, I pray. It needs to be provoking, and causes life to change! That is Gospel!!!

I knew God is moving me and turning my heart to the young adults and students, as I had never gave them a second thought. I knew this in May 2005, and I'm seeing it coming, this will be my training ground, to wherever He is bringing me.

There was a lesson to learn too in this week. As Lily and I thought to make Easter the best chance to bring our friends to church, we planned to go to the service together, and urgent to Lan Kwai Fong for a dinner later. I knew the Spirit in me against this, but I thought to just be with them, and stick with the plan.

Yes, Aggie went to church, but then it was a weak sermon on sacrifice, I mean on me, I need to be honest with this. Well, God works in ways we cannot see. I was blessed, still. I asked Aggie how did she feel after the service, and she told me honestly that she felt just that, and it's not the first time she went to church, she did try to find Christ, but she was just not convinced. It's a tale in the bible to her. I think the problem in the churches in here, is that, they are too formal, too restricted in their own ways. A perspective that needed to be changed! A perspective that Christianity is a religion, and it is tied up with traditions, formality, lethargic! NO!!! Of course Christianity is not a religion to us, is a relationship! Why aren't people seeing that? I didn't hear or felt I was loved when I sat down and marched for the procession together with the congregation, it was supposed to be a time to reach out! The pastor was so 'great', shared his experiences, talked about Christ's suffering, and his voice was so poetic, just as he was giving a wonderful speech. And that is it! Huuuh.... God forgive me! I just wondered, how much people see, and how much people know by their hearts, how much of joy that they have for living in Christ?

I'll be just bleshemy if I go on. God, forgive me. Cleanse me within.

Okay, then the worse was the next. We went to Lan Kwai Fong. I was feeling uneasy. Lan Kwai Fong, on Good Friday? It will be different, if I'm going there to do a open preaching, or personal evangelism. But then, to have dinner after Easter service, and the venue is LKF? It sounded so foul, so hypocrite to me.

On the way, I passed through shops, and I became more uneasy. I felt just so evil that the devil was clutching those people in the pubs, using its hypnotic skills, to lure anyone who are innocent and unaware. ( Yet, to clarify this, we were just going to a restaurant in LKF for dinner, my friends were not up for a drink.) The spirit of lust was dominant here. With the banging music in Lan Kwai Fong, I felt like throwing out. I just couldn't stand straight, I felt my upsad tummy was just getting worse, the feeling of nausea arose consistently with the banging music. Then, they spared me off, Lily paid for my taxi fare to go home. What a good way to escape from this place....... But it pays!

Creative in reaching out, it may be. But Spirit discerning is important. There are some area that we need to consecrete ourselves. There are something that if the Spirit against it, I should not be going against it, and thought to try it out. Disobedience or going ahead before consulting the Holy Spirit just always make a mess out of my life. Good lesson!

I'm not suggesting that a Christian should not go to Lan Kwai Fong. Different people would have different missions and visions. I know, Lan Kwai Fong is just not my ministry. At least, at this moment.

Notes: Lan Kwai Fong is a place like Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku.