Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Prayer updates for 2nd half of 2016.

Time flies... I have moved to Akita for almost 3 years now. :-)

quick updates:

Things to do:
1) a friend came here for two weeks to rest, and she just flew back home tonight.

2) we are having our first hand massage service in a public space this Thursday, by one of our staff. She had been in social withdrawal condition for about ten years, and struggling with schizophrenia and self-harm. She had been attending our service for about a year and a half now, she is leading the hand massage service. 

3) I am having a talk on this Saturday afternoon in Akita city, mainly to introduce our work, and some of my thoughts, as well as answering the questions from the hikikomori parents. This is another group of hikikomori who are still in isolation mode. 

4) I am leaving to Canada for a presentation on Sep 16, will leave Akita at probably 10:00, leave Japan at 17:00, and reach Calgary on the same day at 15:00. A long journey. I will share with a church, Crossover Japanese Church  on Sep 18, make a poster presentation on Sep 21 (Wed), and an oral presentation for 20 minutes on Sep 22 (Thu). Please pray for attentive ears and audiences. :-) After that, I will visit a indigenous church in Vancouver for two days. I'll take off on Sep 25, and will reach Akita on Sep 27. 

5) I am giving a talk on Oct 10, as an invited speaker for the North East Lutheran Pastoral Conference, the theme is "Family Reconciliation". 

6) The next day, Oct 11, I will have a class to teach, and I haven't prepare... hahaha

7) The following day, Oct 12, I will have a Australian visitor, who is also a Christian, to stay with us and work in the cafe as a volunteer staff for about a week. He will share about his recovery from depression and his hard time living like a hikikomori. He will take shelter in the Lutheran Church where I serve at present. Please pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the influence of Christ. 

8) I have a poster presentation in the National Public Health Conference in Osaka from Oct 26-38. 

9) Have a teaching session on Nov 1.

10) Leaving to Malaysia from Nov 11 to 25 to attend my sister wedding. :-) Two Japanese elderly ladies are coming back with me. Both of them are sincere and faithful servants of God that had always take care of me like my mom. I do hope that you can meet them. I will speak in FGA KD on Nov 13, and probably will share in the Chinese in the afternoon too. I felt that the Lord is preparing me to give back, a blessing to the church that had sent me in the beginning. Three Malaysian missionaries came to visit me in June, and they told me they came to the field after me, and they heard a lot about me from others when they were praying and preparing for their services. I realized that I have been speaking and encouraging many who are willing to listen, and I felt that I haven't done enough in a church where I had received my vision. My time back home had always been very limited, in the recent past visits, I tend to give more time to individuals and churches who have committed to  pray for me. I felt that the Lord is telling me that, "Give back. Tell them about your story, our story, help them to see their relationship with me, help them to hear my voice." I do believe it is so, I've been sharing in many churches, but never FGA, I do agree it is time to give back. I will share with them how I discern the voices, especially at crossroads and difficult circumstances. I begin to understand that people need to see what others gone through so to picture themselves in the same situation, and the rest will between him and God. Please pray for me on this. Also, please pray for safety, peace and health for the two Japanese elderly ladies, Kuribayashi Masako (73 yrs) and Omi Reiko (76 yrs).

11) I will have attend another conference together with my hikikomori people on Nov 30 - Dec 2 in Nagano. It is the National Mental Rehabilitation Conference, they will be presenting their own cases. I am planning to introduce them to some missionary friends during the trip. Please pray for open doors. 

12) On Dec 5-9, I will have concentration classes to teach. 

13) On Dec 9-11, I will have a presentation in Tokyo, the National Mental Health Conference. 

14) We will probably prepare for a Christmas concert. We are also planning to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary!

Financial Needs:
1) We are in the final selection for a private funding about 3 million yen to support the cafe expenses and staffs salaries. I haven't hear anything from them yet. Please pray for us. 

2) I have a deadline to meet in order to submit an application for research grant in Oct 13. It's kind of tough and complicated. I failed last year, hopefully I'll get one this year. Without an official research funding, it is almost impossible to move on. 

