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Friday, October 12, 2007

My journey falls into His plans

Praise God! I have a place to stay now. A sister offered her study room for me until the dorm takes me in. (I hope the dorm wouldn't take so long......)

I believe all theses are added to the long list of His account, for what He install ahead for all the people that He had put together in the search of accommodation and the support in my preparation course in HK... my friends that host me, prayed for me, looked around for me, CEDARS, halls, church...

It was always amazing to see how things moved and fall into its place. I always believe that I cannot outgive God, and my plans just don't work before Him. As for the halls or the position of tutors, I felt that God must have a good reason in this.

I know He will in the end grant me a place in the hall, somehow I just felt that is His will. However, if He wants it to happen, it will happen! irregardless what it is going to take. He is BIGGER!

Yet, I also have a strange feeling in me that, at this moment, He wants me to be of an encouragement to someone else, or to learn something, or to be there for something/someone for a moment. So, He planned someone for me to stay in with, for that season. And that test my patience and perseverance, and also our understanding about His faithfulness and grace.

Although I stepped into the problems, and went to Jesus, allowing myself in that humble state, being weak and to rely totally on His strength. Yet, I couldn't help to "help" myself with the situation, that cost a lot of anxieties, rather then being still. So, that's something that I need to overcome.

The stay with my previous host was incredible! Prophetic!

The story goes.... Vivian passed me a gift last night as I moved out, a post card with my name written on it while she visited Vatican this summer. The address was her home address. In another word, she sent a post card home by putting my name as a recipient. And both of us didn't even know the hostel is not giving me a place, even as I waited till October.

:-) Wasn't it amazing? I am really convinced that my journey falls right into His hands.

Till then......

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Shane said...

Thanks for sharing. Good to hear that all is working out.