Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Domestic Violence

Not many people are aware of the domestic violence on women still happens as vast in Japan.

Domestic violence has been pervasive in Japan for so long that it is considered a normal part of marriage. Abuse was only talked about publicly in 1998. A natonal survey conducted in February 2000 by the Prime Minister's Office foudn that 1 our of 20 women (1/20) are 'subjected to life-threatening violence'. Many of the victims are housewives who are unable or unwilling to seek assistance. Japan offers only about 40 shelters for battered women.

Wives murdered by their husbands consitute approximately 30% of all murders committed in the country. In the year 2000, cases of injury resulting in death, in which a 'husband kills his wife as a result of continuous hitting and kicking', received a senstence of only six to eight years imprisonment. A new law enacted in 2001 is designed to help protect victims, but enforcement is difficult since only 1-10% of women report abuse.

~ Deborah Meroff, True Grit, women taking on the world, for God's sake.pg.52

1. Ikeuchi, Hiromi, 'Japanese Women Now', 'Women's Online Media'
2. Nobuhiro Suzuki, 'Socio-Cultural Background of Domestic Violence in Japan', Project Blue Sky, National Commission for Women Report, Asian Age, 9th March 2000.

Prayer :
There are needs in area of women ministries. Please take notes! And the domestic violence as of today not only comes from the husband, but as well as their children.

"Whether you are a cosmopolitan woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil or Japan, or a rural woman in Ethiopia or Peru, the association between violence and poor health remains," Claudia Garcia-Moreno told reporters.


Christine is a member of Heart4Japan, and the Lord had led her to be in contact with Japan in His own mysterious way. She had been going to Japan regularly for the last 5 years for work. She make clothes and bags out of Japanese obis and kimonos. Isn't that interesting?

In Hong Kong, Christine saw that many young people have no where to go to hangout. Deep in her she just want more young people to have that opportunity to meet Christ. So she took the step of faith to start this cafe. A lot had happened since she began and she knew there will be more adventures to come. "I just want to serve the Lord and give my life to Him," she said.

After a long period of waiting, finally she received a letter from the Food Hygiene Dept on their requirements for my cafe. (HK in a bit slow in this...) So she is very close to opening the cafe now. Do cover the cafe in your prayers!

It is not easy to run around to organize a cafe, so much more with trying out recipes, settings, kitchen, paper work, and employing people. Some more, she aims it to be self-funding Christian Cafe. She didn't have experience in this, but she has the LORD! If the Food Hygiene will give her a go ahead ASAP, that will relieve her much from stress!

Appreciate that! We are here for each other, don't we?

Join Facebook - Heart4Japan group to view the profiles of all other members!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Put Down Our Baggages


It had not been easy for the Koreans to take the banner of Love to Japan! Can we the Chinese also learn to put down the baggage of history, begin to send missionaries out to this huge spiritual dark hole, to stand in the gap for Jesus's battleground? Can we come down to earth, and love our beloved Japanese brothers and sisters, embrace them into the family of Christ, where our Father had long lost of them?





Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I do have an international face. In Korea, I was often being taken as a Korean easily, however there were also many times that people came and spoke Japanese to me, thinking I was perhaps a Japanese. But none of these incidents were as stunned as yesterday.

As I was walking at the street yesterday, I met two sisters. I naturally greeted them with a slight bow, a respectful gesture in both Korean and Japanese culture, one of the sister smiled and approached me. Before I noticed it, we were communicating in Japanese naturally. She grew up in Japan, as second generation Japanese Korean. Somehow deep inside her as she saw me she felt that I am a Japanese. The sister is serving in CHEJU now, she invited me to visit her.

Being mistaken as a Japanese was not unusual for me, however speaking to this sister stirred up something which is even deeper inside me. Something that I need to find out......

Having decided to spend five more days in Korea after the mission trip, was again an adventure. I knew no friends in Korea, and basically I had no where to put myself in after the conference and the mission trip. However a deep peace ruled in me, and I felt that exactly the right thing to do. So, let it be.

In KimCheo-Gumi, I stayed with Mun Kyeung Bae, the CCC Staff who went to Osaka for a short term missionary trip just in January. In his computer room, there is a big Japanese map hanging on the wall.

Now in Seoul, I was arranged to stay with another CCC sister who has a heart for Japan. She even took an extra step of faith in changing her major to JAPANESE focus to fulfill this call of mission!

Of course there were a lot more exciting stories and testimonies. A step in obedience broadened my horizon.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Some thoughts in Korea after CM2007

Greetings from Korea! It is good to continue writing this blog from Korea. :-)

The experience of working with Korean changed much of my stereotype perspective towards this nation. Infact, it was a humbling process and I learned much. The major change in me was from disliking kimchi to loving kimchi.

Perhpas sometimes I just need to slow down and pray. And also spare sometime for fellowship, sharing with family and friends. There are equally important. Cynthia had been trying to remind me about these long time ago, however I wasn't really able to pay much attention to this. The urge and pain in seeing the rotten of the unreached, the desire and pace to establish His Kingdom grew larger and larger, faster and faster! I have no time to rest. That was what driven me so far. I didn't intent to, but I couldn't help it.

Meeting George Verwer and heard his speak again, reminded me about something. Hearing him in 2004, caused me to realized the needs of the world and my inability to give. Now, the same message made me to pause and think, am I heading the right way with what the Lord had given me. This really need much prayer in quietness and still.

I met many people who shown interest in the revival of Japan, or reaching out to Japan. Hope these connection will be established in His strength!

I had been always mistaken as a Japanese or a Korean in Korea. I guess I really have an international face. :-)

I will write again until I am able to clear out more. It is really an exercise of "inhale" and "exhale".