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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Base Need To Be Strengthened - Do pray for Elder Koh

As I landed in Malaysia, i was just in time to attend my eldest uncle's funeral. I was able to get around with my family members, and shared much memories. It was a precious time to me.

There are many times in our lives, that we face dilemma, battling with health and sickness.

I believe my pastor's family is having the same dilemma at this moment for our very dear Elder Koh, my pastor's father is in the ICU at this moment.

There had been many miracles in his life, including healed cancer. I believe his faith is not shaken, for he always speaks on it and walks on it.

Since the church is covering me spiritually, it is wise to pray for the corner stone of the church, so that it shall not be shaken. So, please join me in prayer that :
1. God, please reduce his pain.
2. God, please provide strength for the family, in caring the family as well as other ministry works.
3. God, please extend his days, so that he can continue to speak life into men, and be the corner stone of the church.
4. God, please heal him completely, so that he can continue to serve, to travel, to advocate for the Antioch vision.

This gentle old man had spoke life into many members of the church, he is the stone of the church. Elder Koh was also the one who brought back the Antioch vision after his visitations to our missionaries. I hope to have him come to H4J to share a message, telling us how he had received the Antioch vision during his visitings to the missionaries. ( I heard that he was visiting a missionary in Hokkaido and as he returned, he brought up the Antioch vision. :-) Well, that needs to be confirm with him as he gets better)

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Roseline said...

Elder Koh left us on 29July, 2007. The day I took my flight to Korea. I wasn't able to attend his funeral, but I heard thousands were present at the memorial service.

A picture of multitude came into my mind. Such a teacher of the time, such a leader, yet a humble man in his life. As I also remembered the warfare when he was ridden in the bed, and the promises of the Lord to us such as "rainbow", verses on "flood", I was almost certain that the Lord was reinstating His covenant with His servant.

We love to have Elder Koh with us another minute, but to Elder Koh, perhaps it is time to go home. And before going home, the Lord reinstate His covenant with him. How wonderful...... Elder Koh had faught a good battle, and he had past on his baton to us. Shalom!

Glory to the Lord! Praises to Jesus!