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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thoughts and Lessons in Easter 2007

On the day of Passover, and Good Friday, I went out for fellowship and gathering, as well as an outreach event. Strange, I did not sit solemnly to reflect on Jesus at this time, but time was just filled and packed with events. Having quiet time with Jesus alone became a luxurious thing in Hong Kong during Easter.

Solemn with Jesus.
Rejoice with Jesus. Shalom!

Yes, I shared about Jesus, but I was basicaly feasting too. Okay, I felt, I knew I needed to go, I trusted that was the right thing to do. And yes, we see fruits bearing. Wonderful God, but I felt we should talked more about the meaning of the cross rather than just testimony.

The bible study in my room on Wednesday was good. Many questions were asked, and of course we just went straight to the point for why we were having the discussion. I find this kind of direct approach has more weight, and more sincere. No strategy, no material, but God had led it so far. I am expecting the next discussion. Do pray for us.

Having moved to the dormitory, I have not been able to hide myself, or shut myself in with Jesus for all day long. The burden to see my friends get saved grew stronger. The passion to share about Christ and His wonderful deeds was just so strong as He opens the door for sharing or discussions! It's not only a casual talk, I pray. It needs to be provoking, and causes life to change! That is Gospel!!!

I knew God is moving me and turning my heart to the young adults and students, as I had never gave them a second thought. I knew this in May 2005, and I'm seeing it coming, this will be my training ground, to wherever He is bringing me.

There was a lesson to learn too in this week. As Lily and I thought to make Easter the best chance to bring our friends to church, we planned to go to the service together, and urgent to Lan Kwai Fong for a dinner later. I knew the Spirit in me against this, but I thought to just be with them, and stick with the plan.

Yes, Aggie went to church, but then it was a weak sermon on sacrifice, I mean on me, I need to be honest with this. Well, God works in ways we cannot see. I was blessed, still. I asked Aggie how did she feel after the service, and she told me honestly that she felt just that, and it's not the first time she went to church, she did try to find Christ, but she was just not convinced. It's a tale in the bible to her. I think the problem in the churches in here, is that, they are too formal, too restricted in their own ways. A perspective that needed to be changed! A perspective that Christianity is a religion, and it is tied up with traditions, formality, lethargic! NO!!! Of course Christianity is not a religion to us, is a relationship! Why aren't people seeing that? I didn't hear or felt I was loved when I sat down and marched for the procession together with the congregation, it was supposed to be a time to reach out! The pastor was so 'great', shared his experiences, talked about Christ's suffering, and his voice was so poetic, just as he was giving a wonderful speech. And that is it! Huuuh.... God forgive me! I just wondered, how much people see, and how much people know by their hearts, how much of joy that they have for living in Christ?

I'll be just bleshemy if I go on. God, forgive me. Cleanse me within.

Okay, then the worse was the next. We went to Lan Kwai Fong. I was feeling uneasy. Lan Kwai Fong, on Good Friday? It will be different, if I'm going there to do a open preaching, or personal evangelism. But then, to have dinner after Easter service, and the venue is LKF? It sounded so foul, so hypocrite to me.

On the way, I passed through shops, and I became more uneasy. I felt just so evil that the devil was clutching those people in the pubs, using its hypnotic skills, to lure anyone who are innocent and unaware. ( Yet, to clarify this, we were just going to a restaurant in LKF for dinner, my friends were not up for a drink.) The spirit of lust was dominant here. With the banging music in Lan Kwai Fong, I felt like throwing out. I just couldn't stand straight, I felt my upsad tummy was just getting worse, the feeling of nausea arose consistently with the banging music. Then, they spared me off, Lily paid for my taxi fare to go home. What a good way to escape from this place....... But it pays!

Creative in reaching out, it may be. But Spirit discerning is important. There are some area that we need to consecrete ourselves. There are something that if the Spirit against it, I should not be going against it, and thought to try it out. Disobedience or going ahead before consulting the Holy Spirit just always make a mess out of my life. Good lesson!

I'm not suggesting that a Christian should not go to Lan Kwai Fong. Different people would have different missions and visions. I know, Lan Kwai Fong is just not my ministry. At least, at this moment.

Notes: Lan Kwai Fong is a place like Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku.

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