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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Warnings served as Encouragement, thankyou Lord!

There are four warnings that I often give to people who are considering missionary work.

    1. You heart will be broken many times and you will face many disappointment.
    2. You will face financial pressures, battles and problems and also a wide range of differences of opinion on life-style and how money should be spent.
    3. You will discover that it is sometimes relatively easy to get started on a project but unbelievably hard to keep it going and at the same time keep the loyalty of the people with whom you are working.
    4. You will discover that roots of bitterness can come in very easily in Christian work, which sometimes, due to satanic opposition, can be more difficult and complex than in secular work, especially when money and other motivating forces are absent.

........ Keeping a balance though between faith goals and unrealistic expectations is part of the process of counting the cost.

~ by George Verwer , founder of Operation Mobilization ~

I recorded this as an encouragement to myself, and to you who perhaps facing the same situation.


It is really Grace Awakening. If George faces all these, and if many other missionaries do, why do I think I should escape from this? My problem was I had kept trying to avoid disappointment, rejecting discouragement, and most often, tried to meet all needs, all cries, all expectations. Then, by failing to do so, I blame it on Satanic opposition, and I'll dig and dig to see if I have any open doors in my life towards sin that had caused this hindering obstacles in my path. I had trusted in a lie that "If God had called you to do this, He will make your path smooth, that you will not harvest bitterness in you." "If things are not moving right, it is because of you sin!" "If you get sick, and that is because you are living in such life-style." And now I need to repent.

Blames and accusations can come from all angles. Beware, my friends!

Bible do not speak that way. Most often these people who said these to you, are not going to be> the people who walk with you. Forget about them (i'm sorry for being blunt...), but I doubt they had really care and spent time even just to pray for you. We need to have watchmen for our lives, for our ministries! They is no point getting someone to sit on that position, but then they are not watching for you. Let the Word of the Lord govern us, and let Himself be our watchman, and let us watch over ourselves by the passage above -- the true experiences of many missionaries whom their lives were full of unanswered prayer, but they refused to be discouraged by these.

Let us be encouraged once again! And I thank God revealing to me this truth. I had been very cautious not to allow myself to be puffed up, and yet, I had also in subtleties of putting myself down in an unbiblical way. God help me! Forgive me, Lord!

The book of prophets shall give me strength!

And I believe it does to you!

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Shane said...

Some good, yet challenging words of wisdom.