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Monday, March 14, 2011

3.11 Needs update

気仙沼市立病院お米(450kg/日)を足りないので、食べて捨て食器を欲しい。〒988-0052  宮城県気仙沼市田中184番地
Kesennuma City Hospital in Miyagi is running out of resource, the electricity is cut off, what we can give is rice (450kg/day) and eat-and-throw utensils. Refer to above for where to send the goods.

The same is going on with many other shelter and hospitals too. Keep your eyes on the needs, and find ways to send resource if your area is not affected. Thank you.

It's going to snow in Miyagi and Fukushima tonight, the shelters with no electricity supply reported that they are running out of fuel/gasoline. It is going to be a miserable night... PRAY for love and comfort..

Other things that you may consider to send,
2. flour
3. can food
4. instant noodles.
5. Kairo (the instant heat pack)
6. toilet paper
7. torch light
8. Blankets
9. Gasoline

CRASH members are moving into the shelters to assist as best as they could. Keep their travels in your prayers, and keep the LIGHT shine in them through their services. 

The place where I stay is 237.910km from the Fukushima nuclear plant. Do not worry, if there is a need to evacuate, I will. Meanwhile, I am glad to be here. 

Many people are having fear and distress. Pray that I will be able to help in somewhere. 

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