Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Praise God Again and Again!

Praise God again and again!

(i) My apartment is alright now. The reason for the flood had been
made clear. The culprits were a shaver and a shoe brush. I have very
clean floor now. Kenneth and his family helped me to clean up the
apartment. And now it is brand new :-) I would need to do some tidy up
tomorrow, things are great! I didn't lost anything. Praise Jesus!

(ii) I finally finished my assignment before time. And I did a great
job in the tutorial discussion this evening, working together with my
dear classmates. Again, I learned that I need to grasp on principles
and have crisp sense of analysing if I wished to make a solid

(iii) My school fees was able to deferred, but deal to some technical
mistakes, I was automatically deregistered by the school. I was also
asked to bare the cost of surcharge. Though my library card was
expired, but somehow I am still able to access to the school Web to do
my program. God is certainly working, isn't He? I had wrote a letter
to the Overseas Student Administration Department to appeal for
surcharged waived. I wrote about my disappointment in the notifying
system of the school as well as the poor hospitality. I thought I was
being bold. Pray that I don't run ahead God in this :-) But I do have
peace in voicing out my dissatisfaction about the school system. I
hope that they don't take it personally.

(iv) I found many people who had been a blessing to me, and I also
found myself as a blessing to others! :-) I pray that these people
would be drawn to God.

Monday, November 27, 2006

4 Items to thanks God with! Praise Jesus, He's alive!

I want to give thanks to the Lord! For He had been my helper!

1. The University of Hong Kong had stopped my library card (student card) due to unpaid school fees on last Friday.
Reasons: Unknown.
Story: EPF had not released my education funds due to two missing documents. I was surprised as I was informed by the finance department last month. I went to apply for defer payment, and by the help of the Lord, I was able to gain a grace period till end of December.
(i) Without paying, the university accepted me as a student.
(ii) Without paying, I am actually a student, and coming to the end of the semester.
(iii) When my student card was stopped, there was a librarian who helped me to extend it till Monday, so that I could seek help from the Oversea Student Administration (OSA) Department.

I had tried to call the OSA today, but no one attained to me.

2. I was nearly injured today, but God had preserved me!
Reason: The big round mirror in the bus fell on my laps while I was heading to Heart4Japan prayer meeting this afternoon (Monday). There was a big square metal attached to it, 10 inches X 12 inches, the diameter of the mirror was about 12 inches. The driver heard the great noise (I was in the upper deck, first row) that he was so worried, he stopped the bus by the road side and came up to inspect. His action surprised me more than the dropped mirror.
(i) The mirror could had fell on my head.
(ii) The mirror could had fell on the floor, and the broken glass would injured me.
(iii) I was not hurt at all.
(iv) Blessed is the one who is persecuted because of Christ! :-)

I was suffered from some spiritual attack at about 10am in the morning, the Lord had reminded me to kneel down before Him to pray.

3. My flat was flooded at about 10pm, and I had someone to receive me to his home for overnight.
Reason: Unknown.
Story: I contacted Kenneth, my landlord's son. He came and help. Many came and help, but all in vain. The house ended up with more water. Praise God that Jesus is in control. I pray that we would witness a miracle in the morning! I pray that God will preserve my rooms! I pray that God will help me to clean up the whole apartment!

Four sisters are coming to visit me on Friday. They need place to stay.

(i) I was in peace, and I believe that leaves a good testimony. The president of the block told me most people yelled at him.
(ii) I had people to be with me while I tried to clean it up.
(iii) I had Kenneth to take me in to his place so that I can continue to do my assignments.
(iv) I had place to go when the smell is bad.
(v) Kenneth agreed to help me to clean the house.

The first incident was the burnt mark on my bed sheet due to the "flying cigarettes". The Lord had taken care of that. The second was the mysterious leaking in the kitchen, 5 days before Mag and Esther came over to stay. Now, the flood, 4 days before another sisters come.

Good, blessed is the one who is persecuted!

4. My friend sent me a copy of assignment so that I could have some rest.
Reason: I was not able to do my assignment because of the long weekend conference. And because my student card was not active, I cannot access the school web and do my assignments. And now because of the flood, I lost time.

(i) I have caring friends.
(ii) I have loving friends.
(iii) God is certainly watching!

