Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Another Prayer Group Praying For Japan

Praise Jesus, I found a church that is earnestly praying for Japan in
Hong Kong. Hallelujah! I went to the prayer meeting this evening, it
was amazing!

These people, they are Chinese, they pray for Japan because the church
has a vision for Japan. They love the church, and they love God,
although they don't understand why, no facts, no reason except for
knowing it is the desire of God to see Japan saved. And after praying
for many months, now they have a Japanese pastor, talently gifted,
charismatic and spiritual, joined them 2 months back, and started to
lead the team.

There are people praying for Japan. Japanese and non-Japanese. I found
Mayumi Sensei with her J-Chapel, I found Rev. Joseph Ozawa who has
this hippopotamus ministry,and now I found Kazawa Sensei. And of
course, us! Heart4Japan prayer warriors! In fact, all of us are
Heart4Japan warriors!

God reminded me one thing today, there is no founder for Heart4Japan.
He is the founder! The ministry is not about people, but His heart,
His desire! Any one, who is on the field, who pray for Japan, that is
because a heart for Japan! I pray that God will join all of us
together in short, and we will together see a BREAKTHROUGH in Japan!

The power of PRAYERS brings forth forgiveness, reconciliation, Salvation!

There is a promise for Japanese, we are obligated to help them to get
there when we had crossed Jordan, because we are FAMILY!

I heard some people cried out to God, "Many people are praying for
Japan, so Japan will have Jesus!" Japan will have Jesus! But I hear
the field crying, "we need more workers, we need more warriors!" May
God bless you!


PL said...

PTL! I believe the Grace of our Lord has led you to this church where the
leaders and members are focusing on Japan too, among other things.As you
look back from the moment you took another step of faith to land in Hong
Kong, His plan and destiny for you is unfolding each step of the way. How
marvellous! How wonderful! Though yet there were times when you were filled
with uncertainties, and fears crept in, to sway and rock you like waves
pounding on your ship. But behold! as we look upon Jesus on the waters of
stormy weathers, we know we can depend on Him to lead us on, the Rock of All
Sail on my fellow comrade, your fellow knights are interceding for you from
the other shore.
Unc.Peng Lum
Went into your blogsite today.Wah! so many to read.Even though there were no
comments posted, it don't mean people are not reading. I will be posting
your e-mail below on KD notice board.

Swee Gim said...

Praise God for the encouraging news and I praise God for your passion.
Keep it up and wishing you a blessed Christmas.

Sun Sun said...

wa, good lo...
oh ya, do u know that our flight changed to 1dec?
we'll be reaching at 10 something.. maybe u could check out the itinery for us again...
i dunno how to check oh...

Lydia said...

will pray continuosly for Japan....hope u r there doing gud n energetic as usual. Let ur soul mind body thrive and enjoy the best from GOD HIMSELF.....

with luv,