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Monday, May 07, 2007


Must a Christian be a Creationist?

What is Faith?

Are we fulfilling or are we limiting?

Is finding evidence against faith?

What is the foundation of my faith in Christ?

Sometimes I thought I have all the answers. Sometimes I know I don't. But I do constantly check myself with these questions. Christianity is about a relationship with Christ, a reconciliation with God, a way to Heaven. What does Heaven mean to me, or Christ, or God? What does relationship means to me, or reconciliation?

These are important questions.

When we talk about Jesus, when we witness, we should never assume that the preacher and the hearer have the same perceptions. Often, the preacher and the hearer have totally opposite direction. What does Jesus mean to us? What does Jesus mean to others? That should be a question to ask, a mind to bear.

Presuming all that we know is the most authentic and the best, is always the beginning of a mistake.

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