Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Couldn't you watch with me even for one hour?

It's never easy to do overnight prayer, in fact, it's often not easy even just keep ourselves awake only for few hours. 

"Couldn't you watch with me even for one hour? Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!"

Obviously, Peter, James and John were tired, terribly tired. 

I can't remember how many times I dozed off in payers, how many times I felt asleep when I was supposed to watch. Yet, Jesus constantly reminded me, "Couldn't you watch with me even for one hour?"

It's never easy to pray, to ask for Him before we start on, before we go on with what are in our minds. We use the gifts He gives freely, use it in ways that "please" Him, for His Kingdom. Yet, we often forget to ask Him about what He wants, from us, for the Kingdom. 

Some people asked me, how could I be so clear of the Vision He set for me, how could I know where I should be the next step... without giving time to Him, without setting aside for Him, one will never know -- what He wants, what one should be to align in His will.

God will anoint all who seek Him and put Him first. 
God will anoint all the prayer locations, where they are praying for His heart for Japan!

As we pray, we are keeping Jesus in company. He had never stop working for Japan. In fact, He is waiting for us. Let's keep watch for each other!

"Couldn't you watch with me even an hour?" Mat 26:40

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