Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

One Week In Hong Kong

It have been a week since I landed in Hong Kong. Still adjusting... to get familiar with the roads, bus route to school, back home, to the city center etc. Many silly mistakes made... haha! Yesterday, I moved officially from Fan Leng to Elaine's place in Hong Kong Island. I took a taxi from Hong Ham Railway Station with the help of Cannas. It cost me about HKD98, about 20 minutes at peak hour. Thanks for the rain, if it was not the rain, I had probably took the KCR train, and then the MTR, and then a bus to South Horizon. That will cost me around HKD 25, and it will take me at least two hours to reach home. So, I concluded it as a good deal! :-) I'm planning to move to Chi Fu next week, so it would be even nearer to the school, a shorter distance. I had been really blessed by Elaine and Ken. They are really angels that God sent perfectly on time to reduce the stress of travelling average four hours a day back and forth.

New Friends...
A group of us (the new students in the MPH) get really close to each other. We went to the main camp together this morning to process the student ID. Victoria and me will visit Sky's church tomorrow, Vine in Center. Then, in the afternoon I will go to Church On The Rock, the Japanese church in Tai Koo. Oh, ya... I am going to the Japanese Cafe this afternoon at about 2pm. I'm writing to you in this cafe named MIX. They have a Internet service for their customers. Limited to 20 minutes per user, however... you know... haha.

Japanese bible study...
I went to Kakuko's bible study group @ home fellowship? on Tuesday evening. Plain Japanese, except Cannas and me. I really hoped that they can start to pray for Japan as they are Japanese, however, the practice of praying might need to experience a revival before that. LOL. Cannas was thinking to start a Heart4Japan prayer group in Kowloon. That's a great idea, please do pray for that! And I might get a few person in the island to start praying for Japan too. Let's see how it goes......

Is this really a way to Japan?
I'll be meeting Janice Johnston on Monday afternoon to discuss again about the modules and the dissertation, hope to find out more to see if I'm on the right track. Please pray about this too. That will decide how I'm going to spend time in this 2 years, and how could I possibly go to Japan after this.

Accomodation, is this the right place for me?
Please do pray for a good time of fellowship with Theressa Lam too. The landlady that I'm going to stay with, she had a lot of "restriction" in the beginning, eg. no cooking, no staying at home in the day time, blar blar...... But now she is considering to give me special permission in cooking, and having small group discussion or bible study at home. However, we just need to pray for this. The denomination different really matters to her church leaders, but thank God, not her. So, if I'm really going to stay with her, there are a lot of things that I'll gonna watch out, and pray for. A nice lady, she bought me a burger when we last met. :-)

Japan, Japan, Japan...... What is the reason that I come here for? Is it for Japan? or is it for God? I really need to be very focus on Jesus, even in the whole area of missions. Of course I have no doubt that He had lead me here with a great deal of reasons that of Japan, but would He had more thoughts for me? I can only be open to that as I direct my full attention to HIM.

Retreat ...
Staying in Elaine's place is like a retreat, the block is facing the sea, and it's often very windy. My meals and laundry have also been taken care of. Really appreciate that... thanks, Elaine! God is great, He provides. And when we call on Him, He answers. More than what we asked for.

I heard from my mom that the ladies had encouraged her very much by sharing prayers and thoughtful ideas with her... THANK YOU SO MUCH...... It's not really a great idea to leave home, but because of the love, care and concern of you people, it helped to strengthen us A LOT...... really. God Bless!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Finally Arrived

Finally arrived...
Finally, arrived in Hong Kong, started as a student, going into classes. Everything is new for me here.

Warm Weather...
The weather here is still summer! Oh... no... I thought it would end by September, and now I took almost all thick clothes, lol. I'm afraid of cold, you know... well, the autumn would only begins in the end of October. But the library and classrooms are very cold because of the air-cond. The clothes that I bring is still suitable if I'm going to stay in the school for the whole day :-) Walking out the street at night is still humid and warm.

2 hours of traveling X 2 ...
I stay in Fan Leng, which it takes about 1and a half hour to 2 hours of public transport to the university. However, GOD is forever faithful. I had started to make friends with my classmates, interesting though. And I'm as usual, forever blur in everything... haha. But I do meet wonderful people, bless you!

Malaysian Classmates...
There are 2 Malaysian government officers here just to take the summer course. It is great to meet someone from home! I'm still looking around for an accommodation near school. The one in Fan Leng is alright, accept for the long hours of traveling. And it is expensive, just travel in between the school and home will easily cost me about HKD1500/mth.

Out Of The Box
The class is interesting. It seems that I would need to learn how to transform the normal days practice and logical thinking or action into conceptual ideas in drawing out theoretical and practical enforcement. Feel like studying philosophy now. A lot of creative thinking were involved. By listening to the conversations between the lecturer and the other students, it is like you really need to jump out of the box, and it's a bunji jump! If you think I'm crazy enough, I think I'm rather a kinder garden kid in this situation. lol. I will really need a lot of prayers form you people! :-D

My first assignment is deal on September 2, and I am now in the library trying to look at the data and do some research. The assignment only require 2 pages, but the citation might take 1 page(exclude the 2 pages). A lot of readings! And I will be amazed if I could fix all that I want to present in 2 pages. Whew...what a challenge! I need that though :-) I often write too long...

I'm trying to focus on the topic of "Measurements and Prevention of Suicide in Japan." However, the focus area still need to be refine.

I have 4 clinical papers to read, 2 chapters in the text book to read, and a bundle of notes to work on, today. Urrh.... got to go! Will need to see the possible place where I will be staying later.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006