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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Trip in the States

With the network in Heart4Japan, I am in the States for the whole month of August. (Aug 3 - 25)

Aim: Share about my work on Hikikomori, and the missions of Heart4Japan.
i. Raise awareness on how to further research and cooperate in the work of social withdrawn youth and people who suffer with poor mental health.
ii. Raise warriors in spiritual warfare for the work in Japan.
iii. Raise missions partners in terms of financial giving, forming local intercession groups, and mobilize missions to Japan.
iv. Explore and locate the possible hikikomori cases in the States.

Updates so far, thanks for your prayers! The presentation in DC went well, I myself had learned a lot through the preparation of the presentation itself.
As for the answers to these prayers in DC,
1. the voices of the hikikomori to be heard! yes! It had... though I'm not sure how effective it was, and the implications of it. Not many audience turned up that morning, probably due to the first day when people still adjusting to the jetlack, probably due to too many symposiums going on at the same time, most probably the main reason was that the topic of hikikomori was still very much unheard of, and therefore less attractive. Overall, the mental health issues were lack of focus in this Congress of Behavioral Medicine meeting.
2. the possibility in finding Christians researchers to work together in this area. Not at the moment, I haven't identify one yet. Only a few namecards were distributed, and hopefully they will look for me based on the clues of the scripture line printed at the back of the namecard.
3. the possibility in meeting other potential hikikomori workers. Met one, Amy Borovoy, who maybe coming to International Christians University in Tokyo next year. But I'm not sure if she is the key that I will be working with later. Cultural Anthropologist and Mental Health Public Health workers have very different ways in seeing things.
Well, the above have not ended, for there are still two weeks for me in the States. Will continue to share with the churches that I visit. I do hope the Lord will constantly bring the people from item 2 and 3 to me, either on the plane, at the airport, restaurant, or perhaps hopefully with the church!
4. raise hikikomori gatekeepers and watchers!
and finally,
5. raise Heart4Japan supporters in giving, interceding and going!
Have a sharing engagement in another 28 hours later in a local Chinese church in Atlanta, and probably another time of sharing on hikikomori too. Will travel from Atlanta to Pennsylvania on Aug 18, and meet up with the Zellners.

Let's pray that item 4 and 5 will be answered in following sharing sessions! And may the Lord bless me with all His wisdom, and may I be so sensitive to His voice, that I will put aside my will and put main focus on His will in ministering to His people. Thank you!

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