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Monday, November 27, 2006

4 Items to thanks God with! Praise Jesus, He's alive!

I want to give thanks to the Lord! For He had been my helper!

1. The University of Hong Kong had stopped my library card (student card) due to unpaid school fees on last Friday.
Reasons: Unknown.
Story: EPF had not released my education funds due to two missing documents. I was surprised as I was informed by the finance department last month. I went to apply for defer payment, and by the help of the Lord, I was able to gain a grace period till end of December.
(i) Without paying, the university accepted me as a student.
(ii) Without paying, I am actually a student, and coming to the end of the semester.
(iii) When my student card was stopped, there was a librarian who helped me to extend it till Monday, so that I could seek help from the Oversea Student Administration (OSA) Department.

I had tried to call the OSA today, but no one attained to me.

2. I was nearly injured today, but God had preserved me!
Reason: The big round mirror in the bus fell on my laps while I was heading to Heart4Japan prayer meeting this afternoon (Monday). There was a big square metal attached to it, 10 inches X 12 inches, the diameter of the mirror was about 12 inches. The driver heard the great noise (I was in the upper deck, first row) that he was so worried, he stopped the bus by the road side and came up to inspect. His action surprised me more than the dropped mirror.
(i) The mirror could had fell on my head.
(ii) The mirror could had fell on the floor, and the broken glass would injured me.
(iii) I was not hurt at all.
(iv) Blessed is the one who is persecuted because of Christ! :-)

I was suffered from some spiritual attack at about 10am in the morning, the Lord had reminded me to kneel down before Him to pray.

3. My flat was flooded at about 10pm, and I had someone to receive me to his home for overnight.
Reason: Unknown.
Story: I contacted Kenneth, my landlord's son. He came and help. Many came and help, but all in vain. The house ended up with more water. Praise God that Jesus is in control. I pray that we would witness a miracle in the morning! I pray that God will preserve my rooms! I pray that God will help me to clean up the whole apartment!

Four sisters are coming to visit me on Friday. They need place to stay.

(i) I was in peace, and I believe that leaves a good testimony. The president of the block told me most people yelled at him.
(ii) I had people to be with me while I tried to clean it up.
(iii) I had Kenneth to take me in to his place so that I can continue to do my assignments.
(iv) I had place to go when the smell is bad.
(v) Kenneth agreed to help me to clean the house.

The first incident was the burnt mark on my bed sheet due to the "flying cigarettes". The Lord had taken care of that. The second was the mysterious leaking in the kitchen, 5 days before Mag and Esther came over to stay. Now, the flood, 4 days before another sisters come.

Good, blessed is the one who is persecuted!

4. My friend sent me a copy of assignment so that I could have some rest.
Reason: I was not able to do my assignment because of the long weekend conference. And because my student card was not active, I cannot access the school web and do my assignments. And now because of the flood, I lost time.

(i) I have caring friends.
(ii) I have loving friends.
(iii) God is certainly watching!

I need to finish my assignment now! I am chairing this evening. I need to come out with presentation files, and structured plans for the tutorial discussions tonight! My life is exciting! I had many good encouragements from the Lord, and if the devil is trying to defeat me by all these, he is nothing but a looser! Your prayers will uphold me! The Lord is my helper, whom should I afraid!

Japan is coming to life!!!

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