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Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Let's pray for Passion Tokyo 2010!!!

I began to introduce Chris Tomlin in my personal website, and also facebook profile sharing a few youtube clips of previous passions concert. And I am planning to be there as a volunteer representing Heart4Japan, and also bringing people together with me! So let's hope that the Passion Tokyo team will allow me to help out before and after the event, because I would want to be by the side of friends that I have invited.

Passion Tokyo cost around 2000 yen for a ticket. Nothing comes free in Japan, and many church leaders think that Japanese people do not appreciate things that comes freely to them. 2000 yen is not expensive at all for a concert, yet 2000 yen is no doubt expensive for students! Some people that I know have turned down the invitation because of the cost. And we can't blame them, because they know no Jesus, and even if they know, a church service maybe just enough for this moment, UNLESS their lives have been touched by Jesus, they would appreciate concerts as this. I myself would not spend this money if I am not aware of the changing power that lies in this concert! and I certainly want my friends to be there, I want to be there. Yet despite the passion in us, we need to recognize some of the issues that maybe the core to the unbelievers especially students!

Travel in Tokyo itself could easily at around 1000 yen for a single trip. Back and forth could be 2000 yen. Travel + Concert Ticket + dinner in town = around 5000 yen (around 17 bowls of 牛めし beef rice in Yoshinoya 吉野家 or Matsuya 松屋)These are cost to count, and probably Christians organizers should beware of. Japanese bible is already far expensive, 3000 yen at least, how much can we give out to the unreached who are economically not doing well? Or how many nonbeliever or seeker would spend that money to buy a book which describe a "foreign god" or a "legend" which they may not even going to read it? 3000 yen could pay off for two very decent meals, or 10 bowls of beef rice. However, I shouldn't be barking on these issues.

The main reason to write this is that I pray that you can pray with me: that Passion Tokyo would be a success in directing hundreds maybe thousands of souls to Jesus, the eternal grace! Let this concert be a life changing camp, that shows us how to live, and help us how to live, a life that is meaningful with faith, hope and love!

May 22, 2010,

Tokyo International Conference Hall,


Featuring JESUS!

Leading: Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin.

We’re waiting for a CHANGE! a WAVE to swift over Japan!!!


Nick said...

Someone should tell them to have student discounts like everybody else in Japan!

Roseline said...

like everybody else in Japan? can you clarify a bit more?

Roseline said...

I collected different comments from the students that I invited these days... the concert ticket is really not expensive! And of course to students who have been exposed to Passions, they were excited and can't wait to go! the remark would be, "Oh, I love Passions!"

So it just come back to the idea whether if one is willing to sacrifice their time, and their one or two times of nomikai (drinking party) if they wish to attend the concert!

And knowing how much the Christians community had put in to make this concert affordable, and how much the Passion Team have to come out with just to make this tour as an outreach to thousand of students out there, 2000 yen is not much to pay for a single soul!

Now, it comes back to the question of who goes to the concert? and how we get the target group to the concert?Let's continue to work on prayers! If you can join me in praying... probably 1 time in a day, 3 times in a week... and it is really not a lot of time that you have to spend from now... because it is only all together 3 times before the concert......