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Friday, July 16, 2010

『東大ワーシップサークル Tokyo University Worship Circle』

I always wish to meet people of same faith in Japan, especially in the academic field, where we can encourage each other to walk on the path of Christ, and to share this path to other people, so that none will be let out on That Day.

After the experience of May Festival in Tokyo University, I was shocked by the attraction of the techno music stage and the weird crowd that gathered at the side front of the medical main building. At the same time, I notice a huge unseen mental health needs in the campus. With this, I am planning to run a group in the campus, namely 『東大ワーシップサークル Tokyo University (Christian) Worship Circle, where we will accommodate people (students/staffs) who are Christians/non-Christians that would love to sing with us. Then during next May Festival, I would love our circle to take over the stage! I want to sing Christian worship songs on stage with the students!

Below is the draft of the missions of 『東大ワーシップサークル Tokyo University Worship Circle』 (Tell me what you think!)

Tokyo University Worship Circle exists to:

1. Reach out to the campus with Faith, Hope and Love:~

As worship songs contain a great extent of messages of Faith, Hope and Love, we believe that it is powerful to serve as music therapy to give hope to the lost and wearied. Therefore, we aim to take this opportunity to encourage and uphold the dreadful, wearied and lost souls in the campus with these messages.

2. Sings praise for the goodness of God and the beauty of His creation in the campus: ~

We believe that life is precious, and we hope to sing about the goodness of life and the beauty of creation. We believe that singing worship songs will install positive thinking, thus promote good mental health and influence good physical health.

3. Enabling peer support:~

We believe that it is common for everyone to feel down and wearied sometimes. However sometimes we may feel uneasy to share about our inner feelings and feel lonely and isolated. Singing helps to express ourselves thus release tense emotions. By singing together, connections and peer relations will form. We hope to provide peer support through sharing about our experiences in times of trouble and struggles in this group.

I am also hoping that by this, we will be able to bring all campus Christian workers together, and reach out to more people where KGK and CCC or other campus workers have not been able to reach. Living our lives as Christians includes 'bringing LIGHT into the darkness and ongoing DISCIPLESHIPS!