Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

45 Victims Caught in Demonic Suicide Influence in last 20 days

This piercing pain pierced me deeply at my soul, and I felt limp for a moment while I was writing this. 

At least 45 victims were caught in this demonic scheme just within last 20 days, hurting many more bi-standers and innocent people. 

Let's call for intercession!

Pray for:
1. The Lord to intervene.
2. Break the bond of the devil.
3. Wisdom and protection of the Japanese police officers who invest this case.
4. Peace and hope for the bereaved family members.
5. Wise and immediate action from Christians groups in Japan. 

Feel free to add more and comment on the intercession point! We will love to hear from you, if you had heard His voice about this. 


Sharon Fukai said...

Thank you Roseline for your wonderful heart for Japan! I need to say though...I don't think we are losing time but in fact, we have been gaining time! It is because of all your wonderful prayers and the gathering of the saints in prayer for Japan that it may seem like we are losing time and ground but let's look at it another way too! I think the enemy is hard at work to steal, kill and destroy but mostly because he is shaking in his boots! He is scared at what he sees is happening! There is so much wonderful things the Lord is doing in Japan right now! It is a wonderful time to be in Japan! God is definitely up to something!

Let's keep looking at what God is doing rather than what Satan is! Let's also lift up our praises for what the Lord IS doing right now! If we all lift up our praises to the One that is doing marvelous things here than the enemy will be dumbfounded!

What is He doing? There have been waves and waves of teams coming into Japan again. There is a growing interest, like yourselves, in what God is wanting to do in Japan and a desire to be a part of it!

Churches are rising up and taking responsibility..breaking through and past denominational walls. they are taking responsibility and rising up to taking care of the children of the nation. More and more Christian Schools are rising up for the laying of Biblical foundations.

The young people are rising up and shouting out that they want to make a difference for the Lord! they are also breaking through denominational legalisms and walls. they are rising up and taking responsibility for reaching their nation for Jesus as "one "..."Ippon". If you ever get a chance get the CD "Tamauta"... a group of pastors' kids from all different denominations, who started our just meeting together on the streets of Hokkaido and praying for their nation. Now it has grown to groups of PK's in different parts of the country...Okinawa and Kansai.

Like I said teams have come and are continuously coming from all different types of churches and organizations...praying and seeing God move in miracles of healings (right before their eyes), salvation and wonders! Now from those teams members are coming back to making long-term commitments to reaching Japan for Christ!

So, dear friend, let's not be too focussed and give attention to what the enemy is doing but let's rejoice in what the Father is doing! Yes, we want to see an end to all the suicides and killings and we want to see God pour forth His healing over the nation...but let us also rejoice at what our Father IS doing in the Land of the Risen Son! That in itself will confuse and thwart the plans of the enemy too!

Thank you again for your heart for Japan! Keep those prayers going up!

Daybreak said...



Dorai said...

Dear Friends,

Let's pray for Japan.

Lord, send workers to Japan. Send people who have a heart for the Japanese to take the good news of Jesus Christ to them. Stir the hearts of your people (both men and women) who would look at the Japanese people, especially the young people, with hearts of compassion. Oh! that the Japanese would know there is hope and meaning in Christ Jesus. That they would not snuff out their lives through suicides. Send messengers of hope and arrest this tide of hopelessness and meaningless death. May not the bright and lustre-filled technology of Japan blind us to the desperate cry for meaning and life in the Japanese soul. May a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit take hold of the Japanese people and cause them to believe and turn to the Lord. The gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes... How could they believe if they have not heard?... How could they hear if they do not
have someone preaching to them?... How could they preach unless they are sent! So send forth your workers from the East, from the North, from the West and from the South. In Jesus Name Amen!

Thank you for praying with me.


Dr. Ozawa said...

The Japanese need to turn to Jesus. There is no other saviour.

Dr. Ozawa from Sydney, Australia

Romulo said...

Dear Roseline,

Thank you for sending the letter "H4J:Grief"; we have the same grief for Japan.

I also heard something happened in Japan recently and it was really horrible story that a 14 year old girl committed suicide inside her bath room. Please continue to pray that God would open the door for me to come back to Japan as soon as I finish my commitment onboard.

I really want to see what the real situation in Japan and how the gospel can penetrate to Japanese culture. I am just waiting for God’s leading and for open doors. Please always remember in prayer that God would grant the job offered in Kagoshima Japan; it will help my financial necessities to stay in Japan.

One more thing, when we reach New Zealand, we will have good internet connection; for this reason, I would like to ask you to put some good materials for presentation to your blog so that I can easily down load them. I will make presentations to promote the needs for Japan. And pray that God would give a chance to propagate the needs for Japan wherever I go.

This is all for now.

In Christ’s grief,
May 01, 2008