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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts on 3.15

Information on Radioactive Factors
A friend works with radioactive factors sent me this information this evening.
It will help you to understand the radiation factors in Tokyo now. The report covers Kashiwanoha campus, Hongo Campus (Tokyo), Komaba Campus (Tokyo). This will shed lights to the surrounding areas too.

Tokyo University has set up a center to monitor the radioactive level everyday. So we would have very accurate data compare to media.  (Please refer to the attachment)

Tokyo University Environmental Radiological Countermeasures News

(From Tokyo University Radiation Control Center)
a screenshot from the NHK news on Mar 15, 2011
(From NHK)

The Situation in the Student Lodge
Most of the residents in the lodge had left/ planning to leave in these two days. No one is interested to listen about Jesus, as long as they can get a flight out of Japan. Some asked why I could be so calm, I took opportunity to explain about God. But not many are interested :-( I have to wait until the time ripe. No one is interested to know why you are staying. And it is true, I wouldn't know how long more could i stay, because we do not know what will happen tomorrow. The extra that I have is the peace of God, and having that assurance everything is in the hand of my Lord, no matter live or dead. Even in this two hours that I am trying to write this email, in Shizuoka, again there was a 6.2 magnitude earthquake, and I could feel a 3.0 magnitude earthquake here in Kashiwa. Now, we are watching if Tsunami would hit again. God is the only one that could call out to the storm and roaring wave and say, "STOP!" now. 

There are still a few foreigners would still prefer to stay, I was swayed here and there too if i should leave, thinking I couldn't do much here if I am quarantine by the fact of radioactive exposure. And the society structure here do not permit ministries such as what I had in Hong Kong or during Sichuan Earthquake. The campus had issued a notice for the students and staffs to stay home. Bai Bing is leaving from Osaka to Beijing on Mar 19, I was thinking to accompany Bai Bing to Osaka tomorrow, but after I saw Michelle and knowing that she decided not to go anywhere, and just stay in her room, I made a decision to stay. I hope I can be of assist in some where if she needs me. Most Europeans are not going anywhere, because it is harder and more expensive for them to leave, maybe...I'm not sure...

In this situation, I begin to notice a different between the missionaries and people who are here for working/study. Our missions make us want to be here more than ever, so that we can be with the Japanese people that we love, with Japan, the land that we adore in this difficult time. But people who adore this land and her people because of her beauty and success would leave once it turns ugly. I am glad that they can leave, because many are suffering extra emotional and psychological fear as they listen and monitor the news every hour and then. I pray that they will have a safe evacuation, and reach home safely. The flight tickets had gone up so high, and some even canceled their flights. Let's pray for calm and peace for those who are planning to leave. 

Japanese people
Japanese people appear to be more calm, more effective than ever during disaster. I have been pondering these days, about the effective ways to lead people to Christ. What most people interested was why I seemed to be so positive in difficult situations, and showing not much fear. Yet, when I tell them that is because I know God is with me, and then they laughed, yes, "Roseline is not afraid, because God is protecting her." But they stopped there, no one asked more, even when I wanted to tell more, there is no time for anyone to stop and listen. And I can understand..... in such situation, when people are anxious about the situations of their family members, and getting really serious on how they could practically help the effected, they have no time to listen to "fairy tales"... the warning of Endtime, to them is the repeating stories in movies. 

Many of the people are still working, and commuting to work even the trains stop. They would walk and cycle, for hours. Until today, an official announcement was released to advice everyone in Tokyo and Chiba to stay home and refrain from going out unnecessary. 

The incident is not only bringing fear to the country, but following with economic retardation. It is a difficult time for Japan. Let's pray for the best, may the Lord has mercy, and may people find strength, peace and love through Christians faith/act. 