3) The city had promised to support us in financial aid, yet they haven't decide the amount and the form to support us. This is very crucial, as once the form is decided, it will sustain for few years. We will need a sustainable funding. Please pray with us. 

M-kun, the member staff that I shared with you in the previous update, had came back to us. While still waiting for getting a new vehicle, at least he is emotionally settled. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as the Spirit leads you. 

We know that there is a need to reach out to the parents, and the Lord had opened the door to work with the parents and together with other city workforce. We need step by step guidance, more workers that can share responsibility to serve together with us. 

As there are many needs, we are offering counselings by request as well. In opposite to the operation of the cafe, which only collects one coin, we collect a fee matching to the standard. We find that by collecting a fee, it helps to shape the client to seriously consider what they really want in their lives, and thus help them to move on faster. The fees are channeled into cafe operation cost as well as salaries for staffs. 

Staffs with shared visions and missions
When I use "we", it is more of a shared thoughts and shared decisions by the team members in the cafe, including my spiritual cover in the Lutheran church that I serve at present. I need more workers that share our visions and missions to come aboard to work with us. Please pray for the spiritual and physical recovery of my hikikomori staffs. Thank you.  

I need to publish my paper as well. I am too slow in writing, please pray that my work will be published and impact others. Your prayers are much appreciated. 

In Him, Amen.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Some thoughts that I need to share ...

I want to express my gratitude to all of you who have been praying for the workshop where I was given a chance to share about my work with the hikikomori. I was invited for ten minutes, expecting 10 out of 200 participants, which was a fairly equal number for 20 workshops that spread across all at one time. I ended up having altogether 7 hours of solid discussions over two days, and a total of 15 people including myself.

Along the meeting, I began to understand that the meeting was organized by Tohoku (northeast) teachers union, composed mainly by elementary and middle school teachers, who were also parents as well. Many were retired, in their 60's to 70's, yet they took the trouble to travel far, just for the issues that are dear to their hearts.

Trust me, I am not exaggerating in this. I was totally stunned by the work they have done, their ambitions, their abilities to look back and see what they had lack in bringing up kids under their cares in schools. As I landed in Japan, in the ongoing work of hikikomori, I always have so many unanswered questions about education, the reports and strategies on futoko (school refusal) and hikikomori released by the government often lead me into more confusion than solution. Yet, this meeting opened my eyes.

The teachers in the union are making sense as I realized that their viewpoints sprung from the very bottom of grassroots. I was so surprised! How could it be that I had never heard these voices before with all the researches that I've done? With all the elites that I have been with? It was totally a new world for me.

It seems that their voices are silenced by the policy makers, or probably because they have a different stance from the Board of Education. They are making sense! Their observation and explanation about futoko and hikikomori make more sense that the claim of the Board of Education and the Monbu or the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. They are not just trying to cover up facts, they ARE looking into the roots of the problems! And they are struggling to put the messages across! I find this very disturbing. The education system and the policies makers need to listen to both voices from the Board and Union! For what I have witnessed in this weekend, the Union is not only fighting for themselves, they are fighting for the children! They are trying to look at facts that the Board had neglected!

Please pray with me, their voices need to be heard!!! They need to be raised to a higher level. Please pray for me, If Jesus had brought me to the meeting, and if the Lord is expanding my horizons, I need to learn more and God needs to enable me to spread these messages across. I don't know how, but I believe that this is a right thing to do. I don't want their voices to be carried to their graves, it will be a disgrace, it will be a lost for this nation that I love. Please, Pray with me, will you?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Needing prayers for M

I need prayers for the young adults (staffs to be) in the hiki cafe. 

First, Please pray for Staff M.  

