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Monday, May 07, 2007

Battle of Mind

How do people view evangelists and missionaries? Persuasion against one's will, or forcing over an ideology on others?

Seldom there will be a non-believed critic that says, "Thank you so much for these people! They were the one who brought life to this land, to these people! They were the one who brought hope!"

Orhan Kemal Cengiz - Christians were beaten, their churches were stoned and were set on fire and they had been receiving threats everyday. Every single day there was news about the treacherous plans of missionaries in the local and national newspapers and on TV stations.

‘We are losing our religion,’ ‘Christianity spreads in Malatya’. That was the kind of atmosphere that had orchestrated the series of murders in Malatya. The escalated hatred had totally overlooked the truth fact that, Christian is a minority in Malatya. There were not more than 30 Christians in the city.

Dark forces, yes.

Yet, introducing Christianity to a close culture that take Christianity as a foreign substance meaning a new ideology.

Often when a new ideology is introduced, there will be a revolution. Quiet or strong, as waves that swing in the sea. Fear of lost often overcome excitement of gain. Spirit of opposition are often not about the content.

Persecutions do not only happen with Christianity. It happens when there is a conflict in ideology of old and modern. It will be too simplistic to conclude that as the war of good and evil, human mind given free will, is a battle that we need to fight.

Click of Orhan and Malatya for opinions in Turkey.

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