Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The view from my room......

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Test of Commitment and Love

My heart burst out of joy as I received the letter of offer for the dormitory this morning! I felt it was God just purposely made it that way, so to show me alongside this journey, there will be others to walk together, and getting INVOVLED.

The offer had not been made until someone being my advocate, organizing, helping to raise concern about this poor girl who have no place to stay, getting people who are willing to host me, then others came by to offer shelter and care. And then added on a further disappointment on the terrible condition of the residence house which challenged us to think of an alternative stay till January.

I have a strange feeling that if it was not the invitation being made by L. and C. for me to extend my stay with them; and the willingness and openness of Uncle T. to host me in earlier while other friends are coming to stay in Louisa's place next week yesterday evening, the offer will still delay.

It's strange to tie these together, but as I remember the promise He made, "The Church is coming in!" I felt this is what He meant. To show me that I'm not alone, and His family is going to care for me. Put it another way, it is also TEST of commitment and love.

It is not only about Methodist International for this chapter, but also the members of Full Gospel Assembly and Heart4Japan. I received many notes of prayers offered, love gifts and encouragement from all over, and God certainly remember all those who were involved. I just feel that He is strengthening the tie, and cleansing His temple... God, help me! Forgive me! and lead me on!

Saturday, October 13, 2007







Friday, October 12, 2007

My journey falls into His plans

Praise God! I have a place to stay now. A sister offered her study room for me until the dorm takes me in. (I hope the dorm wouldn't take so long......)

I believe all theses are added to the long list of His account, for what He install ahead for all the people that He had put together in the search of accommodation and the support in my preparation course in HK... my friends that host me, prayed for me, looked around for me, CEDARS, halls, church...

It was always amazing to see how things moved and fall into its place. I always believe that I cannot outgive God, and my plans just don't work before Him. As for the halls or the position of tutors, I felt that God must have a good reason in this.

I know He will in the end grant me a place in the hall, somehow I just felt that is His will. However, if He wants it to happen, it will happen! irregardless what it is going to take. He is BIGGER!

Yet, I also have a strange feeling in me that, at this moment, He wants me to be of an encouragement to someone else, or to learn something, or to be there for something/someone for a moment. So, He planned someone for me to stay in with, for that season. And that test my patience and perseverance, and also our understanding about His faithfulness and grace.

Although I stepped into the problems, and went to Jesus, allowing myself in that humble state, being weak and to rely totally on His strength. Yet, I couldn't help to "help" myself with the situation, that cost a lot of anxieties, rather then being still. So, that's something that I need to overcome.

The stay with my previous host was incredible! Prophetic!

The story goes.... Vivian passed me a gift last night as I moved out, a post card with my name written on it while she visited Vatican this summer. The address was her home address. In another word, she sent a post card home by putting my name as a recipient. And both of us didn't even know the hostel is not giving me a place, even as I waited till October.

:-) Wasn't it amazing? I am really convinced that my journey falls right into His hands.

Till then......

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Planning" can have so many meanings......

" dear sister, learn to plan -- if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. " A caring elder sister in Christ told me this morning as she found out my needs in searching for an accommodation.

"planning"... seems like a  jargon word to me.

If "planning" is about counting the cost, I had. If "planning" is about seeing which move is the best, and get things ready before the next move, then I had not done so.

If I have planned, I wouldn't be coming to Hong Kong. I would go to US instead to earn a scholarship, and still do public health. But sometimes, it is just so hard for me, to plan in advance, I always turned my eyes to my strength and abilities, what I have, rather than what He has done for me, and thus what He has in me was not seen. Planning, can't really put that away, unseen, but you felt most secure for deep down in my heart, I know that He will provide. He is honest, faithful and trustable. So, as I am convinced that I should go, what I needed to do is only trust and obey, and GO.