The place where he stay is about 20 minutes drive from the cafe. He had joined the cafe for two years now, and we have managed to go through some of the hardest ups and downs in his life. He was in a shock that his car had to be scrapped, because he can't afford the repair cost. As there is not much public transport option, where bus is about 1~2 hours once, he felt that he had no other option than to stay in door, until he gets a new car again. (... he planned to save money from the nenkin, which will take about 8 months at least>) I was trying to sort out options for him, but then none of the advises can go into his heart. I think I have neglected his grieve and fear for his car and future. My advises were offered at a wrong timing. 

Please pray with me few things here:
 i) for peace of God to fill his heart;
 ii) for restoration of friendship and trust between us;
 iii) peace, patience and love in my heart (when I get too busy, I don't have enough of patience); 
iv) ways to provide for his need; 
v) hope and understanding where he needs not to fear when God has a good plan for him.

 p/s: he is not yet a Christian, but he has been in church with us. May the Lord lead him to faith using this opportunity.

M is the first guy at the left. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hiki Social Cafe Updates and Prayer Needs

The renovation was completed, and the total cost was 2.8 million yet. We thank God that the budget was met. 

Another good news is that, since Mar 25, we successfully registered the cafe under the wings of NPO (non profit organization, similar to NGO in the States), meaning that we formed a "company" for the hikikomori. The "company" is unique in a way that we don't make money, and we need social and financial support which is recognized by the government. 

Prayer 1: Please pray that the communication of the REAL NEEDS of the cafe and hikikomori people with the involved parties will be smooth and successful.

Prayer 2: a hikikomori young adult, Masanobu, who attended the cafe since Feb 2014 is growing out from his shyness, having more confidence, and leading some of the main activities in the cafe. Please pray for mental stability and boldness, so that he will not be scared by the burden than come along with these new challenges.

Prayer 3: I discovered that there is a habit of self-defeating in the young adults that I ministering to. When they finally gain motivation to move on, the negative comments will put more weight over the positive comments. This is probably deal to very low self-esteem, and tendency of self-defeating that mixed up with personal pride. Please pray for God's peace and love to remain and chase away all darkness in their brains and hearts.

Prayer 4: A neighborhood grant officer approached us to apply for a neighborhood grant. It looks like a good news to us, but as we start applying, the process is sickening, and we find that they are not interested in supplying what we really need, eg. the rental and appliances fees (cafe maintenance). The miscommunication brings a lot of confusion and disbelief between both parties. I don't feel like going ahead, but Masanobu is excited to lead the project. So, please pray for us that the organization of the neighborhood fund will have interest to know more about the practical needs of the hikikomori people and the cafe.

Prayer 5: I find my health gets worse when I am under too much pressure. The duties of the jobs that I involve in are getting heavier, and I have many deadlines to meet. Please pray that I will see His will and allow Him to lead in all duties and deadlines that I have to meet.

Prayer 6: Please pray that the city government will adopt the ministry very soon, hopefully in this year. Meanwhile, we are facing huge financial burden just trying to maintain the cafe. Now the burden is stretched over to the incomes form my jobs, and the hikikomori users themselves. In past 20 months, the hikikomori users were paying 0 ~ 100 yen every time when they visit the cafe. From May, the fees was increased to 500 yen (almost 4.5 dollars or RM15.50 or HKD33) per visit. I do feel that is a bit too much burden on them as they are all jobless without income. And personally, I don't think I can meet the end without committed supporters. We also need enough financial support from the supporters. Lay supporters and city governments support will need to back up each other in order to maintain the cafe. 

I keep having supporters who suggest that we should make money from the cafe, so that it can be self sustainable. Eventually yes, it will, but it will take years in order to have that fulfilled. We will need you to think that the purpose of the cafe is NOT making profit. Trying to make a profit with the hikikomori cafe in a town/city who has the least GDP, highest aging rate, and highest unemployed rate is like running a "feeding the poor" program, and demanding food fees from the one you are feeding the food to. Does it make sense? We will need to invest on this good work without expecting financial returns, but spiritual grow and the grow of opportunity to bridge between gospel and society. 

Prayer 7: Please pray for supporters who understand the purpose and will of this ministry. 

