Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pray for Dr. Ozawa, June19th, 6:30am (Honolulu)

Our dear partner, Dr. Joseph Ozawa is going to have a phone interview with Peter McKinnon , next Tuesday (19th) at 6:30 a.m. Honolulu time.

Appreciate prayers for protection and favor!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rewards from your prayers!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Good news from D__LOS! If you remember while Makoto and Ken were struggled in Fukuoka, we had also struggled in the same way, pressing on to pray for a breakthrough! "

The gate in Fukuoka remains as the toughest, and crucial at this
moment. We will wait for the latest updates from the team. I believe, we will
soon hear a relieve sigh from Makoto. The harvest is going to embark at the dork
from May11. From Fukuoka, a sequence of harvest will roll out in lightning

And if you remember I had shared with you the LIGHT,

Push on! Press in! The uproar of the East Sea is fierce, but then
we have Jesus on our ship! Pray for the LIGHT to shine on the Land of Kyushu!

The report is back!

We had 26,000 visitors in Fukuoka in 10 days! 598 bible sold!
We had 43,000 visitors in Kanazawa, 627 bible sold!

We are still waiting the report from Niigata! But surely, God had opened a way, when there seemed to be no way.

Our Lord had blessed the hearts of our friends that had labored with all they could and all they had. Thank you for your prayers! Thank you so much in joining us in the labor and the harvest!

We thank God for blessing His workers, and leading His team.
And do continue to pray for the impact on the people will remain, will continue to stir a fire in them, to seek, to know, to believe! Pray that the fire will warm their hearts in winter and troubles!

Serving together in joy,-- Roseline

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Base Need To Be Strengthened - Do pray for Elder Koh

As I landed in Malaysia, i was just in time to attend my eldest uncle's funeral. I was able to get around with my family members, and shared much memories. It was a precious time to me.

There are many times in our lives, that we face dilemma, battling with health and sickness.

I believe my pastor's family is having the same dilemma at this moment for our very dear Elder Koh, my pastor's father is in the ICU at this moment.

There had been many miracles in his life, including healed cancer. I believe his faith is not shaken, for he always speaks on it and walks on it.

Since the church is covering me spiritually, it is wise to pray for the corner stone of the church, so that it shall not be shaken. So, please join me in prayer that :
1. God, please reduce his pain.
2. God, please provide strength for the family, in caring the family as well as other ministry works.
3. God, please extend his days, so that he can continue to speak life into men, and be the corner stone of the church.
4. God, please heal him completely, so that he can continue to serve, to travel, to advocate for the Antioch vision.

This gentle old man had spoke life into many members of the church, he is the stone of the church. Elder Koh was also the one who brought back the Antioch vision after his visitations to our missionaries. I hope to have him come to H4J to share a message, telling us how he had received the Antioch vision during his visitings to the missionaries. ( I heard that he was visiting a missionary in Hokkaido and as he returned, he brought up the Antioch vision. :-) Well, that needs to be confirm with him as he gets better)


It always blessed my heart as I see how God brings people to my life and to Heart4Japan. The encouragements and love had made me grown more excited for the coming trip to Busan.

Although nothing had been really confirmed yet, I have that peace in me. I feel like I am going to meet a lot of friends there. Meeting a lot of people who has a heart for Japan. Together we will share, and encourage each other, realizing that the burden to move for Japan, to pray, to give and to serve, is not only a wimpy dream, but something special that God had put inside us, something about His heart that He had revealed to us.

Often as I write about this, I feel ashamed. "How about the nations? "

His heart is for the nations! I believe. For the nations is going to come, and adore Him, worship Him, knowing that He is the Lord. And it is only through Jesus, we are able to come to the Father. Coming to the Father, is the place where we can freely worship, freely converse as who we are! Jesus is friend, teacher, brother, lover, shelter, fortress, bread and water and more! All men need Jesus!

Yet now, I know. God had put into me JAPAN as a priority! The aching, the longing to see His glory in Japan became so intense, that I must move on!

A friend told me that Heart4Japan to him is, " Network which is inspiring, encouraging and challenging people to pray for Japan to give to Japan and to serve in Japan. By doing that heart4japan is joining people from different missions and church background together for that the Japanese will see the glory of God!"

Yes! I believe in that too. Let's pray!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The German's Turn

God is always good! Now it is the German's turn in crying out for the Unreached Japan!

Der Spanier Francis Xavier brachte 1549 als erster Missionar die frohe Botschaft nach Japan. Xavier nannte Japan „die Freude meines Herzens... das beste Land im Fernen Osten für das Christentum“. Doch es sollte anders kommen. Mehr als 200 Jahre Christenverfolgung folgten und bis zum heutigen Tag konnte die Gute Nachricht in Japan nicht wirklich Fuß fassen. Bete für dieses Land und für die kleine Gemeinde hier. Wie damals Xavier, so haben wir Missionare auch heute viel Grund die Japaner als die „Freude unseres Herzens“ zu bezeichnen. Wir tun dies freilich auch in der Hoffnung, dass Japan eines Tages noch in größerem Ausmaß die „Freude am Herrn“ entdecken wird. Dies ist eine Vision, eine Hoffnung, die schon fast 500 Jahre alt ist. Wo immer du bist - im Gebet kannst auch du an dieser Vision teilhaben und ein Teil von ihr werden!

~ Producer: Matthias

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pray for Reimer and Nobuko

Reimer and Nobuko are pallining to be back in Japan from about July 20 - Sept 15. They will stay at our small cabin (small summer house) by Lake Biwa in Shiga Pref. They have promised several churches that we would be available to help them with their ministry during the summer and possibly preach for some pastors who will go on summer vacation.
More news and prayer request for Reimer and Nobuko, please visit: http://h4j-lettersfrommissionaries.blogspot.com/

Pray for me for the plans to Busan

It is exciting to be back home in Malaysia! God is gracious! I met almost 1/3 of the people that I should meet, made a couple of good friends, especially identifying more people with heart4japan. God is good!

The church had given me the permission to go to Busan (29June - 12 July) to meet with the students in July. We pray that God will make full use of this opportunity to review His heart for the nation, and Japan in particular! I will need your prayers in the following issues:
(i.) Courage and boldness to share about Heart4Japan and set up links and networks.
(ii.) Wisdom to share about the need of Hikikomori and student ministries in Campus.
(iii.) Joy in meeting people!

George Verwer was the one who really spurred me up in giving all that I have for Christ! Some called him "crazy", some called him "founder of OM", I call him a "dreamer", and spiritual father. (I read a compilation of his sermons, and feared to death whenever there was an altar call. I'll cry and cry and cry because of my inability to commit myself fully to Christ. Then, after bags of tears, His presence became so obvious, and the burden to carry out what's in His heart became so unbearable, that I had to start moving!)

George Verwer, powerful speaker! A man that is strongly used by God. I could still remember his tall thin figure, as he shared he had no more than one piece of suit in his wardrobe, and his embarrassment while he gave it away to another pastor because he felt that he needed it more than he did. And George owned 2 ships at that time.

George will be the main speaker in Busan! If I could be there, that will be really a time of regeneration, as I had changed compared the first time meeting him, from unwilling to a willing vessel. Still, there are a lot that I need to learn. The humbling process is pain, but at the same time, exciting!

God bless you!