I'm afraid that there is a sound of  "laziness" in this matter, putting everything in God's hand....... but somehow I just felt that is what He intended me to learn. I had been always taking care of myself, doing appropriate planning, I was a good event planner, always have alternate plans for each events. Plan A, plan B, plan C, and I was such a perfectionist, that I wanted to plan everything. But for Heart4Japan, or to prepare myself in Hong Kong in the area of Public Health, I didn't plan. I couldn't, for me myself had to spend a year to figure why and how I ended up this way. It was too quick, everything happened just in a second, but I was greatly convinced that was the right thing to do at that moment. There is a peace to continue to follow His plans rather then trying to figure out what His plans are going to be.

During the four months in Malaysia, to be honest, I always struggled if I have to come back. Thinking about what it is going to be......and thinking about having to have the whole scene replay in this semester was enough to make me sick. I knew I would have no place to stay when I come back, I felt I will be too weak to go through this. However, thinking about it, and remembering His goodness, seeing the growth of the ministry, and seeing so many had been touched, and revived for their love and calls to Japan, the excitement grew! And I knew that He would have a good reason for me, as I need to go through this... One of that, perhaps it was being advised, "Plan! Learn to plan!"

Planning... I did count the cost, and I knew I wouldn't be able to pay for it. But, somehow strange enough, there was a peace in me, encouraging me to pursue the dream. A dream to be soar with Him, and just trust Him. So, as I counted the cost, I saw what it had to take...... I still have no solutions, but yet time was running out. It was either to complete the study, obeying the call, trusting Him in advance, or to quit and serve the Lord back home, knowing that He will still loves me and provides me even if I chose to avoid Heart4Japan or staying alone in Hong Kong to accept the training.

I guess, going to Japan will be even tougher. The experience in Hong Kong will give me that strength to stand firm in Japan later.

I really thank God for such precious advice, for I know this person really loves me and she had spoke through her experiences. I chose a difficult road to tread. Research is again a jargon for me. I'm not that academic brilliant, and doing research is really killing in little guidance that I could have.

Again, the Japanese culture is so different from mine, and sometimes I just feel so scare......

Till here, I have great peace, more than ever. I miss home, I don't really know how to plan, but there is a peace to wait and trust.

Monday, October 08, 2007



我心里没有为自己的处境心烦,但是寄居之处却为我心烦。这样的状况,还真有点尴尬。而且这个家庭是非基督徒,慢慢了解下来,神助我讨人喜悦,但是穷苦寒酸的教徒似乎印证了一般人对基督徒的stereotype,不是个好见证。这样想的时候,自己也不禁紧张起来。她妈说:"你这么大胆,是不是就是你们基督徒所说的什么'神招'? 我有好几个朋友也这样。我有一个朋友的丈夫是宣教士,教会支助,但是生活不是过得很好。我真的不明白为什么这种事也能和上帝扯上关系?"


地方太小,没有私人空间,光线差,要祷告灵修也不容易。然而感谢神!我好歹也住在中半山,有钱人的地方!想回马来西亚述职以前我也住了沙宣道。感谢神,这个家庭真的很照顾我。只是,这样的日子持续太久,难免会给人带来不便。而且我须要尽快有一个稳定的落脚处,Heart4Japan 和 hikikomori 的工作都须要一个office。我更须要一个地方可以让我安静祷告、灵修、写作。加上我这种日夜颠倒的工作方式,还有服事,我需要尽快有个地方。


你 们 不 要 倚 靠 君 王 , 不 要 倚 靠 世 人 ; 他 一 点 不 能 帮 助 。他 的 气 一 断 , 就 归 回 尘 土 ; 他 所 打 算 的 , 当 日 就 消 灭 了 。以 雅 各 的 神 为 帮 助 、 仰 望 耶 和 华 ─ 他   神 的 , 这 人 便 为 有 福 ! 耶 和 华 造 天 、 地 、 海 , 和 其 中 的 万 物 ; 他 守 诚 实 , 直 到 永 远 。(诗篇146:3-6)


