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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Various Christmas Outreach - Needs Prayers!

On the same day of the first day of Hikikomori study group meet in Hongo campus, there is another gathering in Hotel New Otani in Tokyo Chiyoda -ku. 400 government leaders, business people and representatives would be there to hear a clear presentation of the gospel. Do keep each of these people in your prayers!

Heart4Japan is participating in the Let's Love Japan Christmas project in distributing flyers to passengers from Dec 12th - 25th. The project is about sharing Christmas message through an animation that could be browse freely at keitai 携帯 (handphone). We are excited about the project that Tim Ingle leads, and may the Lord greatly use the service of His people.

I am planning to have 1000 pcs of flyers to be distributed in Kashiwanoha 柏の葉 Area, 3000 pcs in Hongo 本郷 area and Tokyo University. I won't be around in Tokyo at that time to facilitate the event, so I will need your prayers that the local Christians will take initiative to respond to the call in this meaningful evangelical outreach. In Kashiwanoha, we don't have a great flow of people, but we have a shopping mall next to the train station, a McDonald, and a kindergarden next to it. Then not far away from it, there is Chiba University side campus and Tokyo University side campus. I predict that near Christmas, there will be a series of community events going on around the station, and will attract a great flow of people. That is the best time to distribute the flyers! If Christians in this area is responding, then we may be able to give out 2000 flyers in a weekend.

I am also looking forward to get the Stations's permission to put up the flyers on the board. Pray for the open doors!!!

Will keep you update again!

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