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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Blue Tent Hero 蓝布帐英雄

How can you think of a hero? He should be a man who is strong, help a woman, and go away soon after he gets his job done. Mr. Yamamoto is not that kind of a hero. He is not so strong, nor goes somewhere and helps a woman. He is a compassion man who can think of other poor men. He once got a job, and he told Dr. Ozawa about it. But he was not happy at all. So Dr. Ozawa asked him why he is not so happy. He said, “If I start the job and leave the park, who will help other homeless men? I want to help other poor people.”

It reminded me of a story about Mr. Yamamoto myself. It was after he got baptized. He was hungry for telling Gospel to other people. So he started talking to businessmen who came to the park for lunch and break. One day he met a man, about 30s. Mr. Yamamoto found out that the man was depressed very much. He began to meet him once a week and tell him about Jesus. The man disappeared one day and he didn’t get any contact with him after that. But after a long time later, Mr. Yamamoto said to me, the man called him and said, “I got baptized.”

Yes, he is a hero to me, too.
The blue-tent hero......

Pastor Takao Okutsu, Saitama, Japan

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Shane said...

Great testimony, I love to hear about God at work in Japan! Thanks for posting all the info on Hippo and where to get it, what a great resourse.