I need to finish my assignment now! I am chairing this evening. I need to come out with presentation files, and structured plans for the tutorial discussions tonight! My life is exciting! I had many good encouragements from the Lord, and if the devil is trying to defeat me by all these, he is nothing but a looser! Your prayers will uphold me! The Lord is my helper, whom should I afraid!

Japan is coming to life!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Another Prayer Group Praying For Japan

Praise Jesus, I found a church that is earnestly praying for Japan in
Hong Kong. Hallelujah! I went to the prayer meeting this evening, it
was amazing!

These people, they are Chinese, they pray for Japan because the church
has a vision for Japan. They love the church, and they love God,
although they don't understand why, no facts, no reason except for
knowing it is the desire of God to see Japan saved. And after praying
for many months, now they have a Japanese pastor, talently gifted,
charismatic and spiritual, joined them 2 months back, and started to
lead the team.

There are people praying for Japan. Japanese and non-Japanese. I found
Mayumi Sensei with her J-Chapel, I found Rev. Joseph Ozawa who has
this hippopotamus ministry,and now I found Kazawa Sensei. And of
course, us! Heart4Japan prayer warriors! In fact, all of us are
Heart4Japan warriors!

God reminded me one thing today, there is no founder for Heart4Japan.
He is the founder! The ministry is not about people, but His heart,
His desire! Any one, who is on the field, who pray for Japan, that is
because a heart for Japan! I pray that God will join all of us
together in short, and we will together see a BREAKTHROUGH in Japan!

The power of PRAYERS brings forth forgiveness, reconciliation, Salvation!

There is a promise for Japanese, we are obligated to help them to get
there when we had crossed Jordan, because we are FAMILY!

I heard some people cried out to God, "Many people are praying for
Japan, so Japan will have Jesus!" Japan will have Jesus! But I hear
the field crying, "we need more workers, we need more warriors!" May
God bless you!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It must have been your unfailing prayers!

Thanks for your unfailing prayers! I believe it is your constant prayers that uphold me in the time when I nearly fall. Allow me to share with you a couple of prayer request:

I'm Adopted
Praise God! I remember He was telling me that the church is coming in. "The Church is coming in," He said. True enough, I recently heard that the Chinese Church in FGA had agreed to adopt me as their adopted missionary. This is a big move for them! It had not been easy to make that decision, it takes a long commitment in terms to pray for me and to fight alongside with me. And God's grace to me, this is like gaining approval from the leaders and the elders of the church on my move, I'm not alone.

Please Pray For:
1. Pray that the Lord will bless the church and move more people to the mission field. Stir up more hearts and souls that will burn for Christ!
2. Pray that the congregation begin to learn to support their missionaries by organizing praying, giving, welcoming and motivating on their own!
3. Pray that the cell groups will come together and seek God's direction in their lives!
4. Pray that at least 2 home cells will adopt me and Japan as their unreached nation.

I find that my passions in Christ is lighting up many others, but it is still weak to set up a fire. I wish that I'm a torch! Japan is not alone in this fight. There are many more counties that need Christ, many more lives that needs His intervention. Tibet, Mongol, Nepal, Asia and many more. To God, I don't think the number counts ( Although I had always made used the number of Japanese as the biggest unreached in the world). But, really I don't think it is the number of people that He is looking at. But then, what is it?

5. Pray for me wisdom and courageous to continue to move on to seek God in His presence!
6. Pray that God will raise up more warriors for Heart4Japan, and join us together, so that we will be able to partner and learn from each other.
7. Pray that God will raise someone who is gifted in reading and analyzing materials to help in the interpretation of materials. Someone who is willing to seek God for answers.

Challenge of turning false hopes into HOPE
I see many false hopes that were installed in people, and all these false hopes had sustained their dreams and strength to live on for generations in a land that had not heard of Gospel. It is a battle to turn these hopes into real HOPE. I wish to learn from these workers who are in the field, working on with love and kindness and cares and concerns. I believe it is life that impacts life! It is how we live and how we are as a salt and light that turn people to Christ. But then, is that all?

8. Pray for me chances to learn from people, and chances to be on the battle field, to have a taste on what it is.
9. Pray for me strength in discipleship.

