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Monday, May 07, 2007

Some Opinions in TDN

Bardakoğlu should speak up:

Head of the Directorate of Religious Affairs Ali Bardakoğlu has been giving very important messages. His words on the most recent Malatya events were marvelous:

“Of course, a member of a religion will buy, sell and distribute the holy book of his religion. We, let alone other religions, need to learn to respect the choice of even the atheists. Missionary work cannot constitute a threat for Turkey. It is necessary not to hike up the public tension by unnecessarily exaggerating these issues. We have been sympathetic to everyone's practicing his or her religion under the freedom of faith and religion. It is their basic right. People should freely live and convey their religion. The events in Malatya, the events all across the world have taught us once more that we should emphasize love for others more.”

However, the directorate's attitude is bizarre.

The head of the directorate speaks differently; the books published by the directorate say otherwise. The head of the directorate says, “They have the right,” while the book says how dangerous missionary work is.

If Bardakoğlu is truly sincere, he should have his words repeated. And if we really believe, we should take action together. For full article......

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Shane said...

This whole "double speak" is becoming far to common in nations that proport to have religious freedom. The fact of the matter is, and this should really be foundational to every one, is that: if what you are believing is true, then you shouldn't be threatened by others, but welcome the chance to dialogue. Truth has nothing to fear from deception.