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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Deyang May 19, 2008

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills - from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth." - Psalm 121:1,2

Shane W. had this verse at the bottom of his letter. 

We were singing the same song the first night in Deyang, after we evacuated the patients from the hospital building to the outside. There was a prediction of after shock of about 6.5 degree and a heavy rain that night. Tents were not enough. Everyone was doing all their best, the doctors, nurses, patients, volunteers. Two police officers came and stood outside the hospital, I guess they were guarding us. It was around 2am in the morning, no moon and no stars, perhaps it was because the street light was just too strong, and just above our eyes. 

A Christian volunteer came to me and passed me a few brochures, she said, "this might be the last night for all of us. Save as many as you can."

I held the brochures in my hand, seeing her walking from bed to bed, telling the victims about heaven, I was amazed by her courage. While everyone was still in great shock and great pain, she came with a message. I didn't know what she said to the patients. I took the brochures with me, I walked to the street, where our bags were. Another volunteer came over and sat beside me, she was a seeker, and I passed it to her, I told her what another volunteer had told me, and I said to her perhaps it's a time for you to make the choice. 

As I lay on the street, waiting for the aftershock, (i felt it actually, but it was ok, we were anticipating for a more severe one, I guess) I kept thinking, 'if I'm to see the Lord the next minute, am I clean?' I could still imagine the picture of this Christian volunteer who was working hard now, yet having the experience of being in the situation of traumatized of loss, I doubt the way it works, and I certainly prefer a personal touch, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on. A trust.

At around 4am, the after shock was over. And I fell half sleep, asleep? 

There was no rain, most of the team members didn't feel the after shock. God had been protecting us!

I am back in Hong Kong now.  Will write more later. 

Too tired for now...... Thank you for interceding!

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