Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Finally, I am in  Omagari, a rural town in the south of Akita.

The place is small,
neighborhood is kind,
yet compared to the city,
it also seems that there are more unspoken rules and
silent expectations that keep the bond.

Being open could be the key.

There are still lot to do,
lot to think of,
and probably the main,
a lot to pray about. 

my body and mind is still trying to adjust...
early day and night is too cold for me here,
I am already treating myself with triple blanket... :-)
discounting the stove.

Will let you know more! 


Keep me in your prayers!

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's unbelievable that I almost finish the packing and waiting for Kuroneko to come and pick up my stuffs tomorrow. I still don't know if I will suit into the lifestyle in Omagari, yet I am almost set to leave. I do like Tokyo, and appreciate things as they are. Nagai sensei told me I should start sending newsletter soon, yet my mind is still finding it hard to comprehend what is happening and what is going to happen next. If you do follow this blog, please pray for me. I hope to write to you soon, but at the meanwhile, I need God to help me to settle my mind, what is good when I write not knowing which information that He wants to disseminate? May the move be His glory! May this be an assurance in me, yoko, fukajun, fujijun, and the rest.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I can't complain

I don't think I can complain, nor should I.

Not only I was mentored by the most famous figure in Japan on Occupational Mental Health in the past three years, I earned my PhD on time in March, expanding my research area into Internet addiction, which probably going to be the future of youth mental health research.

I also got a second mentor which is also one of the most famous figure in Japan on Suicide Prevention with Community Approach that led me to my fieldwork in Akita, expanding my outreach to the locals in outskirts, and shaped me to the love and desire in working with the young adults for an extended period.

I have also earned close and sincere friendships with my colleagues which there were valuable times that we cried together, we laughed, we ate, we shared about all kinds in our lives.

I have learned so much about hikikomori from the friendship that I have with the people who are in social withdrawal and isolation. Most of the time, they are warm and open to me, which I believe that this will never happen without God's help. They travel miles to visit me when I am not able to do that for them. They try to join me in things that I do, and they are really my best cheerer.

I also made buddies with people in similar fields and shared my vision about having hikikomori to be relieved from their social isolation while joining different conferences on mental health, public health, social and medical science. That results in possible collaborations in future research.

I joined various work force for the tsunami relief, and got to see and learned how different organizations work with the people, and how effective it would be with different approaches. And now I am working as an Intern with the World Top-Ten think-tank on healthcare policy for the reconstruction of healthcare service in a rural town of Iwate prefecture.

While I achieved all these in three years, I should remember I had suffered the course. I had struggles to understand my professor, and trying to strike a balance with my thesis and field work. I had difficult financial situation where I need to earn my own living and fund for the field work. I had also a serious sickness that caused me almost immobile with the complications pre and post operation. Yet, in the grace of the Lord, I trod on.

In the journey of Heart4Japan, the Lord rewarded me with a master degree in public health, PhD degree in mental health, a certificate for acupressure, a diploma for counseling and art therapy, translation jobs that took me to different parts of the world, what else could I ask?

Could I complain?
NO, I couldn't.

Moving to Akita without a specific job, a certain income is scary. Yet, why should I scare? Haven't I always been doing the same? I don't know what I am afraid of. Maybe the snow? the cold?

I might not be practical.

Yet, just as what Mag and others had prayed for me, and I have same peace as well....
The Lord's banner is over me, peace, love and joy.
That's how I feel too...
It may not sound practical...
Yet, that's how I have always been.
I had never been practical when I let go my job in Malaysia in 2006 to follow His heart in starting Heart4Japan.
It had never been practical when I did my public health courses in HK, where I had to live day by day.
It had never been practical when I had my three months ministry work in Japan in 2009.
It had never been practical ....... in so many other things that I had done, yet
the Lord has a way for it.
And why am I afraid?
when there is peace love and joy that govern me?

May the Lord has it way on me.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Intimidated by sight

Just came back from Akita for the random job and house hunting. My peace to move to Akita grow, yet in contrast the reality is disturbing. Finding it very difficult to get a university position in Akita, the program, funding, project, connection etc.... turning my back to the opportunities in Tokyo can be nevertheless a stubborn, seemingly unwise decision. Will I have enough fund to run the "Faith, Hope and Love Ministry 光希屋カフェ" without having a stable income? Will I be able to sustain for more than six months without a stable job? Will I be able to continue to bridge the findings of the research into the field, and do otherwise without having a faculty position? I need to pray that if I will need to walk this step, then I will not be intimidated by sight of limitations. I also pray that the way that the Lord prepared ahead of me will be visible and sensible to the people who love and seriously concern about me.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

The ministry of Faith, Hope, Love 光希屋

I want you to begin to pray with me, for the ministry of Faith, Hope and Love 光希屋.

Of these years working with hikikomori, suicide prevention and the vulnerable, I realized that if I am to make the ministry a public access, I will tend to meet more, futoko (school refusal), schizophrenia, homosexual, developmental disorder, loneliness, depression, desperation etc. 

In the East, unlike the West, the culture is predominated by Eastern believes, that includes temple, shrines, and folk believes. If I want to rule out idolatry, yoga, alcohol, cigarettes, and pornography in my ministry, I will need the Christians' prayers, workers, and sponsors. 

The school/ministry that I am planning to have, is not a place where we push a perfect ideology on others, but a place to exhibit God's love and trustworthiness through love, prayers and givings. 
If you are joining me in this ministry, 
this would be a UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ministry.

The goal is not to have show the world numbers of people that had converted into Christians,
but allowing others to experience Jesus at where they are,
which they can never experience without a set of rules,
 nor people telling them what to do, 
or what to believe. 

The spot that I am planning to start this ministry is Akita Prefecture, 
up north, 4.5 hours away from Tokyo by Bullet Train, 
one of the prefecture with heaviest snow, 
rapid decline population,
rapid aging population,
rapid decline economy,
highest suicide rate etc.
(Akita is also known as one of the highest power-spot (spiritual spot) in Japan)


I am planning to start as soon as September 2013. As the structure of the ministry has formed, even without getting a job in Akita, I am considering to quit my work in Tokyo and start in Akita as soon as possible. I never know when we will last till, but if God is to come the next day, I would want to live my life fullest to what I felt I am called to do. 

My friends, if you are planning to give but you are afraid if you can financially committed to it,
set a plan with the help of the Holy Spirit.
The ultimate idea of this ministry is to allow the hikikomori to stand on their feet.
The ministry as a Café will hire the hikikomori as staffs.
the business models in the Café will turn into the resource.

You can choose to be a one time off donor, 
you can choose to be our partner
by investing your money on the business,
and you get a return in the end. 

I will update you more.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

a devotion to the work in His hand

Joshua 1: 2- 9

Yes, God's promise will be fulfilled.
All I need is trust.

And of course, your prayers!
So that my heart do not weary,
So that my heart do not sink into the trap of the evil one.
Because our prayers are swords that works together with the Holy Spirit.

Let my heart not to be blinded,
Let my ears not to be deaf,
strengthen my heart, lord.
Strengthen my hands and my feet!

For you are the light in my path, and I shall not blow my heart without a purpose.
I shall not light my own light, but you, God, be my light!
Let me see you face to face!!!
Help me to submit to you in your Glory and Honor and Love and Joy and Peace!!!


A devotion to the work in His hand, may my heart not be wearied, may I do not rush on my flesh desires but may all my desires works entirely with His will and His good plan.