Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It must have been your unfailing prayers!

Thanks for your unfailing prayers! I believe it is your constant prayers that uphold me in the time when I nearly fall. Allow me to share with you a couple of prayer request:

I'm Adopted
Praise God! I remember He was telling me that the church is coming in. "The Church is coming in," He said. True enough, I recently heard that the Chinese Church in FGA had agreed to adopt me as their adopted missionary. This is a big move for them! It had not been easy to make that decision, it takes a long commitment in terms to pray for me and to fight alongside with me. And God's grace to me, this is like gaining approval from the leaders and the elders of the church on my move, I'm not alone.

Please Pray For:
1. Pray that the Lord will bless the church and move more people to the mission field. Stir up more hearts and souls that will burn for Christ!
2. Pray that the congregation begin to learn to support their missionaries by organizing praying, giving, welcoming and motivating on their own!
3. Pray that the cell groups will come together and seek God's direction in their lives!
4. Pray that at least 2 home cells will adopt me and Japan as their unreached nation.

I find that my passions in Christ is lighting up many others, but it is still weak to set up a fire. I wish that I'm a torch! Japan is not alone in this fight. There are many more counties that need Christ, many more lives that needs His intervention. Tibet, Mongol, Nepal, Asia and many more. To God, I don't think the number counts ( Although I had always made used the number of Japanese as the biggest unreached in the world). But, really I don't think it is the number of people that He is looking at. But then, what is it?

5. Pray for me wisdom and courageous to continue to move on to seek God in His presence!
6. Pray that God will raise up more warriors for Heart4Japan, and join us together, so that we will be able to partner and learn from each other.
7. Pray that God will raise someone who is gifted in reading and analyzing materials to help in the interpretation of materials. Someone who is willing to seek God for answers.

Challenge of turning false hopes into HOPE
I see many false hopes that were installed in people, and all these false hopes had sustained their dreams and strength to live on for generations in a land that had not heard of Gospel. It is a battle to turn these hopes into real HOPE. I wish to learn from these workers who are in the field, working on with love and kindness and cares and concerns. I believe it is life that impacts life! It is how we live and how we are as a salt and light that turn people to Christ. But then, is that all?

8. Pray for me chances to learn from people, and chances to be on the battle field, to have a taste on what it is.
9. Pray for me strength in discipleship.

Holy Spirit
Some people said that we need Holy Spirit, and in some hard ground, there are great evil forces, and the move of the Holy Spirit had been bound.

I felt a struggle of spirits in Japan, and there was the place that I was convinced that I had to start with prayers, strong prayers and intercessions! Prayer was lacking in Japan. I have no problems with that. But my question is, "Can the evil spirit bound the Holy Spirit?" I don't think that is biblical right!

10. Pray that I will only listen to God and only to Him alone. Not my voice, not others. John10

Fine-tune our hearts
I felt that the reason that God wants us to pray for His work in Japan, it was because He wanted us to be serious in His Kingdom. There was no meaning when we sent a troop to a land just because we needed to fulfill the quota, or we knew that was the right thing to do. The hearts and attitudes were the ones that needed to be fixed before His Kingdom could come! What I felt deeply was that, we, the people of God had not moved together with the Spirit of God, and that's why we were struggling! Unknowingly, we were in the ways of God's plan! And God knew that!

He had put us there. He had called His people to Japan, whether we served willingly or in hesitate. And He so loved us, that He was shaping us to be in-tune with him and witness His wonders and saving grace in Japan! But first, we must be in-tune with Him!

What would make us in tune? That is something that we are seeking.

Addition: Dr. Joseph Ozawa had came out with a good material for Children in Japanese. Please pray for the Hippopotamus ministry and that God will maximize the influence and effectiveness of the materials.

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