             We need your prayers to move the mountains!

Bless you.
Please contact me personally if you wish to commit yourself for financial giving. 
Or, if you like to be an anonymous giver, this is the ministry bank account. 

Bank Name: THE AKITA BANK, LTD. Beneficiary name: Hikiya Account number: 1053712 Branch code: 311 Branch: Omagari Swift Code: AKITJPJT
Address: Japan, Akita Prefecture, Daisen City, Omagari, Suwacho 1-6-46.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Renovation started, GIVERS needed!

Dear friends, the renovation has started! Please continue to pray for the cafe! :-)
We are still behind 0.5 million yen. We need more willing and cheerful givers.  Let's pray for everyone who involves in this project, and everyone that He has chosen to give and receive through this cafe. Amen.

Please contact us to give!
1. you can give your prayers,
2. you can give your money,
3. you can give goods, e.g. coffee beans, kitchen items etc.

Send us an email, 1coin.furatto@gmail.com, and you will get the prayer request update and account details. Join us in the field! www.h4j-hikikomori.blogspot.com

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hiki Cafe Ministry Updates

Update on the Hiki Cafe Ministry. 

the Hikikomori Cafe Ministry is a ministry to serve people who isolated themselves from the societies and have a tendency to shut down communication with others.  The ministry operates 5 days a week, equipped with training and study programs for the most unreached people in the most unreached nation. The phenomenon has been pronounced for 20 years now in Japan, where these teenagers and young adults had grown into their 30's and 40's.  Many have no source of incomes, and the social structure system, traditions and health issues are preventing them from remerging with the society. Economic downturn accelerated the issue, especially in rural Japan with almost no job opportunities for the unskilled. The Hikikomori Cafe ministry is planted in Omagari, a downtown of Daisen-shi in Akita Prefecture, located in Tohoku area of Japan, 424km away from Tokyo, 3 and a half hours by bullet train.  Daisenshi, the second largest city after Akita city in Akita prefecture, with a population of 84,000 people, Geographical coordinates in degrees minutes seconds (WGS84) Latitude : 39 27' 00'' Longitude : 140 29' 00''. On a whole, Akita prefecture has the fastest aging rate, lowest birth rate, highest suicide rate, highest cancer mortality rate, lowest GDP, yet the highest university entrance rate and owns rich natural resources including the best hotspring and preserved nature woods.

The Lord had stirred the heart of the locals to rise in aid for the needs of the ministry. Please continue to uphold the ministry in your prayers, and please pray for each and everyone who gives beyond their limits to meet the cafe needs. Please pray that they will find peace and hope when they remember the ministry. Please pray that the Lord will fill each of them with His great love and I believe salvation is beginning in this town! :-) Praise the Lord!

The support from Japan is expected to cover 2/3 of the renovation fund that I would like to raise. I am hoping another 1/3 will come from the people outside Japan whom the Lord had stirred  to serve His ministry in an unique way. This will give you an great opportunity to be involve in the ministry directly with your givings and prayers. 

Renovation is expected to start in the second week of Feb. The money now is enough for the kitchen, and we still need money to build the entrance. 

Besides the renovation cost, 
I still need to raise more fund and support,
 to cover the appliances that we need for the cafe, the ministry expenses etc.

The Malaysians have been amazingly great missions partners and prayer warriors, their generosities cover almost in between half to three quarters of the ministry expenses. As the ministry is growing fast, there are more needs. 

Don Wright and Dennis Peters had put up an article for Heart4Japan in RJC newsletter last and this month, I am really grateful for that. I believe that many have read, and the prayer chain has began. 

Paul Nethercott is putting up an article for the Hiki Cafe ministry in Asian Access, hope that will bring in more prayers and practical support. 

I'll be touring around Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur in between these dates, Jan 11 ~ Feb 2. I'll be sharing the needs of the cafe with some businessmen, health workers, churches and pastoral teams. Please pray for me to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and may He shines in every conversation. There will be a great change of temperature from Akita to Tokyo, and from Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur. I will need your extensive prayers in many ways. 

