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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My heart is in great pain as the record of suicide mixing stored-bought detergent and chemical had reached 145 just within last few months. At the same time, there were still others in Japan continue to use all means to die.  

Life seems to be not worth living.  

I couldn't stop thinking but to remember the survivors of Sichuan I met in the hospitals and sites. They almost lost everything, some houses, some family members, some paralyzed, some lost their legs, some lost their hands. In the hospital, people were thankful because they survived. Tired family members that were taking care of their loved ones, had lost all things in the earthquake, but thankful because one survived. The one who survived might had lost both parents or children. The grief of the bereaved, the trauma experience were beyond comprehension.  
Yet, everyone strived to live.  

Life seems to be worthwhile to live.

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Paul Nethercott said...

Hi! I just want to write and say "hi" and also "thanks" for the link to japancan.com

Would like to be in touch, if you get a chance please write to me using a contact form on my blog or the CAN site.

Warmly, Paul