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Monday, April 16, 2007

1 Kings 18 - News Outside Japan

NEWS : Oct 09, 2006

Eruptions Displace Thousands in Indonesia
Haji Hasan, the chairman of one of the lost villages, has turned to a thoroughly unscientific approach to saving the region. He has offered a reward of 100 million rupiahs, or about €8,400 ($10,840), for anyone who can convince the spirits to make the mud stop flowing.

More than 100 magicians, shamans and witches have responded to his appeal, much to the chagrin of local imams. For weeks the collection of sorcerers cast their spells on the volcano. One was an elderly woman who presented herself to the mud as the "Queen of Bali" and ordered it to stop flowing immediately.

Haji Hasan's experts, as it turned out, were just as successful as the hordes of engineers and scientists who had traveled to the region -- in other words, not at all.

The news reminded me about Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

Until today, the erruption continues.

Even when we are praying for Japan, it doesn't mean that we loose our sense with the nations! Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, we are all in the Western Pacific Region!

Guys, speed up! There are a lot of things that we can do in SEA! The land is crying out, for the mercy of the Lord! How can we be of assist in the work of the Lord? Let us encourage each other and get people to get their feet wet in the field!


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Shane said...

WOW! I just discovered your blog here concerning Japan. My wife and I are both friends of Joe Ozawa and have a heart for Japan. We were in Japan last year and are happy to meet others who love Japan and the surrounding nations. We long to see them come into their Kingdom destiny. God bless...