Present Itinerary
Jan 11  Utsunomiya
Jan 18  Mega Chinese Methodist Church
Jan 25  Full Gospel Assembly Kota Damansara
Jan 30- Feb 1 Tokyo Pfizer Health Conference

Please feel free to catch me in between dates. I will love to share with you with what God is doing in Japan. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hiki Cafe News: We need your prayers for SPONSORS!

Updates on the Hikikomori cafe ministry in Akita.
We need your prayers for sponsors!

For you who have been following the blog and newsletter for a while, would probably have already know that the current place we have for the ministry was originally a tatami factory. The ministry had operated for almost a year, the people that we have reached out have grown from 4 to 20.

As to provide training and more self-sustainable environment for the users, we need to renovate the place making it to a workable cafe. The total cost is 3 million yen (close to RM100k, or USD30k, or HKD 250k). We are splitting the renovation into 2 stages. For the first stage, we have successfully gained the support from Akita prefecture for 1/2 of the total renovation cost. The first stage is expected to be 1.6 million yen, the prefecture will sponsor 800,000 yen, and we need to come up with another 800,000 yen.

800,000yen is about RM25k, or USD 7.5k, or HKD 58k.

We are going ahead by faith, the renovation will start in October, and we will pay the bills by February. We will try our best to do fund raising, we need your help to pray!

If you need more information about the cafe, let me know! I will send you some files. (Most are in Japanese, I will try to work out the English version).

If you are burdened to sponsor, please let us know!
The official account for Hikiya ministry is


Beneficiary name:  Hikiya
Account number: 1053712
Branch code: 311
Branch: Omagari
Swift Code: AKITJPJT

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

There are more that we can do!

It have been a while that I am only writing Japanese in the hikikomori blog, and have not writing anything on the Heart4Japan blog. I do realize that there is a need to disseminate the information to the readers of this blog. However, the environment that I am working in encourage me to use Japanese more than any other languages. I will need time to adjust my mind, for example, how to think Japanese and convey the message in English. I'll get there. Meanwhile, please bare with me a little longer. :-)

Some good updates about the work that I am doing at present. 

In Nov 2013, I had set up a 100 yen social cafe in Omagari, the city of fireworks, to accommodate the social withdrawn youths and young adults, acting as a "free space" and a place to relearn one self. If you read Japanese, please learn more from this site

Since the social cafe opened, I began to realize the hidden needs is so large. 70 people had visited the cafe since it opened, and 3/4 are regulars. There is around 3-7 users per day. 

The work is welcomed by the city office, gaining support from the local community, and had attracted the attention of the local media, both newspaper and TV news

I have a several others, a local elderly, and volunteer social withdraw young adults that help me to run the cafe. Everyone involved in this work is unpaid volunteer, and I work as a full time volunteer. The cafe offers several classes, at present most are offered freely to the users. 

Running cost of the work is about ten thousand per month in winter, and five thousand per month in summer. 

100 yen is collected from the cafe users, which makes up to an average of income 500 yen per day and approximately 2500 yen per month. A donation box is set at the entry. Some additional activities in the weekends bi-weekly,  adds up to an additional 10000 yen per month. The income provided by the cafe is far short from what the expenditure (1/8). 

The reason to set the user's fee as 100 yen per day is to provide an easy assess for the poor and disadvantage. It helps us to capture the dropped out that were incompatible to the standard of social welfare restriction. Cases were referred from the mental health clinic, municipality office and other support stations and lifeline. 

To sustain the cafe, we need to raise fund. 
I am planning to offer classes from spring, hopefully that helps to cover the running cost.

One of the major objective of this work is to create job opportunities for the social withdraw youths and young adults. As Japan has an unique social system that ensure most ordinary people has a fit in the society, which is good for the average. Yet, it makes the dropped out a harder time to remerge into the system compared to the other countries. The declining of economic power and earning power had resulted more drop outs in the society in recent 20 years, which had turned into serious social problems that began to surface in last 10 years. Japan will need a change. And perhaps, the Hikiya model (our work in Omagari) will provides a solution to the current needs. 

