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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Power of His Love

As I was back tracking the emails, I found this in my inbox. 

"I will be praying each and every day. I'll be interceding as well for your protection - that His cleansing blood and strength carry through every situation and circumstance. That your inner man and outer man be strengthened. That the love of Christ flow through you like living water. Your courageous commitment to Christ and the greatest cause for the Gospel will only open a way for God to display His power on your behalf." 

I was just so grateful for this prophetic words and kind encouragement! "...courageous commitment to serving our Lord ..." these are kind words that I do not deserve. But I guess this is why and how I was preserved in this trip, mentally and physically. It's your prayers! The Holy Spirit continued to minister to me each day while I was in Sichuan, strengthening my inner man and outer man, giving me courage and love and patience to endure. 

I also saw how He had flowed through me, and I am still amaze while I look back. It had been His grace and His work, not mine. I just felt that the trauma that I experienced in the past, the healing that I experienced after received Jesus in my life, the power of healing remained sipped through by touch, influenced the one in grief silently and quickly. I thought I would be depressed after this whole experience, yet the work of the Holy Spirit was refreshing. While the bereaved felt the love of Christ, I experienced the power of love. 

After finding out my past, SY said, "let this experience be the reminder in your life, that will remind you about the needs and urgency of souls."

The grief I went through in the past had turned into strength in me, in turn it strengthened the one that I touched. I praise the Lord for His healing power. He is to be magnified!

On the right is the survival from BeiChuan. She was so traumatized when we first saw her in WenJiang Community Hospital. Yet, the Lord provided a miraculous time for hug and sharing her grief. As her hand grabbed my shoulder, I hugged her and her head leaned down on my shoulder. She weeped quietly, and I held her head in my hand and kept praying quietly. I just felt that the Lord was ministering to her. While we were leaving, she came out and say goodbye. As I saw her face shining, I just knew that the good Lord had lifted up her burdens just at that moment while we hugged and prayed. The work of the Lord was just so amazing, I was stunned and moved. 

 I write this to tell you that the Lord is greater than all! I had always thought spiritual relief or healing would be at a later phase, but the Holy Spirit had taught me otherwise. He comforted the grief! He is ABLE. 

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