Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Hope in Heart4Japan

As of the last check this afternoon, Heart4Japan group in Facebook had achieved 84 members around the world.

If 10% from this group of people can commit to start a Heart4Japan support group in thier own church, or within their own friends, I believe that we can then support at least five people to the field next year, or at least having workers working on a certain issue with regards to Japan.

As I was teaching and sharing about missions back home during my furlough, they were people who came to me and share with me that God had stirred them to pray for Japan. Some asked if I can bring them to Japan for a short mission trip. Some shared with me that they had been working on their Japanese neighbours and found it difficult to share values and gain trust.

I am hoping more from this of course.

Time is limited - Research, missions, classes

I'm not sure what will happen, and how God is leading us on. But my time is limited. I will be going back to Hong Kong to continue my study in public health in Oct. Soon as I go home, I will zoom into the study and research on Hikikomori. With that, I will be working with social workers and care givers of these marginal youth. I was not able to gain data in Malaysia and Singapore. The division of depression, social isolation and net addiction are yet to clear. I have only another year to go before gaining an entrance to Japan. The progress is slow, and I need patience.

However I was able to get a client in my Busan trip. As I am going to Indonesia for an outreach tomorrow, I am not sure if God will lead me to a client or a case.

Indonesia Outreach

I praise God for this open door and opportunity to serve in Indonesia. It is always good to be able to work together with the church in missions. To me, it is an honour to fight side by side with my peers.

We will be speaking in 3 churches tomorrow evening, and estimating not less than 300 people for each session. I am taking one of the session. I was praying and was still uncertain about the message that God wants to give to His people until 2 hours earlier, I finally had it ready. The theme would be very much towards "FAITH, TRUST and Get Close to GOD!" Please pray together with me that I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and be ready to summit to His leading.

I will be giving a testimony on Saturday evening, estimating 600 people. In both, we will be going to speak in Bahasa. I really need boldness. Please pray that the Lord will loose our tongues and give us words of wisdom as we minister to the people.

As we come back from Indonesia, I will be caught with a few more teaching and classes. Please pray for strength.


I have some plans in my mind, and I hope that can allow people who has a heart for Japan to participate together. I'll update it to the site when I have more peace. (I'm still praying about some of those plans)

Miss you!

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