The first community project (snow shovel and foot washing in Feb and Mar 2014) is gaining a good support from the prefecture. A 300,000 yen fund is secured for the project.

Piling up with the experience we gain in this year, there are much more that we can do to help the social withdraw youths and young adult to seek a tunnel out. For the coming year (Apr 2014 - Mar 2015), I plan to incorporate a business hour 11:00-14:30 (e.g. restaurant etc.) to the social cafe for three reasons. One, an employment opportunity and job experience for the social dropped out. Two, an opportunity for the social dropped out to serve the local community. Three, self-sustainable tool. In order to get the license to run a restaurant or cafe, the current space need to reform to meet the regulations of the local health center. A conservative budget is estimated to be 200,000 yen. To operate the social business, a conservative estimation of additional 400,000 yen operation fees per month is needed to pay for training, wages (approx. 5 staffs). With this, I am looking forward for a 5 million yen to help start the social business. The social cafe is expected to be self-sustainable from Apr 2015. 

The ministry model is perhaps the first in history. 
Please pray about this. 
God has always provide us miraculously. And it is always amazing to see how mountains are moved and things being speed up, the favor that the work had gained just shows us how much He cares about the hikikomori and the social issues in Japan.
Meanwhile the work is largely backed by the Omagari Lutheran Church and the local community. 
I feel that it is time for a wider partnership. 
Your partnership will lead to a wide open door for His work in Japan. 
If you are in business, it may also lead to an open door for new business opportunity. 

Contribution of financial support is very much appreciated. I pray that our Father bless you abundantly in return to what you offer. Please feel free to contact me with whatever amount that you wish to offer. Please pray that the LORD will move people to support this project. 

Friday, September 27, 2013


Finally, I am in  Omagari, a rural town in the south of Akita.

The place is small,
neighborhood is kind,
yet compared to the city,
it also seems that there are more unspoken rules and
silent expectations that keep the bond.

Being open could be the key.

There are still lot to do,
lot to think of,
and probably the main,
a lot to pray about. 

my body and mind is still trying to adjust...
early day and night is too cold for me here,
I am already treating myself with triple blanket... :-)
discounting the stove.

Will let you know more! 


Keep me in your prayers!

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's unbelievable that I almost finish the packing and waiting for Kuroneko to come and pick up my stuffs tomorrow. I still don't know if I will suit into the lifestyle in Omagari, yet I am almost set to leave. I do like Tokyo, and appreciate things as they are. Nagai sensei told me I should start sending newsletter soon, yet my mind is still finding it hard to comprehend what is happening and what is going to happen next. If you do follow this blog, please pray for me. I hope to write to you soon, but at the meanwhile, I need God to help me to settle my mind, what is good when I write not knowing which information that He wants to disseminate? May the move be His glory! May this be an assurance in me, yoko, fukajun, fujijun, and the rest.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I can't complain

I don't think I can complain, nor should I.

Not only I was mentored by the most famous figure in Japan on Occupational Mental Health in the past three years, I earned my PhD on time in March, expanding my research area into Internet addiction, which probably going to be the future of youth mental health research.

I also got a second mentor which is also one of the most famous figure in Japan on Suicide Prevention with Community Approach that led me to my fieldwork in Akita, expanding my outreach to the locals in outskirts, and shaped me to the love and desire in working with the young adults for an extended period.

I have also earned close and sincere friendships with my colleagues which there were valuable times that we cried together, we laughed, we ate, we shared about all kinds in our lives.

I have learned so much about hikikomori from the friendship that I have with the people who are in social withdrawal and isolation. Most of the time, they are warm and open to me, which I believe that this will never happen without God's help. They travel miles to visit me when I am not able to do that for them. They try to join me in things that I do, and they are really my best cheerer.

