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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another thought of Passion Tokyo

I collected different comments from the students that I invited these days... the concert ticket is really not expensive! And of course to students who have been exposed to Passions, they were excited and can't wait to go! the remark would be, "Oh, I love Passions!"

So it just come back to the idea whether if one is willing to sacrifice their time, and their one or two times of 飲み会 nomikai (drinking party) if they wish to attend the concert!

And knowing how much the Christians community had put in to make this concert affordable, and how much the Passion Team have to come out with just to make this tour as an outreach to thousand of students out there, 2000 yen is not much to pay for a single soul!

Now, it comes back to the question of who goes to the concert? and how we get the target group to the concert?Let's continue to work on prayers! If you can join me in praying... probably 1 time in a day, 3 times in a week... and it is really not a lot of time that you have to spend from now... because it is only all together 3 times before the concert......

(i) Invited students would respond to the invitations and eager to come and experience a unique Christian concert;
(ii) The preparation of the hearts and souls before they come for the concert;
(iii) A great time of harvest!

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