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Friday, March 25, 2011

Prayer Points Recorded From The Sites

As you may have aware, many teams are corroborating with CRASH, and sending up relief goods to the afflicted sites, and helping churches and the afflicted areas. Now these are reports from the sites that we could probably spend sometime to ponder on, to pray.....

... from CRASH message board....

• Days after the earthquake, heavy aftershocks are still being felt throughout Japan, with no way of knowing how long these aftershocks will continue. Some experts have said that there could be strong aftershocks of up to magnitude level 8 for six months. Please pray that the earthquakes will cease. 

• Pray also for the buildings that survived the initial shock, but are being hammered by the aftershocks. Many buildings still stand, but were weakened, and because of this strong aftershocks are very dangerous. 

• The devastation from the initial earthquake was compounded by heavy tsunami that hammered the east coast. Some towns were entirely obliterated by the tsunami. With the threat of strong aftershocks, the threat of tsunami still loom. Praise God that these tsunami have ceased for the time being. Please pray that the affected areas remain safe from further tsunami. 

• Due to the seismic activity, the ground level in much of coastal Japan actually sank, so sea water that came in during the tsunami is not receding. This is hampering relief efforts. Please pray that relief teams will be able to work safely in these areas. 

• In the wake of the earthquake, fires raged throughout affected areas. Pray for the victims of these fires and those who have lost their homes. 

• Over a week later, hope of finding survivors dwindles, and teams are beginning to shift their focus from search and rescue to recovery. Pray for those who have still heard no word on their loved ones. 

• Casualty reports are still coming in. Over 9,400 bodies have been found, and over 13,000 people remain unaccounted for. It is estimated that the death toll could exceed 15,000 in Miyagi prefecture alone. Pray for those who have lost their loved ones in this disaster. 

• Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes in the coastal areas and the area around the Fukushima nuclear power plants. Conditions for these people are terrible. There are terrible shortages. There is no fuel for heaters, no electricity, and in many places necessary supplies are scarce. There is no gasoline for anybody to go out and buy these supplies. Night temperatures in northern Japan this past week have been bitterly cold, and it is snowing heavily in some areas. Please pray for them, and all who are having to stay in public shelters. 

• Pray for those who are have taken refuge in unofficial shelters. The government and official relief teams do not know about these places to send help. Pray that they can get word out to relief teams and receive the help they need. 

• The future is uncertain and grim for those who have lost everything in this disaster. Pray for hope. 

• Pray for the injured and the elderly. Many who were already weak before this disaster occurred are finding the stress more than they can handle. Several have died due to the stress alone, and more are dying in shelters because of the shortages. Please pray for continued healing and proper care for this very vulnerable segment of the population. 

• Temperatures in northern Japan have been unseasonably cold. Snow and rain add to the dangers to people's health. Please pray for continued health for those who are caught in this terrible situation. 

• Pray for medical and hospice workers who were unable to rescue all of the people under their care. Many of them are struggling with intense feelings of guilt. Pray for God's comfort for them. 

• Pray for the restoration of municipal offices and the recovery of the government; many officials are still missing, and many buildings were destroyed in the disaster. 

• The earthquake in eastern Japan has had serious implications on the state of medical response. In Miyagi Prefecture, despite stoppages of supply lines and difficulties to provide water, medicine, and provisions, hospitals continue to overflow. Many hospitals struggle to support patients in face of power outages and water shortages. Pray for the doctors and patients in these hospitals. 

• Pray for those whose homes are still without electricity or running water.

These are the people that we will eventually run into when it comes into ministries. Please pray for the wisdom of God upon His people, in how we could be as a light, share love and care with our beloved people. There is a NEED to EQUIP the workers with a little counseling knowledge and skills, so that we would be able to understand at a little about emotional turmoil, how to deal with grief etc. May we soar on the eagle wings! God Bless Japan.

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