Holy Spirit
Some people said that we need Holy Spirit, and in some hard ground, there are great evil forces, and the move of the Holy Spirit had been bound.

I felt a struggle of spirits in Japan, and there was the place that I was convinced that I had to start with prayers, strong prayers and intercessions! Prayer was lacking in Japan. I have no problems with that. But my question is, "Can the evil spirit bound the Holy Spirit?" I don't think that is biblical right!

10. Pray that I will only listen to God and only to Him alone. Not my voice, not others. John10

Fine-tune our hearts
I felt that the reason that God wants us to pray for His work in Japan, it was because He wanted us to be serious in His Kingdom. There was no meaning when we sent a troop to a land just because we needed to fulfill the quota, or we knew that was the right thing to do. The hearts and attitudes were the ones that needed to be fixed before His Kingdom could come! What I felt deeply was that, we, the people of God had not moved together with the Spirit of God, and that's why we were struggling! Unknowingly, we were in the ways of God's plan! And God knew that!

He had put us there. He had called His people to Japan, whether we served willingly or in hesitate. And He so loved us, that He was shaping us to be in-tune with him and witness His wonders and saving grace in Japan! But first, we must be in-tune with Him!

What would make us in tune? That is something that we are seeking.

Addition: Dr. Joseph Ozawa had came out with a good material for Children in Japanese. Please pray for the Hippopotamus ministry and that God will maximize the influence and effectiveness of the materials.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So many...... So huge a field!

Somehow, I'm amazed. Do you know how many out there need God in their lives? How many need an intervention by the Holy Spirit and His holy hand?

Does a huge number counts?

What is God crying out to us?

How much had we seen? How much had we heard? The blind, the deaf, the mental illness. Mongol, Tibet, Afghan, India, China, Japan, Nepal, Europe, Africa, America, the mountains, the valleys, the rivers, how many more had not heard of Gospel? A friend told me, he would never think of Europe when he thinks about missions. He said, they have plenty of opportunities to hear Christ, when others have none. Yes, Indonesia, Brunei, Asia, Russia, North Korea, many more!

In all these cries, I know only one thing. The field needs workers, the harvest needs workers! So many...... so huge a field! Are we catching hold of His word?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Do not mislead

In communication of Gospel, we are not to construct our own understanding about Jesus Christ. Once we do that, the message lost its power and the Kingdom suffer souls lost.

In communication of work, we are not to mislead people with misinterpretation of facts and data. It cost dignity, justice, trust and worthiness when we are caught in misleading people by distorted facts or lies.

When blind leads blind, both falls into the pit. Matthew 15:14

Rebel begins with distrust.
My tears are drying, Lord.
My heart is burnt with desires!
There are so many things to do,
Yet I do not know where to begin.

I cry out my soul to you, Lord.
I need your very guidance,
To walk carefully in your way,
Not to slumber nor sleep,
Before your Kingdom come.

I made your dreams my dreams,
Your desires as my desires.
How I wish I can pursue your will
Full heartedly.
I'm ashame with what I'm lack of,
But I know I'll be make perfect in you!

The Rock, my Salvation, my Refuge,
Jesus Christ!
You are my all and all!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



It is God who armed me with strength and makes my way perfect

The more busy I am, the more I should cling on to the Lord, and be still before Him. Trusting him will make my way. For it is His way, and I merely a walking vessel. A vessel has no direction of its own. But the master that control the vessel yes. It is the direction that the master set, where a vessel is heading to.

I found myself hardly have time for anything except for the studies in the course. I found it hard for even spending 2 hours in transport. Then, unsatisfy, I asked myself. What I am here for? Course work? Of course. But then, how about bible study? how about fellowship? how about discipling? how about Heart4Japan?

I began to see my limitation in organizing my time. Finally I decided to set everything aside. I began to make time for bible study and discipleship with my prayer group, regardless I had finished my text reading, or my assignment. And of course, I found that I gained but not loose! Again, it proved that the more time that I spend in ministry, in praying with others, the more time I gain.

The point that I want to make is that, I was able to have a clearer understanding about my study and I have more time to spend because it was used efficiently.

May this bless you too!