腰 袋 里 不 要 带 金 银 铜 钱 。行 路 不 要 带 口 袋 ; 不 要 带 两 件 褂 子 , 也 不 要 带 鞋 和 ? 杖 。 因 为 工 人 得 饮 食 是 应 当 的 。你 们 无 论 进 那 一 城 , 那 一 村 , 要 打 听 那 里 谁 是 好 人 , 就 住 在 他 家 , 直 住 到 走 的 时 候 。 进 他 家 里 去 , 要 请 他 的 安 。 那 家 若 配 得 平 安 , 你 们 所 求 的 平 安 就 必 临 到 那 家 ; 若 不 配 得 , 你 们 所 求 的 平 安 仍 归 你 们 。(太10:9-13)

接 待 你 们 就 是 接 待 我 ; 接 待 我 就 是 接 待 那 差 我 来 的 。 人 因 为 先 知 的 名 接 待 先 知 , 必 得 先 知 所 得 的 赏 赐 ; 人 因 为 义 人 的 名 接 待 义 人 , 必 得 义 人 所 得 的 赏 赐 。 无 论 何 人 , 因 为 门 徒 的 名 , 只 把 一 杯 凉 水 给 这 小 子 里 的 一 个 喝 , 我 实 在 告 诉 你 们 , 这 人 不 能 不 得 赏 赐 。(太10:4-42)


Friday, October 05, 2007


As encouragement always being accompanied by discouragement, and discouragement being accompanied by encouragement, I guess what God is training us to, is to tune our mind and focus to His goodness and Faithfulness, also to learn how not to be distress in disappointments.

Many times, the disappointments do not come from the enemies and nonbelievers, but the fellow believer who had TALK more than WALK. Often, someone you trusted for the relationship that we have in Christ, promised you one thing, and turn out to be an empty one.  And when this happens, both side will have a different story. I guess, we need to repent!

It's not the time to compare what I had sacrificed or what you had done, nothing that we do can outgive God. We give it willingly in God, it's out of  love that we give. I know people who read this will probably agree, but do check our hearts as we agree. Do not be hypocrite. Repent if we hold resentment of what we had given.

Let's the people who joined Heart4Japan WALK more than TALK. Constantly check our hearts for what we do.

The good thing about having JESUS, is not that we will become a good person, nor we will do the right thing. But it is about having HIM, we will not be affected even in the stormy wind. And that takes TRUST, and ACTION! In the midst of storm, JESUS commanded the wind to stop. When the multitude were hungry, JESUS fed them. When the disciples were hungry, JESUS allowed them to take the grain on a Sabbath. When Peter fell into the water, JESUS extended His hand. When Peter could not catch a single fish, JESUS gave the direction. When the leaper needed healing, JESUS touched him. So much more....... If JESUS is here today, what do you think HE will do? Aren't we JESUS followers?

Stop BRAGGING, I urge you. But Start DOING!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007





Give proper recognition to those widows who are really in need. But if a widow has children or grandchildren, these should learn first of all to put their religion into practice by caring for their own family and so repaying their parents and grandparents, for this is pleasing to God. 要 尊 敬 那 真 为 寡 妇 的 。 若 寡 妇 有 儿 女 , 或 有 孙 子 孙 女 , 便 叫 他 们 先 在 自 己 家 中 学 着 行 孝 , 报 答 亲 恩 , 因 为 这 在 神 面 前 是 可 悦 纳 的 。(1Tim 提前5:3-4)


The Widow's Offering ~ Luke 路加21:1-3

As he looked up, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. "I tell you the truth," he said, "this poor widow has put in more than all the others.

耶 稣 抬 头 观 看 , 见 财 主 把 捐 项 投 在 库 里 , 又 见 一 个 穷 寡 妇 投 了 两 个 小 钱 , 就 说 : 我 实 在 告 诉 你 们 , 这 穷 寡 妇 所 投 的 比 众 人 还 多 !