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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Just as I thought I was happy to get an accommodation in the student dormitory, and "happily" being a Hikikomori, I was caught in another mess. I had been DEREGISTERED by the school for non-payment of the tuition fees.

Something about myself:

I am a missionary in Hong Kong, preparing to Japan. I am doing a master study in Hong Kong University, on the subject of Hikikomori, a phenomena where people live inside their rooms "only". A social withdrawal phenomena which is common in Japan and other mainly developed cities.

God had taken care of the financial part so far, and it was really by His grace that I had walked thus far.

I had finished almost all the modules, and left only the research and two more courses to go. However I had deregistered from the school because of not being able to pay my tuition fees.

Meaning = I can't go to the library; I can't join the class, nor take the exams.
( But one thing I can do: that is continue my research! :-) or being a Hikikomori! I guess no one can really stop that though.....)

I need to raise HKD 31,250 X 2 for 2007/2008. The first one within this month, the second one in Jan08.

I don't know what to do, and I don't know how to do about this... I can't borrow from people because I will continue to be a missionary which means I will not have a fix certain income even after I graduate, thus I might not have have means to pay back. Nothing really promised. Unless someone gives because of the good Lord.

Let's pray!

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Roseline said...

Dear Friends,

If you are concern about this post, my student-ship had been reinstated, and my 3rd semester fund had been paid off. Great is our Lord Almighty!

There are also a few cents extra deposited in the balance. The 4th semester is coming, we have no clue where the fund will be coming from this time. Yet, He is faithful and He is my provider, my strength and my shelter.

Love, Roseline