God is soverign God!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006








Sunday, November 12, 2006

Perceptions affects our behavior and most often results in wrong judgments

Learning about my naiveness, I found that I had wronged my late-aunty many times with poor judgment based on my perceived "sound knowledge" about her condition in health and mental being. The "sound knowledge" is base on personal experience, the professionalism in certain area. And so often, I was misled by biases, and perceptions. We need to learn that there is no absolute truth except Jesus Christ. The verse in James 4 turns into a stronger light, and God is leading me to enter another dimention to show me my inequity. I thank God for my aunty's salvation, and I believe that she is now healthy and loved in heaven. The sorrows turned into joy, the bitterness of being wrong (In fact, she had never shown bitterness towards my wrong perceptions towards her). It was love that supported her all the while to love me. And I based on my own perception, took her love in my own view without giving full consideration towards her.

It seems justifiable because "we need to think of ourselves". There is always a benchmark of "You had tried your best!", "You done enough!" My late-aunty and I had good relationship, we loved each other and that could be witnessed. Yet, I cannot tell lies. I had certainly wronged her in many ways, many times. With my perceived observation. And these perceived observation and judgment sounded so "valid". The validity could never be 100%, now I learn that even you are quite 99% sure about a hypothesis, you will still have 1% of chance of being wrong. In statistic, the higher the confidence level, the less precise you are!

Doctor could always be wrong in their diagnosis, and healing is often in God's hand even you go through extensive treatments! And life or death, troubles or confidence would not be always be equal to our beliefs nor our faith in God. We should know this by our hearts now, but yet in ministry we always overlook. It is like when we are in deliverance service, a person who is full of tears, we tend to take him or her as confessing or being acknowledge of evil past. Not likely, that could be tears of joy. When someone hold his or her fist tight, it could be a spiritual warfare, it could also be a dedication to strive for the Lord!

I think that is why God wants me to study public health before I enter Japan. He is giving me a new light in the scripture, and challenging me to learn that I had not gave all that I had eventhough I thought so.

Our behavior is a reflection of what we perceive. It is perspective that induce judgment. We can make many repeated mistakes, when we face problems on the field. I.e. Japan. We made judgment before we knew it, beware! Our perspective and biases could be so "biblical" in our eyes. My heart! Rejoice in God, keep Trust! Be guided and guarded by the Holy Spirit!

Lord, help me! I don't want to make such mistakes, because I feel the pain in wronging others, and apologies could be too hard in times. Help me to see through you, and speak through you. For my tongue is uncontrolled, and it speaks evil without me being able to catch it. Ignorance would be the major cause of this. Lord, give me the wisdom and love to love you and to obey you in truth and joy and peace!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Reality of Christ? or the presentation of Christ?

I disagree with Douglos in her opinion of risk in many areas, but I love some of her phrases that she used to depict Risk.

'The reality of danger is not at issue. The dangers are not only too horribly real, in both cases, modern and pre-modern. This argument is not about the reality of dangers, but about how they are politicized. This point cannot be emphasized too much '(1992:29)

I think people on the field could recognize this: it is not about how real is Jesus that the Japanese non-believers are concern about when making a decision to accept Christ. It is often not the reality of Jesus Christ, but about how He was presented and perceived in the social structure. And I see many workers struggle not to emphasize the point too much.

Other concerns that brought to bear in the ways of Salvation

I read this phrase in the book of RISK by Deborah. "The difference that is commonly observed between 'expert' and 'lay' judgments of risk is founded not in the fact that people cannot think in terms of probabilities, as some psychometric risk analysts have contended but rather that other concerns are brought to bear in the ways they judge risk. "

Would it be correct if I import the phrase to our term, "The difference that is commonly observed between Christian and non-Christians judgment of JUDGMENT (heaven and earth) is founded not in the fact that people cannot think in terms of probabilities, but rather that other concerns are brought to bear in the ways they judge heaven and earth."

You are welcome of feedback!

Rewrite the phrase again, it will be: "The difference that is commonly observed between Christian and non-Christians judgment of Salvation is founded not in the fact that people cannot think in terms of probabilities, but rather that other concerns are brought to bear in the ways they judge Salvation."

If this statement carries weight, then what are the other concerns are brought to bear in the ways? It might be useful in knowing them.