Reflection: Religion and Proclaim of Faith - Varieties 
What is the image of God that comes along with our profession?
The Tokyo governor said he believed that the Tsunami was a punishment from God, and that resulted a huge anger in the nation. He apologized today for his words, for he was not sensitive to the emotions of the people who are effected in this disaster. I don't know what religion that he professed. But there are many religions in Japan that warn people about EndTime, and God's punishment. Many prayer boards were set up in the internet to pray for Japan. A lady posted a note on one of the prayer boards, "God is shaking Japan...for too long they do their own way..it's a way they will return to God". I was angry, very angry. To me, this message at a public board, where the japanese are watching, the hurtings are hoping to be comfort, it makes no sense. It seems irresponsible, the bible had warned us about the end time, and no one would be spared. The tragedy is in fact calling us to repent of not making our move earlier to make disciples before they perish! 

I remember when I was in 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake Relief, I was comforting a woman in her camp with another friend. It was the first day for the medical relief came into their camp after 7 days of being trapped in the effected area. She was having PTSD, and she began to weep and tell us her sorrow of losing everyone in the family. As she began to lean herself to my shoulder, a man from Shenzhen came in, followed by an army, a believer. The army was a believer that is anxious to serve the Lord. The first thing the man said was, "how many died?" "Oh, ok. it's over, don't think about it anymore. Now is the time to believe God! God will protect you! Now repeat the sinner's prayer with me!". Fearing and confusing, the lady made her confession. I cried during the debriefing as I shared about this story. What are we, sons of God, doing in the midst of people? that is not the kind of God that I profess, and it is not the kind of God that we proclaim in our team! 

Measurement for Evacuation
Please don't worry. The friend who sent me the following email knows a lot about radiation. He is staying because of work responsibility. If he flees, that mark the worst situation, where all should evacuate, and I will evacuate too. Right now at this minute, we are still okay. 

Please remember Onuki Motoharu, and his wife Miyuki. Miyuki is pregnant, and is expected to due next month. They have a young child with them too. This is the only Japanese family with Japanese nationality living in my lodge. Onuki is doing all his best in monitoring and sending out news to every residents in the lodge. He must be so tired. Pray for strength.

What we could pray for now, is the fully control of the nuclear plant!

When radioactive level is high, we can't put on the heating system. If that happens, we will be suffocated in door. Then, we have no choice but to leave Kashiwa/Tokyo.  

Weather is FREEZING COLD, 
The weather is so cold, even in Kashiwa, I still have to put on my heating system even I am wearing my dawn jacket. I can't imagine the suffering in the snowing Fukushima and Miyagi and Ibaraki that runs out of electricity and gas. Thinking and crying and worrying about the lost of family members in such condition, without enough food and water, and not getting immediate medical attention, is horrible.

We are lack of insulin and other medications in the affected areas. But individual donations are not accepted at this moment. If you are move to donate for medical relief, this is a good site to donate. http://www.msf.or.jp/work/Japanese/index.html

CRASH is collecting donations, in setting up bases in affected areas to monitor news of local churches and helps needed in affected areas. 

Let's never forget them in our prayers!

Praying to Serve
I am praying some open doors for me to serve, e.g. joining an organization where I can stay in the office. (I am staying too far from the town, with the current situation, it is pointless to travel. E.g. it takes 3 hours or more to Tokyo where CRASH relieve office is per trip , two trips a day will take 6 to 8 hours, how much more left to work? )
Although I am trying to connect people to the right resource, updating as frequent as possible, but It will be really boring to stay home and not doing anything much practical. It is encouraging to see students in nearby prefectures are trying their best to facilitate the needs for the victims! i wish to be with them. :-) 

I dont have any certificates, not a certified teacher, not a medical doctor, not a medical nurse, not a certified clinical psychology. not a professional rescue and relief worker..... my best and strongest point is my language ability and experience in Sichuan 5.12 relief. But what does that mean? My Japanese proficiency is probably in advance level for normal communication... but Tohoku speaks another dialect which may make things difficult. Let's pray that God will open a door for me to be with people, so that I could serve as salt and light. And if God brings me up to Tohoku, I believe that He will protects me with His blood, and open my ears and tongues for the local dialects. ^^ Trust, because it would be really God if anyone would accept me to the front line. I am weak in physic, and have no medical knowledge to be upfront. If God send me, pray for the people that I will be minister to, :-) and pray for me. 

Always feel free to copy-paste/forward any information here that you want to mobilize them to pray.

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