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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Test of Commitment and Love

My heart burst out of joy as I received the letter of offer for the dormitory this morning! I felt it was God just purposely made it that way, so to show me alongside this journey, there will be others to walk together, and getting INVOVLED.

The offer had not been made until someone being my advocate, organizing, helping to raise concern about this poor girl who have no place to stay, getting people who are willing to host me, then others came by to offer shelter and care. And then added on a further disappointment on the terrible condition of the residence house which challenged us to think of an alternative stay till January.

I have a strange feeling that if it was not the invitation being made by L. and C. for me to extend my stay with them; and the willingness and openness of Uncle T. to host me in earlier while other friends are coming to stay in Louisa's place next week yesterday evening, the offer will still delay.

It's strange to tie these together, but as I remember the promise He made, "The Church is coming in!" I felt this is what He meant. To show me that I'm not alone, and His family is going to care for me. Put it another way, it is also TEST of commitment and love.

It is not only about Methodist International for this chapter, but also the members of Full Gospel Assembly and Heart4Japan. I received many notes of prayers offered, love gifts and encouragement from all over, and God certainly remember all those who were involved. I just feel that He is strengthening the tie, and cleansing His temple... God, help me! Forgive me! and lead me on!


Shane W. said...

Praise God! From test to testimony - of commitment of love. I believe that your faith has just been elevated to higher dimension in Him. What an encouragement!

Shane said...

Good to hear that things are working out for you. It is such a nice feeling to be loved by the Father, isn't it?