These concerns are essentially cultural rather than individual: 'individuals do not try to make independent choices, especially about big political issues. When faced with estimating probability and credibility, they come already primed with culturally learned assumptions and weightings' (Douglas1992:58)

Do not be anxious

Be not anxious, my heart says.

"Fight for a good fight. And trust that God is with you!" that's the voice.

Trust! Do whatever is necessary, and leave the result to Him. Do not be anxious if the rock had not moved, if He had asked you to push the rock. We could be sure what He had asked us to do, but we ain't sure about the whole plan. He might had asked me to push the rock to train my muscles for a tough fight. The door that He had opened, no one can close. The door that He had closed, no one can open.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sharing My Thoughts......

It is great to have God to install in Louis for the main points of prayers of Heart4Japan. Again, He reinforced to me that it is not me, but it is His vision to build up an army for Japan. If I get nothing out of this trip, and if I even didn't make it to the professional level that I hope to gain, having to see a life that is drawn out to
light up another would be as good!

I might not be the fire as great as I thought, but at least a candle. If I persist in the things that He called me to do, I shall be content when I give my best strength for it! That's the lesson I learned in last two weeks.

I constantly feel inferior to the subject of Principles in Public Health, because I suddenly realised there are many things that are happening around us and I was totally "unaware", or "ignored", and giving reasons that I'm pursuing "spiritual things" to be excused from it.

The question is: How could I be able to aim on the right target when I'm not even alert at the manifestation of evil deeds and disguised angels of light around me, in my neighborhood, in the nation that I'm praying for, what spiritual things that I'm talking about? To make it plain, I am such NAIVE.

And God is teaching me something today, and I finally found a good scenario to describe what I am to do. Have you read the story of Wizard of Oz? I feel like I am the scarecrow walking the journey to find my brain. People might perceive I have a brain, but I have really straws in my head.

For God had not called us out of the world, but in the world, and to make disciples, to be His light, to be His salt, to live His standard, so people will know that God is alive, and what a true God we serve, an unbeatable truth! It's scary to listen how we human had trade off our environment for our own greed, and isn't it as true as how we human had trade off our souls to the evil for temporal "goodness"? What significant to us the workers, many people trade off eternity for meaningless earthly treasures, and they knew it well. Isaiah 6:9; 48:8.

Do we think fighting tobacco or air pollution is worthless, when we have no control of the issues? Think about obesity and the chips and chocolates and sweets that we enjoy. No one knows the danger or the hidden messages behind all these. What do you think people think about us, these silly people telling people about God, about Jesus when people are tired of it, and why bother about idolatry, why bother
about principles when the king of the world is in control? Foolish, maybe. But I rather be a fool for God. And these fools are going to teach me how they fight in the task that God had put them there.

Foolish, to most people, for fighting tobacco, it's a personal choice.
Foolish, is to tell people stop eating chips, watch out of your weight, no ice-creams, no can food, we don't know what we are eating.
Foolish, is to talk about pollutions when the easiest resolution is to dispose the toxic waste to the nature. The nature can take it.
Are these harmless? Of course we are not aware for the effect was not immediate! How do we fight a good fight when we tell the people that we try to reach out to what they had been doing was wrong? And the true God is only Jesus? There is no immediate effect, no one knows it, shut up! Who do you think you are to tell me the truth?

Foolish, hur? God, help me to be a complete fool in you! So that I'll be able to do your wills without hesitation, without being influence of the smartness in this world.

We are fighting with Mammon. No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (Mat6:24). Learning about the trade-off secrets, this verse appeared as a new light. The devil tried to tempt Jesus with wealth in the wilderness. We really need to watch our hearts.

The classes are giving me tools and hints in the same time in discovering more about Japan. With the limited strength and wisdom that I have now, I could only develop piece by piece. I know to some people, you would wish to see the whole picture. I'm sorry, I can't give it to you. I'm just not there. But what I will do is that I will
continue to write down piece by piece, even when people are tired about it. And perhaps one day, as I meet God, He will give me the whole picture, or He will give me brain that I would be able to look back at these journals and join the dots together. Be it Japan, or my future, I believe nothing will fall in vain. I am only a tool, I am to do what He calls me to do, and I'm not timeless. But He is Sovereign, He is TIMELESS.

Praise God for all His good deeds!