I also made buddies with people in similar fields and shared my vision about having hikikomori to be relieved from their social isolation while joining different conferences on mental health, public health, social and medical science. That results in possible collaborations in future research.

I joined various work force for the tsunami relief, and got to see and learned how different organizations work with the people, and how effective it would be with different approaches. And now I am working as an Intern with the World Top-Ten think-tank on healthcare policy for the reconstruction of healthcare service in a rural town of Iwate prefecture.

While I achieved all these in three years, I should remember I had suffered the course. I had struggles to understand my professor, and trying to strike a balance with my thesis and field work. I had difficult financial situation where I need to earn my own living and fund for the field work. I had also a serious sickness that caused me almost immobile with the complications pre and post operation. Yet, in the grace of the Lord, I trod on.

In the journey of Heart4Japan, the Lord rewarded me with a master degree in public health, PhD degree in mental health, a certificate for acupressure, a diploma for counseling and art therapy, translation jobs that took me to different parts of the world, what else could I ask?

Could I complain?
NO, I couldn't.

Moving to Akita without a specific job, a certain income is scary. Yet, why should I scare? Haven't I always been doing the same? I don't know what I am afraid of. Maybe the snow? the cold?

I might not be practical.

Yet, just as what Mag and others had prayed for me, and I have same peace as well....
The Lord's banner is over me, peace, love and joy.
That's how I feel too...
It may not sound practical...
Yet, that's how I have always been.
I had never been practical when I let go my job in Malaysia in 2006 to follow His heart in starting Heart4Japan.
It had never been practical when I did my public health courses in HK, where I had to live day by day.
It had never been practical when I had my three months ministry work in Japan in 2009.
It had never been practical ....... in so many other things that I had done, yet
the Lord has a way for it.
And why am I afraid?
when there is peace love and joy that govern me?

May the Lord has it way on me.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Intimidated by sight

Just came back from Akita for the random job and house hunting. My peace to move to Akita grow, yet in contrast the reality is disturbing. Finding it very difficult to get a university position in Akita, the program, funding, project, connection etc.... turning my back to the opportunities in Tokyo can be nevertheless a stubborn, seemingly unwise decision. Will I have enough fund to run the "Faith, Hope and Love Ministry 光希屋カフェ" without having a stable income? Will I be able to sustain for more than six months without a stable job? Will I be able to continue to bridge the findings of the research into the field, and do otherwise without having a faculty position? I need to pray that if I will need to walk this step, then I will not be intimidated by sight of limitations. I also pray that the way that the Lord prepared ahead of me will be visible and sensible to the people who love and seriously concern about me.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

The ministry of Faith, Hope, Love 光希屋

I want you to begin to pray with me, for the ministry of Faith, Hope and Love 光希屋.

Of these years working with hikikomori, suicide prevention and the vulnerable, I realized that if I am to make the ministry a public access, I will tend to meet more, futoko (school refusal), schizophrenia, homosexual, developmental disorder, loneliness, depression, desperation etc. 

In the East, unlike the West, the culture is predominated by Eastern believes, that includes temple, shrines, and folk believes. If I want to rule out idolatry, yoga, alcohol, cigarettes, and pornography in my ministry, I will need the Christians' prayers, workers, and sponsors. 

The school/ministry that I am planning to have, is not a place where we push a perfect ideology on others, but a place to exhibit God's love and trustworthiness through love, prayers and givings. 
If you are joining me in this ministry, 
this would be a UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ministry.

The goal is not to have show the world numbers of people that had converted into Christians,
but allowing others to experience Jesus at where they are,
which they can never experience without a set of rules,
 nor people telling them what to do, 
or what to believe. 

The spot that I am planning to start this ministry is Akita Prefecture, 
up north, 4.5 hours away from Tokyo by Bullet Train, 
one of the prefecture with heaviest snow, 
rapid decline population,
rapid aging population,
rapid decline economy,
highest suicide rate etc.
(Akita is also known as one of the highest power-spot (spiritual spot) in Japan)


I am planning to start as soon as September 2013. As the structure of the ministry has formed, even without getting a job in Akita, I am considering to quit my work in Tokyo and start in Akita as soon as possible. I never know when we will last till, but if God is to come the next day, I would want to live my life fullest to what I felt I am called to do. 

