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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sharing My Thoughts......

It is great to have God to install in Louis for the main points of prayers of Heart4Japan. Again, He reinforced to me that it is not me, but it is His vision to build up an army for Japan. If I get nothing out of this trip, and if I even didn't make it to the professional level that I hope to gain, having to see a life that is drawn out to
light up another would be as good!

I might not be the fire as great as I thought, but at least a candle. If I persist in the things that He called me to do, I shall be content when I give my best strength for it! That's the lesson I learned in last two weeks.

I constantly feel inferior to the subject of Principles in Public Health, because I suddenly realised there are many things that are happening around us and I was totally "unaware", or "ignored", and giving reasons that I'm pursuing "spiritual things" to be excused from it.

The question is: How could I be able to aim on the right target when I'm not even alert at the manifestation of evil deeds and disguised angels of light around me, in my neighborhood, in the nation that I'm praying for, what spiritual things that I'm talking about? To make it plain, I am such NAIVE.

And God is teaching me something today, and I finally found a good scenario to describe what I am to do. Have you read the story of Wizard of Oz? I feel like I am the scarecrow walking the journey to find my brain. People might perceive I have a brain, but I have really straws in my head.

For God had not called us out of the world, but in the world, and to make disciples, to be His light, to be His salt, to live His standard, so people will know that God is alive, and what a true God we serve, an unbeatable truth! It's scary to listen how we human had trade off our environment for our own greed, and isn't it as true as how we human had trade off our souls to the evil for temporal "goodness"? What significant to us the workers, many people trade off eternity for meaningless earthly treasures, and they knew it well. Isaiah 6:9; 48:8.

Do we think fighting tobacco or air pollution is worthless, when we have no control of the issues? Think about obesity and the chips and chocolates and sweets that we enjoy. No one knows the danger or the hidden messages behind all these. What do you think people think about us, these silly people telling people about God, about Jesus when people are tired of it, and why bother about idolatry, why bother
about principles when the king of the world is in control? Foolish, maybe. But I rather be a fool for God. And these fools are going to teach me how they fight in the task that God had put them there.

Foolish, to most people, for fighting tobacco, it's a personal choice.
Foolish, is to tell people stop eating chips, watch out of your weight, no ice-creams, no can food, we don't know what we are eating.
Foolish, is to talk about pollutions when the easiest resolution is to dispose the toxic waste to the nature. The nature can take it.
Are these harmless? Of course we are not aware for the effect was not immediate! How do we fight a good fight when we tell the people that we try to reach out to what they had been doing was wrong? And the true God is only Jesus? There is no immediate effect, no one knows it, shut up! Who do you think you are to tell me the truth?

Foolish, hur? God, help me to be a complete fool in you! So that I'll be able to do your wills without hesitation, without being influence of the smartness in this world.

We are fighting with Mammon. No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (Mat6:24). Learning about the trade-off secrets, this verse appeared as a new light. The devil tried to tempt Jesus with wealth in the wilderness. We really need to watch our hearts.

The classes are giving me tools and hints in the same time in discovering more about Japan. With the limited strength and wisdom that I have now, I could only develop piece by piece. I know to some people, you would wish to see the whole picture. I'm sorry, I can't give it to you. I'm just not there. But what I will do is that I will
continue to write down piece by piece, even when people are tired about it. And perhaps one day, as I meet God, He will give me the whole picture, or He will give me brain that I would be able to look back at these journals and join the dots together. Be it Japan, or my future, I believe nothing will fall in vain. I am only a tool, I am to do what He calls me to do, and I'm not timeless. But He is Sovereign, He is TIMELESS.

Praise God for all His good deeds!

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