My friends, if you are planning to give but you are afraid if you can financially committed to it,
set a plan with the help of the Holy Spirit.
The ultimate idea of this ministry is to allow the hikikomori to stand on their feet.
The ministry as a Café will hire the hikikomori as staffs.
the business models in the Café will turn into the resource.

You can choose to be a one time off donor, 
you can choose to be our partner
by investing your money on the business,
and you get a return in the end. 

I will update you more.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

a devotion to the work in His hand

Joshua 1: 2- 9

Yes, God's promise will be fulfilled.
All I need is trust.

And of course, your prayers!
So that my heart do not weary,
So that my heart do not sink into the trap of the evil one.
Because our prayers are swords that works together with the Holy Spirit.

Let my heart not to be blinded,
Let my ears not to be deaf,
strengthen my heart, lord.
Strengthen my hands and my feet!

For you are the light in my path, and I shall not blow my heart without a purpose.
I shall not light my own light, but you, God, be my light!
Let me see you face to face!!!
Help me to submit to you in your Glory and Honor and Love and Joy and Peace!!!


A devotion to the work in His hand, may my heart not be wearied, may I do not rush on my flesh desires but may all my desires works entirely with His will and His good plan.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lack of Grace - Prelude

Have been long since I updated the blog....

Since September, I had been putting all my concentration on the thesis, and there is still about ten days to go for the thesis submission.

However, I just like to quickly update a message that is in my heart about being a Heart4Japan troops.
What I have learned from previous mistakes (mine and our fellow troops and earlier pioneers....) there is a very important message that we always need to remember while we reach out to others:- that we are all sinners, and we have no rights to cut down people.

I am going to discuss about this a little more if the Lord continue to prompt me on this issue...
"Lack of Grace".

Meanwhile, let me share with you one of the latest song by Casting Crown, "Jesus, Friends of Sinners".  Hope that will gives us all some breads for thoughts as we continue our journey.

"Jesus, Friend Of Sinners"

Jesus, friend of sinners, we have strayed so far away
We cut down people in your name but the sword was never ours to swing
Jesus, friend of sinners, the truth's become so hard to see
The world is on their way to You but they're tripping over me
Always looking around but never looking up I'm so double minded
A plank eyed saint with dirty hands and a heart divided

Oh Jesus, friend of sinners
Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers
Let our hearts be led by mercy
Help us reach with open hearts and open doors
Oh Jesus, friend of sinners, break our hearts for what breaks yours


Jesus, friend of sinners, the one who's writing in the sand
Made the righteous turn away and the stones fall from their hands
Help us to remember we are all the least of these
Let the memory of Your mercy bring Your people to their knees
Nobody knows what we're for only what we're against when we judge the wounded
What if we put down our signs crossed over the lines and loved like You did

Oh Jesus, friend of sinners
Open our eyes to world at the end of our pointing fingers
Let our hearts be led by mercy
Help us reach with open hearts and open doors
Oh Jesus, friend of sinners, break our hearts for what breaks yours

You love every lost cause; you reach for the outcast
For the leper and the lame; they're the reason that You came
Lord I was that lost cause and I was the outcast
But you died for sinners just like me, a grateful leper at Your feet

'Cause You are good, You are good and Your love endures forever
You are good, You are good and Your love endures forever
You are good, You are good and Your love endures forever
You are good, You are good and Your love endures forever

Oh Jesus, friend of sinners
Open our eyes to world at the end of our pointing fingers
Let our hearts be led by mercy
Help us reach with open hearts and open doors
Oh Jesus, friend of sinners, break our hearts for what breaks Yours

And I was the lost cause and I was the outcast
You died for sinners just like me, a grateful leper at Your feet